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Your Audience Is Hanging Out Elsewhere… Find Them

I heard about German artist who traveled all the way from Germany to Africa, in the middle of the Namibian desert, to play Toto’s song “Africa” on a perpetual loop.

He’s used solar batteries to power the mp3 player and its 6 speakers.

I bless the rains down in Africa…”

But just as the old saying goes if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If Toto’s Africa is playing in the middle of a sandy desert and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Making noise just for the sake of making noise does NOTHING to advance your career or your bank account.

But if you have an audience, when you have people’s attention, EVERYTHING changes.

Always find your audience.

I don’t believe that this artist put that display on in the African desert just to play a song that nobody will hear, the purpose was to get attention by contacting CNN and other news outlets to let them report about what a crazy thing he was doing.

Who else, after all, is setting up solar-powered speakers blasting Toto’s Africa in the middle of a desert?


So, he got international attention for that.

Lack of attention = Limited Success for yourself, your products and ideas.

How much attention have you got this week?

Show me the most successful people in any field or business and I will show you people who have effectively generated tremendous amounts of attention for themselves.

Never underestimate how much activity it takes to be noticed and to maintain attention in your space.

You have to get through the noise to get noticed.

Don’t fly under the radar.

Your business, your career, your bank account will only change if you get attention.

Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, just name it is all attention driving tools today in your hands.

How best are you using it?

Grab A Copy of “How To Start A Business Without Money”

And learn the skills required for you to drive attention both online and offline for any business and get people to pay you to help them do the same thing.

I have been doing this for businesses for the last 5 years and getting paid to do it.

Not just that, I am also doing it for my businesses too.

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What Are You Doing To Get An Edge?

To be successful in business and life, you must be different.

Only things that are unique attract attention and can be converted to monetary values.

What things do you do to get that extra edge in business?

There are chances that you’ve taken some courses, go to a seminar, or read a book or two.

But if you want a big edge, you need to do what others refuse to do.

Many people think that to make money, you need to always use money.

To make sales, you need to have some connections.

To make money, you need to do the big contracts.

To become a successful businessman, you need to have a product or service no one has ever had or done.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.

After studying a whole lot of successful business owners, and taking a close look at the very successful businesses in this country today, I found out something you might be interested in knowing.

I watched AY Comedy closely,

And also did for the following business owners; Mark Angel, Jumia, OLX, Zenith Bank, Standard Trust Bank, and a few others I may not be able to mention here.

This is what I found.

Let me start with AY Comedy Show.

  • AY Comedy came into the industry with a unique approach. He started mimicking the white garment prophets. He took the comedy industry by surprise.
  • Kenny Blaque knew if he had to roll like every other comedian, he wouldn’t see the broad daylight, so he started out with comedy music rhymes. That shook the industry.
  • Mark Angel startled the industry with a unique 5 or 7 years old little girl. Emmanuela and that got everyone scrolling on YouTube just to watch her.
  • Jumia, came with importation made easy for everyone wanting to buy foreign goods as well as indigenous products. They deliver to your home at your convenience and with some sense of delivery updates. That wowed everyone.
  • OLX saw they may not match Jumia, so they came with the idea of selling your unused or used liabilities. And they took everyone by surprise.
  • Zenith Bank told Nigerians, they want to do business with the high class and ensured you open an account with a minimum of N100k. That was indeed a rare gesture. It created a class business relationship. This helped them to sweep almost every highly placed personality in both Government and business. To even make it more unique, they recruited only First and Second Class upper graduates.
  • Standard Trust Bank went for its own niche and decided to target the students. And made students easy beggers, because all students needed to do at the time was to open their accounts, then call someone to pay from wherever. It was popular “ONLINE BANKING.”

I saw this in 2013 when I came into the Real Estate business with my first client. We sat together and I did a product review with him, changed a few things especially as it bothers on Product Delivery. We made installment a possibility in a choice area of FCT.

The first day, I went on a radio show to talk about the product, my line came buzzing all day and we made a lot of sales.

The point here is straight forward.

To be successful in business, you need to find that edge.

If you want an edge over the masses, you need to do what they refuse to do.

It doesn’t matter if you have money to start a business or not.

What matters is what are you bringing to the table?

Most business owners want to make sales and they want someone with the skills they are lacking to drive their businesses to that level where they really want to be.

That’s where you should be focusing on.

It might not just be about selling or marketing.

