10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Day At Work

10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Day At Work

After a long day at work, you probably want to relax and let go of the pressures of your day. Are you a person who finds it difficult to unwind? You’re not alone. Perhaps you have responsibilities at home that require your attention – cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids. Maybe you try to get a head start on the next day’s workload, by working into the night? Continuing on in this way can be physically and mentally taxing as your body continues to expend energy. Over time, this can have seriously impacted your overall wellbeing. To help your mind and body relax and rejuvenate every day after work, we have found 10 of the best ways to help you enjoy some ‘me time’. Try doing one (or more) of these things to get the most out of your leisure time.

  1. Schedule In Your Downtime
    Make downtime a specific goal and prioritize it by scheduling it into your day. It could be as simple as setting aside 5 minutes to do nothing after work. The same applies for date night or planned activities for exercise and play. Perhaps you can set a goal of achieving 3-5 relaxation activities during the workweek and build them into your calendar.
  2. Disconnect
    No matter how you choose to unwind, it will be difficult to do if you are still thinking about work even when you’re out of the office. The first thing you should do as you step out of the office is to turn your work phone off. Avoid bringing work home with you. You deserve to save some time for yourself and your family after putting in most of your energy for the day into the office.
  3. Take A Warm Shower Or Bath
    The best way to leave work behind you is to wash away the tension from your body. Water has a calming effect on the mind and soul. Try a nice hot shower to help your muscles relax followed by a cool splash of cold water to energize the cells in your body. If you have a bathtub, light some aromatic candles and soak your body with some Epsom salts. Don’t forget to moisturize after a long soak!
  4. Unwind With Exercise
    Work off the stress – literally. Exercise releases endorphins. You can’t argue with science. Aside from that, regular physical exercise will help you feel happier and more energetic in the long run. Team sports have a great social element to them, but if you prefer to exercise alone, a good playlist can be just as good!
  5. Get Out Of The House
    A change of scenery after being cooped up indoors all day will help you relax. In fine weather, try seeking out nature – you don’t even have to go farther than your garden. Breathing in some fresh air and looking around the greenery can let your mind wander away from the office.
  6. Relax With Music
    Seek some peace and quiet with some soothing tunes. The music you listen to influence your mood substantially. To promote calm, avoid fast and loud genres of music as it may only aggravate you and give you a headache. Slower music that you can close your eyes and breathe along with, will help to reduce your heart rate.
  7. Read A Book
    Sometimes the best way to escape the chaos of the day-to-day is to slip into another one. Research suggests that the part of our brain that feels empathy gets a great workout when we read fiction, for example. So, try reading about a powerful character, or a positive situation. If you are not an avid reader, you can opt for an episode or two of the TV series you like.
  8. Have Company
    Some of you prefer to be alone at home after a long day. Solitude and silence can be the ultimate way to relax. For others, there is nothing more diverting than enjoying the company of your loved ones. Whether they provide a distraction or they help you to ‘hug it out’ shifting your focus with the help of a friend or loved one, can really help to reduce stress.
  9. Meditate
    You don’t have to sit in a lotus flower pose and chant “ohm” to meditate. Some people find formal meditation a great way to channel their energy from stress to positivity and calm – others find a comfortable chair and a heated eye mask more beneficial. If you’re keen to try meditation, try searching free podcasts. There are plenty out there.
  10. Sleep Tight
    There’s no better way to restore energy than getting a good night’s sleep. This can be challenging for many of us. To set yourself up for success, prepare early. Ensure that your bedroom is a place for sleep only by removing distractions that prevent you from sleeping. Once you’re in bed, you are there to sleep. Avoid checking your phone and power down your electronics at least half an hour before going to bed.


This might just be for your 2020 Plans.

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Introduction How To Start A Business Without Money Review

One of the most problems in this generation is the inability to think and this is because there is so much to learn and most people can cope with the rapidity of these developments.
The resultant effect is the massive unemployment problems people face.

How To Start A Business Without – A Brief Insight

Let’s give a heads up on my book again.
Of course “How To Start A Business Without Money” as the name implies is just your best shot today in a very dynamic system and world.

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.
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In this short video, I talk about how customers want to enjoy their experience with you.

It Starts NOW…………………….

It Starts NOW…………………….

Have you heard an instructor after telling you the rules of the game start the next phase with this phrase before?

“…….. STARTS NOW…..

Yeah, that’s what I want to do with you today.


I wouldn’t have experienced what I now experience if I hadn’t shift my mentality from where it was.

This is not in any way going to come with an objection from any Jupiter. It’s a fact.

And I’m so grateful it happened.

I am not from a rich or wealthy home just like you or someone you know.

And I am so proud of the fact that it happened………..

No blames at all for my parent’s inability to become rich.

No blames for my older siblings to make some stinking monies, so I could hide under their shadows.

In fact, they all gave their best to me and to this day, they are the best overall.

But let’s face facts……………………

Do you think I’m happy about being born into a world that requires some very important skills known to barely a few to become rich?

