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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Let’s say you work just a “typical” job where you work just 8 hours a day—that’s 480 minutes.

If you take your weekends and holidays off like most people do, you’ll work about 252 days a year.

That’s 120,960 minutes of work in a year.

If you want a million naira a year, you need to do the millionaire math:

N1,000,000 / 120,960 minutes = N8.27 a minute

Is time your obsession?

Maybe your time is not worth N50 per hour, but N50 per minute.

How much time do you give away every day?

TV, Social Media, Sleeping, Emails—the list goes on and on.

Your minutes are non-refundable.

You can always make more money, but time is limited.

You can control time, and you must control it because time is your greatest currency.

How are you leveraging your time as an asset to multiply your results and revenue?

Ordinary people think of how to spend time.

The greats think of how to maximize their time.

Remember that there is a difference between being busy and being productive.

Time is either wasted or invested.

And time is running out.

Where are you investing your time this remaining days of the month?

How are you investing that time?

What are you thinking of investing your time on?

Maybe you could take a look at my book.

How To Start A Business Without Money

And spend your week investing your time on it.

It could be the change you want to see.

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Let Me Share This Perspective That Might Let You Think Again

Talking to people in a way I think now or I used to think has always help me even more in the way I act and execute things.

We’ve all made mistakes and we’ll continue to make mistakes as long as we exist as humans.

But this doesn’t take away the fact that as far as mistakes is concerned, there isn’t a better way to avoid it. Not totally though, but minimally would be the right word here.

Few years before I left banking, I thought of the one-day the bank would wake up to say,

“Oh, Tim, it’s been a great journey with you, and as a matter of importance, today, we want to thank you for everything you’ve been doing and wish to announce to you that, we’ve recruited more younger hands and we would like to bid you good bye. Please, accept our sincere gratitude for your contribution, and have a blissful years ahead as you journey alone.”

Yeah, this actually happened like I feared it the most.

So, I began to buy books, I began to seek for knowledge that would give me the opportunity to make more monies, I began to setup businesses blindly, as well as investing in properties.

Those actions were for the fears of tomorrow, which is today as I write this piece.

Not too long, I got relieved of my job and just as I had written up there, so was the gratitude the bank showed me. In fact, they even went further to credit my account with some good amount of money to start up life again.

But I wasn’t ready for the street, so I went back again to banking…..

Let me leave it here, as I do not have enough time to share it here. So, I will go straight to this perspective that I would like to share with you.

And this is a very Honest Intention and I want you to think about it.

What if you have the opportunity to spend some little amount of cash today, bearing in mind circumstances around you.

First, there is a likelihood, you haven’t found a job to do so as to live your dreams in the last few years.

Secondly, you actually have a well paying job now, and you’re never certain, the job could hang in there till your retirement age. Just like it happened to me years ago.

Thirdly, assuming you have a job now, that doesn’t pay you well enough to take care of those imminent responsibilities and you’re thinking about changing job….

Just if you’re one of these persons, this message is right for you.

Taking a dinner in a well furnished restaurant and probably strolling into a movie theater tonight to end the day will cost you an average of N10,000…

This is probably more depending on where you go.

Is that expensive?

It may and may not depending on whether you will benefit from it a week from now.

…but N10,000 doesn’t even compare to the price of an Apple Watch Series 2.

I checked this on Konga and Jumia and the prices were between N200K and above.

Will ANY watch make your life better 5 years from now?

And a N200k watch doesn’t even compare to a fitted suit.

You can easily drop N100K on a tailored suit, right?

However, a N100k suit doesn’t even compare to a N250k porch mobile phone.

And just when you think that you can’t spend any more… realize that there are an almost infinite number of things you can buy in this world.

But do you know that how many things you buy are an actual investment in yourself?

That’s why when you look at the cost of a book that will share a lifetime opportunity with you, you need to take a look at it again.

And ask yourself….

If I buy this book, am I investing in myself or I am wasting monies?

What will I gain from it now if I put this amount there?

What are the odds for me?

Now, I would let you think again, I have my book “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

And I want you to remember two things:

#1 The cost you’ll pay is far less than the value you’ll receive from reading this book and watching the trainings given as bonuses with the book.

#2 I’m offering a this book as deal to help you start off without money. Hold my hands while I walk you through the process for just N7,997.77

The world’s first business startup formula that tells you exactly how to leverage on others to make your money.

And this is at this price for a period.

What’s N7,997.77 anyways?

Keep things in perspective and you’ll realize this is a great opportunity to invest in your future.

As the old saying goes, An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Be Great! Nothing Else Pays.

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

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