No Product To Sell? Then Watch This…….

No Product To Sell? Then Watch This………….

This is a period of revolution for most families including you.

As sensitive as that is, you don’t need to panic.

It is simply an expansion for most people to create more income.

It is a period for those who really want to work, to start creating something without monies.

This is a time you must learn how to sell anything you can. In this Talk show – Money Talks With Tim Abel on Entrepreneurship Tuesday Show With You, I shared my experience and want you to learn from it and see how you can position yourself for the coming days.



For so many people, it will indeed become very tough than you can ever imagine.

Watch and enjoy….. I will see you again next Tuesday.


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How To End Grief and Start Being Happy

In the last article, I talked about Why I was unhappy all along… I was grieved. I lost a whole sense of my personality and I was able to state exactly why I had the grief.

Now, let me share with you my thoughts about how you could end unhappiness.


I say this not because I am so happy.

But because I’ve been through so much and just couldn’t wait for anyone to bring it to me, rather I found it out from the best coaches who have been under this same circumstance in the past.

The truth is, my real grief in life came from not living up to my full potential.

Now, make no mistake, I still have tough days, but it’s not chronic.

If you’re winning or losing and you’re depressed, it’s because your potential is greater than your achievements or your potential is greater than your goals.

When this happens, you’ll experience some lack of purpose or depression.

The way to handle that is to tweak your strategy.

What I mean by strategy is that if you’re struggling and your hustle is not paying off, there may not be anything wrong with you, it’s just your strategy.

There are actually two things here that need to be fixed to end your grief; strategy and tactics.

Look at Strategy and Tactics like this:

Strategy 1: I want to hunt down that target.

Tactic 1: How would I actually kill it.


Strategy 2: I want to get rich.

Tactic 2: What am I going to sell? Who am I going to sell it to? What will I say? How will I follow up? How will I close the deals?

Having a clear purpose and dealing with each process one at a time with visible results brings you abundant happiness.

The fact here is that, even if you are not there yet, you can visibly see that you are making some great efforts and the results are showing.

Remember if you’re not getting anywhere even with hard work, if you’re pushing and shoving and getting little results, it could be a strategy problem first.

Look at your purpose. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Why?

Some of you may have a strategy but you lack the tactics.

This is where my book “How To Start A Business Without Money” lays it bare for you as a starter.

Where I talked about setting goals that will spur you to take specific actions for results wanted and more.

Are you achieving less than you know you can? Are you experiencing grief in your life but can’t pinpoint it? You need strategy and tactics to live up to your potential.

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This Is The Real Reason Why You Are Not Happy

For many years, I was unhappy….

I had what you might call chronic grief… I was constantly depressed because of it.

Those I tried to share my thoughts with would simply go straight to the demise of my mum and wife to say…. “Oh, I think these are the problems.”

Some would tell me that I was just too young to have lost such amounts of monies.

In fact, one of them categorically told me that I was still alive because I have some unfinished projects in life or else, I would have been long gone.

The way he screamed after we spoke about my losses and my age before he went on to share his opinion with me has left a memory in me till today.

I can never forget that morning and the looks on his face…….

To conclude with me, he said…. Hmmmm, I now know that these losses were enough to hold you back my dear friend.

Well, to be candid, these losses were actually huge setbacks for me in life, including the disastrous job loss in 2009 and the final nail of my personal decision to quit banking.

But I later realized that my losses were actually not the root cause of my unhappiness.


The loss of my job, my mum, my wife, my monies, my properties, an unprepared resignation from my high paying job etc…. were never the root cause at all.

The truth is, my real grief in life was that I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

Most adults are unhappy today….. A lot are hypertensive. A good number are deliberating within themselves whether to stay back in the country or live. For a few, the thought of suicide comes to bear.

You may not be experiencing worst situations yet. Just go out there and listen to how people cry even when they’re called men to understand the difficulty men and women are facing.

You find people who have lost their jobs for over a decade and they can’t go back to their villages.

There are those who have consistently become drunkards and bar hustlers just to keep life going.

Others wake up in the morning, get dressed and leave the house walking about town aimlessly…. and praying for the night to fall just for them to go back home and rest for another day without hope.

These are people with huge and massive potentials.

But they’re unhappy people. They’re grieved. They’re hypertensive. They no longer reason normal.

There are also those who have all they want, like a good home to put their heads under, a beautiful car, lovely spouse and kids, and much more. Yet very unhappy.

Now, if you must know this fact today, whether you’re winning or losing, you stand a chance of being depressed….

And the reason is simple….

It’s because your potential is greater than your achievements or your potential is greater than your goals.

But there is a way out………………….

It is either you develop yourself to be able to meet your full potentials or you forget and let life drive you the way it wants.

The choice Is Yours To Deal With.

But if you think you want some support, then maybe I could help out here.

Am I qualified to help you out?

I think I am if you could give me the time to do so.

But it has to start with you investing in yourself…….

That’s why I created my own experience for you to learn from and start a Business Without Money………..

This book is basically centered around SALES SKILLS DEVELOPMENT for both online and offline.

It has it’s motivation for you no matter what you are going through.

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Remember, No One Will Come To Your House & Make You Great!!