I hate it as much as you do too.

But, while the truth must be upheld, life wouldn’t have been sweet if everyone knew the secrets of making monies and becoming wealthy.

I want to believe that, our creator probably saw how man would have messed the values of life, if that secret was made open.

Haven said that, the Truth be told, that we were born to a state of mind that belonged to others.

It takes a few people a whole lot to change those mindsets.

For most people they never get to change it.

For the few who change theirs, they experience a whole new touch that life offers.


A lot has been planted in us from the very first day we came to mother earth.

Some of these things are still holding us back.

You may be wondering………… What are these things?

First, the day you were born, your parents had a conversation and agreed that your birth should not be over orchestrated so that some village people don’t snatch you. This is probably 30 or 40 years ago. It is sad, that we are still practicing it.

Secondly, when you were growing up, your parents agreed to put you in one of the best schools if the money is available. Or just ensure you go to a school so that you can become a medical doctor, a lawyer or an engineer to be able to get a good job when you grow up. Most of you derailed from those plans. Today, you read Maths, English, Mass Comm, Forestry, etc. They’ve no option but to accept it.

At some point while you were growing up, they both warned you of wasting foods, wasting monies, wasting everything they ever provided for you. That was because they’d less and needed to manage it.

They told you to respect everyone who comes your way. You’ve been so loyal so much that, even those who want to take the bread off your teeth, will come and do it without a blink of an eye.

They told you to wake up early enough or else you’ll be seen as the laziest man on earth. You bought it. And today, you just wake up to the street, with zero purposes. Gallivanting from one end of the town to another. All to fulfill the perception of everyone around you that you’re not lazy.

They told you never to fight back, and that you should always hand over your intimidators to God to deal with them………… Exactly what we’ve been doing all years to this day. And I am sure you just did this yesterday.

You want me to tell you something here today?

Everything they did and told you is what has become the reason for where you are today.

This piece is simply to help bring you to understand that there is a total overhaul that you need.

And it’s simply called a mental shift.

None of those things will give you the things you desire in life TODAY.

As important as they are, they are mostly dead ends.

Listen to me here today.

This world we are living in needs a fight back.

I’m not saying you should go and fight your employer, the Government or the people on the street.

I’m saying Start Today…………….

Start fighting against poverty

Fight back against all those things that have kept you in this state.

Where do you have to start from?

Your Mental Position.

Make A Shift and Let It Start Now…………….

What’s the number ONE thing that makes a mental shift happen?

When you spend money on your own improvement.

That’s when you really begin to take yourself and your growth seriously.

Because you have skin in the game.

Whether it’s a book, a course, or even a conference, once you commit financially, it becomes the real deal.

And your improvement skyrockets.

So, commit today to develop, growing, and skyrocketing your life.

My Book – How To Start A Business Without Money Might Just Be Your First Take.

It will show you exactly what I did about my own case, because I’ve been there too.

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These men never had someone to borrow them money, or even show them what to do to get paid.

They used some selling tactics and strategies which you are about to learn from this book.

Once you understand how it works, you can go on and sell those skills to business people.

Grab Yours Now.


Your Success Might Just Be Waiting For Your Confidence

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

It was a very horrible experience for me.

I hid my head in shame

I couldn’t do a thing

I was scared of losing my life and leaving my wife and kids to suffer.

I was scared of my father dying of a heart attack for my situation.

I was worried about my siblings who so much have an undying love for their kid brother who God has blessed.

And then, I was scared about what you will be saying about me.

In fact, I already started hearing some of you backlash me and even evil things about me.

Some said, he thinks he is the best….. Let’s see how he comes out of it.

Some said, do you think he has the kind of money he talks about?

Some said I know him when he was nobody. Just because he started making a change, he has turned something else….

Some said he’s a failed project… He will never get out of that mess.

Some said, it’s good for him…. it has not even started…. This is just the beginning.

Some said it’s good for him…. it has not even started…. This is just the beginning.s this and he is that….

Some said, let me go and take my own share before it finishes from his hands.

Listen buddy……….., I heard it all……

I heard every f**king thing you said and you heard.

But this is one thing I heard and it was really loud and even LOUDER than all the other voices put together.

That one voice was my voice.

It was ME.

It was nobody else but me…… Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

It said: Hey boy, your journey of great things to happen has just started.

You can’t have a beautiful ending without a bitter beginning.

You can only become who you want to be by experiencing exactly what others who have tried and failed have also experienced but couldn’t sail through.

You’ll also experience what those who are successes today have experienced.

It’s going to take time.

But listen, timing and actualization is a factor that will strongly be determined by the number of hours you are willing to put in for the work you will be doing.

The time and efforts you are willing to sacrifice.

You genuineness at heart to achieve the things you have set out to achieve.

Remember, No Pain No Gains!!!

Listen to me today…………………

And this is From the marbles……….

Action is the greatest value of time.

No matter what happens.

The level of action you take will determine the results you get.

