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How To End Grief and Start Being Happy

In the last article, I talked about Why I was unhappy all along… I was grieved. I lost a whole sense of my personality and I was able to state exactly why I had the grief.

Now, let me share with you my thoughts about how you could end unhappiness.


I say this not because I am so happy.

But because I’ve been through so much and just couldn’t wait for anyone to bring it to me, rather I found it out from the best coaches who have been under this same circumstance in the past.

The truth is, my real grief in life came from not living up to my full potential.

Now, make no mistake, I still have tough days, but it’s not chronic.

If you’re winning or losing and you’re depressed, it’s because your potential is greater than your achievements or your potential is greater than your goals.

When this happens, you’ll experience some lack of purpose or depression.

The way to handle that is to tweak your strategy.

What I mean by strategy is that if you’re struggling and your hustle is not paying off, there may not be anything wrong with you, it’s just your strategy.

There are actually two things here that need to be fixed to end your grief; strategy and tactics.

Look at Strategy and Tactics like this:

Strategy 1: I want to hunt down that target.

Tactic 1: How would I actually kill it.


Strategy 2: I want to get rich.

Tactic 2: What am I going to sell? Who am I going to sell it to? What will I say? How will I follow up? How will I close the deals?

Having a clear purpose and dealing with each process one at a time with visible results brings you abundant happiness.

The fact here is that, even if you are not there yet, you can visibly see that you are making some great efforts and the results are showing.

Remember if you’re not getting anywhere even with hard work, if you’re pushing and shoving and getting little results, it could be a strategy problem first.

Look at your purpose. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Why?

Some of you may have a strategy but you lack the tactics.

This is where my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” lays it bare for you as a starter.

Where I talked about setting goals that will spur you to take specific actions for results wanted and more.

Are you achieving less than you know you can? Are you experiencing grief in your life but can’t pinpoint it? You need strategy and tactics to live up to your potential.

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This Is The Real Reason Why You Are Not Happy

For many years, I was unhappy….

I had what you might call chronic grief… I was constantly depressed because of it.

Those I tried to share my thoughts with would simply go straight to the demise of my mum and wife to say…. “Oh, I think these are the problems.”

Some would tell me that I was just too young to have lost such amounts of monies.

In fact, one of them categorically told me that I was still alive because I have some unfinished projects in life or else, I would have been long gone.

The way he screamed after we spoke about my losses and my age before he went on to share his opinion with me has left a memory in me till today.

I can never forget that morning and the looks on his face…….

To conclude with me, he said…. Hmmmm, I now know that these losses were enough to hold you back my dear friend.

Well, to be candid, these losses were actually huge setbacks for me in life, including the disastrous job loss in 2009 and the final nail of my personal decision to quit banking.

But I later realized that my losses were actually not the root cause of my unhappiness.


The loss of my job, my mum, my wife, my monies, my properties, an unprepared resignation from my high paying job etc…. were never the root cause at all.

The truth is, my real grief in life was that I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

Most adults are unhappy today….. A lot are hypertensive. A good number are deliberating within themselves whether to stay back in the country or live. For a few, the thought of suicide comes to bear.

You may not be experiencing worst situations yet. Just go out there and listen to how people cry even when they’re called men to understand the difficulty men and women are facing.

You find people who have lost their jobs for over a decade and they can’t go back to their villages.

There are those who have consistently become drunkards and bar hustlers just to keep life going.

Others wake up in the morning, get dressed and leave the house walking about town aimlessly…. and praying for the night to fall just for them to go back home and rest for another day without hope.

These are people with huge and massive potentials.

But they’re unhappy people. They’re grieved. They’re hypertensive. They no longer reason normal.

There are also those who have all they want, like a good home to put their heads under, a beautiful car, lovely spouse and kids, and much more. Yet very unhappy.

Now, if you must know this fact today, whether you’re winning or losing, you stand a chance of being depressed….

And the reason is simple….

It’s because your potential is greater than your achievements or your potential is greater than your goals.

But there is a way out………………….

It is either you develop yourself to be able to meet your full potentials or you forget and let life drive you the way it wants.

The choice Is Yours To Deal With.

But if you think you want some support, then maybe I could help out here.

Am I qualified to help you out?

I think I am if you could give me the time to do so.

But it has to start with you investing in yourself…….

That’s why I created my own experience for you to learn from and start a Business Without Money………..

This book is basically centered around SALES SKILLS DEVELOPMENT for both online and offline.

It has it’s motivation for you no matter what you are going through.

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Remember, No One Will Come To Your House & Make You Great!!

Who Listens When You Cry?

We are all human, and it’s natural to cry when we feel really down and especially when things don’t seem to go our way.

But then, who listens when you cry?

Over two decades, I lost touch of that one person that I grew up to feel could listen to me whenever I cried. My mother.

Thanks to the presence of my wonderful father, my beautiful wife, and my siblings. They’ve always wanted me to cry leaning on their shoulders. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the original piece like it would have been crying while leaning on mum’s shoulder.

The reason is that by birth, her shoulder has become my natural pole to lean on.

