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Just Two Steps – Advance & Conquer

Hey guys,

I’m here again to give you that needed push and open your eyes to see the unbelievable potentials that you have.

Are you in that usual and confused state of the mind?

I don’t know who you are, but I know exactly what you are.

Yes! I know this because I know and I have studied you.

In 2009, I lost my banking job alongside 90% of my entire marketing staff. That experience wasn’t fine at all.

So, during the period I was waiting to secure another banking job, I stumbled on this book on The Psychology of Humans.

In that book, I discovered exactly the various make-ups of man and how we individually react to things in life.

One specific takeaway for me from that book is the fact that:


So, we react differently to expectations of perceived outcomes.

Some people kill. Some cry, some withdraw, some go mad, some die, and some?

They don’t give up.

Those who don’t give up are rare to find. And they are usually those 3% of the most successful people in the world.

They are like children.

Basically, all of these boil down to your attitude. And it what determines how much action you take and how effective those actions are.

It’s always a challenge to remain positive – even more so during a rough economy.

This is also true for your competition as well.

Ultimately, it’s the person who can maintain an optimistic outlook when things are tough that will have the best advantage and opportunity to advance and conquer.

Like I discuss in my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” One way to do this is to increase urgency and necessity for whatever you want.

Think of it this way, if your life depended on getting a sale today, you would get the sale – regardless of the economy or any other factor that gets in your way.

Children are the best example; they focus solely on getting what they want – whether it’s a new toy, some ice cream or an orange meat pie like my son would always ask when we both drive through an eatery close to the house. Children will always get what they want despite any type of economic recession because they pay more attention to the outcome (their happiness) than the problem.

Kids will relentlessly pitch as though their lives depended on it – usually until they close the “deal.” They’re all about two things – advance and conquer!!!

Nothing – not your product, your service, or your company – is more valuable than your ability to maintain and deliver a positive attitude.

This influences every aspect of your life – from your physical and mental health to your financial well-being.

Money and success gravitate toward those able to maintain an upbeat, solution-oriented, can-do attitude.

Bring on that positivity buddy.

And lastly, Just Two Steps – 1. Advance & 2. Conquer.

Success Will Follow.



You’re Told Not To Spend But Save To Be Rich — Actually They Lied

I listened to my coach told a story about an emperor who had been promised a new suit by two weavers and that the purpose of the suit would be to make the emperor become invisible to those who were unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.

The idea was great.

After all, he would want to work with the smartest men.

So, any time he wore the suits, everyone would just keep looking at him, because no one could dare tell the emperor that he was naked.

At a point, people started to believe the clothes were just invisible to them, and nobody dared to speak up and say they didn’t see the clothes out of fear of being seen as stupid.

Finally, one day, a little boy screamed out, “He isn’t wearing anything

Actually, the emperor was parading around naked.

But did you know a similar thing is happening around you today?

People Come Inform of Good Advisers To Tell You These:

 “Hey Don’t Buy a Gold Plated Necklace”

“Don’t Eat In An Expensive Restaurant”

“Don’t Take Your Kids To Those Expensive Schools”

“Don’t Visit An Expensive Hospital”

What’s Their Reason?

Because The Economy Is Harsh.

Because People Have No Clothes To Wear or Food To Eat


Actually, These Are Just BullS**ts.

I watched a renowned economist on National TV the other day say, he had cut down on the number of visitors to his house to help him save what he earns.

He even said, he had to advise his wife to stop putting eggs in all his meals.

C’mon….. That’s a BS man.

Look here, when you don’t have the money and you don’t know what to do about having the money that could be excused.

But where you know….. C’mon.

Just too many people out there are offering ridiculous ideas on how you can become rich.

Many of those ideas are about reduction, cutting back, self-denials, go for quacks,  just name it.

I can promise you that you will not get rich by skipping your daily meals.

By withdrawing your kids from expensive schools, or moving to a village to rent an apartment.

Or by visiting a less expensive hospital to cut down your health bills.

You Will Not.

Look, if what you are earning today is not enough for you to live a good life. Then it’s useless to keep saving.

Are you saving for your kids or for a burial?

