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Is Your 2020 Dream About To Fail Again? Do This Now

For those currently praying and fasting for a great 2020 year, if you don’t include this one thing to all that you’re doing for the next 30 to 40 days, believe this or not.

Failure is imminent.

In 2013, precisely on the 1st day of January, I woke up and went straight to the desk right in front of me, where I dumped everything on as soon as I’m in my bedroom.

On that desk, was a notepad and a pen. Of course, rising straight from my bed to the desk was orchestrated by a decision I made while in bed.

I woke up feeling unfulfilled. I woke up feeling a life crumbled and looking aimless.

So, I sprung out of my bed to make the usual new year resolution.

As my pen got wrapped in my fingers, I began to write.

The first thing was to undertake the full fasting routine, which I had never done completely before then.

This year was going to be a straight-jacketed one. Beginning to the End of the show.

And as I was writing, by the side of the fasting, I wrote in bracket “This is a MUST”.

And true to it, I kept my words.

Every other goal for the year was written, and I began to do what I would always do to achieve it.

Dream It!!!

For the first 31 days of January, I was battling with preparing the business plan. I went online and paid a software company to prepare me a business plan, that I never used because I didn’t even understand how it applies to me.

I called on a friend who had once assisted in preparing my company profiles to guide me, and he did his best.

February rolled in and I was reminiscing on the next line of action, and I realized I was just jumping from one end of the wall to another in a bid to avoid the hard works.

I finally, settled down in the later part of the year after I had jumped endlessly from one wall to another when I got into the hands of a life coach who began to work on me.

What I discovered was pathetic and I see a lot of people having this same problem.

During all these years and months of praying and fasting, I was without a genuine plan to succeed.

I had lots of big goals, big dreams, but none had a graph. None had a process, none had what I needed as my own contribution to achieving those goals.

I wondered at some point if God was actually listening to me. Or maybe I didn’t conduct myself properly during the fasting and praying times.

I even concluded at a point that life was actually more about luck. About connections, about some family backgrounds and more.

Little did I know that success comes with its formula.

Let me make a clear and vivid example here today.

Let’s take for instance that you planned to become a medical doctor. That’s the ultimate Goal.

The purpose has to be something you are passionate about. And for Doctors, it’s about saving lives. For some deeper purposes, it’s about helping those who cannot afford the high cost of health services.

But as great as those Goals, Purposes, Desires and whatever may be, there is a formula to achieving it.

First, it’s the time frame required.

That’s definitely about 6 to 9 years of your time isn’t it?

So, right in your mind, even when the desire to start helping to save lives, you can’t start it in a day. You’ve got to nurse it.

During the period of nursing this dream or goals, you’ll need a secondary school certificate for sciences with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English inclusive.

After that stage, you’ll need to get a jamb exam passed. Then go onto a Medical School. At 300 Level, you will proceed for Horsemanship. Then, come back to complete the other few years left. In the Nigerian System, you’ll proceed to get your National Youth Service Program done.

Other stages in the medical field will apply afterward.

And then finally, you can start executing your long term goals of saving lives.

There is no amount of prayers you would do, to attain this feat if you failed to take the steps I have mentioned.

And key among these steps is the acquisition of the required knowledge and its application.

That’s about DOING….. Taking Massive Actions.

Listen to me today, at the end of your fasting and prayers, if you fail to have a goal it is disastrous. If you also fail to know the exact steps to take, the times to take these steps,  and the needed skills to acquire for these dreams, goals or desires to be achieved it is a serious problem.

And most disastrous of all, is your failure to then take ACTIONS….. I mean MASSIVE ACTIONS.

So, today I want you to bear this in mind.

Those goals that you have, are really great.

There is nothing impossible to achieve in life especially with God on your side.

But do not pray without work.

Do not exercise faith without work.

There is no magic in accomplishing task. It all comes at a cost and the cost is in the work you put in.

Finally, I will leave you with these steps to follow as you make your 2020 a remarkable year.

First, Dream Big…..

Secondly, draw out your plans to include;

  1. Your Purpose For The Big Dream
  2. The Time Frame Required To Achieve It
  3. The Various Stages To The End Goal
  4. The Various Skills Required To Achieve Each Stage
  5. The Various Mentors You Can Work With To Achieve Each Stage
  6. Start Working
  7. Then Pray and Fast Fervently Till Forever…


Thank you for reading…….

I hope this goes a long way to help you in 2020.

Do you have something to add to this?

Let me also learn from your experiences about how you actualized your Goals in 2019.