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Are You Really & Truly Hungry To Get Better?

This Is How You Know If You Are Really & Truly Hungry To Get Better

I don’t need to be told that every day you wake up on that bed, the first thing that hits your mind is “God Help Me To Become Successful.”

Yeah, I don’t…..

I know this because even when we pay lip services outside, that financial limitation, that failing relationship, the business you are running, your health, or whatever is important to you gets you worried every morning.

How do you get things to work better. How do you increase performance? How can you increase your income to take care of those very pressing demands and many more?

For some time after I left the bank, I totally lost sleep not because I didn’t want to sleep, but because I knew my life was just not where it should be.

I began to get worried for every passing day without a change of my situation.

The fact is, no sane person in this life wouldn’t get worried if his or her life is not moving forward or making some progress. And I mean positives.

I began to feel differently about my life after I discovered what I am about to share with you.

One morning, I realized I was just wasting away…. And I jumped out of my bed with this thought – If people who haven’t worked for a bank in their lives before are succeeding, then I am also capable of such success.

And before I knew it, I began to search for information to feed my mind.

Of course, I must have told the story of how I dusted one of Jim Rohn’s Audio Books in my room, and played it only to discover that I had some hidden treasure I bought at the airport years ago while as a banker and never for once played or read it.

It changed every story for me today.

I have come to learn from my mentors and coaches that success doesn’t just come to you. Success is taken by you.

You may be thinking about how to increase sales for your business.

How to make more money.

How to achieve more success in what you do.

How to grow a lovely and happy family………..

How to build a great relationship with people……….

All these are parts of success that should concern us daily.

And I know you want it badly too.

If you want to have a happy family

A good relationship; An excellent touch with the things you care for;

If you want a business that pays you more than what your employer pays you today.

If You want to be the best in anything you set out to do

There is but one simple logic….

Be Hungry………….

The fact is, everyone wants the best and more of it, but most of the time their actions don’t show it.

Take this from me today that in anything you do in life, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”

There is no place like being in the middle with SUCCESS.

To be First or Last, the only thing that differentiates you is the LEVEL of    HUNGER YOU HAVE FOR THAT THING AND THE RESULTANT ACTIONS You Take To Achieve It.

If you’re Really and Truly Hungry, Then you need to Act hungry so as to make sure you don’t end up hungry.

You need to show everyone around you, especially your clients, Your family,    your body, your children, your spouse, your parents, your money, everyone that enjoys the benefit of your service or product that you want to do business with them.

You need to show everyone that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to earn that business or relationship in order to close more of those deals.

You need to show to your mentors, coaches, teachers, leaders and many more of those you tap the skills required from to be great, that you’re hungry enough to learn from them.

Listen, No matter the economy, you will always need your clients more than they need you.

No matter the challenges, you’ll always need that very skill required to help you sail through.

Once your customers see how passionate and hungry you are to help them, they’ll want to do business with you and only you.

Once your body knows that you care for it, it will continue to obey you and give you more energy to do the things you want to do.

Once your money knows that you care enough to keep increasing it, it will stay with you.

Once your spouse and children understand that you are willing to love and keep them, they will come even closer to you and help you achieve it.

Once your fans and followers see how much of work you are putting in to help them grow or become who they want to feel or look like, they will be willing to stay with you for as long as the day goes.

Just the same way if you show to your coaches how hungry you are to be more skilled like them, they will down all tools to help see you through in whatever you want to achieve.

This will only happen if you demonstrate to your customers and coaches an authentic willingness to do anything.


And be consistent with these actions and learn to never quit.

Don’t just act hungry for what you want, BE HUNGRY!


Once you have these attributes, then be rest assured your success is here.

If you don’t have it, then start developing it.

I love this GAME!!!!