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What To Know About Creating Your New Business

Are you interested in creating your business without money?

If you are having issues doing so, then this video is what you need to listen to.

A lot of times, what people do when creating business is probably adopting the old approach which involves collecting samples of other people’s business styles and adopting it.

Your Success Might Just Be Waiting For Your Confidence

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

It was a very horrible experience for me.

I hid my head in shame

I couldn’t do a thing

I was scared of losing my life and leaving my wife and kids to suffer.

I was scared of my father dying of a heart attack for my situation.

I was worried about my siblings who so much have an undying love for their kid brother who God has blessed.

And then, I was scared about what you will be saying about me.

In fact, I already started hearing some of you backlash me and even evil things about me.

Some said, he thinks he is the best….. Let’s see how he comes out of it.

Some said, do you think he has the kind of money he talks about?

Some said I know him when he was nobody. Just because he started making a change, he has turned something else….

Some said he’s a failed project… He will never get out of that mess.

Some said, it’s good for him…. it has not even started…. This is just the beginning.

Some said it’s good for him…. it has not even started…. This is just the beginning.s this and he is that….

Some said, let me go and take my own share before it finishes from his hands.

Listen buddy……….., I heard it all……

I heard every f**king thing you said and you heard.

But this is one thing I heard and it was really loud and even LOUDER than all the other voices put together.

That one voice was my voice.

It was ME.

It was nobody else but me…… Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

It said: Hey boy, your journey of great things to happen has just started.

You can’t have a beautiful ending without a bitter beginning.

You can only become who you want to be by experiencing exactly what others who have tried and failed have also experienced but couldn’t sail through.

You’ll also experience what those who are successes today have experienced.

It’s going to take time.

But listen, timing and actualization is a factor that will strongly be determined by the number of hours you are willing to put in for the work you will be doing.

The time and efforts you are willing to sacrifice.

You genuineness at heart to achieve the things you have set out to achieve.

Remember, No Pain No Gains!!!

Listen to me today…………………

And this is From the marbles……….

Action is the greatest value of time.

No matter what happens.

The level of action you take will determine the results you get.

It’s about taking action regardless of your fears.

The soldiers and heroes you hear about never refer to themselves as brave before they endure hardships.

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive in that moment.

Heard of these words before?

“Courage is that quality of mind or spirit that compels people to face dangerous situations in spite of fear.”

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive at that moment.it is by attacking, dominating, and keeping your attention on the future.

Once you start doing the things that scare you the most more frequently, they’ll continue to scare you less and less until you wonder why they scared you in the first place.

Ultimately, that fear becomes the confidence you never knew you had.

I feared to take actions too, but I’ve found out that those actions I feared to take the most end up becoming what takes me through difficult times.

I feared to go back and start all over again – I’m now done with that.

I feared to read the books because they are bulky – Now I flip through books like a machine.

I feared to run the things I used to run with everyone supporting it – Today, I run that alone even while you are sleeping.

I feared to stand in front of people to say the things I need to say…. Today, I speak with my volume up. No remote audio control.

I feared I will never live to see a child – Today, I have kids and targeting 7 more (Please don’t laugh, I just love kids and want to have as many as possible).

I feared I will never be able to share my experiences – Today, you are reading it, you are watching me talk about it and learning from it. I have also gone ahead to write a book to help share how I survived it with you.

I feared I will never survive in personal business – Today, I have 3 solid businesses and building more.

Writing this book “How To Start A Business Without Money” is one of those things I feared to take actions on.

But in the end, I took it and it came out strong.

You Should Grab Your Copy Here Now https://paystack.com/pay/0e4s60klsh

Successful people carry themselves with two qualities: Confidence and Conviction.

These are actually qualities that come to those who take action instead of thinking, waiting, and wondering or taking to complaints.

The next time you are confronted with a moment of fear, take action, be courageous, and you’ll find out that success is yours only if you want to take it.

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

Enjoy Your Day.