Don’t let anyone give you the idea that you need to pull your kids from a good school, you need to sell your great car, you need to cut down on the quantity of foods you eat or the clothes you wear just to save and have a fortune.

Maybe, you’re told to save the money you need to visit a good doctor so you can become rich tomorrow.

Or probably withdraw your kids from that expensive school, so you could save more monies for the future.

Now listen to this.

Let’s even assume you decided to skip eating eggs daily which ordinarily would cost like N50 every day and then you were able to save N10,000 over the next 12 months, then what?

You’ll have a whole N10,000 right?

Tell me how will that change your life?

You need to be thinking about a million naira, not N10,000.

Of course, you should spend less than you earn, but if you make N500,000 a year with a couple of kids, what money is there left over to save?

If you are serious about getting rich, you need to get your mind focused on income.

Once you increase your income enough you’ll be able to save something substantial.

That’s why I wrote the Book – How To Start A Business Without Money to help you increase your sales skills and transform whatever business you find.

In fact, it is just not for those without capital to start a business only.

It can help anyone with any kind of business to position your product or services such that people who are your target audience can easily find you.

In that book, I explored all the available and productive ways of marketing any product on earth today.

From Online Marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google to offline Marketing such as Cold Calls, Market Storm, BulkSMS, Email Marketing…. Just name it.

The idea is to help increase your sales which directly affect your income too.

After all, the essence of being in any business is to grow your profits.

And for profits to grow, sales must increase.

And when sales increase, then personal demands or the necessities of life can be provided for.

Isn’t that simple.

The crowd is telling you to avoid any expensive demand such as good schools for your kids, good homes, nice looking cars, expensive wrist watches and all those stuffs. So you could save N50k monthly for you to become rich in future.

But I’m going to be the one that screams like that little boy.

“N50k savings every month isn’t going to change your life”

What’s going to change your life is to find and make more income.

Increase your sales and grow your income simple.

Are You Still Contemplating About That Book?

You Can’t Be Serious Attempting To Miss Out.

A few Months Ago, I sold That Book At N5,997.77

Today the price is N7,997.77.

Is It Worth It?

Those Who Read Will Understand The Power of Knowledge.

I probably Would Have Been Dead By Now, If I Didn’t Read That One First Book.

To Be Broke Is Being Stupid – Because There Are 1,000,000 Legitimate Ways To Be Rich.

And It’s All In Books Written By People.

If You Think You Will Magically Become Rich – Then Wait For The Gods.

They Are Still Sleeping and may never wake up.

You Must Take That One Giant Step.

After All, You Could Spend N10K For A Lady You Love.

You Could Buy Drinks Worth N10k For Friends

You Will Pay N10k For Asoebi…..

Will All of That Make You Rich?

I will see you again soon.

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Use An Explosive To Blast That Financial Rock

