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Do Whatever It Takes To Make 2019 Great

Times and time again, life’s experiences about everything that happens to you and around you, clearly shows that people tend to continue to live life as though nothing is happening.

We make resolutions by December 31st and then latest by January 20th these resolutions are broken.

Think about how many people resolve to start up a business, lose weight, quit drinking, or smoking, stop chasing, quit flirting with men, to spend more quality time with family, or to increase income, achieve goals in their lives and careers on this 31st night of December.


Alright, let’s not get hasty in concluding that we’re being condemned. We all have these challenges at some points in our lives. After all, we are human.

Some of these things are not seen as indisciplines in some of us.

Whatever your resolution is, understand that without discipline, massive action and a high level of commitment, you will only keep making resolutions year-in-year-out.


Therefore, to simplify things for you, all you should do this year is simply to resolve to be disciplined.

Resolve to do the tough things, the things others won’t do. Then you can apply that to everything you set out to accomplish in 2019.

You may be thinking we are far gone into the year and as such, you would wait till another new year to explore what you are about to learn here.

No. That’s very wrong….. Every day counts just the way every breadth from you counts.


What you should do today, is to start tomorrow and each other day on a disciplined schedule that allows for no procrastination on your calendar and ensure it is filled with worthwhile actions.

This is critical to keeping you focused. Remember, not all items on your schedule may be business related but they should all result in some sort of production.

This could and should include business, personal, spiritual, and physical development; improving relationships with family, friends and colleagues; volunteering; education; training and the likes.

As soon as you have identified your purpose, and you are certain that the purpose is very vital to your livelihood, the only thing worth driving you at this point is your ability to become highly disciplined and committed.

Pay attention to what must be done to serve that purpose or bigger goal.

It’s your responsibility, duty and obligation to make success happen, so look at what changes are necessary in order to accomplish it.

Maybe it’s adjusting your bedtime so you can be up earlier to workout.

Maybe it’s taking a course or reading for 30 minutes per day.

Make sure the things you do serve the bigger purpose.

When you undermine the concept of being disciplined, you will never achieve the needed purpose or goal.

Be disciplined enough to acknowledge it and make smart decisions from there.

Do you want to go through the emotions of the average and ordinary?

Or do you want to finish this year off with positivity, clear goals, and the motivation required to make big extraordinary things happen for yourself?


Look at your space, your desk, your office, and your home. Does it reflect a disciplined person who is on the path to greatness?

Are the people in your life respectful of your focus and drive or a threat to it?

Handle them.

Are you honest and clear on what weakens your level of commitment?

Are you making excuses or allowances for a lack of production?

Think of the adjustments you must make and start your 2019 even though we are in the fifth month of the year with the discipline to go for greatness in every aspect of your life today.

I have written a book on “How To Start A Business Without Money”. I think you should start your year with that book and make your finishing a great one.

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.