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No Product To Sell? Then Watch This…….

No Product To Sell? Then Watch This………….

This is a period of revolution for most families including you.

As sensitive as that is, you don’t need to panic.

It is simply an expansion for most people to create more income.

It is a period for those who really want to work, to start creating something without monies.

This is a time you must learn how to sell anything you can. In this Talk show – Money Talks With Tim Abel on Entrepreneurship Tuesday Show With You, I shared my experience and want you to learn from it and see how you can position yourself for the coming days.



For so many people, it will indeed become very tough than you can ever imagine.

Watch and enjoy….. I will see you again next Tuesday.


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These 3 Things Will Make You Sell More In 2020

Are you running any business and you’re having a tough time making sales?

Just stop whatever you’re doing right now and pay attention to this……. Because you may never get to hear it again from me or anyone else. Probably many years after now.

Most businessmen and women and even those intending to get into the art of creating personal and self dependable income are literally scared and in most cases discouraged because of this singular problem.

SALES of their products or services.

Anyone who intends to be among those with the urge to make 2020 a greater year with a resounding success in whatever area of life or field you are playing right now, should try to adopt this.

Since I learned it, even though it comes with a lot of hard work, I must say it pays than anything you can ever think of in sales.

Some experts call it the EASY-PATH TO HIGH TICKET DEALS.

And this is simply the reason.

Once you know these secrets and you can apply it to your business or future business, you’re bound to succeed.

So, before I proceed, I urge you to take this with all the excitement you’ve ever had and start taking actions today.

It doesn’t matter what field you are. Be you an actor or actress, a musician, a speaker, a coach, a teacher, an author, a doctor, a pharmacist, an engineer, or even an employee of an institution that’s providing goods and/or services to a target market or audience. These methods work like magic.

The only challenge will be for you to do as I’ve shared.


Before I step forward, let me say this to you as a reminder.

What I am about to teach you is going to blow your sales in 2020.

I am not talking based on other people’s experiences.

I am talking based on my own experiences and I want to share these secrets with you.

You might have been providing excuses all along about why you’re not making sales.

Just go over to my blog and read about what excuses does and you will understand how to not make excuses but create more solutions and values to make 2020 a great year for you.

In the past, I kept most of my secrets from most of you here, but I made a resolution to help provide as much value in 2020 to you than I ever did in time past.

So, if you want to keep acquiring knowledge that can make 2020 a perfect year for you.

This is what you should do.

Just find a way to check on this page daily.


Now, let’s talk about some basic elements why you can’t sell anything.

Let’s start with your product or service.

With a good product or service, and you are not making the kind of sales you want, it means there are things that are not being done rightly.

You may just need to review your product/service and the processes again.

I say this because; while you are complaining that there is no money out there because the Government did this or that, it will interest you to know that people are still spending.

Your competitors are making countless sales.

Why is that?

Simply because they understand that, a good product or service is as good as a good attitude to the product or services by the owner.

Now, don’t be confused here.

What I am simply saying is that, the love you show to your product or services will return back to you in form of increased sales.

So the first thing to bear in mind if you must increase sales for 2020 with whatever value you’re providing in exchange for money today, is your ATTITUDE towards the business.

When you have the right attitude, then these 3 things will explode your sales in 2020.

ATTITUDE is key…. Take care of your business as though it’s the only thing you live for.

With that being said as a MAJOR FACTOR,

Here are the things to do once your ATTITUDE IS RIGHT.

There are a few questions your customers or prospective customers aren’t thinking of yet.

So, you’ve got to sell the customer on these three things as you run through 2020.

  1. Sell Yourself
  2. Sell Your Business and
  3. Sell Your Service.

Let’s take a look at these three things closely.

Do you know that your customers want someone who would hold them by the hand until they are satisfied with what they’ve bought? That’s TRUST

People buy from you because they trust you.

You may say, oh, they don’t know me so why would you say things about trust?

Listen, your product or service is a clear picture in the minds of your target market about you.

Simply put. If your product or service is dirty, you are dirty. If you’re not doing the things you say, your product has a way of passing it across to your audience.

That’s where you come in.

This is why most sales experts will say people buy YOU, not your product or service.

So, in their minds, they must first accept you before they can put their monies in your hand.

This is why social media is doing a whole lot today and everyone who is not selling on social media must have been losing a whole lot.