Do you need to be told that it takes extraordinary things to get extraordinary results?
While the word extraordinary is being used, it is also important to state that the brain and hard work combined gives extraordinary results.
The Good news?
Everyone possesses it.
But why do you have to blast a ROCK with an explosive?
The answer is simple too.
Rock is a strong and unbreakable substance that the ordinary manpower finds really hard to crack, yet we are in control of everything under the firmament.
The reason you also must crack that rock is to be able to use it for other reasons or even get it out of the way.
Exactly the point I am driving at.
You need and want to do more and get more jobs done and accomplish great results, isn’t it?
Here’s a tip today I know you’ll find useful:
When your goal is to make ten sales and you only shoot for ten sales, you’ll end up with four or five sales.
That’s why you need to shoot for a hundred sales when your goal is just ten.
To be able to do this, you need to put in more activity, more effort, and more time into something that you think you need.
Once you do this, you’ll be amazed that you’ll always get the results you want.
There are no two ways about this.
You can’t blast the ROCK right? Then just use an Explosive
Always give more and you’ll be sure to accomplish something and this is always better than accomplishing nothing.
Don’t do what’s “normal” because that’s what you’ll end up with.
Don’t forget that everybody can get NORMAL results.
A normal action brings a normal result and that’s what an average paycheck looks like.
For example, most people think N999,999k a month is a great paycheck and a dream come through.
While that looks like a good dream, for abnormal people with abnormal results, that’s absolutely an attack on their Financial Freedom Dreams. And you hear them say “God Forbid”.
Incidentally, for many, it may seem unreachable throughout their lifetime.
Some people that are making six-figures a year think they’ve reached the financial pinnacle and are satisfied with what they’ve got.
Whether you already make N999,999k a month, a year or it is only a dream come through, my advice for you today is to never make N999,999k your goal — it’s simply too small.
Take an EXPLOSIVE to your old financial goals and make seven-figures a year as your new target.
I’ve said before that the average class in our society should be millionaires, so I’m not just talking about having a million naira in your bank account. I’m talking about you making tens and hundreds of millions in a year.
Let me further break this down for you.
To make N10,000,000 in 12 months, it requires you to pull in N834k a month.
Furthermore, it means you’ve to make N31k every day for only 27 days in a month.
Believe me when I tell you it will be easier to make N31K a day for 12 months than N10,000,000 a year just take it.
This is because the simpler you break your goals, the easier it is to achieve it.
Don’t just quote N10m as your goal for the year. Tell yourself, you will work towards making N31k every day for 12 months.
And identify exactly what products or services will bring in the amount.
Identify the number of sales per day to bring in that amount.
When you start making more it’s not that you’re working ten times longer, it’s that you’ve learned to think and work smarter, with your goal in focus and you’ve also increased the required skills along the way that will enable you to know how to research the right product/service to sell, how to secure it from those who already have it, and you’ve positioned properly to move the products and/or services to the right consumers as at when needed.
Let me just give this piece to you.
When I took on one of my clients’ business to market and sell it, I knew that the market was massive from my research. I also knew that the product is a great product. But the challenge of reaching clients across the globe (delivery) was going to be a headache for me.
So, I went into partnership with ABC Transport and the deal was awesome. (I still handle sales for the company today).
Of course, you can look at the results from my previous post on this page.
With that, I took some abnormal steps and we fired like never before. I am happy my client is super happy.
We are daily crushing it with a blast. Our daily income goals for the product is being met.
But guess what? To meet up with your own daily income goals not just for the product or services you sell, you must expand on your streams of income.
If you’re earning six figures and you feel like you are still struggling, it’s not like you are not doing well. It is because while your six-figure looks beautiful and great to hear or see, Six-figure is no longer capable of meeting the average man’s Fixed expenses that you have and you’re either consciously or unconsciously increasing it at a faster rate than the rate at which your incomes are made.
Go for seven-figure income drive. That’s where the average man’s income should be TODAY.
To do this, you would, therefore, have to CONSCIOUSLY increase your income.
Of course, there are coaches and articles that will tell you to cut down on your expenses.
But I have a better suggestion.
Simply Increase your INCOME.
If you are doing a job, then work harder, get abnormal results and ask for a pay rise.
If you are doing business, put in more time, expand your reach and rake in more incomes.
If you have a paid job, you don’t want to let go, then go ahead and create a side-kick that brings in more income.
It’s 2019, N999,999 is not enough anymore for a whole year buddy.
Six-figures is a chasm that makes you feel like you’re doing better than the masses of five-figure earners but leaves you only just getting by the day.
Six-figures will not buy you financial freedom, that’s why you need to take an explosive and blast through that goal (Finacial Rock).
The purpose of my Book “How To Start A Business Without Money” — the best book you’ll ever read about starting any business of your choice, selling both online and offline — is to get you up from five and six-figures to SEVEN-FIGURES.
Grab this great offer before it’s gone here

Nothing Magical Other Than A 10X Action And A 10X Discipline Can Solve It

No wonder it is difficult to have everyone on the page of success.

But one thing that is certain, is the desire of every man or woman to want to succeed.

If it were simple, everyone would be sleeping and snoring.

That’s why knowing the rules to succeed is by everyone but acting the rules to succeed is by a few.

Today, I want to give you these facts.

I have messed up before. Running from box to box, sweating and thinking I was getting the perfect things done.

But it was just obvious I kept dodging the hardest parts.

Look here.

To be successful in all areas of life, you will not be able to compromise these two things: Action and Discipline.

