Increase Your Sales With Your Phones

An old piece from the archives where I talked about the Phone as a piece to scale up sales in your businesses.

I hope this short video will awaken a part of you with your phone.

The phone today is one of the most powerful tools in our hands to do almost everything.

Watch and leave comments…..
Let me know what you want to know about using the phone to scale up your sales.

Advice To Small Business Owners

In this part of the world, most entrepreneurs are usually at the mercies of their employees or relations.
This is one of the most fundamental reasons businesses of this sort fail even before it gets started.
In this short video, I share my experience and advice on how small business owners can prevent failing especially from the external point of view.

Enjoy the piece and let me have your thoughts on this.

There Is No Scarcity or Shortage of Money

There Is No Scarcity or Shortage of Money

In this video, I share with you certain things you must know about money. It is quite unfortunate that most people have this poor mindset so much that people die empty.

This short but powerful video will change your perception.