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Tell Your Business Brand Story For Increased Sales Results Episode 05

If you want to increase sales for your products online, one of the most insane approaches is to tell a story that resonates with your target audience. This goes to position you in their hearts thus allowing them to trust you to be the solutions provider for that specific problem they want to solve. Here is training on How To Tell Your Business Brand Story For An Increased Sales Results – Episode 05

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Can Anyone Start A Business Without Money – Ask Tim Abel Show

In this show, Tim Abel responds to questions from numerous fans for the benefit of those who would want to have an idea about the same information. On this very show, he discusses the possibilities of how to start any business without money. He lays out steps to follow and also made references to other people including himself who have done it.

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How To Upload A Video To YouTube & Website

Creating videos and uploading them to your website can be a very painful task especially as it affects the speed of your website. In this video, I want to teach you how to simply upload your videos to your website by first of all hosting them on your YouTube page. I hope you can start doing this so as to help your rankings online as well.

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How To Start A Logistics Business Without Money


How To Start A Logistics Business Without Money…
No one wants to get stalked trying to start a business especially when you do not have enough monies to get started with a business you would to do. Some of the things you must have in place to get started with a business and start making money includes but not limited to the followings; 1. A Startup cash flow between N100k and above. For just so many of these businesses, you must have at least N1,000,000 2. Rent an office space – This should be at least N350K 3. Furnish the office – An average of N200k would be just for the simple startup 4. Hire at least 2 or 3 staff and be ready with at least N500k on the average for 6 months, hoping you can break even. 5. Get a car, a motorcycle or some sort of mobility that can get you to & fro places you would like to visit and deliver your services. The fact is, the list is endless.
So, I wouldn’t want to bore you any further. But what if you have the opportunity to get started without investing this enormous amount of cash except just 3 things. 1. You Time 2. Your Head 3. You (I mean your desire, emotions, energy etc.) – Just You What if that’s all you’ve got to put in? In this video, I share the exact steps you need to get started without money. And then, when you start making monies, you can go big by blowing it up with all other fanciful things. For your information, this is not just about saying something that’s not practicable. I have done it time and times again. If you loved this video, please give a thumbs up by hitting the Like Button and just leave a comment.
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Is There Truly A Shortage of Money – Are You Truly Broke?


If Asked Today… Why Are You Broke? The common responses is not farfetched. You and I would agree that these answers below fits in. But how true is it? 1. The Government 2. Poor Family Background 3. Employers Not Recruiting 4. People are not buying 5. It’s a spiritual attack 6. Employers are not paying you well enough 7. There’s no money in the economy But there is one thing you’ve refused to complain about and that’s YOU.

•How can we stop mentioning all these things and start taking responsibilities so we stop going broke. In this video Tim shares his thoughts on why you are broke and what to start doing immediately to get yourself back on track where you can even start making money without having money to start with.

All you need is just you.

Ex-Banker Tells His Grass To Grace Experience & Ends With This Question……

Ex-Banker Tells His Grass To Grace Experience & Ends With This Question……
Are You Tired of Where You Are Today? Then Please Listen
Seriously, there is no magic formula for success.
None for making money
Or anything you so desire in life.
But I can tell you confidently that there are certain steps you can take to achieve whatever you want not minding the popular opinions or information you have in hand currently.

10 Businesses You Can Start Without Money In 2021

Why Should You Even Watch This Video?

It’s very simple and straight forward.

  • To help you to understand and know how to become self-employed.

There is no doubt that there has been a lack and loss of jobs. financial strains, absolute ignorance in how to raise capital in a country like ours to start your dream business.

And worst still is the lack of skill-sets required to get your products and services right in front of your target audiences. Not also undermining the fact that solutions to some teething problems with businesses especially startups have consistently become the No. 1 factor why businesses fail today.

  • To help business owners see potentials that can help in creating sales for their businesses instead of thinking about leaving the current business they have and setting up a new one.

So in this video, and a series of others I shall be releasing you will be able to

  1. See that it is Time to decide on what to work on for the next 12 months in 2021.
  2. Learn exactly the very important businesses that can change your 2021if you haven’t started anyone yet.
  3. Learn certain skills that can guarantee you a personal financial security in the coming days.
  4. Understand the importance of what you currently have in hands or doing as a business.
  5. Help others to see opportunities they’re missing as well.

I hope you do enjoy this piece.

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7 Ways To Start A Business Without Money In 2021

In this video you will learn the very basic ways (7) to start a business without money in 2021.

The doubts about starting a business without money are cleared by watching this video, and there are proofs to this claim.

Proof of Existence for this claim has been in existence and was captured in Think & Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

All You Need To Have According To Napoleon Hill is a Burning Desire, a Vision; Clarity of Purpose; Plan; and ultimately the Skills;

Other Earthly Proofs Today – UBER, AMAZON and the likes

All of These Comes Under – Selling Something

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8 Justifications To Use Freelancers When Starting Out

I never knew this when I first started out, so I made a very big blunder hiring just too many to do what they didn’t know how to do except I would have to sit down and teach them.

This of course didn’t only impact negatively on my finances, but also on my focus, on my strength, and much more.

I came to know about this months later while in one of my coaching programs with my mentor.

And as soon as this was revealed to me, I went on a spree to search for formidable platforms with experts as Freelancers and you will be shocked about what I found if you could take your time to see for yourself.

