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The Streets Are Empty….. In Times Like This, Can Anyone Start a Business Without Money?

The Streets Are Empty….. In Times Like This, Can Anyone Start a Business Without Money?

Indeed a very tough time…. But we must also survive financially too.

To Increase Your Financial Power You Must Be Able To Increase Your Sales Effectiveness

Have you gotten stocked before trying to sell anything in your life or business?


I know a lot of people have had this experience before even you.

Now, I want you to listen to me here.

Coming from the bank you’ll agree that it is one of our major indices for performance. So, I would say, that hasn’t been a problem for me and this is because the bank had done their job well enough to make my delivery a smooth one. All, I just needed as an employee was understanding the why’s of the product and boom I’m on a smooth ride.

But as an entrepreneur, a self-employed person, you tend to face the hardest times because the whole thinking and actualization lie just in front of your desk.

I remember coming out with my first product which was the lighting business.

As smooth as I imagined it would be when I left the bank for it, jeez! It was one of the hardest sales job ever for me.

I moved from one office to another. From a market to another. Homes, Schools, Nightclubs… Just name it.

That experience has always reassured me that I can never develop hypertension in my life again. Lol

You can’t believe I would run through a whole month without a single sale?

I got poorer by the seconds.

Let me just drive you straight to a point you need to know now.

The Televisions, Radios, Newspaper and other media platforms will never tell you that the economy is ripe for you to go and improve your finances.

Your competitors will never announce it that the boom is here so you should now go all out and take part in the harvest.

Sadly, on a day to day basis you’ll be making more expenses because you must make them.

What then should you do?

My candid advice is simply to horn your selling skills either online and/or offline. That’s the only way your Financial Power will improve or become better.

It’s not by the GDP of the Government as announced. Neither is it by the fact that our FDI has improved.

So, first, you must adhere to these simple pieces of advice I want to give you here.

  1. Quit waiting on the “BREAKING NEWS” that the Economy has improved.
  2. Commit to improving yourself through increasing your sales skills.
  3. Make a daily commitment to sales training and sales effectiveness.
  4. Quit waiting for opportunities. Instead, create opportunities for consumers to buy your products.

Remember that your survival in any given state of the economy depends largely on your Financial Power and you can only survive if you have the needed selling skills as an especially as an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, there is a reality in our country today. And that’s the fact that most businesses do not know how to sell their products, make sense of real value, or justify why it’s a great time to buy from them.

Companies and even industries have become dependent on seasons, holidays, free gifts, huge contracts and external stimulus to make sales huge enough to increase their financial powers.

This is simply because they’re not learning with the trend or better put, they provide insufficient sales training for their teams, there is a lack of sales motivation, sales discipline, as well as sales persistence. This in turn negatively impacts their financial power.

Unfortunately too, it applies to even the micro, small, and medium scale businesses from tailoring, restaurants, beads making, automobiles to real estate businesses and also consumer goods. In fact, anything business that you can imagine.

If you wait for the economy to improve or jobs to come back or some sort of magical money to drop from the skies you are in for a very painful number of years to come.

The most valuable individuals and companies in this economy are those that are able to create and drive revenues.

The only way to do that is to learn the skills of selling.

No one is a born salesperson.

Selling is a learned skill like anything else.

Your personal financial power or economy will not improve until you are sales motivated, sales trained and loaded with sales training solutions on a daily basis. Increase your sales effectiveness and improve your financial power today.

If You Want To Learn How To Sell, Then Start With My Book – How To Start A Business Without Money.

Being Lazy Is An Entitlement Concept – Your No. 1 Problem

I know how you feel when told that you’re lazy…. Indeed we all react differently but most importantly, we don’t take this lightly at all. Funny enough, even those who are lazy also accuse others of being lazy.

But let’s face the truth here….

Would you agree with me that deep down in you, even when people accuse you of being lazy, though you hate the words, then you sit back and review your entire actions, do you know that 99% of the times, it is actually true?

Now, I would like us to discuss the concept and why you’re lazy….. You probably might get jerked and realize you’ve been missing the points all along.

So, let’s roll.

First, Laziness is an entitlement concept that has been accepted by the average class in our country today and it is really devastating and of course crushing our greatness. Sadly, it has also spread like wildfire.

