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Confused of Where To Start? Then Read This Survival Strategy

Have you read that book about SELL TO SURVIVE by Grant?

Now, this is the thing.

Anytime I think about how I initially started my business and spent all my monies recklessly especially on things that deepened my debt and threw me into more problems of survival. I feel really bad about it.

And I don’t want it to happen to anyone I care about. NEVER AGAIN!!!

When I started out with my money, I realized I was only spending on salaries, Rents, office furniture and pieces of equipment, and lots of the things I shouldn’t have wasted a dime for.

That’s one of my greatest regrets in life.

Actually, I thought I was doing the right thing like every other ignorant person starting out.

But NO….. I was damn WRONG.

The thing I didn’t know was that no business survives on just spending (expenses). In fact, any business that must survive should have at least a ratio of 30:70 for expenses/income after initial investment for the business. This initial investment might just be about developing the needed skills basically.

What this means is that once your business kicks off.

You must be conscious in the first 6 months about these major factors that will determine how long you stay on the block.

First, your total expenses for any given period as a starter must not exceed 30% of your expected income. And at every point, you must also check that the total income must not be less than 70% of after expenses.

Let me make it clearer.

If your budgeted expenses is N30k. You must ensure that your profit after expenses for that period is N70k. Especially when you are just starting.

And if I must go further, within the N30k, ensure at least N15 or N20k is spent on Sales activities. That includes salaries for those who are helping to sell your products or services.

Now, let’s get to the crux of SURVIVAL & SELLING

Your business is not your life wire. Selling is your life wire.

If your business isn’t making the needed sales. You will go really broke very soon.

And that’s really one of the greatest problems businesses have. They don’t make the kind of sales they should be making to survive.

Go out there and see for yourself.

There are countless businesses, with awesome and powerful office space and ambiance. A lot of staff to pay salaries at the end of every month. These businesses are folding up.

Some are driven to finding answers and are beginning to adopt online strategies.

They are willing to pay you if you can get them the kind of sales they want.

So, when people say there are no jobs. The first question you should ask yourself is if there are also no buyers.

Go out there and identify someone or a business owner with a good product or service looking for customers or even a Highnetworth Individual as well as politicians that want popularity.

Commit to getting them the kind of sales or popularity they want.

Find the necessary tools required to get them those sales and fame.

Of course, you know all of the skills needed start with you first right?

The discipline to learn, the commitment to stick to your daily learning goals, the energy to keep going, the ability to take on the scary task and accomplish them.

And then TIME.

Now, listen again.

Do you know that there are over one million and one people buying the same products or services you or that business owner is providing on a daily basis?

Let’s take for instance the guy who sells clothes down the street.

On a daily basis, people are planning on what to wear for the next day, the next outing, the next dinner party, the next wedding ceremony, the next blablabla……

Yeah! They are.

The one who gets to sell to these people is only that person who has been able to live an impression in the minds of the people about clothing.

If you have a business, you must be willing to be out there for all to see.

It is not debatable.

You must be everywhere.

You must dominate your market space.

You should be on Radio, on Television, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Emails, just everywhere that there is.

All the energies and efforts of your business or the business of your client need to be focused on selling.

Find out about the various Sales Courses you can lay your hands on. Find sales motivations and sales tools for yourself and that of your staff in order for you to maximize every selling opportunity.

There is no way you can become profitable in business, or even find a good job to pay you well enough if you are not selling enough.

Even if you own a business of your own, at some point your organization has to grow, and that means it must successfully make those EXTRA sales.


Listen to this……. I’m not saying you should try to sell.

I am categorically saying You Should Start Selling and Closing Now because as far as your success is concerned, selling is what matters.

Always insist on getting the sales done now, as though your life depends on it!

If you have people working with you, insist everyone in your organization from the top down to the bottom must be dedicated to getting the company’s products and services into the marketplace.

What’s the point going into business, or setting up for business with a whole lot of efforts planning and organizing if you can’t successfully close sales?

It gets to some point in most businesses around the world when the management starts cutting their budgets for even the most important things that the business needs because they think it is the best way to solve their problems of not making enough money.

This shouldn’t be the case. Especially when you are convinced you have the best products or services, not minding competitions.

Cutting budgets isn’t the right thing. The right thing should be strategizing, selling and closing sales.

The unfortunate part with cutting budget is that, these businesses end up reaching a point of the cut in the budget that they no longer have the windows for income or profit anymore.

Selling and closing are essential to your survival. Therefore focus on being able to sell and close the sale and sell your products.

As the leader of your business, group, or team. It doesn’t matter what your portfolio of office is.

As a top management staff, you must wear the hat of top salespeople like never before.

Selling isn’t limited to a sales team or to ‘select’ individuals.

This idea of selling needs to become the sole focus of the entire company and should flow through each and every employee, with everyone either directly selling or helping the sales team close the sales.

Approach each day and each customer as though the only thing that matters is selling.

Don’t forget that, success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Are you struggling with starting a business of your own? Or maybe you even have one and you are not selling and closing sales?

Don’t worry.

This will be your last shot and I guarantee you on that.

Grab a copy of my Book – How To Start A Business Without Money.

In this book, I took my time to X-ray all the skills required to move your business to a whole new level.

And for those who do not have the capital to start a business for now. This book will open your eyes and mind to a whole new approach on how to get yourself on the path to acquiring the needed skills that can help fetch you the money needed to start your own business.

I ensured I revealed in totality the skills and tools required for both online and offline sales.

Finally, everything depends on you.

I have done my part.

See you again soon.