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These 10 Things Can Change Your Life & Income Drastically

Success doesn’t come by accident. It is not luck, nor is it gifted. It is EARNED.

Some people fail to understand this concept and that is why they are always willing to find who to blame.

I have never seen a man or woman who doesn’t tell you how difficult it was on that path. None.

So, what the heck about your present-day challenges?

What the heck about your current financial situation?

What the heck about Fear?

For 4 good years, I kept fighting battles, to avoid the usual financial, relationship, and many other challenges.

In me, I knew I was in a tough fight…

Not against the spirits, but man, businesses, and finances.

But something inside of me kept reminding me of the thoughts of one of my mentors.

He said, “Success in life isn’t a free fall. It comes with battles. It comes with failures. But when you are faced with these things. Know that soon enough you will conquer. But above all, you must fight it and fight it with your strength and willpower. Be Utterly Disciplined In All You Have Chosen To Do.”

Now the lack of jobs especially for adults leaves us with so much to take care of but there is no means of income, how do you survive it? A Major problem

Even for those who have jobs, the income or salaries they receive is not even enough to cater to their numerous problems like feeding, health, caring or starting a new family, etc

Another problem is those who even have jobs, but they are never happy with it and are always looking out for something better. Unfortunately, we are not in a country where with enough energy, you can go out for as many jobs that pay on a per-time basis (Hourly jobs).

Some who even have businesses are losing the steam because these businesses don’t fetch them what they want.

So they keep spending all their capital hoping for a rainfall someday which may never come.

The result of it most times is that in every 100 businesses opened, over 97% gets shut down within 3 to 9 months and they are back to the streets again searching for some opportunities.

Professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Engineers, and the likes are getting even hurt the most. These are people who ordinarily should be leaving their dreams after spending a whole lot of years learning what they practice today.

Reasons Why These Problems Have Persisted

The question is, why all of these?

Why are people even when we know the monies flow in the system cannot be able to sustain livelihood?

In the search of reasons.

Let me share these thoughts with you and I hope will help you.

We have been groomed with certain mentalities especially about how money and a good life is created.

These have passed from one generation to another to this day.

This knowledge that has built our mentality to what it is today, was subtly transferred to us under the guise of good home training.

First, we were told to be contented with what we have.

We were told to be humble and never argue with an elder.

We were told respect is a virtue, so even when people disrespect us, we should just walk away.

We were told to work like a horse and eat like an ant or else we will become lazy.

We were told to always pray no matter the situation.

Sincerely, these are powerful home pieces of training, and as good as they are, have made so many of us lose sight of the real deal to a successful life.

And of course, we should be blamed, because, we never get to ask questions about the things we came to meet.

We just took them on and have relentlessly passed it to another generation.

These are the reasons why we have a very difficult life and achieving success both in life and finances has and will continue to be a problem.

These are the reasons we can never be rich.

These are reasons that even when we are broke, we stick to the old ways that keep holding us back while we continue to hope for a rainfall someday.



            The Usual Solutions You Would Get

For those who intend to break out, they rather take to the awkward ways.. Like fetism, criminality, prostitution, and in fact, the men are now sleeping with older women in a bid to have their bills paid.

For some sane persons, they look for the quick wins in terms of money making (Ponzies).

Some tend to always look for jobs, from one company to another.

Some professionals take on jobs, not for the quality but just because they must make some little monies to sustain livelihood.

There are many more options people take, but for our time here, I would love to share some very important tips I learned from my mentor.

And if you decide to listen and practice these things, I can assure you that though you can’t have the magic of changing your entire income or life in one swoop, but of course, gradually things will change.

This isn’t an overnight success.

So stick with me as I share these 10 important tips that can change your income and life drastically.

  1. Here is the first one. Purpose.
    A man with purpose, already knows that the gap between failure and success is a function of his or her ability to rise above the hurdles of an unclear future, and walk towards a meaningful existence.

All successful people are purposeful in their existence. They have a clear vision of where they are going, where they are and where they are coming from.

Purpose is an important factor that can change your life and income drastically because clarity is a very important factor when a man decides on the direction to go.

Now, purpose is not just knowing where to go, it has a very important influence in driving you towards your ultimate goal.

It’s that force inside of you that keeps you alive even when things don’t seem to be working in your directions.

Simply put, Purpose is that force that drives and pushes you forward into your future.

