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How To End Grief and Start Being Happy

In the last article, I talked about Why I was unhappy all along… I was grieved. I lost a whole sense of my personality and I was able to state exactly why I had the grief.

Now, let me share with you my thoughts about how you could end unhappiness.


I say this not because I am so happy.

But because I’ve been through so much and just couldn’t wait for anyone to bring it to me, rather I found it out from the best coaches who have been under this same circumstance in the past.

The truth is, my real grief in life came from not living up to my full potential.

Now, make no mistake, I still have tough days, but it’s not chronic.

If you’re winning or losing and you’re depressed, it’s because your potential is greater than your achievements or your potential is greater than your goals.

When this happens, you’ll experience some lack of purpose or depression.

The way to handle that is to tweak your strategy.

What I mean by strategy is that if you’re struggling and your hustle is not paying off, there may not be anything wrong with you, it’s just your strategy.

There are actually two things here that need to be fixed to end your grief; strategy and tactics.

Look at Strategy and Tactics like this:

Strategy 1: I want to hunt down that target.

Tactic 1: How would I actually kill it.


Strategy 2: I want to get rich.

Tactic 2: What am I going to sell? Who am I going to sell it to? What will I say? How will I follow up? How will I close the deals?

Having a clear purpose and dealing with each process one at a time with visible results brings you abundant happiness.

The fact here is that, even if you are not there yet, you can visibly see that you are making some great efforts and the results are showing.

Remember if you’re not getting anywhere even with hard work, if you’re pushing and shoving and getting little results, it could be a strategy problem first.

Look at your purpose. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Why?

Some of you may have a strategy but you lack the tactics.

This is where my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” lays it bare for you as a starter.

Where I talked about setting goals that will spur you to take specific actions for results wanted and more.

Are you achieving less than you know you can? Are you experiencing grief in your life but can’t pinpoint it? You need strategy and tactics to live up to your potential.

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A Truly Shocking Reason To Adopt Meditation

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7 Qualities That Differentiates Successful People From Others

Do you ever dream of becoming successful? Your answer is as good as mine & It’s not Far-fetched.

I already know the answer.

Yes… You dream of it. But, most times you don’t know what the successful people do.

The successful people talk, think, and approach situations, challenges, and problems differently than most people and they definitely think about money differently.

In this Article, I will be sharing the 7 qualities of those who are successful and how they are different from those who are not successful.

For some time now, I have been studying success.

Why? You may be asking.

Good! Let me tell you.

The first time I listened to The Art of Exceptional Living By Jim Rohn (a great mentor of all time.)

I paused when he said something:

He said “If you want to be happy, study happiness. If you want to be sad, study sadness, If you want to be successful, study success, if you want to become a failure, study Failure.

And he went further to say that all these experiences mentioned above have people with the history for you to learn from.

So I took to studying success in Life, Business, Finance, and Career.

Today I chose to share with you 7 qualities I have since observed from the successful people. Even though it is tasking, it is worth the time and life for anyone who wants to be successful.

Don’t be deceived to think it is probably some kind of things you would expect.


These things are hardly observed; you do the things like every day of your life.

They are called “Mistake Colossal” by Jim Rohn.

The distinctions between these two groups have nothing to do with the economy, not education, nor demographics. Although experiences and events certainly influenced them and their viewpoints, they are NOT ultimately the determining factors in whether they achieved success or not.

I can show you people with no education, who were reared by broken families in terrible surroundings, but still managed to grow their successes to extremely high levels of success. In this part of the world where we are, there are so many successful people as orphans from teenage and today are extremely successful.

These are the Top 7 Qualities shared by most of the successful people I have studied closely.

  1. They have the Bullish Attitude to Things – I can Do Spirit – While the Unsuccessful ones are slow and retards in attitude.
  2. They Have Steady Focus on Opportunity Once They Find It – The unsuccessful people are most times confused and indecisive. Never focused.
  3. They Love Challenges – While the unsuccessful will withdraw very fast from challenges
  4. They Always Seek to Solve Problems – The unsuccessful hate to hear nor see a problem. They are always prepared for finished jobs, so they can eat.
  5. They Take Calculated Risks – The Unsuccessful don’t take risk at all. Where they do, they take very foolish risks void of analysis.
  6. They don’t blame others, they blame themselves and take corrections – They always nag… Until they get famished and never achieve anything at all. Their eyes are always on others.
  7. They Will Never Take No for an answer – The unsuccessful have that anticipation for a NO! So they can easily go back and relax.

Where are you?

Let me show you one step you can take like someone who earnestly want to succeed today

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