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Criticize(Protest) or Don’t – This Is What Is Most Important

Whether we like it or not, criticism is a part of us. And it is very healthy because it gives you a sense of relief. But while we look at it that way, we must also bear in mind that protest-like criticism that prevents you from taking care of the home front is an error to self and humanity. 4 Types of Protesters We See Everyday:
1. I don’t understand the types
2. I am just bored and need to join types
3. Someone told me to type… I really don’t know
4. Patriotic Types For Genuine Change 5. Users For Selfish Gains Types Of all, the worst types are the No. 5.
And for most of the protests we see in this country, we have 90% influenced by this set of people.
Be Careful Not To Let Your Homefront Suffer. #endsars #ENDSARSNOW #BadGovernance
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