During calls or chats with prospective customers, are you able to show how much care you have for them?

If their first interaction goes well with you, then forget the rest. They will buy.

So, always sell YOU first.

It takes selling Yourself, Your Business and Your Services to please any customer.

Customers will buy from someone they can say…. “Oh! If it’s that man/woman, or that company, just know that you are in safe hands.”

I made a lot of sales from my Real Estate in 2014/16 so much that I began to wonder how it all happened.

But this is what happened afterward.

I lost everything and almost all my customers to FRAUD.

One day, I called one of my clients who I refused to call all through the years while I was in court to recover my property just to inform him that everything has come back to normalcy and we will be resuming site work soon.

He answered and said “Oh great! Finally. That’s a good one Tim. Congratulations!

I was shocked…. So, I asked him why he didn’t bother to call me all these years to trouble me just like a few other clients did.

This is what he said.

Tim, from the very first day I saw you, I knew I was dealing with someone to be trusted.

Guess what? I couldn’t hold my tears of joy.

The truth remains, most people you will encounter in life can’t trust you until they come one-on-one with you.

To be able to gain that trust, you must show a high level of integrity. Care, Love for what you do. Let your passion to serve outshine your personal interest.

It is important that you get close to your market. The people there need to trust you first.

Do you notice that most businesses do not even have any details about their customers?

That’s even a matter for another day.

Now listen to this.

One of the biggest mistakes that people are making in an economy that appears to be so bad is that they are selling themselves, neither their business nor their service to their potential customers.

They aren’t looking at the problems their products and services is solving. They aren’t taking that long shot to sync with their customer’s utmost concern.

They think the customers just woke up and walked into their shops to buy without first thinking about why they need the product or service, where they would buy from to meet their unvoiced fears for the products they buy.

Don’t put the blames elsewhere for your lack of sales.

Always make sure your customers understand that you also understand their fears by explaining all of it to them and assuring them that you will be there when they need you.

Let them understand that they’re not just buying the product – they are also buying unparalleled service and peace of mind that only you can offer.

So, start today and get your businesses dusted for a real caring game in 2020 if you must make sales.

Stop ignoring your client’s calls. It matters a lot.

People want to be cared for.

Show them you’re the best caregiver.

Don’t act like my aunt….. I will give you that gist some other day.


Be willing and ready to convince them of that, and I guarantee they’ll spend their money with you.

Are you thinking of doing something different in 2020?

Did something else work for you in 2019?

Let’s share your thoughts today.

How To Make Better Decisions

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The Most Important Factor of Success?

Let me ask you something really quick; what happens when life throws you to a near-impossible task? How do you overcome it?


How Does a Person Commit?

I know, it sounds easy, maybe even a little too easier, but it’s not.

The simplest concepts, even one like “commitment,” take time to master.

To be committed, it takes a lot of sacrifices;

You need to start by honoring what you are made of and what you want over the long arch of your life and career.

Your thoughts must always be on the impact you will be making in the long run for your life, career, and your family.

It is the time when you need to stand up and speak up for what you need and want each and every day

It is the time to start making very tough decisions that will pave the way for long-term success.

I not only encourage you to read this article over again, but to share it with those close to you, and apply the principles of commitment in your daily life.

In one of the greatest book I ever read, this word “COMMITMENT” gave me a reason to ponder.

This is because while it is always overwhelming to see or feel the need to do something about one’s life to change for the best, a lot of people are rarely committed to taking actions.

Incidentally, commitment is side-by-side taking actions.

Doing things no matter how tough the task is to get you closer to your goals.

Millions of people make that resolution every year to bit down fats, stay focused on their task, quit some acts that drag them backward.

The fact is, we all seem to know exactly our problems.

But there is little or no commitment to taking the needed actions.

This might sound weird but think about it.

How much commitment have you shown towards the last resolution you made in December 2018 about your financial future?

What steps have you taken to stay strong on it?

As difficult as it is to stay committed, I have a secret. It is called “THINK-INSIDE-THE-BOX.”

This is how I conquer the challenges associated with commitments.

It makes me stay strong on what I want to achieve.

Do you need to learn more about how to stay committed to your goals and be able to achieve minimally and if possible 10X your results?

I got you covered in my book.

