If You Can Follow These 10 Steps – I Can Bet You’ll Become A Millionaire


I have been obsessed with success and financial freedom right from when I was 10 years old even though the hustle had started way before then.

But to vividly recall, I remember this episode of me picking my bag and going along with the boys in the hood then to go search for condemned rubber slippers and aluminium pots and plates.


It was pretty awesome an experience.

Where you had to do the smartest job of thinking fast, focusing and in a twinkle of an eye be able to rove your eyes and scan every bit of environment you step into before the other boys snap it up from you.

Sincerely, it was fun…..

At the Mallam’s place where you weigh your stuffs before being paid, there was always this tension of how much your hustle for the day would be. Hahahaha!

Today, I sit back and I say “What an upbringing”.

The fact that I didn’t come from a wealthy background and didn’t have a great deal of direction on how wealth could be created, wasn’t enough to stop me.

And guess what? All the billionaires and millionaires you see today turns out to be like every one of us with these same backgrounds.

But they have a lot more money.

In a bid to find out about their success secrets, this is what I got.

You will be shocked that nothing about what they do is near anything magical or rare, but rather the steady application of wise investing strategies, hard work, and, believe it or not, a degree of frugality.

Here are the top 10 things they do to become millionaires and I suggest you should start doing it too if you really want to succeed.

  1. Be Economical – Spend more but less for luxuries until you know you’ve got so much to play around with. Simply delaying gratification will go a long way to help you.
  2. Be Conscious of Financial Success – Make it a priority. Lots of people say they want to be successful but let’s face it most don’t get there. Success seems to end up with those that are most committed to having it. I’ve made lots of success, especially with money by simply positioning my mind towards it and making it a priority, such that I approach it as my duty, obligation and responsibility.

I do it as though it is the reason I exist. Now don’t misinterpret it here. Lol

  1. Work Really Hard and Longer Than Everyone Else – Success goes to those who pay more attention to it. It’s just like a relationship. The closer or more time you spend with people you cherish, the more the love shared. Working hard is a disciplinary decision that scares a lot of people. You must be able to make work an ethical matter. Unfortunately, 99% of those who do not succeed in life today have this common habit. They hate work.

Now, this isn’t as same as working hard for a week and then sliding back. That means no work. You must be able to create a discipline to work really hard. Of course, it isn’t fun. But get it that success is not a journey for most people it is a marathon. Prepare every day to go the extra mile, make the extra call, have that extra meeting and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a millionaire.

  1. Avoid Debts – Endeavour to pay cash for everything you’re able to afford a luxury. Anything that’s luxury that you can’t pay cash to let it go. There are assets you may have also considered as assets but in the immediate will never pay for that so-called asset. With such, don’t even dare. If you must enjoy luxuries, drive up your revenues. These days there are so many ways of generating incomes. Find a genuine one, start it and create the needed income to buy that luxury. I see lots of people start in business by first buying equipment and things that they think they need in order to run a business. What’s going to make your business work are customers and revenue, not printers, computers, and copiers.

One of my major mistakes in business was paying and renovating my new office. This took over N1.8m, I went ahead to buy office furnitures and equiptment/tools, I printed T-Shirts, Caps, hired over 15 people that took more than N500k monthly from my purse as salary.

I sit down today and laugh really hard at myself. What really happened.

I also didn’t stop at that.

I actually hired a Business Plan writer who I F**King paid N350k. That business plan has never been read by me till this day.

I paid over N200k to a chartered accountant to draw up my books.

I stopped using the books after I realized money wasn’t coming in anymore.

Lots of mistakes were made.

The only good part of this was that I never took any loan to do so.

So, even when you don’t have to take loans, and you have a lot of monies to spend, don’t do any of these things I did.

  1. Burn All Bridges & Boats That Will Aid An Escape – This is about eliminating all options. Probably the single thing that kept me going when it was most difficult was the fact that I knew this was it for me. I treated my Business Development, Marketing and Sales business like it was my only option and my only choice and what I was meant to do with no other options available to me. Yeah! In the early days, I was tempted to go back to the bank again. This would come your way, but try not to give in for it. I remember at one point when my girlfriend who is now my wife looked at me for a while and said to me – Tim, why don’t you go back to the bank, get some more monies before you come back again? Actually, I accepted but after a day or so, it dawned on me that I had taken a firm decision and I would go through the thick and thins just to get to where I am going.