Laziness has been adopted as a right of people, and supposedly earned because a person worked five days a week and therefore must take the weekend off. This concept of entitlement runs across workers, management and executives. That’s why we wait long enough for “Thank God It’s Friday – TGIF”.

The fact is; this has long been established as a policy so much that even workers will put off their phones or rebel against employers for taking their weekends.

This, of course, has become a deserved status and has been earned as a right automatically. It is indeed one of our major failures.

It is no different from the fact that most people in our country today now hold the government responsible for everything and would expect every government to put foods on their table. They call it social security, healthcare, and employment rights even when we all know it is impossible for the government to provide all of these for our massive population.

The idea that one has worked 5 days and must take the weekend off is ridiculous and a form of entitled laziness.

The mass acceptance that 8 hours invested in your job every day requires that you leave as soon as the clock strikes 4 pm is a mass agreement and a misunderstanding of epic proportions.

Thinking that all national holidays are a right regardless of personal finances and/or the production or condition of your department is more damaging to personal finances and our country’s solvency than all the wrongs of Broad Street.

I had an experience in my office a few years ago when I announced to my members of staff that we would need to report normal time on a Saturday and close at 6 pm. The experience was one of the worst ever with them as they all rebelled against the decision immediately. They even had to send heads of departments to my office to speak about it. The other time too was during a period the Religious holiday and the Federal Government had announced Friday, and Monday. But as soon as I told my staff to report at work on Friday, gosh… The looks on their faces were scary so much that, I immediately told them to have fun.

Just take time to suggest to a worker that they work the weekend and witness the sense of entitlement that comes with it. They’ll say; “C’mon I deserve my time off”.

These thoughts are not limited to worker’s, and unions only, it is so bad that even those in leadership positions also see it as an agreement or policy between them and staff or employers and employees.

Other laziness mentality or entitlements include areas of top management where you hear stuffs like; “I deserve the biggest office because I am the executive officer here” or “I deserve my 28 days every year regardless of how the company is doing”.

These are examples borne on the concept of LAZINESS as an operating basis. As though a person must take the weekend off or leave at 4 pm regardless of his/her financial condition or the company’s profitability or success.

The financial squeeze and pain being experienced by those that believe in these myths are immense and will continue to be inflicted until we as a people and as a country start operating with new disciplines.

Well, we always try to make case for the average man by saying they have been victimized by the rich or by some government’s misdeeds, but every person being victimized contributes to their condition in some way.

It is an interesting thing because they are always quick to see themselves as victims, and everything that happens to them is victimization and you hear things that make you want to cry for them:

  1. They always have bad things happen to them,
  2. They are always involved in one problem or the other,
  3. They will always suggest that they had nothing to do with it,
  4. But bad things continue to happen to them.

The popular average class financial policy is based on “Only do enough to get by” and that is born out of laziness. Even the experts suggest saving only enough money for 3 months in case of emergency. Make as little as possible, save as little as possible, invest as little as possible, learn as little as possible, and work as little as possible.

This is the mentality mantra and has stucked deeply in our brains.

This ‘laziness-entitlement’ or just do enough to get by has damaged an entire class of people and the Nigerian society today is far taken away from reality.

It is the reason, there are so many money death traps hanging over our heads daily. We just got past MMM where a whole lot of people got sunk.

We receive new networking groups into our country almost every month in a bid to show people how to make money the easy ways.

The vices are increasing almost on a daily basis for want of the easy way because of the laziness entitlement concept.

This is not the attitude of China, India and other developing nations that are committed to expansion, survival and solvency.

It is my belief that laziness is not a natural state but one that has been seen as a culture, the young have been educated about it, they’ve been encouraged and allowed to practise it. In fact, as an employer, you could be stoned to death for asking staff to work on a Saturday.

Take a look at most forums online today, and all you hear are words like;

  • “Make money fast”.
  • “Start Making Money Immediately without doing anything.”
  • “60 Minutes and you’ll become a millionaire – inbox me or ping me”
  • “Your days of suffering are over – share this now and you’ll be surprised at the amount of monies you’ll receive.”
  • “Someone sent this to someone and he refused to share it to 15 people and he became poorer. If you share it, you will become rich.”
  • “I want to help 20 people make N1,000,000 each within 24 hours. Inbox me now.”

And the lists goes…….

Nigerians, we can’t continue this way.

Laziness is a failed policy.

To become industrious we must let go of the laziness entitlement concept.