Nothing happens without taking the right actions in the right amounts. Most people never take the right AMOUNT of actions and then are unable to follow those actions up with more actions.

This is where discipline to a continued action come in.

Discipline is an orderly, prescribed conduct that will get you what you want – and it’s a requirement for those who want to play in the league of 10Xers.

My Coach once wrote about the 10X Rule.

In his book, I grabbed these two things.

A10X Actions + 10X Discipline = Extraordinary Results.

Unfortunately, those who groan, complain, mock never see the light in this.

The ONLY Difference between Success and Failure starts with the 10X of your actions and disciplines.

Fortunately for you, most people never take enough action, they don’t follow up on sales, on anything they set out to achieve. They withdraw once they hit a brick wall.

That makes the space large enough for anyone who wants to succeed.

I remember his words.

He said “In the journey of SUCCESS, there is just no one on the highway. So, go cruising”.

Do you know why he said so?

It is simply because most people avoid the hard work that comes with success.

To be able to succeed, you must learn how to follow up with the right amounts of action and be disciplined enough to stay with the task.

10X Actions and Discipline are learned skills.

Everyone actually takes actions – just never enough of them.

Everyone has discipline – just for the wrong things.

Most peoples’ disciplines look more like bad habits instead of the massive, constructive actions that will provide them with Massive Success.

Discipline is what you use to complete any activity until that activity results in success – regardless of how uncomfortable and let it become your normal operating procedure.

In order to attain and keep hold of success, you must determine which habits are constructive and how much discipline is required for both yourself and your group to do those things over and over again.

If you’re reading my Book on “HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY”

You must be willing to create a 10X ACTION & DISCIPLINE that you must adopt for the next 20 weeks.

I can bet you will become a MILLIONAIRE!

Success is available to anyone regardless of your face, sex, creed, religion, or economic condition.

Success is not just for the superhuman. It is for any human and is fully attainable to you.

If you want it bad enough, connect up with the exact actions and discipline necessary for you to create MASSIVE SUCCESS for yourself and your family.

After all, Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Grab a copy of “HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY” OR Call 0802 794 1987 to book for a Free Consultation With me on my ROCKET SALES WITH YOU SERVICE Today.

Your Business Is Not Meant For Everybody

I just got off on a show of proof to one of my prospective Fans now.
He probably didn’t read my message captioned “10 Things That Can Make You A Millionaire”

To avoid arguing with him for too long, I decided to show him proof of my transaction in the month of March only.
This page which I manage is for one of my clients who is into a product.

In the month of March alone, we made over N10,000,000 sales for him.
A unit of the product sells at N5000 only. So you should do your calculations to ascertain the exact numbers of products we sold for him. Remember I said over N10m.

To avoid talking or arguing with this friend of mine, I took a screenshot of the only medium I used to rake in that amount.
And that’s Facebook.

It is a Real product.
And in case you want to know, I don’t take products I don’t research on.
I research a product and ensure I can confirm it has a hungry market before I deal

Take a look at the results here.

If you want to argue, please go to River Benue and start your arguments.
After all, I’m not cut out to satisfy everyone.
I’m simply working my ass out for the few that respect me and I respect them


Is 2019 Turning Out How You Hoped It Would?

Hey, we are in the 4th month of the year 2019.

It means you’ve got just 8 months again to go after April.

If this year has not quite turned out the way you had hoped…its not too late to make a change.

Don’t make the mistakes some of us made in the past.

I’ll tell you this. And very brief.

In 2015/2016 I had an out of space vision for one of my businesses. I knew that at the end of it all, I would be singing praises to God. My target for that year was to close the year with an average of a nine-figure in cash.

I started working, and it was going on as planned.

Like magic, my adverts started getting unimagined attentions.

I received calls from within and outside the country.

In fact, there was this lady that flew into Nigeria from the US to pay for 4 units of my property and a guy from Germany also flew in as well to pay for 2 units.

The subscription was hitting the skies and romancing with the moons.

Before I knew it, the Federal Government had sent emissaries to my office for a chat. Afterwards, I was invited to meet with the Head of Service of the Federation.

After that meeting and several others, I got an award of a contract to build about 500 Units of Houses.