There are 7 fulcrums of every business.

Leadership, Management, Branding, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Delivery.

Chose from these areas, where you need to develop your skills and get people to buy from you.

My book, “How To Start A Business Without Money” will teach you exactly how to showcase your skills and get people to request your inputs in their business especially as it bothers on the specific service you want to offer.

What’s that business you have in mind?

What edge do you need to create to get the kind of sales you’ve always wanted?

Grab A Copy of This Book Today

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

Bank: StanbicIBTC

Account No.: 0020169580

The ONE Strategy That Plays With Your Subconscious…

A few years ago, I had lost some monies and my wife called my brother to inform him of the sad event and wanted them to come to my rescue immediately because she felt I would lose it for the shock.

We were actually driving to the hospital when I got the news and I screamed.

This touched her and she became so calm that I felt I had just done something wrong.

I shouldn’t have acted that way……

Well, I am human too you know.

After a few months, she sat me down and told me everything.

Incidentally, I remembered my brothers kept calling me turn-by-turn.

My fears was far away from what they were calling me for.

I was scared something bad had happened at home…

Well, after she spoke to me, and narrated everything that happened that night, I laughed and said to her.

Even though I didn’t expect it, that shout actually got some depressions out of me.

Importantly, I have learned never to fear failures anymore. I have learned never to cry over spilled milk, but rather to move on.

But importantly, I now use a strategy that I have learned from my coach and that strategy is so powerful that it plays with your subconscious mind.

What is it?

Don’t Just Write Your Goals Down – But Write Them In Past Tense.

  • I have N200 Million as Cash In The Bank  
  • I have a booming worldwide company with 300 employees across 6 continents
  • I’m a household name in the Nigeria and Africa
  • I have Real Estate Worth N20 Billion
  • Every Loss I make gives me more reasons to make 10X the amount
  • I have relationship with everyone that matters in making me achieve my goals

These are examples of goals I’m shooting for, but I write them down as though they’re already accomplished.

This is true because our mind is fluid.

This is not about imagining without taking actions.

You can fill your mind with whatever you want to put in, and if you constantly tell yourself things like, “I’ve earned N1,000,000 this month” or “I’m in better shape at 40 than at 25,” your subconscious begins to respond to that truth. And in reality, you begin to work towards it without feeling the pains as much as you would when you never thought you had it already.

Goals written in the past tense help you subconsciously transform into someone with those traits.

So, what are your goals right now?

One thing I know, Is That You Can Always Grow By Reading My Piece or That of Others That Will Awaken The Giant In You

Whether it’s a financial goal, a relationship goal, a career goal—whatever it is—Writing Your Goals In Past Tense has great impact on your life.

It’s been working for me, and I thought you should know about it too.

See You At The Top…. Soonest

Focus On Opportunities

I once read a book and this story was told.

A company that makes shoes sent two of her staff to two different regions.

Few days after they arrived for their visitations, the first staff was called to report his observations. This is what he had to say.

“Sir, this place is actually a desert. People here don’t wear shoes at all. I doubt if we’ll ever make success.

The second guy got his call too. Listen to what he said.

“Sir, this is a beautiful dessert. These people here are very lucky we can bring them our shoes. I think we’ve got a big business here.

While the first saw Problems, The second saw Great Success.

In life, two kinds of people exist in terms of how they view or see situations.

But here I am going to focus more on how successful people see things and what they do afterwards.

Successful people see all situations, even problems and complaints as opportunities, while others see only difficulty and problems in every situation.

The successful know that problems solved = products sold, services delivered, customers gained – and financial success achieved.

You can’t succeed without encountering some kind of difficulty or challenge; however, as long as you persist through the challenge until you resolve it, you’ll be rewarded.

And the bigger the problem is, the bigger the reward.

When a problem exists for the entire market and all the people in it, it becomes an equalizer and the individual becomes the differentiator.

The only person who stands out is the opportunity-focused individual who is willing to focus on the opportunity, not the problem.

These people are able to use the issue at hand to separate themselves and dominate the marketplace.

There are countless situations that most tend to see as setbacks and nothing else; recessions, unemployment, housing predicaments, banks tightening, the loan challenge, conflict, customer complaints, and company shutdowns, just to name a few.

If you can learn to see these as opportunities instead of problems, you’ll continually come out on top.

What are you focusing on today? Opportunity or Problems?