Let me close this here even though it may hurt that our work ethic has to change. Our thoughts and attitudes lack the needed energy that exerts the kind of force that will let us off that hook or policy of entitlements.

This has to change.

We need to start developing the desire to put in more work. More actions. Avoid pensions. Avoid gratuity entitlements. Avoid inheritance. Avoid fast and easy monies.

Think more about actions and less of entitlements.

Those that are most secure in today’s economy do not approach opportunity lazily but industriously.

The successful people you see today have full security at their becks and calls. They don’t just do enough, but instead, they go way above what others are doing.

The laziness entitlement is actually a failed concept of the entire classes of people including politicians, government executives, leaders of many spheres and have left them more as dependants to our collective resources and they will crush you if you ever try to take their place whether directly or remotely.

Finally, are you still with the laziness entitlement concept?

Entrepreneurs are industrious so get off it and start working.

What are you lazying about? Take a sneak peek on my book “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

This will help cure the Laziness Entitlement Concept.

Do Have A WOnderful Ester Celebration.

How To Start A Business Without Money Revealed In 5 Minutes

Hey, Tim here writing from my usual desk where I get a whole lot of inspirations especially because of the various experiences I have had with the Entrepreneurial industry for some years now.

In my various experiences talking with professionals and listening to questions being asked about my Book – “How To Start A Business Without Money.” I still try to grapple with the fact that most people are still held on to the old ways of starting a business in this part of the world whereas in other climes, they’ve moved past it for many years.

Guess what?

Try and Google these words now and find out what you will see on the internet.

Do it now, please…..

Type in: How To Raise Money For Starting A Business

Guess what? I have just done that again and this is what came up.

  1. Tap Personal Savings. Tapping your own piggy bank is the easiest way to finance a small business. …
  2. Sell Personal Assets. …
  3. Use Credit Cards. …
  4. Borrow Against Your Home. …
  5. Take Out a Bank Loan. …
  6. Cashin Retirement Accounts. …
  7. 7(a) Loan Program. …
  8. …………………………………

Go down and you’ll find out that most of the articles gave a list between 4 to 12 ways and all of these are related to what I have just listed above.

It’s very unfortunate that most people are held back when ideas is actually what rules the world.

Those ideas or pieces of ideas are stale and should only be for those who do not want to move on with the generational dynamics of life. 

In this article, I want to reveal within the next 5 minutes about the entirety of the book “How To Start A Business Without Money.”

So, stay here with me;

First, there are 7 Dynamics of a successful business. These include;

  1. Leadership – This is all about your vision, mission and core values. It is what drives every man or women to take an action and this must precede every business owner’s decision to start a business. It is simply what separates your success from everyone else.
  2. Management – This guides how your business structure will be positioned for the needed success. It determines how best your customers will be served without sabotaging your efforts. It stays with the organization even when you’re no longer there. This is what makes most companies great and successful. It captures your reporting and supervisory lines.
  3. Brand – This is what you expect anyone who comes in contact with your business to feel. It’s actually seen as the bedrock of most business successes. This must come from the vision, mission and core values that you must have created when you decided on taking this journey of becoming an entrepreneur.
  4. Finance – Your life wire for the business. A poor management of your finances will easily rock your boat. Every business needs a solid visual interpretation of how income and expense for the business flow. Usually, there are free applications online to help you with this. Most importantly, know your money flows.
  5. Marketing – This is all about creating the visuals of your business not only in the eyes of your prospective clients but in the minds and soul of your prospective clients. This today has become simpler with the use of social media and digital platforms. Marketing is what spreads your brand promises to your target audience.
  6. Sales – This is all about the values you provide in exchange for the monies they pay. It talks about the processes involved in closing every deal you go to the market with. Every business needs sales because that’s what keeps you in business. It is the most important thing that every business owner wants to see. But we must understand that Sales doesn’t just happen. It connects with the other 6 dynamics of a successful business.
  7. Delivery – Finally, is delivery where most businesses FAIL the most. I have seen many businesses turn off their show of love, care, goodness, humour, excitement, concerns, helping hands, once money gets into their hands. Yeah! It happens almost on a daily basis. And this makes most businesses fail in the long run. So, it is important to understand that delivery above expectations is what customers want to see. Not average or below average. It captures the processes from how a customer shows interest in your product or service, to how you can follow up with the customer, to how you can receive payments, and finally deliver your promise to the customer without hurting them. 