Purpose also has the power to help you in overcoming challenges no matter how difficult they are. It is what keeps you on the right track even when these challenges seem overwhelming so that you don’t derail.

The fact is that, most times when you come face to face with challenges, there is a high percentage that you will become confused.

But with purpose, you’ll see these challenges as mere distractions.

Purpose shows you the big image and tells you to stay focused, because ultimately, that’s where you belong.

So, always understand and use your purpose to enlarge your imagination which in turn will help to create new ways you need to be able to achieve your goals.

Once purpose sets in, your vision for what works will begin to come, and it starts with the necessary  skills you will need to maneuver through those challenges.

Here are some positive sides of having a great purpose

  • Purpose has the power to make you become obsessed. And of course, one of the key things I have learned over the years is to become obsessed in whatever I want to achieve. Powerful secret from Grant… Be obsessed or be average.

Obsession, keeps you going even when everyone thinks it has come to an end.

So you need purpose.

  • Next is that purpose prevents distractions –

The truth is naturally, we are always faced with distractions in life.

Especially when bad things happen to us.

And once bad things happen, a lot of us get pulled back or gets stalled. At that moment, we become heavily distracted.

Purpose, and I mean a genuine one, will take care of distractions instantly.

  • Again, purpose pulls you through all kinds of challenges no matter how difficult it is.
  • Furthermore, without purpose, your day can easily be marred. Things will hurt your feelings easily. But with purpose, your excitement overshadows a bad day or a hurt.
  • Purpose is a conscious state of mind that looks beyond now, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or even 10 years away.
  • Lastly on the positive sides of purpose is that you must understand that the more dynamic your purpose is, the more it affects your entire life, your spirit, and your mind. Which in turn translates to the physical results in your finances.

So, always endeavor to allow for a great and dynamic purpose to play out in your life.

Purpose is a beautiful thing.

  1. The second and very important life and income changing force is Self Confidence.
    We all know literally what it means.

But beyond the literal definition, let me share my thought on how it affects your life and can change your finances drastically.

Of course, we all know what Self-confidence does. We know it makes us feel good about ourselves, helps our mindsets, and brings about a sense of positivity.

But how do you create self-confidence? It’s simply by working really hard on yourself. It is also working hard on the task you set out to do each day.

And knowing that each task gets you closer to your purpose in life.

And the moment you begin to get things done especially in fulfillment of your ultimate purpose, your confidence begins to grow.

A knowledge of the fact that you know what to do and you are doing it gradually brings a whole lot of confidence in you. Especially as the results from the small work or task being done provides you with real evidences even when everyone else is blind to it.

Now, the advice here is simple… Make sure all the small goals you have set each day towards the ultimate goal or purpose are completed.

The moment that starts happening, you will see productivity rise, and an increase in your self-confidence will begin to blossom.

Here are a few positives on self-confidence that you must know.

  • Never neglect the small day’s disciplines that will improve your performance each day – Reading, Exercising, Relating, Listening, Speaking, just those important self-development routines you need in your life each day.

For example, read a chapter of a book each day, exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, look at your finances each day, call 5 or 10 of your clients to build personal relationship each day, call 2 or 3 of your family members each day, call your friends.

It doesn’t have to be a big task…

Just take it bit by bits.

Tough but will get you your needed confidence as you go on. Just do it without fail. This is usually tough when you start but with time, it becomes easy. And you’ll begin to feel so excited about it.

Next is, It makes you feel good about yourself, and your self-confidence rises.

Another positive to it is that self-confidence only comes from avoiding to neglect the task you’ve resolved to do each day. Don’t allow for procrastination to set in.

Whatever you chose to do each day, follow through to the end.

Do not justify why you shouldn’t do it.

The moment you begin to neglect one little one of those tasks, it grows to 2, and then 3, 4, 5… eventually leads to a disastrous life.

Self-confidence needs the daily accomplishment of tasks.

Again, self-confidence affects your health, affects your psyche,… And I mean either positively or negatively. On the negative, the moment your self-confidence drops, your health starts failing. Your psyche begins to dwindle in the negatives. You’ll begin to lose trust in yourself. So avoid it.

But on the other hand, the moment your self-confidence rises, your health gains more strength, your psyche becomes even stronger… Nothing gets you down easily.

Self-confidence is willingness to do whatever it takes not minding the physical, emotional or spiritual hurdles that comes to your way.

Self-confidence comes from the ability to rise above what happens to you

And lastly, with self-confidence, It’s about just keeping at it. Never be distracted.


