99% Of People Do Things For The “What” Not For The “Why” And You’re One

99% Of People Do Things For The What? Not For The Why? And You’re One.

This is very true…..
Prove me wrong if you can. And please be sincere to yourself.
If you’re an employee, please answer this question honestly.
State your purpose for working where you work now.
As a business owner, state your purpose of doing the business you do.
As a professional, also state your purpose for learning your art.
99% of those who will respond to this exercise has one prominent and similar reason.
And that’s the “WHAT”.

Truly, we are all humans and it’s not a bad thing to think that you’re acting the way you do because of the WHAT instead of the WHY.

Not bad at all……

The WHAT is simply saying – “What’s In It For Me”
For example, an employee starts with “How Much Am I Going To Be Paid?” That’s the “What”.
The business owner starts with “How much money am I going to make?” That’s the “What”.
The Professional says, “how much am I going to earn for rendering this service?” That’s the “What”.

Now, let’s do reverse engineering here.

What if the Employee starts by saying Why am I working here?

The Business Owner starts with “Why am I starting or doing this business”?

The Professional says “Why am I rendering my service?”

Let’s not confuse What & Why…………
These two words have very deep meanings in the right sense of it.

While What looks at the Value You Get from what you do, Why takes a deep dive at the value you create for those you do what you do for.
In my years of experience in life and business, I’ve come to understand that the Power of Why is much more than the What.

Why gives you a sense of meaning for everything you are doing no matter how tough the road may seem.

Yes, while money is important and can come in a measured amount from your “What”.

Why has no limit in terms of the money it generates.

In fact, it is unstoppable.

When I started my business support services in Business Development, Marketing, and Sales Business…… I asked myself.

Why do I want to this even though I paid so much to learn from my coaches?

And the responses are just too many to state here….. Including making monies.
But one thing was prominent in my mind.

I wanted to help people increase their sales in business or whatever form.

The joy of walking into someone’s presence, and I get these smiles that say…”That’s the guy that helped me rake in millions from the sales of my products or services” gives me a sense of relief.

I love it……..

I have been doing this for the last 7 years since I left the bank and I’m still doing it.

The sweet part of it is that I have used this “WHY” to put food on my table and have risen from the dust after failing woefully.

I remember telling one of my Real Estate clients’ that I was going to come back again even after losing roughly Nxxxm to fraudsters.

And he asked me…… Where are you going to get the money from?

I was talking but the only thing he picked was the word “Facebook”

He immediately snarled at me and said: “What f**king Facebook Is That?”

Tim, these are stories we’ve heard times without numbers.

I just smiled and told him….. not to bother, because there’s no amount of explanation I would give to make him understand as his monies were involved.

I went back to my Why…… And I kept helping business owners to sell online and offline.

While doing so, I was also giving strategic Business Development, Marketing & Sales support to business owners.

Let me cut the long story short.

I made some bucks and bought another 8 hectares of land close to the initial one I lost.

Thank God, I’ve recovered the lost one after a long battle in court, even though it’s not up to 50% of what I lost.

The point I’m making here is simply….. “WHY do I do the things I do?”
If you’ve listened to me talk about my book – “How To Start A Business Without Money”

I want you to know that the purpose of writing that book isn’t for the money I will be making but for the Why.

What are my “whys”?

First…… Most people don’t qualify for a banking loan. I want to help them start a business without walking into a bank.

Secondly….. You probably don’t even have a rich dad, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, or friend to give you a heads up for that brilliant idea you’ve got. I need to help you create your own money from nothing.

Again, you may have a great idea, and you’re languishing in abject poverty waiting for the Government to realize their directions in terms of creating jobs… I bet you may wait till forever.
My “Why” here is to help you stop waiting. And start doing something meaningful.

Lastly among so many, ignorance is a major disease and you need to be shown the way out.
I’m talking about How, When, Where, and What you need to do to change the course of tides for your life.
I’ve said this many times.
I’m not the rich dude born with silver or golden spoon in my teeth.
I can confidently say, what was found in my teeth the day I was born was “Katakpo” – I mean wood!!!
I’m not Ajebo…. or Ajesugar.
I eat mama put like you… I enter Okada like you. I join people to hustle for a bus like you too.
In fact, just a few days ago, I went to bend down boutique to chatter…..
I’m not any different from you…..
I think I can help you…… But you’ve to have meanings for your life’s purpose.
I don’t do magic online. I don’t do Yahoo… I learn how to sell for people and make my monies.
I can teach how to do it too.
It doesn’t matter how old you’re.
If you’re shy of people seeing you online or offline. I can also teach you how to hide your face.
This is no laughing matter ooo.

My book will show you from my own personal experiences “How To Start From Point A without a kobo… And be happy you started like me.”
Let me just leave it here today before you say I’m selling my book.

Nope! I’m rather telling you why you should act now and be unstoppable.

Always start with a “Why”.

Get your employer to be scared of firing you.
Get your customers to be scared of changing suppliers.
Get those you render services to get stalked with you so hard that they’ll be praying for your growth and successes all day and night.
This is not jazz… It’s common sense.
It’s teachable and learnable.

Let me leave you here for now.

Till I come your way again.

My name is Tim Abel. I just want to say I’m back again and strong.

See you soon.