With all of the 7 Dynamics put together, you actually don’t need a special business plan to start a business.

Next is the RCPR Business Startup Model which is Research, Create, Package and Release.

Let me explain this too.

  1. Research – Every business owner wants to know what value to create since it is the value that every business serves. You must be able to identify the needs/wants of customers especially the ones with very huge demands. Then you also need to know the level of service that is available to these demands. That brings you face to face with those providing values in this niche.  You need to find out what your competitions are doing and how you can do it better. You need to find out the tools available to help you reach out to your target audience. You need to know what works and what doesn’t. You need to know at what point you could change your approach. You need to know where to find those who need your help (Remember you are providing help with your product or service and getting paid for it). You need to know what inspires your audience etc. But most importantly here is identifying your NICHE.
  2. Create – This clearly takes you by the hand through the process of creating or recreating a product or service that meets the needs/wants of your target audience. It affects your marketing messages in terms of content creation to reach out to your target audience, especially messages that resonate with them. It also helps you to create the necessary platforms where you can be able to reach your audience. It helps you to create the unique things that differentiate you from others after thorough research would have been completed. You will be able to create your vision on paper at this stage. Exactly what you’ve dreamt while in the Leadership stage of the 7 dynamics.
  3. Package – All of your efforts in the Research and Creation stage is brought in one piece here and ready for release to your target audience. It is at this point you can heave a sigh of relief and be ready to start getting the kinds of sales you want to have. But please hold on and see the last stage.
  4. Release/Launch – This is the final stage where customers and prospects can relate directly with you on their experiences of what you provide either as service or as products. There are various ways to release or launch your products. Gone are the days when you have to organize a big launch, spend so much money inviting the press to do a release. Today, you can adopt the simplest form of release. This is not to say, you can’t do all of those spendings. But note here that you’ve got a lean purse and would need to do something within that region of your purse. But in case you have to take control of a big company’s products and or services, and they are willing to spend for it. Why not. Go ahead and help them. It is at this point you start creating contents ranging from sales pitches to brand stories, to viral videos and the likes.

Furthermore, this book reveals another mind blowing experience I have had.

When people say you need money to start a business, I say no. What you need are the skills.

In this book, you will learn the various skills you can provide for any business to increase its sales and they will pay you awesomely for it.

To start with some skills,

Take a look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blog, WhatsApp, Emails, etc.. All these platforms have all the kinds of people you are looking for that will patronize your business.

Now, most businesses don’t have the skills to create this platform and rave in customers for their business. You will be taught how to use these platforms to rave in sales for any business.

There is only one thing that can set you apart in this area and that thing is your ability to create GREAT & CONSUMABLE CONTENTS.

In this book, you’ll learn a lot about this aspect.

Finally, let me give you some exact business ideas that this book explores;

Amongst many out there, I’ll summarize all of it in three different formulas this book uses.

  1. Creating Your Own Product By Leveraging On Other People’s Experty

Now take a look at the various experty of people in the service industry, for example, Tailors, Automobile Mechanics, Drivers, Teachers, Dentist, Surgeons, Laundry Homes, Architects, Lawyers, Gymnast, Music Trainers, Bands, etc.

You don’t have these skills. But the experts want an increase in sales.

You can easily leverage their skills and make a tone of cash for them and for yourself.

Let’s use a Teacher for example;

You and I will agree that most parents want the best for their children. There are also parents or adults who didn’t have the opportunity to study while growing up. Now that’s a big market for you.

How to create value here even if you don’t have the skills required by parents for example; Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Further Maths, Government, Economics etc. These are subjects most students need to qualify for S.S.C.E & JAMB. In fact, it also positions a student for higher degree programs.

What you need to do is to first create the structure you want to run. This can be determined by your research. Your research will also help you to find the types of students and teachers you need to target. You will be able to also factor in a whole lot to make yours a unique service from various indices the research knowledge would have taught you.

Then, start creating your unique system and structures from the research findings you’ve made. This will include the various platforms you need to start recruiting teachers, registration of students for the program, and the lots.

This is basically for those thinking about personal coaches. If you are looking at exploring mass coaching where students have to be grouped in a centre for studies, you can as well explore this approach.

Then, at the packaging stage, this book reveals specific things you would have to consider because you need to drive interest of your target audience to buy into your value offers.