Don’t Compete – Dominate To Avoid Failure & Mediocrity

Like a horse gasping for breathe in the hit of the moment. That’s how awful you feel when you try competitions.

Have you ever been told that competition is a good thing?

If you haven’t heard that, then it means you’re yet to get in the middle of that moment when competition is all people see about what you are doing and expect results of competitions from you.

In fact, there are people who would approach you to remind you that, the other guy next door has just pulled a trigger and you’re expected to pull yours too.

Those who teach competition give you the myth that it even builds character.

Well, I think it’s very wrong.

Guess what?

Contrary to what you’ve been told, competition is NOT healthy.

In fact, competition breeds mediocrity and failure.

Competition is for followers and imitators rather than leaders and innovators.

Leaders don’t have to compete because they set the pace and make the rules for everyone else to play by.

While those people compete for the sales, the leaders close the deals.

You need to learn and practice domination.

I remember coming into the Real Estate Industry a few years ago with my first client and when we sat down to look at his business together, after a few talks I looked at him and said ”Hey man, if you want to close deals, you can’t copy or replay what the industry has been doing. We’ve got to come up with something different.

That was the final turnaround he got and I went ahead to implement same for mine business when I started out too.

Guess what?

Almost 97% of the Real Estate industry is using the technique today.

The simple fact here is this:

  • Dominate your sector and your market.
  • Dominate by doing those things that your “competitors” will not do.
  • Dominate by being so successful that those that want to “compete” with you will start to chase and imitate you because they believe that you’ve set the pace.

If you’re willing to settle for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place in the customers’ mind, then go on and compete. But if you want to be a WINNER, then you’ll want to focus on DOMINATING the market.

The truly successful think and act in terms of domination.

This is what I have learnt from my coach and you should also learn.

Enjoy your day.

Slaves Are Created When Blames Hold Center Stage

Everything we do comes with the available energy we have to execute it.

Blame is one of those things we have the energy to dissipate for most of the times.

Unfortunately, this is the energy that makes more people slaves and will only guarantee your condition worsens.

Use all of your energy and resources to be productive and don’t spend any energy blaming, accusing, or criticizing.

In order to ensure your business, your job, your finances, and your future are secure, it’s up to YOU not someone else.

“When you look for others to solve your problems you are basically assigning blame to another party for your problem and if another party is to solve your problem you will ultimately find yourself with an unsolvable problem,” 

Learn to take the actions today by engaging your mind and hands for the purpose you have set to achieve.

In my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” you’ll be shown how to use the little energy you’ve got to engage your mind and hands for your future survival rather than blame the Government, your customers, your staff, your parents, your relations and anything that looks like what is stopping your progress towards a successful future.

Blaming is the energy that makes more slaves. The moment you blame another for anything:

  1. You assign to another your power.
  2. You limit your ability to find a solution to your problems.
  3. You waste resources and energy.

Slaves Are Created When Blames Hold Center Stage.

Don’t Make Blames The Place To Dissipate Your Great Energy.

Remember, success isn’t just important; it is vital, and should never be reduced to anything less than that.

Are You Sales-Driven or Market-Driven?

Good morning and hopefully you will have a great week for reading this piece today.

First, I would like to state that cutting price is never a long-term solution for the survival of any business.

It’s just a lazy way to do business.

It won’t make up for loss volumes, and secondly, it can actually unnecessarily depreciate the value of your product.

There can only be one lowest price provider in any market and you better be able to be a maniac on controlling cost which is a very precarious position particularly when inflation is in the air.

All the companies, especially luxury product companies, must now move from being market-driven to management/sales–driven.

Remember, the lowest price doesn’t close the sale. It doesn’t get the luxury buyer from their home or office into your store.

Also, the lowest price doesn’t ensure confidence in the consumer’s mind as they wonder about colour choices, sizes, or other considerations that have nothing to do with price.

I recently was trying to buy some suits for my wife and I decided to scout online and offline with various stores that I know.

All of them gave me their price list.

Some discounted, some did not, yet no one made the sale.


Because no one got in front of me to determine that I was on the wrong suit scout.

While most of the stores I approached depended mostly on the internet and of course, the few stores close to my office all had my address and phone number and could have brought me their collection or even call me.

None of them did.

Don’t use price to sell your products, increase the level of service.

While the Suits dealers stayed in their showrooms with too little to do and complaining about low sales both online and offline, I was buying my wife some pair of suits elsewhere instead.