“How To Start A Business Without Money”

I guarantee you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

Bank: StanbicIBTC

Account No.: 0020169580

Slaves Are Created When Blames Hold Center Stage

Everything we do comes with the available energy we have to execute it.

Blame is one of those things we have the energy to dissipate for most of the times.

Unfortunately, this is the energy that makes more people slaves and will only guarantee your condition worsens.

Use all of your energy and resources to be productive and don’t spend any energy blaming, accusing, or criticizing.

In order to ensure your business, your job, your finances, and your future are secure, it’s up to YOU not someone else.

“When you look for others to solve your problems you are basically assigning blame to another party for your problem and if another party is to solve your problem you will ultimately find yourself with an unsolvable problem,” 

Learn to take the actions today by engaging your mind and hands for the purpose you have set to achieve.

In my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” you’ll be shown how to use the little energy you’ve got to engage your mind and hands for your future survival rather than blame the Government, your customers, your staff, your parents, your relations and anything that looks like what is stopping your progress towards a successful future.

Blaming is the energy that makes more slaves. The moment you blame another for anything:

  1. You assign to another your power.
  2. You limit your ability to find a solution to your problems.
  3. You waste resources and energy.

Slaves Are Created When Blames Hold Center Stage.

Don’t Make Blames The Place To Dissipate Your Great Energy.

Remember, success isn’t just important; it is vital, and should never be reduced to anything less than that.

You Only Have To Start Believing – My Strategy For Easter & 2019

It’s the fourth month of the year and it’s Easter Season. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice. What matters is the fact that everyone is going on holidays soon.

Guess what?

This is 4 months out of a full year’s plan you already had. Isn’t it?

You need to make it count and get sold on ending the year in a strong way.

You know the thing about every beginning of a year is that we try to write down all our plans, and mentally we are damn serious to achieve it. Especially, if you had just listened to a super motivational speaker.

And then, a few days, weeks and maybe a month afterwards. The whole zeal dies flat like a flat bottle of beer, waiting patiently for someone who knows the effect of a good drink with bubbles to scream “Hey this drink is flat”. Lol.

Well, in order to help you have your strongest year-end ever, I am giving you this one tip as one of my sales strategies to help build momentum towards a successful end to 2019 and a prosperous start to 2020 when most businesses would have gone under for the obvious.

Are you ready to go all in these last 8 months? Here’s what to do as the first strategy you need for your business now.



Get sold on making and exceeding your own year end’s targets.

You must sell yourself on achieving your own goals, otherwise, why even set them?

In my book, How To Start A Business Without Money, I talk about how salespeople drive economies. This is the first month of the second quarter of the year. You have a hand in driving not only “the economy” but in maximizing your economy. How do you want to end 2019?

Now is the time to get sold on what hasn’t been done before. You have nothing to lose. Get your battle plan together. This is the perfect time to connect with all of your customers from the past years if you have been in business to personally wish them a happy Easter holiday.

Maybe their friend or family member is in the market for the exact thing you offer.

Use this time wisely, reconnect, and end the year at the top of their minds.

Repeat same when any religious celebration or festival comes again.

Remember, you must connect with the soul of your customers not just their body.

Talking only business is connecting with their bodies. But talking family, talking health, talking fun, talking success, talking pains, talking growth and development is part of connecting with their souls.

This is why big companies will spend a lot of resources at the end of every year just to say thank you for being friends and family with us.

Be aware and look for opportunities to sell. This is the season for socializing. When you meet people, tell them what you do and the problems you’re prepared to solve. Tell them your goal of ending the year strong. You never know, they may become your next big deal.

Some important things to keep in mind as we start building momentum to end the year strongly and carry us into a new year are…

The holidays are not an excuse to slack off. It’s the time to rev up.

There are plenty of opportunities out there. Find them.

Don’t forget about the second sale. It’s easier than the first and establishes trust and loyalty between you and your customer. Go for it.

While everyone else is distracted, remain focused.

Get obsessed about ending the year strong.

Right now think about the next few months, what you have going on and all the opportunities that exist.

Get serious about what you want to accomplish in this timeframe and then sell yourself on committing to making it happen.

Enjoy Your Day!!

Is Being Reasonable A Bad Thing?

Hmmm! I hear people argue a lot about this.