Be ready to burn the options so that you don’t even have options while on the track and I bet, you’ll make the most of what you do have.

  1. Never Doubt Yourself For A Second – This is really tough but it’s got to be a conscious exercise you must always have. Just keep believing in yourself. For whatever decided to do, believe you can do It.

The doubts and insecurities will definitely come. But be conscious as always and don’t let that reassurance you give to yourself be let out of the windows.

Since I started my business, I have had several failures especially in bad decisions. Burnt my fingers beyond points that one would ordinarily say “Oh this is the end point. He is finished. But like play like jokes, I have bounced back and really hard. Thereby forgetting what had happened in the past. And this is because I’ve continued to tell myself that “I CAN DO IT.”

What has helped me the most is that, I have continued to discover ways of making monies without all the connections or whatever kind of influences you may think of.

Sales have been the secrets for me.

I have continued to go to read and attend some of the most expensive coaching schools for Business Development, Marketing and Sales.

I was going really broke and could not afford one million naira at a point. But I got one of my lands sold just to pay for a course with one of the greatest coaches today.

The ideas I got from attending that class, has since exploded one of my businesses.

You’ve got to believe in yourself, but also, increase your appetite for the skills required to succeed by reading and attending seminars.

  1. Always have a clear vision for success – Like the greatest advise I have ever received which came from Napoleon Hills in his book “Think and Grow Rich. Being rich or becoming successful isn’t enough to get you the needed success. As far as that is concerned, it is a wish and wishes never come through when success and money is at stake. You have got to be specific and clear enough for your inner mind mind to help you figure it out.

Start by first fixing in your mind the exact money you desire. Next is to determine the exact things you must give in return for the money. Furthermore, establish a definite date for the possession of that amount of money. Then go on to create a definite plan of actions to carry out your desire and begin at once to pursue it, whether you are ready or not. Write out a clear concise statement of the steps from 1 to 4 as provided above. And then lastly, place this statement somewhere close to you, such that you can read it at least twice a day. First in the morning as you wake up for prayers and the last thing before you close your eyes at night for sleep. That’s if you are the type with such a routine. If not, work around with it in your wallets or purse or bag. Whatever.

Also, ensure you are constantly writing and rewriting your goals as you move closer.

I went to visit a friend a few years ago. Right on his desk was this massive picture of a car. I was lost because I hadn’t seen that make of a car before. So, I asked why he had it on his desk. With a beam of smiles, he looked me up in the eyes and said, Tim, that’s a Range, and I want to buy it for my birthday.


My eyes shone even brighter on him, because, I knew the guy wouldn’t spend about N10m to buy a car when his business is just within N20m.

Well, that guy went on to just not buy the Range. He bought a muscle camry worth N3m for the wife.

Sounds funny right? The point here is that, you need to be as clear with your vision as possible. If it warrants drawing the picture of the money and placing it in front of you. Why not? Just be specific.

  1. Always Explore Multiple Impact Approach – In order to achieve anything, don’t ever rely on one means of getting that thing done. Explore multiple impact approach.

Always use multiple angles in order to accomplish any one thing.

Just like in sales, don’t rely on only Internet Marketing. Explore offline marketing as well.

Inside Internet Marketing. Don’t just rely on Email Marketing or Bloggin. Explore Social Media. In social media, don’t just rely on Facebook Marketing. Use Twitter, Use Instagram, Just explore as much as available.

  1. Dominate The Space – Most people want to compete. It is actually for the weak. If you can put that kind of time to work. Then think of dominating the space.

Today, I can confidently walk into any organization and seal a deal because I know I have the skills that is needed to do it.

In the sales niche of whatever type. I can walk into your business and change the fortune because I know I’ve got the skills.

And listen to this.

I’m not competing with anyone in this space, because I know what I’ve got and I have seen uncountable results.

It will take me only 30 minutes to have an interview with any business owner today to be able to figure out exactly the steps he or she needs to take to turn around the fortune of that business.

I’m saying this with all sense of actual capabilities.

So, today I look at the space and I’m like wow! I’ve really come far with it.

Don’t Compete. Whatever you love to do, then do it in a way that dominates that space.

Don’t be a player in the game, BE the game. Be in so many places and so involved that everywhere your competitors and your clients go they hear or see you.

I’m not talking about work here I’m talking about being everywhere in such a way that others can’t even imagine how to compete with you.