The 4 Major Lessons You Must Learn In Life

The 4 Major Seasons of Life

Minor and Major and two different things. How you relate with them matters.

I can understand that what seems to be major for you, could be the minutest or most irrelevant thing for me.

So, it’s okay to say your major isn’t my major.

But, for the last 40 years now, I think I am old enough to identify some majors and some minor.

I have not invented this but also learned from someone I cherish and will continue to hold in high esteem till my end of time.

Studies have shown that people don’t do well because they spend major times of their life in minor things.

Life and Business are like changing seasons.

You can’t change the seasons but you can change yourself.

Let me share these 4 major lessons of life with you.

  1. Learn how to handle the Winters – Winters are usually difficult seasons. They come right after fall. The winters of your life are the economic, social, financial hardships. These are seasons of disappointments, difficulties. They come after opportunities.

You must learn how to handle winters.

To handle winters, you must get stronger, become wiser, be better at what you do. Just improvements.

For 4 years during my Real Estate business downtime, I was all out to acquire knowledge. I pounced on any book on sales, on personal development, on marketing, business development etc. I even went to acquire another Masters Degree.

Thanks to my amiable friend and brother, the HOD of my department, who was once my classmate. (Dr. Ashiko) for his immense support and advice.

At this point, the quote “Don’t wish life was easier, wish you were better” comes to play.

Again, it is at this point you will also agree to the saying “Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.”

“Don’t also wish for fewer challenges, wish for more wisdom to scale through.”

Do you now see how you should handle the winters of life?

Let’s take a look at the second majors.

  1. Learn How To Take Major Advantage of The Spring – Springs are periods of opportunities, blossoms, blooms, flower, heyday etc. It follows winters.

The point here is that opportunities in life follow difficulties, just as expansion follows recessions.

This is the season to plant or risk it to beg during the fall season.

This is the season to get busy quickly.

It is the season to get to what you want to do with your life.

Don’t let the season pass without you getting involved.


  1. Learn How To Nourish And Protect Your Crops All Summer – During the Summer season, it a season of warmth and it creates comfortable conditions for vital activities of animals, plants and microorganisms. The sun’s heat is essential for vegetation and growing food crops since it provokes important chemical and physical reactions.

During this season, the weeds will take your crops, except you prevent it. So the major skill to develop here is to know how to prevent the intruders from taking your goods. Because all goods will be attacked.

Let reality be your best beginning at this season of your life.

All values must be defended. Social values, economic values, marital values, political values, financial, family, business, friendships, etc.

Defend it with all you’ve got to avoid the intruders, or deadly smart goons from taking it away from you.

  1. Learn How To Reap In The Fall Without Complaints – Learning to take full responsibility is a sign of maturity. You need to learn how to reap without apology if you have done well and without complaint, if you haven’t. Accepting the results of your actions is a very important part of the process of life.

Taking responsibility is the highest form of human responsibility.

Success is not what you pursue, it is what you become.

It is not what happens, but what you do with what happens that makes the difference. Disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor. Everybody has. But what are you going to do about it.

Note that life is full of whatever and anything can go wrong.

Murphy’s law clearly states it as it is;

It says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Do have a blessed day.





Who Listens When You Cry?

We are all human, and it’s natural to cry when we feel really down and especially when things don’t seem to go our way.

But then, who listens when you cry?

Over two decades, I lost touch of that one person that I grew up to feel could listen to me whenever I cried. My mother.

Thanks to the presence of my wonderful father, my beautiful wife, and my siblings. They’ve always wanted me to cry leaning on their shoulders. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the original piece like it would have been crying while leaning on mum’s shoulder.

The reason is that by birth, her shoulder has become my natural pole to lean on.

The point I’m trying to make here is this.

We all need a shoulder to lean on when we cry but remember these shoulders won’t be always close to you or be there forever. Hence, we must be able to build one for ourselves. Of course, not taking our creator out of the bracket.