But this isn’t the topic of discussion today.

So, let’s face it.

With the rise of the freelance economy, the traditional model of hiring long-term employees has been disrupted. While some might argue that in-house employees can have their benefits, these do not stack up compared to making intense use of freelancers.

Freelancers are an underutilized resource and come with significant advantages.

#1 – Less Bureaucracy

One of the benefits of using freelancers is that you can hire them for short-term contracts. This means that you don’t have to go through all the hassle of interviewing a potential employee from sites such as Fiverr, Elance, UpWork etc. that showcases the skills of freelancers who will have a long list of reviews and will be given a rating score by the platform. You can filter for the quality of a freelancer and pay exactly what you want to get the job done. Using freelancers is a very easy and safe process, with the typical payment escrow system in place. There is no need to take care of employee insurance, payroll, insurance, or legal issues. The freelancing platform takes care of it all and you are not the employer of the freelancers.

#2 – You Can Get Someone With The Exact Skills You Need

When you hire a permanent employee, you are hiring one person with a generic skillset. But an online business often changes and needs different tasks completed. For example, you can find a freelance writer with experience in writing about search engine optimization or short term loans. Or a software developer that specializes in WordPress. You simply hire them for the job that they are proven to be effective at. They do the job, and both parties go their separate ways upon completion.

#3 – It Is Far More Cost-Effective

For a number of reasons, using freelancers is more cost-effective. The money you pay is going to get you exactly what you want. If not, mediation services are provided for issues in dispute and negative feedback is a serious consequence for freelancers who do not complete the task as specified in the initial contract. Because you are only hiring freelancers for a one-time project, you do not have to take care of additional expenses. You also don’t have to hire them for a whole year with a fixed wage, regardless of the income of your business. Another benefit is that the freelancer can work on the project while you sleep, as they are located in different time zones across the world. All in all, freelancers are simply a cheaper and more efficient way of getting business projects completed.

#4 – It Will Save You More Space

Adding more fire to the saving money debate is saving office space. Real-life human beings tend to take up a lot of space – but not if they work from their own abode! Reduced overheads will make your hip pocket happy, and won’t mess with your office.

 #5 – It Will Give You More Flexibility

Let’s be honest. Your business is in need of a much-needed yoga lesson. Consumers today want answers fast (as in, five minutes ago), so your business hours need to be as flexible as a yogi on muscle relaxers. The perk of a freelancer is that when you’ve shut up shop for the day, your social freelancing whizz can be tapping away replies to Facebook messages, answering blog comments, and engaging with a community renowned for being night owls!

#6 – It Will Get The Job Done Faster

When you’re hiring a freelancer, you’re hiring an expert. A task outside your usual skill set that might take you three hours, could take an expert freelancer only 10 minutes. It all depends on how much you value your own time.

Freelancers are also always motivated – most of them work from coffee shops, after all. Their constant caffeine buzz means they’ll do an excellent job, fast. They know all too well the importance of reliability and speediness, and they’re not caught up in office politics, or never-ending agenda-less meetings.

#7 – It Will Get The Job Done Better

Well, maybe not always, but there’s a pretty good chance a freelancer will think (and do) differently to your usual worker bees. Breathe a breath of fresh ideas into your business with an individual who has devoted their life to simply being creative! They’ve likely tried and tested everything under the sun, probably for your competitors, so they know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Get the edge, and bring that wealth of knowledge into your business.

Freelancers also thrive on repeat business – after all, they’re running their own small business, so they’re in charge of customer service, and quality control. Since they’re not permanently on your payroll, they’ll strive to produce their best work, every time. A freelancer has to prove their worth with every task they’re given to maintain your relationship, and essentially keep their job. When was the last time your employees felt the fear?

#8 – It Will Reduce Your Inherent Risk To The Minimal

Because, strictly speaking, they’re not employees. They don’t have the right to unemployment insurance, and rarely have the right to compensation benefits. They don’t have the right to sue for harassment, discrimination, or unfair dismissal. If they’re not the right fit, they’re easier to sack and replace.

Are You Convinced About Hiring A Freelancer?

Here are some common tasks that are easy and cost-effective to outsource:

  • Writing blog, or web, content – you know that you need quality, SEO-infused web content, updated regularly, but good content takes time. Leave it to the writing pros who know their colons from their commas.
  • Designing a website, logo, or brand – you cannot create your company’s logo in Paint. We repeat, DO NOT create your business’ identity in a free graphic design program! Your brand is made or break, so leave it to someone who knows Comic Sans is never a good idea.
  • Managing social media – you don’t have time to clean out your bottom desk drawer, let alone stay abreast of Instagram’s endless algorithm updates.
  • Building a marketing strategy – do you know the difference between organic reach and paid views? We didn’t think so. You can’t ignore marketing – it’s how your customers find out they need your product or service in their lives. Get a marketing extraordinaire to produce a strategy that you can follow with confidence.
  • Website programming – just trust us on this one. Leave the coding to the experts, before you break something.
  • Admin – there’s this new-fangled thing called Virtual Assistants, and they’re as good as Chin-Chin or Roasted plantain popularly called “Boleh”. You can hire VA’s for next to nothing to do those mundane, mind-numbing tasks like replying to generic emails, online research, database entry, bookkeeping, and scheduling.

Convinced Now?

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