  1. Quit Thinking in Shortages – A million naira may seem like a lot of money to you but the reality is that when you stop thinking about shortages, that amount becomes like just a hundred naira. The truth is that, there is actually no shortage of money on this planet. Instead, there are shortages of people working really hard, thinking really smart, believing in their capabilities, burning their bridges and boats. A shortage of people with clear visions, clear commitments, massive passion, and taking more actions. Not a shortage of money.

And in case you need to know, a million naira is a lot of money but probably not enough to sustain retirement and will certainly not qualify you as rich.

For many, this is indeed a tough task to achieve. Becoming a millionaire has been erased from the hearts of so many people because it seem like a hard goal to attain.

The reason most people don’t ever reach it is because they’re lacking in one or more of the above things.

Success is never an easy thing to achieve, but it’s always a possible thing to achieve.

Avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Don’t chase the easy money.

Follow these 10 steps to becoming a millionaire, and in no time the next piece of advice you’ll seek is how to become a multi–millionaire.

Credits To My Coach – Grant Cardone.

The Unbelievable Magnet That Attracts Failure

“Very successful people don’t seek comfort; they seek success and are willing to do what is most uncomfortable. But most of the world is seeking comfort and familiarity, which are traps that cause you to settle for the mediocre.”

You’re obviously going to agree with me here. However, is this what you’re currently exhibiting?

The truth is, while most of us try to speak against this very hard fact, a whole lot of us are deeply involved in this saga.

Step back a few minutes and take a look at the various social media platforms and you’ll notice that in every 100 adverts you see, there are almost 70% requesting people to make quick monies or fast cash.

Guess what? Thousands and thousands of comments endorsing and asking for how this money could be made pour in like a busted pipe of water flowing from a heavy waterfall.

It is not because they are greedy, it’s simply because the human mind is tailored towards comfort.

Comfort in terms of getting past everything without really sweating for it.

We all want to sleep and wake up with millions in our accounts. We dream of driving and living in affluence without taking a step towards actualizing it. In fact, there are people who would prefer to not even leave the comfort of their bedrooms while they get fed, bathed, helped to poo, wear clothes on and even fly them spiritually to where they want to go without having to walk into a car or an aircraft or something else.

The first time I heard about making money online, these guys who advertised it, were so good that they gave me this impression, I don’t have to work too hard to learn it and start making money. In fact, they thrilled me with exotic cars and homes, so much that, I started dreaming about the monies I was going to make and how I was going to spend it than how I was going to work to make it.

Very unfortunate, most of us who rushed in at that time got our fingers burnt and never again, I told myself I would ever be deceived by quick money making schemes.

And that’s when I was writing my book, I told friends who jumped at me for just the title; (How To Start A Business Without Money) that this isn’t a quick money making scheme.

It’s simply a GO-TO-WORK project and requires your time and commitment.

Well, you may say “Oh, No…. I have tried some fast money making schemes and made a whole lot of cash.” So what?

Well, my response is very simple.

Go back to that business if it has lasted for more than a year and tell me if it still exists.

You see, these businesses with such lustre come but for a very limited time. Because the guys behind the scenes know you’re lazy minded and want to make some quick, so they trick you in, get what they want and they take a walk leaving you in despair.

Think about it. All the various Networking businesses that came into this country in the last few years, where are they today?

If there are, I’m certain they are performing below per, because what they came to sell to you was simply “QUICK MONEY” not value of the product.

I can go and on with these sleeky businesses.

The point I’m making here is simple.

Success doesn’t come by accident. You need to go all out in search of it. And while doing so, you must be ready to go off your comfort zone.

Roll up your sleeves and get in the woods. Stop wasting too many hours reading or watching those things that won’t matter.

Read! Learn! Get A Mentor! Attend Seminars! Go all out to seek for SUCCESS.

Do have a beautiful day.

I have my published book – How To Start A Business Without Money and you’ll love it.

It is not just a book. But a manual that you would have to follow step by step to get where you want to get to.

In this book, I used the principle of “Think and Grow Rich, The Art of Exceptional Living, & of course, the great lessons I learnt from my coaches and mentors – Grant, Tai, & Alex to bring it closer to you.

I have used it and I’m still using it.

Take a look at it here and grab your copy NOW!



Most Opportunities Are Disguised As Problems

“Most Opportunities Are Disguised As Problems.”

This always reminds me of Darby’s lesson of “STICKABILITY from QUITABILITY”

In life, success is never handed to any man as though a piece of cake. There are certain obstacles that every successful person will bear witness today.