This was all like a dream…… Immediately, I sat back and decided to project even higher than the initial nine-figure I had envisioned and was working really hard to achieve.

Some signals of disaster started creeping in. That year ended as one of the worst disasters ever for me.

I couldn’t sleep for months.

Everywhere I turned to was trouble. Bits of Advice came from various angles.

Tim, Go to court. Go to the Governor. Go to the minister, Go to EFCC, Go to ICPC, Go to SARS, Go, Go, Go, Go……

You can imagine the frustrations.

It was a joy cut short for me.

To aggravate the scenario, one of the major causes of the whole disaster died a few nights after Christmas. He was actually supposed to appear in court that same month. But he was on the run.

That for me was like the whole dream I had been working for all years had just ended.

Have you been in such a situation before?

I am sure you had planned 2019 and this is the 4th month, yet things do not look like you’re ever going to make headway.

My coach once told us a story about what a really successful man he respected so much told him in times like this – He said the successful man looked at him for a while and said: “Young man, it only takes a second to change your mind.”

The truth is, if what you had planned for the year 2019…….. And it doesn’t seem like you can ever achieve it.

Listen to me.

You Are Not Alone!!!

But Here Is The BIGGEST problem.

Most people are definitely not happy and satisfied with their results in life… AND THEY STILL DON’T CHANGE!!!

They don’t change their attitude. They don’t change their mindset. They don’t change their targets. They don’t change/improve their skill set.

They literally don’t change anything… except their excuses.

Do you feel like you are running into a brick wall considering your assessment of the first quarter of 2019?

Do you feel like you are pushing hard, but not getting anywhere since you made that decision on the first of January 2019?

Do you feel like your chances of living the life that you deserve is growing slim by the hour… I mean your dream life is slipping away?

I can tell you from my personal experience, from being at the lowest of lows, that ANYONE can make a comeback.

The reality is that until YOU change, nothing will change.

I learned this lesson the hard way growing up – I grew up in one of the most modest and humble homes.

My father had retired from the Army when I was just 10years old. Our big, happy and rich looking family had moved back home to a new environment we were never used to.

That alone shot a bullet into the entire finances of the family.

Dad was the only income earner at that point and it was a paltry pension income.

Mum had to take on selling kunu and some little stuff to support the home front.

Thanks to my grown elder sisters for all their supports.

But I was never satisfied to romance with average.

So, I took my first journey to join my elder brother.

The experience there was empathizing. We sold cocoa and palm kernel. So, I joined in loading and offloading trailers to earn my special income. I taught in at least 3 schools at the same time to raise monies.

The phases at this point can’t be released totally today.

At such times, I had been seen and counted by some people as a minus.

Now, when these whole stuffs failed in 2016/2017…. I knew it was a plan that only rocked the boat.

Not me. I am not finished.

So, I decided to make changes again.

Here are 3 things I did to get unstuck and get back on the right track.

  1. I Committed To Starting All Over Again & Going ALL-IN

I had started this journey about 7 years ago with a purpose in mind. But along the way, some of it changed. And it changed because I tried to avoid the toughest parts. But this is what I did. I committed to making a change and making the most out of the jobs I hated. Even though I hated my most important job, I made the commitment to get great at it.

  1. Finding & Eliminating The Toxic Things In My Life

The friendships, the laggards, the habits, the recreation and leisure… even days off and ultimately complaining or seeking pity from others were the toxic things I kept carrying along.

I gave them all up. I knew that for me to break

out again, I’ve got to go all-in and commit to doing the things I hated the most. I had to remove all of the distractions and the things that no longer served me well.

  1. I Made A Decision To Invest In ME Daily

Commitment and Elimination alone were just not enough. I bumped into the reality that I severely lacked the skill that would be needed for me to go big again especially with the advancement in technology. So I reactivated one of my sleeping businesses. That fetched me some monies, to register for some powerful marketing and sales training courses where I have learned from the best.

This has since changed my life and my family. And I’m getting better by the day.

The commitment got me started, eliminating the things that did not serve me or my goals got me moving faster… but having the RIGHT information gave me the rocket fuel that I needed to lift off into the stratosphere.

One of the things that I have always refused to do in my career is asking people to do things that I myself had not done or was not willing to do myself.