One that we can easily fall back on when things don’t go our way.

And what I found out in the last few years is one thing and nothing more.

Getting Back To Work………………..

Work is the only thing that gets you out of pains. Work will fix a whole lot for you.

While it’s natural to cry because things aren’t going our ways, a lot is lost grinding and screaming about those things that failed to work in our favours.

But when you look away and brace up with the realities that beckon at us to get back to work. Either starting all over again or getting back on track with that same thing you’ve been doing all along, I can assure you that things will find its way back again.

The Government, Your Uncles, Aunts, Friends, Siblings, can only do but a little.

The biggest part is in your hands and it calls for you to go back to work.

It’s a new week again, and just like a wind, it’s going to fly away faster than we thought.

Get back to work my dear friend and get things working for you again.

It may not come back in one swoop but slowly wins the race. And FOCUS is the King.

I wish you a brilliant week ahead.

This Is To Motivate You – It’s Okay To Cry But Get Back To Work.

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

It’s Time To Stop Being Lazy And Start Being Successful

I have said this before about the entitlement mentality that stares at us in the face especially in our generation today.

This has become a serious disease that is gradually ravaging our lives.

When a young man or woman gets up every day in wait for that job or some kind of business supports from an uncle, aunt, friend, the government or many some angel investors then it becomes really interesting a scene to behold.

Sadly, this mentality has led so many people really fast to untimely deaths because of the unending waits without results.

Today again, I want to remind you and if possible, go over my blog and read about it.

First, you must understand that the Laziness definition here is more about your entitlement mentality and it is very wrong if you must move ahead of the curve or stay ahead of the competition.

Secondly, it’s time to WAKE UP! Laziness and lack of action are ethical issues and shouldn’t be condoned by anyone who means well for his/herself. Where they are today.

You must be willing to take actions and not just that, unbelievable amounts of action. Whether it’s by way of getting others to take action for you (delegation), or by advancing forward to attract more attention for your products/services or ideas, or just grinding it out day and night at your workplace until your employer begins to see how relevant you are to the business growth and doing this consistently enough to take you to higher levels of action.

Listen to this, the great names you hear today started just like you and me before anyone knew of their names – that’s how they became successful.

Stop talking about a plan of action you intend to take. Start talking about the actions you’ve taken already and the exciting results being poured in for you and others to witness.

Some people would have to plan actions for close to 6 months of a year before they find even a path to follow.

You must always learn to understand that actions should take 80% of your energies than planning should. Well, if you have to plan, do it really well, but don’t let it take the greater part of you or else you’ll get stunted.

Always assume that your future achievements rely on investing your time and energy in actions that may not pay off today but when taken consistently and persistently over time will produce unlimited success.

Stop being lazy and start being successful.

Are You Making A Decision Or Creating A Disaster

It’s been 7 years since I took that decision.

Severally I had confessed it was a poor decision at that time, but a great one today.

Over time I had realized that my whole had been surrounded by the things I was attracted towards me, including the ones that made me fail woefully.

I realized much later as I grew more in the entrepreneurial world that I never attracted the things I wanted until I was ready for them.

Now before you go rush to start thinking about the “Law of Attraction”, let me pause you here a little and clarify what I mean…

I was never able to attract the things that I truly wanted until my commitment, my attitude, and my actions reflected the desired end target.

For example – I never made N1,000,000 until I started working like I was making N1,000,000 – then N10m, then NXYm.

I didn’t get the types of clients I wanted until I started talking and acting like the person they’ve always wanted to meet to help them scale their businesses.

I didn’t start creating the kinds of businesses until I started reaching out to the experts who are already in those fields of business until I started reading the books until I started attending seminars and meeting with desired mentors and coaches.

I didn’t become a great Dad until I decided to make the effort to be the best Dad for my kids that I could be.

Lastly, I didn’t become the husband of my wife who’s been so great, loving and caring until I went for her, until I asked her hands in marriage, until I decided we were going to live together, until I decided to look away from her flaws and also asked her to do the same.