In those moments of problems, have you wished you were never the one facing it? Then you probably have been wishing Failures all along.

When Barnes as told by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” met with the steel magnet – Thomas Edison, if he had succumbed to the fact that Edison gave him a job and he decided to stay put and forgot his Burning Desire to become a partner with Edison, obviously he wouldn’t have been known today.

You would agree also that there were many people who worked at that time with Edison before he came on board. But these names were never heard.

The opportunity Barnes got came as though a rejection and of course his greatest disappointment.

Thanks to his Desires, and a Burni9ng Desire for that matter that let him stay put until he became a partner with Edison.

There are diverse ways that you may currently be facing disappointments today. There are huge challenges that you’re face-to-face with right now.

The logical thing for any right thinking man to do is to quit. Yes!

But only a few will rather see those problems or challenges as OPPORTUNITIES.

In Napoleon’s words, he said in every problem you face or temporary defeats lies ahead of the opportunity of a breakthrough you have been looking for.

So, today………….. I urge you to take a look again at the problems you’re currently facing and start looking at the positives and of course the laughable stories you’re going to tell in the near future about that experience.

I do hope you will never give up.

Thanks for your time.

Don’t Go To Work To Work. Go To Work To Prosper.

“Don’t Go To Work To Work. Go To Work To Prosper.”

If you go to work to work, you’re no different from those who think of a plate of porridge served hot for taking a walk through the doors of a restaurant.

While everyone hopes for a bigger dream come real, most of us mar these dreams by our actions and inactions on a day-to-day basis because our mentality about work limits us to just what we have to take home at the end of the month.

This is one of the reasons, most businesses find it really hard to grow.

Most times, we blame the employers of labour without stepping a little backwards to see reasons why the employers act the way they do.

The truth is, a huge number of employees don’t go to work to prosper.

Every business or work is a learning platform and should be an opportunity for anyone who wants to grow.

If you are willing to take a job just because the money is enough to pay your bills, have you also taken into cognizance the aftermath of that job?

No matter how poor a job pays you, always have at the back of your mind that your duty would be to see how you can contribute positively to the growth of that job, so much that you’ll have the confidence to ask for a pay rise someday.

When you begin to think about the prosperity of yourself at a place of work, your inputs will begin to feature in the income of that business.

This also applies to those who own businesses. Pleasure must come after Profits. You must learn how to discipline yourselves towards ensuring that prosperity is all that you work for not the immediate satisfaction or aggrandizement.

Taking your work seriously and executing the needed task to improve on the bottom for your business must be your ultimate reason to be at the workplace anytime.

I hope you’re not currently working for the work but for the prosperity of you and the workplace?

Enjoy your day.

Failures Always Want Unions

“The ambitious are criticized by those who have given up.”

If you haven’t experienced mockery, jest, scorns, insults or jeer in your struggle towards success, then you’re definitely a learner on this journey.

Many times I get people ask me why I don’t keep friends close enough. Well, it may be hurting to say, but I think I’ve to tell you that I keep friends, but I only keep friends who I believe I can learn from.

The reason is simple. While it is important to keep relationships if you do not define the kinds of friends that you share your opinions or goals with. You might end up living in a fool’s paradise because they will always give you reasons why your hustle will never work.

In fact in some instances, they take steps further to thwart your goals especially to prove they are right.

So these kinds of friends are never ambitious. They don’t see anything as POSSIBLE. Their mentality is tuned towards IMPOSSIBILITIES.

Guess what? They are millions in numbers.

They’re always within and around you.

They’ll hail when you’re stupid. They’ll ignore when you’re failing. They’ll tell others that they warned you not to do it. They always have solutions to your failing paths.

But, they are the most disorganized and myopic in thoughts and ideas.

Haven’t you noticed those words ‘that when ambitious people begin to succeed, they are attracted even more by the critics than those who contributed to their success?

Listen, it is natural and no one is to be blamed.

The point here is that….. You must never be distracted by criticism because that’s what makes success thick.

If your success is void of criticism, then be rest assured that you’re on a wrong path.

Your union should be defined by ambitious goal seekers and getters.

I hope you take this seriously and realign your focus and get even more ambitious because you are either an ambitious person or a failure.

Chose one and get back to work.

Enjoy your day

Always Sell With These 4 A.P.E.S Factor In Mind

Always Sell With These 4 A.P.E.S Factor In Mind