In fact, this place I ended up buying from never for once approached me.

Price is actually a myth and a failed business strategy (unless you’re an internationally known suits factory and have control over the vendors and can return the inventory).

I got into details on this “Price Myth” in my best–selling book, “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

I promise it will change the way you think about price.

Remember; when price is a solution, your people will use it rather than doing what they need to in order to actually earn the business.

Be sales–driven not market–driven and you’ll be able to close more sales, which is the only real solution for the success of any business.

Be Careful of Fear Mongering

With the consistent media brouhaha on Nigeria’s economy and the talks about job loss and economic hardship in the coming months, or years.

I have one thing to say to you today.

Be Careful of Fear Mongering.

This is not to say these things won’t happen or will.

That’s not where I want you to focus on.

What I want you to focus on is simple…….

Let the predictions keep coming. Let the prophecies keeping buzzing.

But for you, how will all of these affect you?

So, if you are not sure of your potentials, then you may be slipped away with those Fear Mongering Predictions.

The fact is, what are those things that affect the economy of every country?

  1. Population – Where the rise in population doesn’t match the increase in infrastructures that support the population, people will suffer.
  2. Foods – Where the quantity of foods being produced doesn’t match the growth or increase in the population of a country, prices of the foods will increase and those without the foods or money will suffer.
  3. Employment – A country will continue to suffer in the hands of abject poverty for its citizens when there are no paying jobs to engage the rising population of job hunters.
  4. Money – Give me money, and I’ll forget I ever had a problem. Money solves so many things. While all of the above have been mentioned as important factors, enough money solves all of these problems. So with money evenly distributed in the hands of the citizens, there will be a great economy.

While there are many more, let’s keep ourselves within the above mentioned.

Every FEAR MONEGERER knows exactly how someone can solve these problems.

The problem now lies in our willingness to prepare ourselves so as to reduce the shock and predictions of the FEAR MONGERERS on us.

What then should you do to avoid the Fears or effect of the economic downturn?

Go and develop the skills required to be successful in business.

In one of the courses I attended with Emyth Business Schools, I learned about the 7 Dynamics of Business which includes; Leadership; Management, Branding, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Delivery.

These dynamics are vital for the success of any business.

In my Book, “How to Start A Business Without Money”, I made a lot of elaborations using the 7 dynamics for any business success and you should know about it.

Like, Share and comment.

Be Great! Nothing Else Pays.

Are You Really & Truly Hungry?

  • You want to increase sales for your business.
  • You want to make more money.
  • You want to achieve more success.
  • You want a business that pays you more than your employed job.
  • You want to start a business without capital.
  • You want to be the best in anything you set out to do
  • But… are you really and truly hungry for it?

The truth is, everyone wants the best and more of it, but most of the time their actions don’t show it.

Like I said in my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” that “If You’re Not First, You’re Last” as always one of the popular sayings of my coach.

It brings to mind the very act of ACTION.

If you’re Really and Truly Hungry, Then you need to Act hungry so as to make sure you don’t end up hungry.

You need to show everyone around you, especially your clients, that you want to do business with them

You need to show everyone that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to earn that business in order to close more of those deals.

You need to show to your mentors, coaches, teachers, leaders and many more of those you tap the skills required from to be great, that you’re hungry enough to learn from them.

Listen, No matter the economy, you will always need your clients more than they need you.

No matter the challenges, you’ll always need that very skill required to help you sail through.

Once your customers see how passionate and hungry you are to help them, they’ll want to do business with you and only you.

Just the same way if you show to your coaches how hungry you are to be more skilled like them, they will down all tools to help see you through in whatever you want to achieve.

This will only happen if you demonstrate to your customers and coaches an authentic willingness to do anything, be consistent, and never quit.

Don’t just act hungry for what you want, BE HUNGRY!

Staying Focused Is A Powerful Tool For Your Success

This Saturday morning, I thought about what to share with you.

While my mind kept urging me to write about other things, this very topic became the most overwhelming thoughts for me to share with you.

And I have reasons why it is……

You see in 2012 when I took the decision to bow out of the bank, and focus on the Entrepreneurial Journey, even though I didn’t know much about this field of play, I can confirm any day to you that it’s been one life I’ve always dreamt of and forever will.

I love it so much that, I gave up my high paying job for it.