  1. Next on the list is Enthusiasm.
    Now, whenever self-confidence is playing out, you’ll notice that enthusiasm is also by the side. Successful people are enthusiastic. It is simply about being passionate with what you do. It is the excitement that comes with the things you are able to create and show to others.

Here you are excited about the results you will get or you have gotten. And listen to me, when you love your work you will affect others and inspire them to do as best as they can in the things that make them strong.

When you show people enthusiasm in what you do, they begin to be infected by what drives you and will eventually begin to see how much of what works from your inside. They will begin to believe in you.

Now, this is important.

The human nature is affected by the emotions. And enthusiasm is best driven by emotions. What they feel from your creativity brings them close to you.

That’s a secret about salespeople that you must also know.

Here are some positives about enthusiasm.

The Most powerful enthusiasm is the one inside and that takes about 90% while the one that people get to see is just 10%. However, that of the inside is what connects you to the level of success you want to achieve because emotions is what drives it.

Again, enthusiasm is created by self-confidence, purpose, and goes on to affect the people around you.

Lastly, it is usually unheard, because it is inside of you. But listen, it is a powerful force that can change your life and income.


  1. Now the 4th one is Expertise.
    What is expertise? Listen to this here…..

If you can show that you are best of the best, and have learned everything you can in a particular field people will respond to you in a better way.

If you can devote your time to becoming an expert in anything you have chosen as your path to your greater purpose in life, nothing under heavens can be a shot-stopper for you.

To simply put this, expertise is a force that opens anything up for you.

So, learn about everything that matters in that chosen field of yours. Become the go-to expert.

When people think it, they think you as the solution provider.

Only then can your life change and of course your income will change drastically too.

Now take the positives here…

  • Once you chose a field, be hungry to excel in all of the skills required in it, and refuse to settle for less. This is to say, if you are a mechanic, just go crazy and become skillful in that field, so much that people will be the ones making reference for you.

Take a look at doctors, lawyers, technicians around and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The best among them gets a lot of referrals without selling themselves.

Another positive you must take to the bank here is for you to always do the best you can in developing your skills.

Never settle for mediocrity.


  1. The 5th is Preparation
    Preparation they say when meets opportunity, success is inevitable.

That’s it….

It is simply having the ability to constantly get ready for the things ahead of us. That’s what aids the success we always want.

If we don’t spend the time preparing for the things ahead we will miss out on many opportunities. Search for the things that make you a better person and learn about it.
Build the skills, reach out to the people, learn the techniques.

Here are some positives….

You must always be ready, not just for today, but at all times

Sometimes it seems like a long time, which is usually very true, but just keep at it,

Prepare to have a good day before the day

Prepare yourself for success, because life doesn’t waste its resources and time on someone who isn’t ready or who isn’t prepared.

Don’t just look for the fortune, prepare for it.

Life isn’t designed to give us what we want but what we are prepared to receive

Just as the bible says it. Search and you will find. Ask and it will be given, so is preparation. It guarantees success.

Be ready for challenges, opportunities, circumstances because it will all come.

You can never be as powerful as you would want to be except by preparations. The fact is, life is in stages. For you to be qualified for the next stage, you must be prepared with the first stage.

Your next level in life, is your ability to overcome the hurdles of the this level in life. So, be prepared.

Next positive is for you to be valuable. Preparation brings your value to the table.

To be prepared, you need to read, you need to study… Be prepared always


  1. Self Reliance.
    Be Independent and make sure that you can be responsible for anything that comes your way.

Be the person who can count on themselves when it comes to the crunch and so you don’t make excuses for things going wrong around you.

Simply looking mostly to yourself

Primarily rely on yourself – Be responsible

Being the final back stop

Never complain and never explain


  1. Self-Image
    When you are seen as the person in control, the one who can be a great leader and use their power to help others they will want to help in return.

Also know that the image of yourself is important to you also, as the way we act and think affects how well we can tackle tasks and complete objectives.

Be the best you can.

Here are the positives this too:

How other people see you is also important – Having an image of one who is in charge or in control attracts the people that will change your life to you.

Your image of influence is important

Your image of yourself is by far important as well – This comes with the way you Think, talk, dress, and the skills you display.

This self- image is important and you can use that to build yourself.

It calls for looking at the mirror and saying this is how I appear to myself.