In fact, being REASONABLE is one word a whole lot of people will use to summarize a message like “STOP THAT F**K YOU ARE DOING”

The society suggests that you should settle for less, just be happy, enjoy life as it comes, take it easy, no need to rush, don’t be in a hurry, relax it will come to you, be contented, be satisfied, just do it later or when you are free.

How often do you hear this from friends, family, relatives?

All these people have advice on how you should just relax and enjoy life and not get your goals met.

Look, as soon as you hit serious economic challenges in any economy just like you are now experiencing it, what you begin to see are this fabricated nonsense of being reasonable becoming the undoing of literally millions of people.

And I don’t want YOU to be one of those people that think in this direction of being REASONABLE.

I want to make you unreasonable.

People have lost the importance of completing tasks and getting things done.

We used to do things with intensity, got it done, wrapped it up, and finished it.

There was a different work ethic. And that’s what we need to focus on: getting unreasonable with finishing cycles.

People are being convinced today to enjoy life rather than CREATE a life they can enjoy.

I want you to create a life you can enjoy.

Hey, we’ll rest later. We’ll take it easy later. We’ll go on vacations later.

Right now, we want to create a life.

We want to create Financial Solvency. Financial Abundance.

The average class has been deceived over the years into believing that once they enter a certain income level, they are entitled to a certain lifestyle. And that it’s important to live life rather than create the next level of life so they can truly have freedom.

One of the things I’m working on in my life right now is to complete actions started and complete them as fast as possible.

My Coach would say “SUCCESS LOVES SPEED”

The more I complete, the more I can complete.

The more I finish, the more I want to finish other things.

Be unreasonable in all that you do until it is done.

Quit approaching life as a task. Approach it as a finish.

Get in the habit of approaching everything in your life, every task, action, phone call, follow-up – with a sense of completion and urgency.

This discipline is critical for you to mount up sale after sale after sale.

Complete every action once started. Do it as fast as possible and then go do another task. And you will actually create time.

Same with closing transactions. Don’t put off closing what you can wrap up today.

Become unreasonable. Want more from yourself. And expect more from yourself.

I can help you achieve that by showing you exactly the steps you should take from scratch to finish using my practical steps Research – Create – Package – Release Business Model for starting any business without money.

Grab A Copy of “How To Start A Business Without Money” here. 

If you haven’t acted on this offer, I urge you to do it now.

Take action and finish this.

Take advantage of this incredibly important, massive marketing & sales book that will teach you new approaches, mindsets, strategies and methods that will propel you, your career, your business and your life to unbelievable levels of success.

This will be the first book ever written and capturing the exact simple steps to creating wealth for anyone considering the magnitude and scope explored.

Think of it. The networking, the energy, the focus, the content, the knowledge – the experience available to tap from this book and the personal coaching you’ll receive from me.

If you don’t have anyone to bring with you, come by yourself. But attend.

Right now, if you are looking at this and still can’t think of the decision to take, just call me for a special conversation and let’s take a look at exactly what you need now for your business to begin to increase in sales, or for you to chose exactly what to do after making this purchase.

Be Unreasonable, That’s What Pays!


Don’t Just Make Money, Make A Difference

One of the first pieces of advice I got from the first Entrepreneurial Academy I enrolled for in 2013.

This was just shortly after I realized that the only way I could move ahead in life was to develop my skills beyond what I already knew from the banking industry I had just quit.

Of course, I was full of excitement in my final days at the bank because this time, it wasn’t the bank asking me to go, but my personal decision to leave and start my own entrepreneurial dreams.

I thought I had saved enough monies to get me out and start really big. I also thought the street was going to be as easy as I enjoyed my stay in the bank (This was probably because I never had the opportunity to sit down with Tony Elumelu – The then MD/CEO of STB Plc who was my first employer to tell me how difficult it was for him to start what I came to enjoy).

Truth be told?

The start for me remains one of the most unforgettable memories.

Sad experiences you wouldn’t want to have. This was all my fault because I never researched the streets before taking that decision to resign.

Good and fine, I’ve always been in love with sales. But I didn’t know so much needed to be done.

But what the greatest mistake was for me then was the fact that I had focused on coming to make money only.

I wouldn’t want to take us through my experience for now. But the simple message in case you are desperate to know is to let you know that it wasn’t funny. With all the knowledge and money I came out with from the bank, I was far below what the street needed. And guess what? I went BROKE.