Well, I wouldn’t say it became rosy for me from day one. In fact, I’ve had one of the worst stories, experiences, or whatever you may call it.

But the sweetest part of it is that.

I have achieved a whole lot during these years.

Let me count…………….

First, I got married to one of the most beautiful and God-given women ever.

I’m blessed with two wonderful kids.

As for the endless and uncountable material acquisitions? I just can’t thank God enough.

And for the losses? God has been really great.

Now the reason I am sharing this thought with you today is that I have learned something really powerful about STAYING FOCUSED.

To Stay Focused, you need an End Goal, which is usually a Long Term Goal.

Most Personal Development Coaches call it your “DREAM LIFE”.

Now, we all have a dream life.

But in between the point you are and the dream life to come, there is going to be a whole lot of distractions, pitfalls etc.

Personally, after I left the bank and things became really bad, I had people who probably wanted to mock me or appeal to me, say things like; “Hey Tim, why not go back to the bank?”

“Tim, why not pick a job with the Government”

“Tim, why not go into Politics”

“Tim, hey I think I need to partner with you for a business” Usually far off my focus.

“Tim, I have this job for you, and it’s going to pay you really well. Come take it.” Still away from my goal.

Tim this, Tim that…….

These for me were distractions.

Because they were never in line with my determined line of action for that dream life.

I knew I wanted a family. I knew I wanted to live in a place. I knew I wanted my own office. I knew the kind of business I needed to do and others that would follow to increase my streams of income.

I just knew them and I stayed focused.

I might not be there yet (“my dream life”) but I’m so certain that I’m close.

Now, the reason you should listen to me is this.

For some of you, when I talk about starting a business without money, you think I’m talking magic.

You probably want the easy path to make money.

Look! It doesn’t work that way.

I just closed two clients within 24 hours and these clients are multi-million naira clients.

What specifically am I going to be doing for them?

It’s simple.

I am going to set up their Social Media Marketing Platforms as well as their offline marketing and sales platforms to help them increase their sales.

I’ll be having a meeting with one today to seal it.

He’s going to pay my company without me dropping a dime for him.

All I’m going to give to him is simple – My F**KING MARKETING & SALES SKILLS.

With one simple GOAL – Increase his sales.

That’s it.

But for me to get to this stage, I needed to stay focused and learn everything that makes me the KING OF THE JUNGLE.

So, I would leave you with this today.

Nobody is going to lend you money to start a business.

No Bank is going to lend you money to start a business.

If you are hopping on that rich guy, forget it. He’s got more problems to solve.

And for all the Angel Investors you are hoping will come your way, please be reminded that they are all having End of Year Financial Audits in Heaven and may not find you amidst the millions on the street for now.

Maybe in years to come.

This is what you should do.

If you have the marketing and sales skills, or you have a business that people are selling for you.

Go right in now and take control of the sales.

These are the major points to note about staying focused while you’re on it.

  1. Approach success as your duty not as a choice.
  2. Stop thinking of yourself as an Entrepreneur. Start calling yourself a salesman/woman
  3. If you want to have money, then get attention. If you want more money, then cause more attention-driven acts. Because Money follows attention, so get attention in every way possible.
  4. I hate to say this, but it is true. My coach tells me this and many times I felt like, why is this guy driving it right into my throat. But listen, if you are not super, you are nothing. So, learn to develop yourself so much that your game or business makes you stand out amidst competition. In fact, quit competing and start dominating the environment with communication in every form possible.
  5. Stop listening to those who tell you that their businesses aren’t selling because the economy is hard. That’s actually a complaint and not an objection for people to buy your products or services. And as such, it should be handled as a complaint, not an objection. There is no shortage of money on planet earth, only a shortage of people going after it.

This principle is true and I need to stress it again.

Look here, if you provide value, no matter the economy, people will pay for it.

The problem is, do you think of value creation when you think money?

That’s why there are shortages of people thinking big or great, not a shortage of money.

VALUE – That’s ultimately what you should strive for.

Sell Values

Dominate The Market Where You Provide Values


To be a success… You must learn to stay focused.

If You Haven’t Read My Book Yet – I’m still offering that massive value that can change your entire generation.

First, it will show you how to increase your sales for any business.

If you are knowledgeable about sales…. Then You’ve Become A King.

People Will Pay You To Help Their Businesses Sell.

If you want the Book, it will only cost you N7,997.77 now.

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Do Have A Great Weekend Everyone.