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I Help Individuals & Business Owners Desiring Strategic Growth In Sales.

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About Tim Abel

Thanks for checking up on me here….

Briefly, without wasting time, I have dedicated my life since 2012 after my banking experience to helping individuals and business brands with interest in growing visibility of what they offer to the public so as to increase sales or acceptance by their target audiences.

By this, I am simply that guy, who would sit down with you and review where you are, and where you want to get to with whatever you are selling.

I have been in this business for the last 20 years and this covers both Traditional and Internet Marketing and Sales.

On this platform, I help in coaching, consulting and mentoring people and businesses to achieve their ultimate goals of being in business using strategic marketing and sales formulas that has the power to turn around any business.

As a student and VIP Member of great Business Development, Marketing and Sales Programs Locally and Internationally, here are a few of verifiable partners I have been working with in the last one decade of my journey here.

Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Secrets  

Grant Cardone – King of Sales – Cardone University

Billy Gene – Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc

Alex Jeffreys – Marketing With You & Clients In Abundance

Jeff Miller – Agency Scaling Secrets

Tom Hopkins – Sales Champions

Ravi AbuvalaScaling With Systems 

Joe Pici – Sales & Rapport Mastery

Gary Vaynerchuk – Marketing For The Now

And so many more….

I am the Author of “How To Start A Business Without Money”, and 7 other books (Yet To Be Published) in Business Development, Marketing and Sales.

As a Business Development, Marketing and Sales Expert/Trainer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur whose experience spans over Banking, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Health and the Wholesale/Retail Industry.

I have kept up with my games and following the trend each day as it comes considering the dynamic nature with life and business.

I am here to give you a free first shot of my sweet doses and get you to start making the needed sales in your business again.

Let’s Do It.

Finally, When you come to coaching or consulting, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you.

All the tools we will use, you will be able to apply now or later in life and business, without necessarily turning to the coach every time.


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When you come to our coaching or consulting services, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you


Work on your prejudices and resources.


Work on your prejudices and resources.


Work on your prejudices and resources.


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Personal Development

Coaching Available For You If You Want Some Personal Business Development, Marketing & Sales Skills That Can Positively Impact Your Life & Business Today


Business Development Supports

Coaching Available For You In The 7 Major Business Development Dynamics, Which Includes Leadership, Management, Branding, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Delivery


Marketing & Sales Consulting

Consulting Services Available For Both Traditional & Internet Marketing & Sales For Your Team & Business

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I Help People Understand Such Issues Like...

Starting a journey to establish your business and finance

I help people identify their inert skills and convert it into payable services, while also helping them to create a business that allows for sustainable income even with zero capital.

Researching & Creating Sustainable Income Streams

I help people understanding what works when choosing a business that can guarantee sustainable income through a thorough research and creation process, using the best formula ever provided in the business world.

Identifying Strategic Information Required For Marketing & Sales

I help business owners, review products and identify unique selling points that can drive sales for her products, while also supporting through creation of various tools and services required to make this experience a life sustaining one.

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