  1. Next Is Character.
    When we show that we have the character to do the right thing and stick at our goals, rather than try for a while then give up we become people of integrity.

We can grow and show that nothing is impossible, which leads to more growth and a success of its own.

Great Character exudes love, and care for people you want to help. When we care for those around us they will stay on our journeys forever.

Character catapults you to becoming a person of high value, principle, respect, altitude, attitude, integrity.

Systems fail because they were not constructed with doing the right thing, lack integrity, and zero in character. You must learn to watch these things.

Your character must be the type that never fails to take advantage when necessary.

You must show that you are willing to do the right thing.

Self-development helps building and developing your own character.

  1. Self Discipline Is The 9th One
    This is one and most importantly what a lot of us face as a challenge today, considering the fact that we are always in chase for what to put as foods on the table or other things we deemed important to us.

As important as these things are, the long term goal is to have a great life and financial strength to be able to take care of all that matters.

So, if you must have this long term goal, then never let up your focus. Always stick to your goals and the relevant tasks that must be accomplished.

Be regimented in the jobs you have the tasks you have set for yourself, so you can be reliable to those around you.

Do your part, to bring the whole of a project or business together.

Sometimes it’s easy to mess up and let it go which is a major factor that we experience a lot of times, and before we knew it, we would have began to neglect so much and then finally become loss in the drive to achieve success. Avoid it.

Of course we are human to make mistakes, but we must be disciplined enough to avoid these mistakes or the problems we cause intentionally.


  1. Demand Excellence From Yourself

There is a difficulty attaining perfection in life. But we can strive towards it all the time.

Someone once met me and said, “Oh! Tim, I had this picture of you in my head. I am so happy that you gave me a thought to rethink my life again.

I was always trying to make the world trust me because of my past.

But when you explained it on radio the other day, I challenged myself of self-perfection and since then, life for me has improved tremendously.

I have refused to wait for men to tell me I am perfect, instead I have consistently demand of myself the task towards perfection.”

Let’s face facts here… To obtain the great things that you want, you must do the great things that go along with it to make it complete.

Therefore you must make sure you get the very best and settle for nothing other than absolute excellence.

And while you have that in focus, do not ever yield to the assessment of just anybody, except those who truly will tell you what they think about you.

So, by demanding of self-excellence, you must understand the followings;

The power of extraordinary performance.

If you must get extraordinary results, you must be willing to do the extraordinary things

Mediocre is not an option

Society doesn’t demand these great things from you. You must demand of yourself

Thanks for your time with me here…

I hope you have been influenced by these teachings….

Please share with someone you love. And don’t forget to like this page and turn on the notifications for our Sales and Marketing Mastery Coachings.

We Learn Always….

My name is Tim Abel.


Why You Will Never Make Money

Why You Will Never Make Money
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This Is A Part of My Story – Motivating You For Success Today

This Is A Part of My Story – Motivating You For Success Today
This is a bit of my story. Sometimes when I recount it, I feel the pains of betrayal coming from a very close and senior friend.
Someone I would ordinarily look up to for sincere guides in life.
They say, age is just a number and this is because so many hide under this status to deprive the younger ones of their genuine greatness in life.

9 Things You Must Do To Change Your Present Situation

For most people, life has really been very difficult since the beginning of the year.

We have had lots and lots of things happened to mankind across the globe.

Families have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost money, businesses, and even relationships because of how bad the year has been.

While many of us have kept groaning and blaming people and the Government, it is pertinent to say that dwelling in losses and blaming everything else including ourselves will never save the situation.

We must as a matter of urgency move on.

Not just because of us as individuals, but ultimately because of the people who look up to us.

Our children, our parents, our friends, family, and even our closest partners (spouse).

We need to live for these people.

They love us so much and we must not let that faith they have in us diminish.

I understand to a large extent how we feel.

Yes, about the system not working in our favor.

The people not understanding us.

The institutions, not giving us a chance.

I understand all of these.

But listen to me here.

When everything fails… You must not fail.

You must devise a way to succeed.

You must be the true you that wants to always be great.

You must never down your tools of sensibility.

Never down your tools of taking meaningful actions.

Today, I want to share it with you.

9 Things you must start doing from now onwards until that smile of achieving a great feat appears in sight.

  1. Hate Your Present Situation so bad that you want to make a fast change

If you love something so much, you are bound to stay with it for so long a time.

Whatever situation you are in now, and you think isn’t right for you. Hate it.