That cuts across various things you would have created while at the creation stage. It simply bringing your creation alive.

The looks for your website, social media handles scripts for how you respond to prospective clients, how to talk to them, how your logo impacts your vision, mission and core values. And lots…..

Finally, your launch or release for your market is important and that has to do with the buzzes, the networking and much more…..

This approach can be used by anyone even if you’re not a professional.

For example….. You can employ Tailors, Architects, Building Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Automobile Mechanics, Plumbers, Drillers, Drivers etc.

2. Creating Your Service For Other People To Use & Increase Their Sales

The second aspect this book reveals for those wanting to start a business without money is creating your service for other people to use & increase their sales.

Ultimately, every business owner succeeds more with sales increase. And that’s a pain for most businesses.

You can create a simple Social Media Marketing Agency and charge business owners to market their products for them.

For example, you could use the RCPR Model to identify a niche that needs sales and values are being created in such a niche.

I’ll use the Automobile Sales Niche here for example.

There are so many car dealers around and that market I must say is huge and really untapped.

These business owners suffer sales problem a lot.

You can decide to stick your ass in this niche and burst the bubbles really great here.

All you might need to do here is simple.

Create your website, and start talking about Automobiles. You can even narrow down to specific automobiles if you don’t want too much on your hands.

For example, take on Honda products and start talking about it. Find car dealers who deal on Honda products and tell them to pay you to sell their products on your platform. They will agree to do so if you are good at pitching. Don’t worry, you will find the best ways to pitch a client in this book.

Some payments could be as low as N50,000 monthly. But don’t worry. By the time you have about 10 of them across the country, or even within your location, you’ll be smiling home monthly with N500,000 untouched because they will pay for the adverts you will do for them. Cost of adverts is as low as probably N5,000 per week and they will be shocked at the results.

This means you need to horn your skills on Marketing with the various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The good part of this is that, apart from the book alone, I have videos for the various social media handles you can use to get yourself up and running as a pro.

Once you understand how to deal with a niche, you can go over to other niches.

Again, in case you don’t know how to do the marketing, I will show you platforms with professionals that can handle the marketing for you on social media.

You can also get my support from the forum I have created on Facebook where I will be teaching you all together as well.

3. Partnering With Entrepreneurs & Getting Paid To Do So

This is the third part and another mind-blowing way to make money without money. Just your skills.

There are countless business owners that need your skills once you can prove it to them.

And once that is achieved, they will be willing to sign deals of partnerships with you such that you can handle their Marketing & Sales and any sales made, you will have your percentage immediately.

My experience with this can be very good at times but you’ve to be very careful here because some of these business owners have tendencies to cheat you. So, you need to get a good lawyer involved when signing all of these deals plus ensuring that you put a system good enough to monitor sales for your own good.

Don’t worry about that as I already have some of these tackled in my book from my personal experiences too.

With these three super methods, there is no one that can challenge starting a business without money.

And for the records, I can confirm that with these methods, you can even get people to start paying you from the first day once your set up is concluded.

Do you think you need to know more about what this Book is all about?

Ask me the questions here and I’ll provide the responses that will broaden your understanding of the book concepts.

Right now, I want to offer you a BUY ONE & GET SO MUCH FOR FREE including my one-on-one mentoring in our Facebook Forum.

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Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

How To Start A Business Without Money – Facts You Need To Know

The first mistake I made in trying to start a business was resigning from my high paying job with a lot of money and then losing everything.

In case you need to know. I was a Branch Manager with Diamond Bank years ago, and I took a decision to resign from the bank to start up my entrepreneurial dream life. So you can imagine when I said my high paying job now right?

It didn’t go down well at first because I was indeed a learner on the street.

Well, thanks to the books I read, the coaches and mentors and of course overall my willingness to succeed in the face of total defeat.

And largely thanks to God Almighty who saw my ignorance and overlooked it.

If not for these, by now I would have been dead, buried and forgotten forever.

Indeed when Napoleon Hill said anyone has the power to think and grow rich – He had indeed seen the evidence of it and the power of thoughts as the most important tool that separates the rich from the poor. Same thoughts separate the hard worker from the smart & hard worker.

I love to tell my story every day because I know a whole lot of you might just be excited by the wealth of people and you think they arrived there by accidents.