I have been able to continue to grow and evolve as an entrepreneur, a businessman, an investor, a husband, and father because I am constantly operating with the “next level” in mind.

Now listen, everything you want is just a step away from you.

If you want to be in control of your own life, have the kind of freedom you’ve always dreamt of, living the life of your dreams… It doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to be committed to making it happen.

However, I have found out that it happens faster than you ever thought possible.

And it starts simply by thinking and acting like the person you wish to become TODAY.

Let me also state it here that 99% of the times, people need that push for a change. I mean something that forces a change. I call it a change catalyst.

As for me, it’s happened many times.

The first was when I made the decision to leave my high paying job.

The second was when I had to read that one book…….

I have made 6 to 7 income figures for just that one decision to read that book.

Since then I have consistently made decisions because I want to be top of what I do.

It’s working out.

The decision to paying Tai, Alex, Trump, Grant, Emyth, and the several coaches and mentors just to learn one or more things has been the radical decisions I have consistently made to avoid the inherent disasters that would have come.

Just a few years into my Real Estate Business, I was hacked and battered. It was indeed a disaster for me, but I realized that it was the monies they took not my skills and I got back again on track because I attracted the skills that would outlive the material things I had acquired and it’s kept me growing.

Seriously, if you must know…. At a point, I lost everything.

Just like me….. You will have 2 choices.

You will change because you decided to. (1% of people are here).

You will change because you have been put under a threatening situation that forces change. (99% of people are here).

So what will your catalyst for change be?

A decision or a disaster?

Now take my sincere advice…  A decision is your best bet.

Make the decision, and then support it with information to improve your skill set.

Are you ready to make the decision?

Are you ready to transform your business, income, and life?

Then I want you to invest in this book today.

I know what the worth is and believe me, you will thank me in years to come just as the few who are already enjoying it and doing today.

“How To Start A Business Without Money” is a concept though might have been shared before, but the perfect path to execution has and will always be your problem.

I have you well covered on this.

Right now, I want to offer you a BUY ONE & GET SO MUCH FOR FREE including my one-on-one mentoring in our Facebook Forum.

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Are these enough to get you started?

Oh Yes! 100%

I didn’t get this opportunity. But you do now.

So take advantage NOW before it gets too late.

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Slaves Are Created When Blames Hold Center Stage

Everything we do comes with the available energy we have to execute it.

Blame is one of those things we have the energy to dissipate for most of the times.

Unfortunately, this is the energy that makes more people slaves and will only guarantee your condition worsens.

Use all of your energy and resources to be productive and don’t spend any energy blaming, accusing, or criticizing.

In order to ensure your business, your job, your finances, and your future are secure, it’s up to YOU not someone else.

“When you look for others to solve your problems you are basically assigning blame to another party for your problem and if another party is to solve your problem you will ultimately find yourself with an unsolvable problem,” 

Learn to take the actions today by engaging your mind and hands for the purpose you have set to achieve.

In my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” you’ll be shown how to use the little energy you’ve got to engage your mind and hands for your future survival rather than blame the Government, your customers, your staff, your parents, your relations and anything that looks like what is stopping your progress towards a successful future.

Blaming is the energy that makes more slaves. The moment you blame another for anything:

  1. You assign to another your power.
  2. You limit your ability to find a solution to your problems.
  3. You waste resources and energy.

Slaves Are Created When Blames Hold Center Stage.

Don’t Make Blames The Place To Dissipate Your Great Energy.

Remember, success isn’t just important; it is vital, and should never be reduced to anything less than that.

You Only Have To Start Believing – My Strategy For Easter & 2019

It’s the fourth month of the year and it’s Easter Season. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice. What matters is the fact that everyone is going on holidays soon.

Guess what?

This is 4 months out of a full year’s plan you already had. Isn’t it?

You need to make it count and get sold on ending the year in a strong way.