Now, I’m asking you to invest in yourself just like I have.

Make a decision and commit to joining me and many other students of mine in my “How To Start A Business Without Money Forum” by taking this one investment action today.

Grab A Copy of my book on “How To Start A Business Without Money” today at just N7,997.77. (Head over to my website timabels.com)

I will personally ship it for FREE to you anywhere in the country.

It’s your chance to invest in yourself and make positive changes that will impact how you think, act and feel… and to be a part of something that will be talked about for YEARS to come.

It’s going to be mind-blowing and epic for you.

Make 2019 the best year you go big. Make 2019 the year you finally lift off the ground.

I only have a limited amount of these copies of my book and once they are gone, the forum where I get to meet with you one-on-one to talk about your business will be closed out, so TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW.

This deal ends soon enough, so this is your chance to not only take yourself through the best book ever written that will instantly transform your income and life.

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If You Must Survive – You Must Sell!!

Hey, don’t get me wrong yet. Just listen up.

I am not doing this because I want to just make you feel somewhat.

I am doing this because I know how broke you are right now.

I also know that your business is beginning to nosedive because you haven’t made reasonable sales in the last few months.

Well, if you must know the truth…… There are actually one million and one people buying the same products or services you provide every day.

The Question is…… Why Then Are You Not Selling?

The reason why they won’t buy from you is what I am about to tell you.

While I was about drafting this piece this morning at about 1:56 am, I thought about our economy and felt that I should ask you this pertinent question because it has suddenly become the national anthem on the mouths of most people I speak with today.

Even big businesses with great potentials complain about it.

Let’s get down to my the Big question……………..

Are we still in recession or out of recession?

Don’t get yourself confused with your head stuck in the rumors of the media and the Government.

In recent times, we’ve had the privilege to read and listen to many media reports as well as the various Government Platforms about the fact that we as a country are out of recession.

To many quarters, credits to their zealousness to defend this story, that the economy is improving.

While there are reports of improvements, the economy you live and work in is still very fragile.

Why do I say this to you?

Because I want to keep you on alert so that you don’t get lazy or complacent!

All the energies and efforts of your business need to be focused on selling.

Your energy should be geared towards sales, sales motivation, and sales training for yourself and that of your staff in order for you to maximize every selling opportunity.

You can’t save your way into being more profitable. Except by selling.

If you own a business, at some point your organization has to successfully make those EXTRA sales.


Trying doesn’t matter now, Selling and Closing is what matters.

Insist on getting the business now, as though your life depends on it!


Everyone in the organization from the top down to the bottom must be dedicated to getting the company’s products and services into the marketplace.

What’s the point in planning and organizing if you can’t successfully close the sale?

Executive management may think cutting budgets will solve all the problems, It is not about cutting your budgets.

Because, budgets can only be cut so much until you realize that it can no longer be cut in order to generate at least some profits, it’s essential that you focus on being able to close the sale and sell your products.

The top shot in the company may be the CEO, but he or she needs to wear the hat of top sales person like never before.

Selling isn’t limited to a sales team or to ‘select’ individuals.

This idea of selling needs to become the sole focus of the entire company and should flow through each and every employee, with everyone either directly selling or helping the sales team close the sales.

Approach each day and each customer as though the only thing that matters is selling.

Remember, success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

In case you haven’t heard about my book – HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY.

I guess this is an opportunity for you to pick that piece. It deals basically with the ideas of SUCCESSFUL Selling. And it covers both online and offline selling and closing skills for any business.

If you must also know….. The King of Any Business Is The Salesman and that’s why every business owner needs you now and will pay you awesomely to help them sell their products either online or offline.

For those of you who don’t have the skills to sell online, I have packaged 11 Powerful video trainings on

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing

And in addition, there are two Motivational Videos that can get you doing what you want to do and achieving results.

It includes

  • The Astonishing Power of Positive Thinking
  • Power of Execution

You will also be given the opportunity to join a forum where I will personally be coaching you along the way to achieving that which you have set to achieve.

Finally, everything depends on you.

I have done my part.

See you again soon.

If you want more of this, kindly subscribe to my Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter etc. using the name Tim Abel or @Timabelx.

