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Why You Will Never Make Money

Why You Will Never Make Money
Money is only made by the Central Bank.
And when they distribute it to banks and people, your job is not to go and make or remake the monies.
Your task is to find those who have your own share of the monies and make sure to start collecting it from them.
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Let Go Of Certain People In Your Life

If you are where you are for the last 5 years without progress…

Listen to me here.

You need a fervent, serious, in fact, if it is possible 40 days and night Night beating……..

Maybe you thought I was going to say Prayer & fasting.

No way…..

Beating will do you.

And listen, if you have a wife and children, and you are still financially handicapped for the last 5 years.

You don’t just need beating.

You need to be tied and flogged.

This is no joke…..

Enjoy this piece

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This Is A Part of My Story – Motivating You For Success Today

This Is A Part of My Story – Motivating You For Success Today
This is a bit of my story. Sometimes when I recount it, I feel the pains of betrayal coming from a very close and senior friend.
Someone I would ordinarily look up to for sincere guides in life.
They say, age is just a number and this is because so many hide under this status to deprive the younger ones of their genuine greatness in life.

Don’t Go Into 2021 Without A Decision To Start Selling With Social Media

This is obviously what you want to hear even if I didn’t have to state the reasons why I am asking you to do so before 2021 arrives.

But first, have you thought about increasing the sales of your products in recent times with social media platforms?

What is keeping you from taking advantage of this massive opportunity in your palm?

The rate at which people are now moving towards the internet lately has increasingly become a necessity for every business owner to think in this direction too.

So, today, I want to give you a heads up about a few areas you must consider when starting out with selling using social media, especially in the Nigerian local market.

Basically, there are hundreds of social media applications online where people meet on a per-second basis.

But for our country and the types of people who really are your target audiences, you must consider locating your business in just 4 social media platforms as you start.

Facebook Marketing Tool

The first is Facebook.

Facebook is one of the best and surest places to start with.

Of course, the others that I am going to be talking about are fast movers with a lot of patronages that you must leverage on, but Facebook has so much to offer that these others can’t at the moment.

So, start by creating a Facebook page first. I have talked about this in the past on my platforms. But if you still need a guide, kindly request to join my Ask Tim Abel platform where I can provide details for you to get started with this.

You can leave a comment here with a request to join the group.

Instagram Marketing Tool

The next is Instagram.

Instagram even though have extended the length of Videos today, still, rate behind Facebook for the vast opportunities these applications offer.

But you should also use it because people prefer shorter videos when they want to watch.

And guess what?

Instagram is making a whole lot of people rich today by availing them real-life values.


Twitter Marketing Tool

The next is Twitter. And you can’t afford to ignore this very special application.

But most times, I tell people that it is an app to test your content creation skills.

It will help you to redirect people to your shop or products on another platform. But it is one area that reaches far and wide in the fastest ways.

It uses shorter videos these days but still stands behind Facebook and Instagram in terms of videos.


YouTube Marketing Tool

Lastly is a YouTube channel.

This channel is basically for videos, even though they are advancing further with written content types now.

But it is your best bet to keep your video content. While you share it with other forums.

It has been monetized for a long time, just like Facebook which is following its path today.

But to be able to earn from it, you must be able to create so much of visual content (videos) that can attract viewers.

Having put forward, these facts, you must know that your business is not performing optimally right now if it is not online yet.

If you have a reason to go online and you have difficulties to do so.

You can contact my team of experts at www.rocketsaleswithyou.com for more and we can jointly help your course.

You can call or WhatsApp 08027941987 for more details.

Visit my page https://www.timabels.com/selling-with-social-media/

Before I go, don’t forget……. You can grab a copy of my book.

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Do have a brilliant day.



Negotiation That Changed An Entire Generation

Some people only had to ask for what is in it for them and forever have changed their lives.

This is simply what I call NEGOTIATION.

A story was once told of a young man who had no job after 16 years of graduation from the University.

But gladly, he kept himself busy for these 16 years learning something.

He was learning how to read and write for the press.

During this period, he kept sending his articles to various media homes.

None of these companies paid him a dime for once.

One day, 16 years later to be precise.

A man who had been following his various issues (articles) called the media home and asked to have an audience with the writer.

The meeting afterward, heralds a new beginning for a one time jobless but busy guy.

He found his way as a special adviser to the President of the country.

When he was interviewed few years after resigning and setting up his own media company that has since become a touchstone for many media practitioners, he said – “For 16 years, I was learning to be the best in what I do today and when merit came, someone found me.”

This is simply to say that people pay for your skills but then you need to negotiate for what you want to be paid.

Negotiation is not just about having a meeting point between two people with interests.

It is about exchanging one thing for another.

It is saying, I have the money… But I don’t have the comfort.

Can you give me the comfort and I will pay you for it per hour?

Alright….. This is a very important topic for all business owners or if you are already spending money.

We must understand that each day of our lives, we are negotiating for one thing or another.

We are negotiating for our comfort.

We are negotiating for a pay package

We are negotiating for skills acquired

We are negotiating for the lives of our loved ones

We are negotiating for our health

We are negotiating for a good and sound sleep

We are negotiating for good sight and feels

Just about anything you go out to do is about negotiation.

What most people don’t understand is the fact that for the things they pay for, someone had negotiated it with them.

For example, If I pay for a rental, I have simply negotiated for rent that is worth the amount of money I paid for. But not just that, for the comfort of me and my family.

For my health, if that’s part of my consideration while choosing the apartment.

The point here is simple.