In fact, when you listen to a lot of successful people today, you might be scared of taking the path.

But I’ll tell you this.

“No path is too dangerous to take when the PASSION for FREEDOM is topmost on your mind.”

As a young banker coming from a poor family background, I wanted to be rich enough to take care of my aged parents, uncles, aunts, younger siblings, and if possible support my older siblings too, whose jobs are basically civil service and you know what that means right? PENSION.

That’s a word I have come to hate because of how our dear parents are being treated at old age in the name of PENSION.

Tell me why someone like you won’t just sue the Government for suffering your parents in the name of regular confirmation of pensioners? Or even tell your parents to abandon the F**King policy so you pay them from your pocket because you’ve got the money?

That’s by the way….

So as I was saying, the thought of overcoming this poverty background kept me pushing from jobs to jobs and money generating stuffs or businesses that looks shiny and legal.

But while that was my greatest interest, I kept going from debt to debt even though I acquired a whole lot of assets painstakingly.

Looking at my peers outside the employment status and their successes in business, I felt every need to go down that path but I was scared.

At a point, it dawned on me that for me to achieve my dreams in life, holding on to my banking job especially after recalling one of the experiences I had with one of the banks I worked for when they asked me and my colleagues to resign involuntarily, the urge became more for me to leave the banking system and follow my Entrepreneurial dreams.

That experience of losing my banking job left a bitter pill in my mouth forever especially the pains of surviving the period before I got another banking job to stabilize me again.

In fact, it is something I would never want to see happen to me again. Never

It got to a stage in my life since resigning from the banking job and experiencing the Entrepreneurial life that, I have vowed never to waste my dreams working for the bank or any other organization ever again.

The Story Continues……… Sorry For That Break-In Transmission. Lol

So with all of my savings and assets in preparation for the entrepreneurial life, I resigned from my last banking job thinking I was indeed ripe enough for the street and was going to actualize my dreams in no time.

Well, if you asked me about that thought? I would say it was a great decision but never a good one, because I would have survived the street better if I had set up the business before resigning.

This would have made life easier because of the modern technological advantages we have today where you can easily set up and run any business from anywhere while still getting paid by another employer.

I didn’t know this then…. And that’s the biggest ignorance employees and the masses still face today.

As for me? That was a big mistake I made.

Life became really tough.

In fact, to have even a square meal was like passing a horse through the eye of a needle. That’s Biblical right? But I’m sure you understand what I mean.

I bet you don’t want such an experience in your life ever.

It was so bad that I couldn’t afford a toothpaste, body cream, I mean the minutest of things were difficult for me to buy.

The worst part was that I couldn’t even go to see a doctor because I couldn’t pay hospital bills.

One of those periods, these very wicked insects called “mosquitoes” knowing fully I was surviving by grace still went ahead to suck the hell out of me and deposited malaria before leaving.

Can you imagine how wicked those insects are?

Sincerely, I fell terribly ill.

I couldn’t inform anybody at all. I didn’t want to bother my older siblings.

So, I laid in there just waiting to give up the ghost and let my chapter be closed shamefully. Incidentally, do you know that I figured out that most deaths for the younger people are usually caused by these sorts of stress?

Gosh! That was the height of it all for me.

Thank God luck shined on me when someone knocked at my door and asked if I still had some of the lights I bought to sell as my first entrepreneurial strides without thoroughly researching the market.


I got my situation even worsened and became more confused when I resorted to the internet to find quick money making schemes to do.

My clothes had faded and mostly worn out.

I remember a friend advising me to start selling off my assets and liabilities.

Yeah! It worked but for a while.

I felt good selling stuffs but not understanding that the monies injected in the business aren’t all about it.

I sold my house, my electronics, my lands, my shoes. The only reasonable thing I left was my car because I didn’t want people to know it was that bad for me.

Guess what?

The more things I sold, the more troubles and losses I found myself grappling with.

At a point, I thought it was no longer ordinary and so I resolved to go spiritual and that got my situation even worsened because they kept milking me.

Please don’t ever wish you found yourself here. And if you’re already here. Please follow me with the speed of light now and get out fast.

I can bet you don’t want to have this type of experiences because I wouldn’t even wish it for my enemies.

In 2014 after 2 solid years in rot, pains, travails, neglect, agony, shame, hunger, a threat to life, something spectacular happened to me.