Reach out to me on WhatsApp with this number +234 802 7941 987

Your Friend & Sales King

Tim Abel

Your Greatness Largely Depends On You…..Take It or Leave It.

5 Money Tips That Can Change Your Life Forever……

Do you have a problem with money staying in your hand long enough? Or maybe it comes once in a while and once it is gone, it just doesn’t come close for so long until when all hope seems to be gone, and then it appears?

Look, this is a very common experience with a whole lot of people I have discussed this matter with over the years.

I have also had my pinch of it too until I realized “How Pretty and Soft-hearted money seems to be in the hands of those who understand what it really wants.”

A few years ago, I saw my breakthrough with making money, and all that kept coming through my head was basically Spend! Spend!! Spend!!!.

Don’t get it wrong…… For the good reason,s I must say.

And these reasons looked more like I was doing the right things.

For example, hiring people and paying them for jobs that do not impact the bottom line of the business.

Renting a gigantic office at some extraordinary cost…..

Giving some helping hands without finding out what exactly they use these monies for.

Trusting people with my money at face values etc.

The fact is, all of these matters as much as its opposite.

What I mean is this. There is nothing wrong with spending for those wants or needs, but if it’s not at the right time and for the right reasons, you are going to get your fingers really burnt.

As I was about to start a coaching program with one of the best financial experts in the world, I was given a 60-minute consultation first before I started the course.

And these areas of interest were the subject matters to be discussed; Leadership; Management; Branding; Sales, Marketing; Finance; and Delivery.

While on Finance matters, I raised a question about why money tends to disappear from me easily and what I should do about it.

Today, I would love to share the 5 Money Tips I learned That Will Change Your Life Forever If Only You Adopt It.

Are you willing to learn?

Alright, let’s roll.

If you are having a tough time about how to raise or start a business, so you can have money to take care of your needs/wants, I need you to just think about these 5 very important tips because it will be able to smoothly transform your life from constantly being broke.

Bearing these tips in mind can change how you view how money is being made. You could use these tips to make the coming months and years the best ever in your life:


TIP No. 1

If You Want To Have A Million Naira/Dollar, Solve Problems For One Million People.

The amount of money you get is determined by the number of people’s problems you are willing and able to solve.

Note that, money follows value creation. Nobody gives you money until they are convinced that you have a solution to a very pressing problem they have and that the problem needs an urgent solution.

So, what are you doing right now?

How does it relate to the common problems around you? How many people have the problem in question? How best is the value (Solutions) you have that will solve these problems?

You are about to end 2019. If you’ve not been able to identify that one problem you need to start solving, then you have to dig deep.

If you have a business and your business isn’t solving problems, then you need to retract and take a dip on it again.

Furthermore, if you already have a business that solves a problem and you are not getting the kind of numbers, it probably may have to be the next tip I am about to share here with you.

So go over to the next…….

“Become a problem solver and you will be smiling to the bank always.”


TIP No. 2

If You Already Have A Solution, Then Make Sure You Craft The Perfect Pitch You Will Use To Create An Irresistible Offer. 

This is one major challenge you may be facing. It limits you from making the kind of money you should be making even when you have the best product or services in the world.

You must note that nobody will buy anything from you because they like you after all nobody wants their money to go out of their hands without getting something in return.

The money tip for you, if you want to make money and have a great impact on whatever problem you are solving now or maybe later is to craft a powerful pitch that when those with the problems listen to you, they will have just no reason to say NO, or “Let me think about it.”

Crafting a sales pitch is nothing too big. It is just about listing out the PROBLEMS & HOW YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE solves those problems.

That’s it…

You must get your pitch down and create value in your offer. It must become so good that people can’t wait to give you their money.

The next tip is another problem a lot of business owners or people who want to make money from selling products or services face almost on a day-to-day basis.

It’s very okay to craft a super converting sales pitch and put it out there for the million people. But that’s not all…..

There is more to it and you should know about it too.

I will talk about this in the next tip.

Follow me………………………..


TIP No. 3

If You Want To Increase Your Money, Always Sell………

Have you experienced a difficult time after spending all your money to invest in a business and then, there is no one asking to buy from you?