You know the thing about every beginning of a year is that we try to write down all our plans, and mentally we are damn serious to achieve it. Especially, if you had just listened to a super motivational speaker.

And then, a few days, weeks and maybe a month afterwards. The whole zeal dies flat like a flat bottle of beer, waiting patiently for someone who knows the effect of a good drink with bubbles to scream “Hey this drink is flat”. Lol.

Well, in order to help you have your strongest year-end ever, I am giving you this one tip as one of my sales strategies to help build momentum towards a successful end to 2019 and a prosperous start to 2020 when most businesses would have gone under for the obvious.

Are you ready to go all in these last 8 months? Here’s what to do as the first strategy you need for your business now.



Get sold on making and exceeding your own year end’s targets.

You must sell yourself on achieving your own goals, otherwise, why even set them?

In my book, How To Start A Business Without Money, I talk about how salespeople drive economies. This is the first month of the second quarter of the year. You have a hand in driving not only “the economy” but in maximizing your economy. How do you want to end 2019?

Now is the time to get sold on what hasn’t been done before. You have nothing to lose. Get your battle plan together. This is the perfect time to connect with all of your customers from the past years if you have been in business to personally wish them a happy Easter holiday.

Maybe their friend or family member is in the market for the exact thing you offer.

Use this time wisely, reconnect, and end the year at the top of their minds.

Repeat same when any religious celebration or festival comes again.

Remember, you must connect with the soul of your customers not just their body.

Talking only business is connecting with their bodies. But talking family, talking health, talking fun, talking success, talking pains, talking growth and development is part of connecting with their souls.

This is why big companies will spend a lot of resources at the end of every year just to say thank you for being friends and family with us.

Be aware and look for opportunities to sell. This is the season for socializing. When you meet people, tell them what you do and the problems you’re prepared to solve. Tell them your goal of ending the year strong. You never know, they may become your next big deal.

Some important things to keep in mind as we start building momentum to end the year strongly and carry us into a new year are…

The holidays are not an excuse to slack off. It’s the time to rev up.

There are plenty of opportunities out there. Find them.

Don’t forget about the second sale. It’s easier than the first and establishes trust and loyalty between you and your customer. Go for it.

While everyone else is distracted, remain focused.

Get obsessed about ending the year strong.

Right now think about the next few months, what you have going on and all the opportunities that exist.

Get serious about what you want to accomplish in this timeframe and then sell yourself on committing to making it happen.

Enjoy Your Day!!

Is Being Reasonable A Bad Thing?

Hmmm! I hear people argue a lot about this.

In fact, being REASONABLE is one word a whole lot of people will use to summarize a message like “STOP THAT F**K YOU ARE DOING”

The society suggests that you should settle for less, just be happy, enjoy life as it comes, take it easy, no need to rush, don’t be in a hurry, relax it will come to you, be contented, be satisfied, just do it later or when you are free.

How often do you hear this from friends, family, relatives?

All these people have advice on how you should just relax and enjoy life and not get your goals met.

Look, as soon as you hit serious economic challenges in any economy just like you are now experiencing it, what you begin to see are this fabricated nonsense of being reasonable becoming the undoing of literally millions of people.

And I don’t want YOU to be one of those people that think in this direction of being REASONABLE.

I want to make you unreasonable.

People have lost the importance of completing tasks and getting things done.

We used to do things with intensity, got it done, wrapped it up, and finished it.

There was a different work ethic. And that’s what we need to focus on: getting unreasonable with finishing cycles.

People are being convinced today to enjoy life rather than CREATE a life they can enjoy.

I want you to create a life you can enjoy.

Hey, we’ll rest later. We’ll take it easy later. We’ll go on vacations later.

Right now, we want to create a life.

We want to create Financial Solvency. Financial Abundance.

The average class has been deceived over the years into believing that once they enter a certain income level, they are entitled to a certain lifestyle. And that it’s important to live life rather than create the next level of life so they can truly have freedom.