So, when I started all over again without money and things began to look really bright for me, one of the first Entrepreneurial Academy (The Emyth) I enrolled for to improve my skills decided to assign a coach to me.

She held several closed sessions with me.

And this is one of the first eye-opening pieces of advice I got from her about my interest to make money.

She said; “Tim, Don’t Just Make Money, Make A Difference”.

That’s really deep.

To further make this clear to me, she said every successful man or woman makes a difference. And it is that difference which identifies them as unique.

The uniqueness is in the value they provide.

What follows value is the Success, The Monies, The Fame, The Greatness… Just name it.

This is exactly what makes people sell far higher than their contemporaries.

So, I decided to apply this to every one of my businesses.

It was the concept I used in my Real Estate business that gave me the kind of unimaginable results I got in the first few months of entrants into the industry.

This is the biggest secrets you must know if you are going into a business.

It is the biggest secret you must take a look at again if you are in business today.

“Don’t Just Make Money, Make A Difference”.

Let me say this;

Every day that you wake up, you’re by every sense going to come in contact with people.

It could be your family members, your business prospects, your friends, or even strangers.

In the course of your contact with these people, it is either you’re impacting them positively or negatively.

That’s the difference.

What difference is it? Is it positive or negative?

If it’s positive which I believe you want your contacts to experience from you. Is it unique?

It’s really good that we want to be successful and of course, every success comes with riches and material things.

But what happens to the contacts?

Are they excited about the uniqueness of the values they get from you?

If they are, then you’re making a difference.

Your customers, Your friends, Your Family members, Your Fans, Your prospects, Just name it.

They all want to experience a difference from you and they will be willing to give their monies to you just for the experience of that difference.

Let your customers feel it in the way they relate with you or consume your products.

Strive to show uniqueness and create impacts that live many times more even after you’re gone.

It’s about your brand.

Are you thinking about how to increase your sales? Are you yet to start a business and you are thinking about how to raise the money for that business? Or maybe, you have a business and you want our support to help you grow your sales?

Just reach out to us here and let’s get to hear directly from you.

Shine on.

10 Powerful Ways To Ultimately Increase Your Sales In Less Than 30 Days

If you already have a product or service that you sell to prospects/customers, you’ll agree with me that your major purpose is to increase sales at every point in time because that’s what keeps you in business.

But there is one underlying reason why you’re also in business which most people usually don’t talk about.
And that’s the fact that the essence you are in business is to provide value not to make money.
Because it is the value that brings money.
People will only buy your product or service if they are certain it will solve a problem for them.

For example, the reason I would sell a camera phone today is because I know that beyond helping my customers make calls, these phones will also help cut cost for them because they won’t have to invite a cameraman to follow them everywhere especially during important and memorable times to take them snapshots.
All they need to do is simply bring out their phones and turn on the camera buttons. Take as many photos as they want.

Do you understand where I am driving at now?

I simply sell camera phones for VALUES.
1. Cutting expenses
2. Readily available camera
3. More pictures can be taken with extra cost
4. Taking photos at my time without pressure.
And the lists goes on and on….. VALUES

Every product/service is intended for VALUE. That’s why you are in business.

But then why do people just watch your products or services and rather prefer to get it elsewhere instead.

Do not rush to say it’s all luck….

Simply, it is because most salespeople are ignorant of what it takes to create and position their products or services for the ultimate sales results.

Today, I shall be talking about how you can create or recreate your products or services for the ultimate sales experience.

Now let’s ride.
Every product or services were created with the intentions to sell.

Yes right?

But that is the mistake……..

Products/Services are supposed to be created to solve problems.

If your product/services are not solving a problem then there is a need to look deeper.

As an Entrepreneur, your job is SOLUTIONS – You’re a PROBLEM SOLVER, not a creator.

So, if you have a product or service I want you to follow these steps to reposition your product for increased sales.
If you are just about to start a business, then this is also an opportunity for you to begin to think rightly.

Here are the steps:

1. Identify the problems – If you have a product or service, what problem/problems is it solving? Write them down. And make sure you identify at least the best 3. It doesn’t matter if other people are already selling the products. Do enough research and create even more problems it solves. So you can prepare yourself for the pitch.