The point I’m trying to make here is this.

We all need a shoulder to lean on when we cry but remember these shoulders won’t be always close to you or be there forever. Hence, we must be able to build one for ourselves. Of course, not taking our creator out of the bracket.

One that we can easily fall back on when things don’t go our way.

And what I found out in the last few years is one thing and nothing more.

Getting Back To Work………………..

Work is the only thing that gets you out of pains. Work will fix a whole lot for you.

While it’s natural to cry because things aren’t going our ways, a lot is lost grinding and screaming about those things that failed to work in our favours.

But when you look away and brace up with the realities that beckon at us to get back to work. Either starting all over again or getting back on track with that same thing you’ve been doing all along, I can assure you that things will find its way back again.

The Government, Your Uncles, Aunts, Friends, Siblings, can only do but a little.

The biggest part is in your hands and it calls for you to go back to work.

It’s a new week again, and just like a wind, it’s going to fly away faster than we thought.

Get back to work my dear friend and get things working for you again.

It may not come back in one swoop but slowly wins the race. And FOCUS is the King.

I wish you a brilliant week ahead.

This Is To Motivate You – It’s Okay To Cry But Get Back To Work.

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

Learn How To Stay Motivated With These Few Steps

Have You Ever Thought About What Keeps Successful People Going & You Wished You’re In Their Shoes?

Facts remain that if you’re not personally motivated, excited and enthusiastic there’s just nothing you can achieve?

We all go through situations sometimes in our lives that tend to drag us backwards but these are certainties of life and only those who know the secrets tend to overcome these challenges.

Personally, I have learned from my mentors that the best way to get things done is by first ensuring that one stays excited about anything he or she is doing.

In fact, it is a skill and should be something you must learn to focus on achieving every day of your life.

As a young entrepreneur, I have had situations where I wake up sometimes with this pressure realizing I have tonnes of To-Do List unexecuted and it beats me really hard. It’s even worse when you’re trying to stay through the night just to make sure you finish up and yet the lists keep piling.

Yeah!  I say this because I feel the same way too a lot of times.

Well, if you’d ask me, I’d simply say it’s natural to feel that way especially because of your dreams and how important it is to achieve them within certain times of your life.

There are also situations where you’ve even done 100% of what needs to be done to achieve set goals yet the results are far from what it should be.

This is actually one of the most demanding challenges known to mankind.

Your ability to stay excited and motivated when things are tough when obstacles seem insurmountable and when the solution seems to escape you is critical to your ability to feel good about yourself, stay in the game and create the future you want.

In search of what to do, when I started out in business shortly after my banking days, I stumbled on this content I would like to share with you today.

There are 6 Tips for you to stay Motivated always in spite of life’s challenges.

It’s obvious as a business owner or even a salesman or woman, you’re trying everything possible to end the year in a big way but that kind of sales is not just coming in for you.

I can bet your mind is travelling far and wide on what possible steps you need to take now.

That’s definitely eating you up already and you are beginning to feel the whole world has closed down on you.

Now is clearly not the time to let your energy level slip. Even if your passion for work is no longer enough to drive you, you can’t afford to disengage even for a second. Sustained energy and razor-sharp focus come from within, not from a caffeinated beverage or other external stimulants.

I want you to listen to these six tips that will help you stay motivated so you can have all the strength to end the year really well.


Write Down Your Goals Thrice A Day

Make a list of your goals when you wake up in the morning and again before you go to bed at night. The third one should be written as you settle down to start any task for the day.

This will help you stay focused on what you want and why you want it. I’m not talking about your to-do list…

I mean your dreams…. Remember, we’ve always been told to dream big right. That’s the goal I am talking about here.

You should also be able to state why you want to accomplish those goals; Why you have to work and what are the things you must do to achieve those goals.

If you can concentrate on these major goals, then be certain your energy level and excitement will rise above the challenges before you.

You Need To Get Enough Sleep Especially At Night

I am used to staying up at night….. This I have been doing since my youthful days. And even up till this moment. I have also noticed how negative the impact is on me.

You will be disorganized during the day if you don’t compensate with at least a 6 or 7 hours sleep.

Well, taking stimulants might go a long way to get you active during the day, but the long term effect isn’t good at all.

I don’t recommend you stay awake all night.

If you lose sleeps, you won’t be productive and creative enough. And resilience will elude you.

The body and mind need rest to recharge. So ensure to give your body that amount of sleep that it requires to function at its peak during the day.

If you lose sleeps for the nights, take some hours during the day to take care of what you’ve missed at night.


Exercise Daily

A regular physical workout will energize you and give you a sense of direction, control and power. A good cardio or strength workout in the morning can increase your belief in yourself, get the adrenaline flowing and increase your stamina for the rest of the day. During my workouts, I try to include some inspirational or learning time so I am working my mind while working my body.

A Good earpiece with a phone or an iPod can do a whole lot of magic here.


Learn To Create An Atmosphere of Positivity Around You At Home and At Work. 

I will drop the line on you or ask you to leave my office when you try that shit…. Most people just complain about why things can’t get done.