It’s about taking action regardless of your fears.

The soldiers and heroes you hear about never refer to themselves as brave before they endure hardships.

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive in that moment.

Heard of these words before?

“Courage is that quality of mind or spirit that compels people to face dangerous situations in spite of fear.”

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive at that moment.it is by attacking, dominating, and keeping your attention on the future.

Once you start doing the things that scare you the most more frequently, they’ll continue to scare you less and less until you wonder why they scared you in the first place.

Ultimately, that fear becomes the confidence you never knew you had.

I feared to take actions too, but I’ve found out that those actions I feared to take the most end up becoming what takes me through difficult times.

I feared to go back and start all over again – I’m now done with that.

I feared to read the books because they are bulky – Now I flip through books like a machine.

I feared to run the things I used to run with everyone supporting it – Today, I run that alone even while you are sleeping.

I feared to stand in front of people to say the things I need to say…. Today, I speak with my volume up. No remote audio control.

I feared I will never live to see a child – Today, I have kids and targeting 7 more (Please don’t laugh, I just love kids and want to have as many as possible).

I feared I will never be able to share my experiences – Today, you are reading it, you are watching me talk about it and learning from it. I have also gone ahead to write a book to help share how I survived it with you.

I feared I will never survive in personal business – Today, I have 3 solid businesses and building more.

Writing this book “How To Start A Business Without Money” is one of those things I feared to take actions on.

But in the end, I took it and it came out strong.

You Should Grab Your Copy Here Now https://paystack.com/pay/0e4s60klsh

Successful people carry themselves with two qualities: Confidence and Conviction.

These are actually qualities that come to those who take action instead of thinking, waiting, and wondering or taking to complaints.

The next time you are confronted with a moment of fear, take action, be courageous, and you’ll find out that success is yours only if you want to take it.

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

Enjoy Your Day.

The 4 Major Lessons You Must Learn In Life

The 4 Major Seasons of Life

Minor and Major and two different things. How you relate with them matters.

I can understand that what seems to be major for you, could be the minutest or most irrelevant thing for me.

So, it’s okay to say your major isn’t my major.

But, for the last 40 years now, I think I am old enough to identify some majors and some minor.

I have not invented this but also learned from someone I cherish and will continue to hold in high esteem till my end of time.

Studies have shown that people don’t do well because they spend major times of their life in minor things.

Life and Business are like changing seasons.

You can’t change the seasons but you can change yourself.

Let me share these 4 major lessons of life with you.

  1. Learn how to handle the Winters – Winters are usually difficult seasons. They come right after fall. The winters of your life are the economic, social, financial hardships. These are seasons of disappointments, difficulties. They come after opportunities.

You must learn how to handle winters.

To handle winters, you must get stronger, become wiser, be better at what you do. Just improvements.

For 4 years during my Real Estate business downtime, I was all out to acquire knowledge. I pounced on any book on sales, on personal development, on marketing, business development etc. I even went to acquire another Masters Degree.

Thanks to my amiable friend and brother, the HOD of my department, who was once my classmate. (Dr. Ashiko) for his immense support and advice.

At this point, the quote “Don’t wish life was easier, wish you were better” comes to play.

Again, it is at this point you will also agree to the saying “Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.”

“Don’t also wish for fewer challenges, wish for more wisdom to scale through.”

Do you now see how you should handle the winters of life?

Let’s take a look at the second majors.

  1. Learn How To Take Major Advantage of The Spring – Springs are periods of opportunities, blossoms, blooms, flower, heyday etc. It follows winters.

The point here is that opportunities in life follow difficulties, just as expansion follows recessions.

This is the season to plant or risk it to beg during the fall season.

This is the season to get busy quickly.

It is the season to get to what you want to do with your life.

Don’t let the season pass without you getting involved.


  1. Learn How To Nourish And Protect Your Crops All Summer – During the Summer season, it a season of warmth and it creates comfortable conditions for vital activities of animals, plants and microorganisms. The sun’s heat is essential for vegetation and growing food crops since it provokes important chemical and physical reactions.

During this season, the weeds will take your crops, except you prevent it. So the major skill to develop here is to know how to prevent the intruders from taking your goods. Because all goods will be attacked.

Let reality be your best beginning at this season of your life.

All values must be defended. Social values, economic values, marital values, political values, financial, family, business, friendships, etc.

Defend it with all you’ve got to avoid the intruders, or deadly smart goons from taking it away from you.

  1. Learn How To Reap In The Fall Without Complaints – Learning to take full responsibility is a sign of maturity. You need to learn how to reap without apology if you have done well and without complaint, if you haven’t. Accepting the results of your actions is a very important part of the process of life.

Taking responsibility is the highest form of human responsibility.

Success is not what you pursue, it is what you become.

It is not what happens, but what you do with what happens that makes the difference. Disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor. Everybody has. But what are you going to do about it.

Note that life is full of whatever and anything can go wrong.

Murphy’s law clearly states it as it is;

It says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Do have a blessed day.