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Get Your Business Showcased in Front of 80,000,000+ People

Take a minute……. Just one minute and do this assessment.

How have you fared in sales since the start of 2019 with your business?

Don’t be in a hurry to read further.

I want you to pick a pen and paper and write down these things.

  1. How strong do you think your product stands in the midst of competition?
  2. Are you satisfied with your sales since the beginning of this year?
  3. What extra thing do you think needs to be done to make your sales grow?
  4. What is stopping you from doing it?
  5. What if you have the needed support to grow your sales, so that you can concentrate on production, how would you feel?

Answer these questions honestly…… This is between you and your business. So, spill it out.

Haven listened to more than 200 business owners in the last 60 days.

Yeah, 200 Business Owners right from the comfort of my office with a sales method popularly known as Cold Call.

I call at least 10 Business Owners a day and randomly, because I have their data base.

That’s a sales skill my staff and those who have worked with me closely can attest I am good excellent at doing.

It has been one of the smartest tools I have used in my businesses to support other platforms in raking in sales as well as for my clients……

As a matter of commitment, I dedicate at least 2 hours a day for it. Even though stressful, it is worth the time and energy.

So, as I was saying, talking to over 200 business owners within 60 days, gives me concern and I have a feeling there are thousands of people having these problems or challenges.

97% of those I spoke with complained bitterly about sales of their products since the beginning of this year.

And when I ask about what exactly has been the reason for a drop in sales, these are the responses I get.

  • The Government is not releasing cash
  • Workers are not getting paid
  • Contracts no longer easy to get
  • The competition is too high for my business – Only those with connections sell
  • I really don’t understand anymore, I’m tired of the whole thing
  • Business is dead in this country
  • I’m not ready to waste money again, because I have tried everything
  • Exchange rate is too high

The reasons are just too numerous to capture here.

While all of these reasons seem very correct, there’s an underlying fact most of these people are missing.

And, I’m glad that after talking with a few, I get to see their reactions change for the better, however, there are a good number that wouldn’t take the right steps.

If you must know this fact today, and I want you to go and think about it and then act fast.

“The best product doesn’t win, It is the best most known product that wins.”

Konga, Jumia, Udala, OLX, and the various E-Commerce platforms came almost at the same time.

Guess what……

Jumia, has the highest patronage today, not because it does anything different or sells anything different from Konga and the likes.

But because it attracted more attention.

Konga in recent times came up with strategies to win customers from Jumia, when it started the “pay-on-delivery” scheme, but Jumia kept driving more attention rather than changing its scheme. (My personal observation though).

This is a concept I want to believe, Konga also has but may have driven its tactics quite slower than Jumia.

Big companies spend so much in advertising, not because they want to waste money, but because it’s as important as staying in business.

They spend because, people only buy things they know so much about and understand or can connect with as the values they’ve been looking for all along.

This comes by getting attention and becoming omnipresent.

In business you need to be everywhere, all the time.

When MTN started out in Nigeria, they didn’t have the best Telecommunications services but they dominated the industry owning over 70% of the Nigerian Telecoms sector market and have a staggering nationwide revenue since they came into this country till date.

Why? Because they are on every street with their colorful sign post and billboards. They are on Internet, Social Media, radio, television, schools, villages, roads, even in hotel rooms and in fact in your room.

That’s also what churches like Living Faith a.k.a Winners Chapel  did too. And before you knew it, Redeem Church bought into their marketing tactics and today, a child of 4 would gladly mention Redeem Church first before other churches aside the Catholic church because it’s everywhere you go.

If you can understand that there is more than just creating a business and you put more efforts and resources in creating more awareness for your business, then those complaints about economy, about money crunch, about the Government, spirits etc. will vanish.

Now Is Your Chance… 

I just finished setting up a platform (Rocket Sales With You Dot Com) to assist Business Owners drive sales for their products and services worldwide.

I have been doing this for the last 5 years and helping my clients stay happy and have enough time for whatever they want to do, especially on their family and their business.

I use both online and offline strategies to help any business attract the kind of customers they want.

Let me give you this statistics.

There is an age grade in this country for your products or services.

There is a sex demography for your product or service

Your customers are living in certain areas of this town, state, country and the world.

They have similar behaviors and their bank accounts look alike.

The internet helps determine all of these information for you.

But you need to find it.

These are the customers, you need to spend to attract.

You don’t need to sell to everyone.

That’s what I teach and do when I sell products or services for clients.

All of these is also captured in my new best selling book How To Start A Business Without Money“. You can get a copy of the book for just N7,997.97 plus additional mouth watering bonuses.

You have the opportunity to get your product and company in front of over 80,000,000 Nigerians home and abroad with the various social media and digital platforms that I use.

Do you wish to have us do the job for you?

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We are creating this opportunity for just 10 companies only in the month of May, 2019.

The offer is simple and straight forward.

My team and I will give you a FREE BUSINESS AUDIT.

Once you are good and want our services afterwards, we will deal.

Guess what?

For the first 30 days, we will service you for FREE.

Yours is just to pay for the adverts.

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Showcase your company. Showcase your product. Showcase your brand.

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