If the people that work around you know you will frown at their negativities, they will change by force or leave where you are.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want information that may be apprehensive.

But dwelling on the issues rather than the solutions is what I hate.

You hear people say things like “Oh, it’s not possible” or “We can’t do that” “It won’t work” blablabla…..

Nope! Don’t give me that.

I heard that many times even from the closest person before I went ahead to start my business without money after reading a book.

So, ensure to always build positivity around you.

Listen to some great songs.

Well, I love Country music, or some English or native Gospel songs.

You could try some out too. Even, while in the toilet or taking your bath, try to create that experience and you will love every bit of the moment.


Engage With People That Are Supportive

I know this may be difficult around, but you can find groups online that have some great and experienced personalities that are gurus in your fields and can provide some sort of support to you and your business. You should join those forums. Also, try to get your family on the same page with you. If your spouse, children, parents and siblings celebrate your wins with you, it will go a long way toward keeping you motivated and energetic.

Anytime I get a win, I send a text to my wife straight. And she calls back with either a song or prayers for me.

Once in a while we pop the wine too or do some awesome Shawarma moves and my kids’ favourites as well. .

That way, she puts me on my toes to always stay up and running…. Because I want her to be happy and of course our kids too.

You need those supports to stay motivated.


Always Look Good

One of those days that I got a message that a guy who was owing me had passed on…. I couldn’t sleep. I was actually driving with my wife and kids when I got the call. From that moment I knew it was going to be a tough one for me to close the gap.

It took a torn on me as I just couldn’t imagine how fast I could make up for the loss.

Weeks later, I realized I had lost my sense of dressing, and everything was just going off track.

It got to a point my wife would have to cease some of the cloths being repeated from me. My hair became bushy and I could see bumps emerging really fast on my face.

Then my size began to deflate.

One of those nights, my beautiful wife, sent me a long list of article about being productive… And I saw this aspect of dress to kill, and looking good.

Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!

Did she just send this to me?

Indeed, I took a close look at myself and realized, I was off totally. And because of that, I lost confidence and my work ethics slumped.

You probably may have noticed it too, because I stopped a whole lot of things I was doing.

Guess what?

With that single message reminder, I got back on my toes again, and since then I have been more than confident and very productive.

Dressing sharp will change the way you view yourself and the way others view you.

Dress in a manner that suggests that you are proud, prepared and confident of success.

People appreciate it when you make the effort to look professional.

Their admiration can provide the kind of positive energy needed to sustain you through a challenging day.

Remember, you will always face obstacles and challenges, but maintaining a high energy level will enable you to power through the rough patches that forge the greatest entrepreneurs.

Hoping to see your greater energies buzzing everywhere around you.

Tiger’s Win Is A Setback, Setup For A Comeback – Who Lost?

Never again in the history of Golf, would the name of Tiger Woods be erased like it almost was a few years ago.

Back in the days when Tiger Woods was reigning in the game of Golf, it was just the smartest way to describe anyone who’s succeeding.

In fact, I remember chatting with a friend and she was like “ I hope you’re going to be the Tiger Woods in this?”

Incidentally, I was just hearing the name for the first time. So, I smiled (Awareness = Zero for me then).

When I got back, I tried asking a few others and it seemed like I was in the same boat with them.

Fortunately, a few days or probably weeks later… It popped up again from the mouth of a very close friend and I sorted to know what Tiger Woods meant. Gladly he gave me history up to date. And since then, I fell in love with TG.

I became emotional about his travails when it all started.

Losing games, having that terrible spine injury, losing his relationship (divorce), children and many more.

But again, this is a man that at the age of 3 had bet with himself to beat the World’s best Golfer’s Titles.

Alas, things changed.

I presume he like many of us wrote himself off.

Just as that was happening….. This great guy picked himself up again. Went for surgery. Who knows who the advisors or mentors are? I must say they did a great job.

Well, the long and short story is that some big shots like William Hill had to even bet on him and guess what? They said he’ll never again win the Green Masters.

Betting over $1,000,000 for this was one of the greatest mistakes Williams made.

To the shame of the gambler, and to the joy of many of us, Tiger Woods Won.

This is not all.

Most people have had the worst experiences in life. From family to business to relationships, and many more.

What holds you is just the sense of “luck coming by someday” isn’t it?. And that’s really wrong.

What should hold you should be the sense of Yes, I failed, but I’m going to go on trying and trying and trying until I succeed.

That’s what should hold you.

A lot of you have given up on the stage of life’s distractions. You’re even scared of speaking in public because someone is going to shut you down.

Someone is going to point at one of your biggest flaws. Someone is going to shade you off. Someone is going to piss on your face. Someone is going to laugh at you. Just someone……

And you decided to remain as the loser instead of that man or woman who is ready to see his/her setback as a setup for a comeback.

Today, I urge you to take a leap again.

You’re not finished yet, so far you can breathe.

Go back to that failed path. Take a deep breath and start all over again.

Don’t worry, even if you get screwed the 100th time. Just keep screwing up, because……

Just one more time is all that you need for a comeback.

Do have a blissful morning.