Don’t worry….. I know how this feels too.

You know what? It is an excellent thing to know that your product or service will solve a million people’s problems. It is also very exciting to craft a powerful pitch and put it up there for those with the problems to see and buy from you.

But what if you’ve done all of these and had gone ahead to spend some enormous amounts waiting to start reaping and no one calls or visits your store to buy from you. That’s definitely a very worrisome experience for business people.

The solution is simple. You’ve got to keep selling………… Period.

Do you know why?

Statistics have shown that for every pitch, it takes an average of 8 minimum follow-ups for your potential customers to take that decision and buy from you.

So, where it becomes necessary for you to keep selling to that particular customer for 16 times more, just keep doing it.

Note in your mind, that it is difficult to spend monies, and people need a full conviction to buy your offer.

When you fail to sell consistently to them, they tend to forget and go for something else that looks almost like yours.

Furthermore, you need to balance your spending approach especially as it bothers on advertising as that may seem like the most important reasons why you need to spend at a time when you have a product that isn’t selling.

There are actually cheaper ways to get your products to your customers and you must learn those skills. For example, Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are doing a very powerful job in this regard.

Just learn how to create contents and you will be cutting down the cost.

Finally, bear in mind that for more monies, you must make more sales.

Simply put “Sell To Survive.”

Let’s talk about the next tip and I am sure, that matters a lot to you too.


TIP No. 4

If you must know one thing about more money, then take this down – “Increase your income streams.”

It’s not the quantity or quality of problems in your hands to solve, neither is it about the number of sales that you make per time. It is about the number of people that you are willing to solve problems for.

This is the more reason, why you must learn to increase your streams of income (diversification).

The fact is, there are countless problems every day that are in dire need of various degrees of solutions.

Let me give you a clear instance here.

Assuming your business involves selling chicken, you could also explore egg sales or probably go into Beef sales as well.

On the other hand, you could explore selling health products for poultry owners or even feeds.

If you decided to extend beyond your niche into other niches that have huge population and potential, then make sure you are prepared to handle the distractions too.

Look and hear me out now.

As much as that business seems dicey now, you must always create more income streams to support draught for anyone of it.

If there is a slow rate of conversion in one, the other should be able to support your continuity.

The good thing about all of these is that you can actually manage all these businesses from the comfort of your room.

Have you read my book on “HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY.”?

I talked about this there too.

Don’t stick to just one stream of income…. Increase your streams of income. It may be within the same product or even other niches.

What is most important is for you to understand the workings and how it supports these million people’s problems.

And finally, I want to talk about another tip you must stay clear of to avoid losing grip of money.

Let’s roll……..


TIP No. 5

Don’t Allow Someone Else To Set Your Goals.

Have you heard about DIY?

Its full meaning is “Do It Yourself.”

There are so many things I have come to learn about money. And this one stands out a million times.

The fact is, nobody cares about you.

Nobody is interested in what goes to you.

Nobody will take that bullet for you.

If all of these are then true, it means that you must always DIY the things that can protect you from being thrown overboard.

It starts with the amount of money you want to make.

If you want to solve a million people’s problems, then you must learn to set your goals for yourself.

Don’t let anyone set your goals for you.

A clear understanding of your goals is what drives you to achieving it.

Even if you have to get people to do the task, ensure that the goals are set by you and that they all follow your goals or get out of the line to avoid distracting you.

Let me make it clearer here.

If you want to make N100 million next year?

Take your time to list out the problems you need to solve to get this money.

Identify the population of people having the problems and ensure the list is as much compared to the pricing to get you that amount.

Go ahead to identify the already existing problem solvers, what they are doing and how you can do it differently (These products or services must be more convenient for the users, more affordable, etc.)

Identify other strategies you are going to use to get to these million people so that you can solve their problems.

All of these and more are GOALS you must set and it must come from you, not anyone else.


Never, ever let somebody else influence what you can or should do for the year.

It’s been said that “If you can dream it you can achieve it.”

Once you know the amount, then set the strategies you must use.

And go after it every single bit of the way.

It’s all yours to achieve. Anyone supporting you might just be your needed support to achieve your dreams.

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Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

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