2. Identify the specific market that has the problem you intend to solve. – Remember I once talked about the fact that your product is not for everybody. So, at this stage, you need to identify those that are having the problems you intend to solve. For example, if you are selling baby wears. Who are your targets? I’m sure you will be in a rush to say, mothers. Nope! Your targets are couples. In fact younger couples.
Then go further to say, younger couples with high-income streams. That’s narrowing down on your target audience. Be thorough at this stage, so you don’t have to waste your time. Good enough those selling products and services online can enjoy the easy classification because most internet marketing platforms now have data for everyone online.
So, Facebook will simply help you identify them just like Instagram, Twitter and the rest. Have you ever wondered why you are thinking about something that you had to go online to search for it? Then after a few days or weeks, an advert pops up right in front of you? That’s because the internet platforms have your data and they know you want to solve that problem.

3. Identify existing solutions – I already talked about this earlier in relation to the problems. So here, you will start identifying all the solutions your product or service provides to solve the earlier identified problems.
For instance, if the problem you identified earlier for children wears has it that parents don’t have the luxury to go into the market to shop for kids’ wears, or they want products that can last longer in quality for their kids, just name.
Then your solution identification now will be 1. My products are made of 100% pure cotton, and this solves the problem of quality and longevity for my target customers.
Again, you could look at the fact that your product can be delivered to wherever at a free shipping cost. Just keep listing the solutions. Now, intentionally find the path to create uniqueness with your product. It has to be unique. That takes us to point No. 4

4. Create your solutions with unique experiences – Bearing in mind; Easy Access to the solutions; Easy Usage; Durability(wear & tear); Life span; Cost of acquisition; After Sales Services; just keep them coming.

5. Identify where your target audience is; Where they spend their time the most. If you are offline. Where can you find them? Young couples that have the resources are usually business people, they work in private companies, they are always flying in and out of the airports.
Does this make sense to you?
Well, that’s how to identify an offline target audience. As for an online target audience, Facebook is a good shot. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, just name it. But again, you can’t be identifying ages 13 to 22 or even 24 as your target audience. Most of these age groups are still playing and are yet to settle for a real life.
So, your target audience online will take note of ages between 25 and 39 or even 45 because we still have men that are yet to get married at 45.
Or may have just gotten married. (No offence intended please as I am just being very open to ensure you learn exactly what I am trying to pass across.

6. Identify the best platforms for reaching out to them – Now, because there are so many of these platforms as mentioned above, it will be unhealthy for you to start everywhere especially when you have limited time and you are probably just working alone.
So, the idea here is for you to pick a few to start with first. But in case you have more hands to help you out. Why not?
Take over!!!
In this part of the world, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp are the few platforms that are gaining a lot of attention these days. So, you may just start with these few.
The online platforms have provided more successes today than offline platforms. So, you may adopt this for a start. Use Audio/Visual Media; Print Media; Direct Calls; BulkSMS; Cold Calls; Market Storms/Road Shows as it soothes you.

7. Start with sharing knowledge about these products/services on the platforms. This will have to do with great skill in content creation. Unfortunately, it is the reason most people fail even when they know how to sell online. So, you’ve got to learn this skill specially.
Grab a copy of my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” to learn about this skill.

8. Make Your Sales by advertising your products & services – Once you start having followership from contents being created. Then you can start selling. In fact, with great contents, people will start begging you to help them find these solutions that you talk about while creating contents.

9. Delivery is key to your success – Deliver on promise always. Integrity & Relationship connects you to more business and increased sales.

10. Finally, Note that people buy from the emotions they have or feel for the problem they want to solve. So it’s your job to first identify those problems and the effect it creates if not solved. Then show them how you solve it using your products or services.

I will be discussing emotions and how it affects buying decisions in future.
Let me know if you want it discussed and I will come with it.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that all of these have been discussed and clearly spelt out in my book.

Go over and grab your copy now while it is at this price.

If you enjoyed this piece, kindly share with friends on your timeline.

I will see you soon.

The Unbelievable Magnet That Attracts Failure

 “Very successful people don’t seek comfort; they seek success and are willing to do what is most uncomfortable. But most people are seeking comfort and familiarity, which are the traps causing you to settle for the mediocre.”

While this is true and it’s obvious you are nodding your head.

Would you agree with me that you’re also a culprit?

The truth is, while most of us try to speak against this very hard fact, a whole lot of us are deeply involved in this saga.

