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Tim Abel Describes What This Powerful Book Does

How To Start A Business Without Money – Tim Abel Describes What This Powerful Book Does In Bringing The Dreams of The Ordinary Man To Reality Using Leverages and More In An Advanced Technological Space.

Don’t Try To Be Average

Hey Just take a look around you now and let’s talk further.

Not just around you, if you understand pretty well what I mean.

What I am asking you to do is probably not enough thoughts you’ve put in lately. But once you do it, you probably may come to terms with what’s wrong with you and why you are where you are.

Now, settle down and look around you. Take a look at everyone that you see. Everyone that relates to you. Everyone you see or hear about in the news on or on social media.

Did you notice anything similar?

What you’ll see is a world filled with average.

The word “Average” has become an “acceptable” level upon which most people decide to rest their oars.

There is a growing amount of evidence that this mentality isn’t working but has become a norm.

The sad part is the fact that when you hear people being rated best or top, they’re simply being compared with the average or the norm.

Unfortunately, our very top companies and entrepreneurs are labelled top because they are compared to the average.

Being average is sickening. It doesn’t work. It stunts. It’s a disease.

Nigeria is not failing because it doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. It is failing because people try to be average.

I recently had a chat with a medical doctor and he told me how the country is failing with the health sector.

Look – jobs are being shipped overseas, unemployment is getting increasingly worrisome, and our entire financial structure is at risk.

Few international companies come in here and rake up all the little earnings because they are never settled for being average.

MTN has just gone Plc and what do you think will happen to their stock?

This is better imagined I guess right.

Yeah! MTN isn’t ever trying to be average and that’s why they’ve always led in the communications sector.

Just like me, you could get angry with the way they charge you for their services. But once you think about reliance on any communication network. It comes to mind that MTN stands out isn’t it?

That’s because they’re never trying to be average or go by the norms. Never!!!

This average class is one that once aspired high-heavens but now appears to barely able to keep their heads above water.

People are living longer than their hard-earned savings meant to take them through life (Pension Reforms) — and entire companies and industries are being wiped as a result of average products, average management, average workers, average actions and average thinking.

This “addiction to the average” can kill the possibility of making your dreams a reality.

Now let’s even go further to consider the following statistics:

The average worker reads less than one book a year and works an average of 40 hours a week. This same person makes 1,000 times less money than the top Nigerian CEOs who claim to read over 40 or 50 books a year. Many of these financially successful executives are maligned for the huge sums of money they make because we see them live their dream lives. Unfortunately, we often fail to appreciate what these people have done to get above the average.

While it may not always look like they’re working very hard, we often dismiss the fact that they somehow managed to attend above-average schools, make powerful connections, and then take actions way above the norm in order to position themselves at the top of the food chain.

You can resent them if you choose — but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re being rewarded for their ways of success which is above the levels of the average.

WAKE UP! The successful are not at fault, the average are!

Any undertaking that includes average ideas or actions will fail you sooner or later.

Any activity conducted at average levels simply won’t get the job done.

Average or comparing yourself to average is a guaranteed way to fail.


Be above average. Be abnormal. Be a SUPER FREAK in everything that you do so that the amount of success you achieve will be beyond any amount of “average” that exists.

Grab A Copy of My Book – “How To Start A Business Without Money”

This Book is for those who are not thinking or trying to be average.

See you again soon.