How Businesses Will Run After The Covid-19 Pandemics

How Businesses Will Run After The Covid-19 Pandemics

Recall I had talked about this a few years ago.
It’s sad to say that this change has only been forced by something very dangerous to the human race.
For those who never heard me talk about it or came across my post on this information, let me just recap it here again.

I think it was in 2016, when I was writing my first book – How To Start A Business Without Money.

I talked about the fact that soon enough there will be massive job losses and a whole lot of people especially the young ones would be forced into Entrepreneurship or else, you wouldn’t stand a chance in our society.
I also talked about the corporate and high paying jobs we so admire today for example, Banking, Oil & Gas, Telecoms etc.
These jobs are going to go away.

Do you know why?

Okay this is it.

First, you must understand that every business owner wants to cut cost as much as he/she or they can.

So, imagine a POS Kiosk springing up everywhere, such that you don’t have to walk into a banking hall today to receive cash or deposit cash. This of course takes job away from the cashiers or tellers in our banking halls.

Imagine Online Transfer Apps on my phone today, where I can just within seconds in the comfort of my toilet send as much as N10,000,000 to anyone and anywhere. This will obviously take jobs from even the very senior cash and operations officers’ hands.

Imagine an application designed now to assist customers access loans without going through the rigorous processes of relationship officers and managers writing a bulk of credit assessment reports? This takes jobs away from so many departments found in this line of job delivery functions.

Imagine, an app that updates the bank on every information as it bothers on the transactions of each and every client that has a stake with the bank. Probably going to hamper on the customer service officers.

Then of course imagine account opening now taken online where customers or prospects would easily just hit one or two buttons and automatically they have an account created for them with the account details either sent as a text message or email to the client without moving a step out of their comfort zones. This without a doubt going to take a whole lot of jobs from so many in the system.

I can go on and on…….

In view of these developments, only the most skilled in specific technical functions will retain their jobs.

The point here is simple…

If you are not planning to start your tomorrow today, and I mean NOW….
Listen, you’ve got a long state of confusion to battle with.
I say this because I had experienced it before.

I thought I was good enough for the streets when I was in the bank.
Hmmmm! That’s a whole different ball-game bro.

The street has its mannerisms, you can’t figure out in good time.
And of course the street is full of knives and ditches that you probably didn’t know about while in corporate institutions.

Do you wonder why very big boys in big corporations come out with some huge retirement benefits and before long they are broke and some even commit suicide?

The street is not for everyone like they say. Though I don’t agree, but it’s probably true if you don’t learn the about it first hand.

I want you to listen to this video and have a rethink again if you are working and getting paid today.

Now, in case you are thinking about your savings, well, that can only take you through for a month or two. At most 4 or 6 months. (I wonder the billions you must have saved to live your usual life).

The call here is to get you prepared… Not for tomorrow but NOW.

There are so many opportunities out here now and only those who are willing and ready can take advantage of this great opportunities.

Let me leave you with this.

No one is going to come to your house and change your fortunes.

You’ve got to do it yourself.


7 Reasons We Are Always Stalked

Permit me to use the word stalk here as it is commonly being referred to as “something that holds you back or prevents you from moving ahead”.

From my experiences so far, I must confess that looking at antecedents generally, one would conclude that certain things happen to us unconsciously of of course we don’t get to see these things as inhibiting factors for our growth or successes because we came to inherit the acts.
So, in this video I share my thoughts on the 7 most important things that kept me in the dungeon for too long and I would like you to have a taste of it.
May be somewhere somehow, you may resonate with it.

Let me know what you think at the end of watching this video.


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