Thanks to the books I read, the mentors and coaches that guided me through.

My entire life changed.

I might not be where I want to be fully yet, but I’m 1,000,000% better of what I was.

It was then I realized that the true words of Napoleon in “Think and Grow Rich” still exist. It works. It is what the rich won’t reveal to you.

It meant that all the theories we’ve been told about raising monies to start a business which includes;

  • Bank loans; Personal Savings; Sourcing from friends and families, Angel investors; Bootstrapping, Crowdfunding, Venture capitals, and all worth not are mere theories by experts and these no longer work and if they do, then it is rare.
  • With the banks, you need collateral and a history of business transaction to get a loan.
  • Is it personal savings? Imagine not having a source of income and someone expects you to still save? How is that possible?
  • Are you being told to get finance from friends and families? C’mon, they are busy trying to solve their problems with their lean incomes and will never have that kind of money you need to support you. If you’re lucky to even get it, be careful because “one day na one day”.
  • Some will say, go and find or source from Angel investors. Where would you find them? Very rare. These Angel investors are still busy trying to help those entrepreneurs in countries where almost everything seems right. Not in your country or mine where income alone will go for the needs of the business to even survive first like Fueling of generators and the likes.
  • Bootstrapping and venture capitals happen elsewhere not here. If it does, then as rare as it can be.

I can go on and on with all these expert bits of advice and sincerely those pieces of advice don’t survive in this part of the world.

It meant that while all those theories about how to raise money or capital to start a business are what most experts would advise a poor young woman or a man like me.

There is a better way out and it’s a way that the world is still ignorant about.

I started my marketing and sales Agency as an individual.

My first huge payment was from a Real Estate client. Even though I had started the Telecoms and Health businesses first without money.

The Real Estate business was rather a super eye-opener for me.

To me, it meant that I can make more money by targeting high income generating businesses.

That huge payment changed my whole life.


Today, I have helped many businesses to achieve their dreams with what I offer them and I get paid even before I get started.

What I do for businesses is simply to help them increase their sales both online and offline with my spectacular marketing and sales strategies that I have learnt over the years till this day.

I make business owners happy by ensuring I help them save cost of hiring marketers who would never give them the results but end up sucking the living income they make out of their business.

Or the cost of renting shops everywhere just to get closer to their target audiences up to the point of even helping them with managing their finances and deliveries sometimes too.

I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, BulkSMS, Cold Calls, and Blogs to help them get more views for their products and/or services.

And by that, they make more sales 100% more than they would have ordinarily.

And in turn, they pay me awesomely.

With the monies I made from these clients that I helped to increase sales for, Do you know that I took these monies and went ahead to set up my Real Estate business?

I have also gone ahead to partner with a Health Product manufacturing company.

And lastly, I also partnered with a Telecoms company which of course led me into partnering with Globacom for their CUG products. Actually, I also made a tone of cash from that business too.


For me?

This is my simple way of disrupting the status quo and breaking the jinx or myth that says that “only money brings money”.

Today, I don’t believe in those words anymore. Rather I believe that skills are what brings money and more skills bring more monies from more businesses and more monies.

Skills first, then the abundant money follows.

If you want me to guide you on how I have done it, I have written a book titled “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

In this book, I take you by the hands step-by-step showing you exactly every secrets including the mistakes I made while starting out so that you don’t have to make such mistakes again.

I have also created a Facebook forum, where I meet with you every Thursday of the week for the next 90 days from the date of your invite to ensure you get started on your own. This will kick off in May 2019.

Now, click on the link below to place an order for this powerful investment you are about to make for yourself and grab your copy with just N7,997.77 only and get a FREE Shipping to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

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Listen to this.

This might be your first and last investment in your person before you start making real money to pay whoever you want to coach you more.

It’s not for anybody.

I have specific people in mind. Those who share my stories and vision about being FREE.

About creating income that I don’t have to be scared of losing.

To be able to start a comfortable life that secures your future not your job.

There are people who are currently working and are scared of the Hammer that must come someday. I am talking to you now.

Do you know I bought The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn. Never read it until I was out of the bank? Sad, but that longtime investment saved my ass. You need to invest in you now. Don’t wait until that job is over. Don’t.

Finally, once you’re done making payments and you receive your copy of the book.

I will share with you the followings for Free so you can start studying altogether.


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Oh Yes! 100%

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