  1. Desire A Change For Good That Breeds A Burning Desire

Don’t just hate, and still remain there. Make a move and that comes with knowing where you should be and start developing a burning desire to be there. This is the change you need.

  1. Make A Decisive Decision – Be Firm About It

Once you know where you should be, then go ahead and decide on what next. And take a firm decision on the new decision you have made.

  1. Analyze the various opportunities and not the problems

There are definitely going to be problems. But you must ignore these problems and look in the direction of the opportunities instead of the problems.

  1. Have Faith

Whatever you decide to do and fail to have faith in its realization remains a dud act. You will never see results.

You must be faithful enough and I mean to develop a strong faith in yourself.

  1. Develop Self-Confidence

Going beyond Faith is what is called Self-Confidence.

Self-Confidence has a direct impact on results that appears in the physical as successes.

You must be self-confident.

  1. Develop Self- Trust & Belief

Self-belief is important to strengthen our self-confidence.

Those who do not believe in themselves are fast enough to erode their confidence.

Don’t ever give a chance in some things that have happened to you in the past on this same road. Have a strong self-belief in such a way that not even you can ever think of your past failures.

  1. Personal Development

Now, all of these will only become realizable by consciously developing yourself.

Read the books, attend the seminars, listen to the experts, join expert forums, and just about anything that strengthens your skills or knowledge.

  1. Be Persistent

Lastly, is you being on that path. You alone know where you are going. What is important the most remains what you must focus on daily.

And once you know that thing, be persistent.

With all of these held closely and practiced every day, you are certain to clinch unto a new path in your life.

I hope this helps.

Before I go, don’t forget……. You can grab a copy of my book.

How To Start A Business Without Money Now.

The Price is N7,997.77

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Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

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Series #13 – Welcome The Disciplines of Life

Welcome The Disciplines of Life To Achieve Your Desired Success or Anything You Want From Life.

Incidentally, this is one of our major problems amidst many of these secrets.

You may want to ask why I said it is the most difficult and of course, I am here to share my thoughts with you.

Let me start by saying, as adults, we obviously all know the ways to become successful.

Even if you haven’t heard it before, it is easy to read it up somewhere.

It’s obvious that for you to attract success, these books, coaches, seminars, articles, and a whole lot of sources always preach the same thing.

Read the books, attend the seminars, Listen to the experts, do the sit-ups, walk around the blocks each morning, go the run for at least 1 hour a day, eat less but more of vegetables and fruits, rest enough, and many more.

The problem is, the discipline to follow these rules even when we know the importance.

Enjoy this series and let’s get your voice heard as well.

Be Great

Series #12 – Demand Integrity From Yourself

Always demand Integrity from yourself.

You can’t demand integrity from someone else when you don’t have integrity.

People will associate with you only if they are certain that you have integrity.

This applies to all aspects of life endeavors.

Whether in business, relationship, or family life.

That word integrity plays a vital role and we must be willing to ensure our lives are as straight before man not just with God.

In this series of “How To Achieve Anything In Life”…

I share my thoughts on this and I hope it resonates with you today.

Enjoy the ride. Be Great as Always.

Series #10 – Always Live With Intensity

Living with an extreme sense and awareness of your purpose.

Acknowledging that you have a limited amount of time to accomplish your vision.

Possessing an extreme focus on two things:

What is important now and what is important next.

The fact is, all successful people who have achieved great things in life all have one thing in common

A vision of which they remain intensely aware of where they are going and living every day in such a way that their attention and focus is directed towards the ultimate purpose that they have.

And this is because they know that nobody lives forever.

In this series of “How To Achieve Anything In Life”.

You will learn in detail how to live with intensity.

Be Great

Series #9 – Always Invest Your Profits In Things That Matter To Your Growth

Always invest your profits in things that matter, not in things you are just excited about.

Top achievers have a way of placing this discipline in their lives and can dramatically accelerate your finances.

Enjoy my thoughts on this.

Be Great.

Series #8 – Conserving Your Time Is Your Greatest Currency For Achieving Anything

A factor in life that can never be redeemed if wasted or misused is Time.

Time is incomparably your greatest asset in life if you must achieve anything that ever matters to you.

Unfortunately, most people never realize this until the later parts of existence.

This is not to say, it is too late to achieve success at this point.

It therefore means, you must be willing to do 10x of what your peers are doing to get to the same level with them.

This is not to say, it is too late to achieve success at this point. existence.

See you soon.