One of the things I’m working on in my life right now is to complete actions started and complete them as fast as possible.

My Coach would say “SUCCESS LOVES SPEED”

The more I complete, the more I can complete.

The more I finish, the more I want to finish other things.

Be unreasonable in all that you do until it is done.

Quit approaching life as a task. Approach it as a finish.

Get in the habit of approaching everything in your life, every task, action, phone call, follow-up – with a sense of completion and urgency.

This discipline is critical for you to mount up sale after sale after sale.

Complete every action once started. Do it as fast as possible and then go do another task. And you will actually create time.

Same with closing transactions. Don’t put off closing what you can wrap up today.

Become unreasonable. Want more from yourself. And expect more from yourself.

I can help you achieve that by showing you exactly the steps you should take from scratch to finish using my practical steps Research – Create – Package – Release Business Model for starting any business without money.

Grab A Copy of “How To Start A Business Without Money” here. 

If you haven’t acted on this offer, I urge you to do it now.

Take action and finish this.

Take advantage of this incredibly important, massive marketing & sales book that will teach you new approaches, mindsets, strategies and methods that will propel you, your career, your business and your life to unbelievable levels of success.

This will be the first book ever written and capturing the exact simple steps to creating wealth for anyone considering the magnitude and scope explored.

Think of it. The networking, the energy, the focus, the content, the knowledge – the experience available to tap from this book and the personal coaching you’ll receive from me.

If you don’t have anyone to bring with you, come by yourself. But attend.

Right now, if you are looking at this and still can’t think of the decision to take, just call me for a special conversation and let’s take a look at exactly what you need now for your business to begin to increase in sales, or for you to chose exactly what to do after making this purchase.

Be Unreasonable, That’s What Pays!


10 Powerful Ways To Ultimately Increase Your Sales In Less Than 30 Days

If you already have a product or service that you sell to prospects/customers, you’ll agree with me that your major purpose is to increase sales at every point in time because that’s what keeps you in business.

But there is one underlying reason why you’re also in business which most people usually don’t talk about.
And that’s the fact that the essence you are in business is to provide value not to make money.
Because it is the value that brings money.
People will only buy your product or service if they are certain it will solve a problem for them.

For example, the reason I would sell a camera phone today is because I know that beyond helping my customers make calls, these phones will also help cut cost for them because they won’t have to invite a cameraman to follow them everywhere especially during important and memorable times to take them snapshots.
All they need to do is simply bring out their phones and turn on the camera buttons. Take as many photos as they want.

Do you understand where I am driving at now?

I simply sell camera phones for VALUES.
1. Cutting expenses
2. Readily available camera
3. More pictures can be taken with extra cost
4. Taking photos at my time without pressure.
And the lists goes on and on….. VALUES

Every product/service is intended for VALUE. That’s why you are in business.

But then why do people just watch your products or services and rather prefer to get it elsewhere instead.

Do not rush to say it’s all luck….

Simply, it is because most salespeople are ignorant of what it takes to create and position their products or services for the ultimate sales results.

Today, I shall be talking about how you can create or recreate your products or services for the ultimate sales experience.

Now let’s ride.
Every product or services were created with the intentions to sell.

Yes right?

But that is the mistake……..

Products/Services are supposed to be created to solve problems.

If your product/services are not solving a problem then there is a need to look deeper.

As an Entrepreneur, your job is SOLUTIONS – You’re a PROBLEM SOLVER, not a creator.

So, if you have a product or service I want you to follow these steps to reposition your product for increased sales.
If you are just about to start a business, then this is also an opportunity for you to begin to think rightly.

Here are the steps:

1. Identify the problems – If you have a product or service, what problem/problems is it solving? Write them down. And make sure you identify at least the best 3. It doesn’t matter if other people are already selling the products. Do enough research and create even more problems it solves. So you can prepare yourself for the pitch.