While you are interested in creating income or making a good life for you.

Always take into consideration your negotiation skills and power.,

And for every business owner.

It takes a good negotiator to succeed in business.

Start learning the arts of negotiation.

And you will be happy for every deal you get involved in.

Before I go, don’t forget……. You can grab a copy of my book.

How To Start A Business Without Money Now.

The Price is N7,997.77

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Thanks for your time.




9 Things You Must Do To Change Your Present Situation

For most people, life has really been very difficult since the beginning of the year.

We have had lots and lots of things happened to mankind across the globe.

Families have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost money, businesses, and even relationships because of how bad the year has been.

While many of us have kept groaning and blaming people and the Government, it is pertinent to say that dwelling in losses and blaming everything else including ourselves will never save the situation.

We must as a matter of urgency move on.

Not just because of us as individuals, but ultimately because of the people who look up to us.

Our children, our parents, our friends, family, and even our closest partners (spouse).

We need to live for these people.

They love us so much and we must not let that faith they have in us diminish.

I understand to a large extent how we feel.

Yes, about the system not working in our favor.

The people not understanding us.

The institutions, not giving us a chance.

I understand all of these.

But listen to me here.

When everything fails… You must not fail.

You must devise a way to succeed.

You must be the true you that wants to always be great.

You must never down your tools of sensibility.

Never down your tools of taking meaningful actions.

Today, I want to share it with you.

9 Things you must start doing from now onwards until that smile of achieving a great feat appears in sight.

  1. Hate Your Present Situation so bad that you want to make a fast change

If you love something so much, you are bound to stay with it for so long a time.

Whatever situation you are in now, and you think isn’t right for you. Hate it.

  1. Desire A Change For Good That Breeds A Burning Desire

Don’t just hate, and still remain there. Make a move and that comes with knowing where you should be and start developing a burning desire to be there. This is the change you need.

  1. Make A Decisive Decision – Be Firm About It

Once you know where you should be, then go ahead and decide on what next. And take a firm decision on the new decision you have made.

  1. Analyze the various opportunities and not the problems

There are definitely going to be problems. But you must ignore these problems and look in the direction of the opportunities instead of the problems.

  1. Have Faith

Whatever you decide to do and fail to have faith in its realization remains a dud act. You will never see results.

You must be faithful enough and I mean to develop a strong faith in yourself.

  1. Develop Self-Confidence

Going beyond Faith is what is called Self-Confidence.

Self-Confidence has a direct impact on results that appears in the physical as successes.

You must be self-confident.

  1. Develop Self- Trust & Belief

Self-belief is important to strengthen our self-confidence.

Those who do not believe in themselves are fast enough to erode their confidence.

Don’t ever give a chance in some things that have happened to you in the past on this same road. Have a strong self-belief in such a way that not even you can ever think of your past failures.

  1. Personal Development

Now, all of these will only become realizable by consciously developing yourself.

Read the books, attend the seminars, listen to the experts, join expert forums, and just about anything that strengthens your skills or knowledge.

  1. Be Persistent

Lastly, is you being on that path. You alone know where you are going. What is important the most remains what you must focus on daily.

And once you know that thing, be persistent.

With all of these held closely and practiced every day, you are certain to clinch unto a new path in your life.

I hope this helps.

Before I go, don’t forget……. You can grab a copy of my book.

How To Start A Business Without Money Now.

The Price is N7,997.77

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Are You Unemployed…. What If You Adopt The Exact Steps I Used To Start A Business Without Money?

Learn how to start your own business without a dime today. Start creating a future for your unborn children and most importantly the ones you already have.

It Scared Me Until This Happened – My Story

This is a true-life story and it’s about me.

My name is Tim Abel and I am the author of the book “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

My story won’t be complete without acknowledging the companionship, love, and support of my wonderful wife (Sheila) and my lovely children (Trump and Hills) with whom, I have kept this struggle until this day.

And above all is God who has continued to ignore my weaknesses at times of my inability to keep up with him.

I am telling this story today not because I want to be the superstar here, but because I know a whole lot of people are going through very horrible times in their lives and many have given up on life already.

My story is for these sets of people.

It is being told to give hope and succor to those with no hopes insight.

It is here to teach you some important things I have learned over the years especially as it bothers on trusting people, and leaving your lives for them and then be faced with disappointments.

It is to teach you the exact steps I took to changing my story for good instead of lying there hopeless and hoping that some magic was going to happen.

I strongly believe today that no man can ever stay down until he or she accepts defeats.

We are all stronger than the challenges we face today.

We are more intelligent than the obstacles before us.

We are stronger than the perceived spiritual attacks in our lives.

We are what we think we are.

So, I urge you today to take a leap from this story and start changing things for good, better, and best for yourselves.

Never again, should you accept the defeats that stare in your face every day.

Enjoy this video and please leave comments if you are touched by this story.

Let’s make our lives and the lives of our loved ones better than we ever imagined.

I wish you the best.

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Successfully Sell Anything Using This Formula

This formula is designed to help Medium, Small, and Micro Businesses develop and unique way of communicating the values of their products instead of the features to their target audiences.
It goes further to help you unravel identifying your target audience and the relevant pitching ideas to use when selling.

These 10 Things Can Change Your Life & Income Drastically

The lack of jobs especially for adults leaves us with so much to take care of but there is no means of income, how do you survive it? Major problem. 1. Here is the first one. Purpose.
A man with purpose, already knows that the gap between failure and success is a function of his or her ability to rise above the hurdles of an unclear future and walk towards a meaningful existence.