We look for comforts easily and will be ready to spend time in comfort zones.

And I wonder, why this is so, when we all know that comfort zones are impoverishing.


I have been in this shoes many times.

I hate the idea of not making sales. I hate it when income doesn’t come in.

In fact, I hate the fact that I know what I need to be doing at all times to make a lot of monies, yet I snooze out easily.

I just hate it…….

But what’s that one thing I hate the most……. Falling cheap for the comfort zone.

Imagine times, when I would have agreed that I am not going to make anything short of N10,000,000 sales in a month.

And then, I made about N7,000,000 in half of the same month with all smiles.

Leaving me with another 15 days to make probably another N7m or N10m so as to exceed my budget for the month.

All of a sudden, I found myself snoozed out because I found comfort.

That’s what happens to many of you.

There is work to be done. There is money to be made. But that comfort zone is taking everything out of you.

Guess what?

It’s simply saying, hey man….. It takes just so much to get into the 3% successful people’s arena. And you’re not fit to be there.


Now listen to me!

Pause here a for a few minutes and go over to any of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and you’ll notice that in every 100 adverts you see, there are almost 70% requesting people to make quick monies or fast cash.

Guess what? Thousands and thousands of comments endorsing and asking for how this money could be made pour in like a busted pipe of water flowing from a heavy waterfall. (This is not my English Oh…. So, don’t bother to correct me. Lol).

It is not because they are greedy, it’s simply because the human mind is tailored towards comfort.

Comfort in terms of getting past everything without really sweating for it.

We all want to sleep and wake up with millions in our accounts. We dream of driving and living in affluence without taking a step towards actualizing it.

In fact, there are people who would prefer to not even leave the comfort of their bedrooms while they get fed, bathed, helped to poo, wear clothes on and even fly them spiritually to where they want to go without having to walk into a car or an aircraft or something else.

The first time I heard about making money online, these guys who advertised it, were so good that they gave me this impression, I don’t have to work too hard to learn it and start making money. In fact, they thrilled me with exotic cars and homes so much that, I started dreaming about the monies I was going to make and how I was going to spend it than how I was going to work to make it.

Very unfortunate, most of us who rushed in at that time got our fingers burnt and never again, I told myself I would ever be deceived by quick money making schemes.

This is why when I was writing my book, the few friends I told about it jumped at me thinking that the book is all about those quick money making schemes.

But when I told them, this is about a genuine way of making money and requires that you learn it the hard way. Hard in the sense that, you will be taught how to create or recreate a product. How to research a good product or service before you even start selling. How you need to package any product to meet the demands of people and the final step that deals with launching or marketing the products online and offline.

They tend to quit the excitement.

This book isn’t about the “QUICK MONEY MAKING SCHEMES” that endanger your future and resources.

It’s simply a GO-TO-WORK project and requires your time and commitment.

Well, you may say “Oh, No…. I have tried some fast money making schemes and made a whole lot of cash.” So what?

Well, my response is very simple.

Go back to that business if it has lasted for more than a year and tell me if it still exists.

You see these businesses with such lustre come but for a very limited time.

Because the guys behind the scenes know you’re lazy minded and want to make some quick monies, so they trick you in, get what they want and they take a walk leaving you in despair.

Think about it.

All the various Networking businesses that came into this country in the last few years, where are they today?

If there are, I’m certain they are performing below per, because what they came to sell to you was simply “QUICK MONEY SCHEMES” not value of the product.

I can go on and on with these sleeky businesses.

The point I’m making here is simple.

Success doesn’t come by accident. You need to go all out in search of it. And while doing so, you must be ready to go off your comfort zone.

Roll up your sleeves and get in the woods. Stop wasting too many hours reading or watching those things that won’t matter.

Read! Learn! Get A Mentor! Attend Seminars! Go all out to seek for SUCCESS.

Successful people don’t seek for comfort. They work for comfort.

I have my published book – How To Start A Business Without Money and you’ll love it.

It is not just a book. But a manual that you would have to follow step by step to get where you want to get to in good time.

In this book, I used the principle of “Think and Grow Rich, The Art of Exceptional Living, & of course, the great lessons I learnt from my coaches and mentors – Grant, Tai, Alex, Trump and many more to bring it closer to you.

I have used it and I’m still using it.

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 Do have a beautiful day.