2. Identify the specific market that has the problem you intend to solve. – Remember I once talked about the fact that your product is not for everybody. So, at this stage, you need to identify those that are having the problems you intend to solve. For example, if you are selling baby wears. Who are your targets? I’m sure you will be in a rush to say, mothers. Nope! Your targets are couples. In fact younger couples.
Then go further to say, younger couples with high-income streams. That’s narrowing down on your target audience. Be thorough at this stage, so you don’t have to waste your time. Good enough those selling products and services online can enjoy the easy classification because most internet marketing platforms now have data for everyone online.
So, Facebook will simply help you identify them just like Instagram, Twitter and the rest. Have you ever wondered why you are thinking about something that you had to go online to search for it? Then after a few days or weeks, an advert pops up right in front of you? That’s because the internet platforms have your data and they know you want to solve that problem.

3. Identify existing solutions – I already talked about this earlier in relation to the problems. So here, you will start identifying all the solutions your product or service provides to solve the earlier identified problems.
For instance, if the problem you identified earlier for children wears has it that parents don’t have the luxury to go into the market to shop for kids’ wears, or they want products that can last longer in quality for their kids, just name.
Then your solution identification now will be 1. My products are made of 100% pure cotton, and this solves the problem of quality and longevity for my target customers.
Again, you could look at the fact that your product can be delivered to wherever at a free shipping cost. Just keep listing the solutions. Now, intentionally find the path to create uniqueness with your product. It has to be unique. That takes us to point No. 4

4. Create your solutions with unique experiences – Bearing in mind; Easy Access to the solutions; Easy Usage; Durability(wear & tear); Life span; Cost of acquisition; After Sales Services; just keep them coming.

5. Identify where your target audience is; Where they spend their time the most. If you are offline. Where can you find them? Young couples that have the resources are usually business people, they work in private companies, they are always flying in and out of the airports.
Does this make sense to you?
Well, that’s how to identify an offline target audience. As for an online target audience, Facebook is a good shot. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, just name it. But again, you can’t be identifying ages 13 to 22 or even 24 as your target audience. Most of these age groups are still playing and are yet to settle for a real life.
So, your target audience online will take note of ages between 25 and 39 or even 45 because we still have men that are yet to get married at 45.
Or may have just gotten married. (No offence intended please as I am just being very open to ensure you learn exactly what I am trying to pass across.

6. Identify the best platforms for reaching out to them – Now, because there are so many of these platforms as mentioned above, it will be unhealthy for you to start everywhere especially when you have limited time and you are probably just working alone.
So, the idea here is for you to pick a few to start with first. But in case you have more hands to help you out. Why not?
Take over!!!
In this part of the world, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp are the few platforms that are gaining a lot of attention these days. So, you may just start with these few.
The online platforms have provided more successes today than offline platforms. So, you may adopt this for a start. Use Audio/Visual Media; Print Media; Direct Calls; BulkSMS; Cold Calls; Market Storms/Road Shows as it soothes you.

7. Start with sharing knowledge about these products/services on the platforms. This will have to do with great skill in content creation. Unfortunately, it is the reason most people fail even when they know how to sell online. So, you’ve got to learn this skill specially.
Grab a copy of my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” to learn about this skill.

8. Make Your Sales by advertising your products & services – Once you start having followership from contents being created. Then you can start selling. In fact, with great contents, people will start begging you to help them find these solutions that you talk about while creating contents.

9. Delivery is key to your success – Deliver on promise always. Integrity & Relationship connects you to more business and increased sales.

10. Finally, Note that people buy from the emotions they have or feel for the problem they want to solve. So it’s your job to first identify those problems and the effect it creates if not solved. Then show them how you solve it using your products or services.

I will be discussing emotions and how it affects buying decisions in future.
Let me know if you want it discussed and I will come with it.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that all of these have been discussed and clearly spelt out in my book.

Go over and grab your copy now while it is at this price.

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I will see you soon.