Marketing Isn’t Promotion. Are You Confused?

It’s easy to find people who claim they are marketing and sales experts everywhere. It’s so common these days especially on social media when you review people’s profile.

Remember the other day when I posted on my wall “I’m The Best Sales Coach Ever”?

Yeah! I did that for one reason.

Because I know I’m good at it. Just like anyone else would do even if he or she doesn’t have what it takes to be one.

That clearly shows you can easily go up there and write it in your profile.

But let’s come down to reality.

It should be known that being an expert on social media with millions of followers isn’t a clear identification of your expert skills as a marketer or salesperson.

Most people are just promoters.

Your knowledge of marketing is what differentiates you from a promoter.

Promoters can sell even garbage but marketers sell great products.

It takes being a marketer to discern what product to sell to people.

And listen to this, for promoters to succeed in sales; they must have great products to sell.

For instance, if I have a great product built today, promoting can be as easy as ABC. Such that, even a kindergarten could jump on a social media page to sell as successful as a known promoter.

The quality of a marketer is that one thing most people don’t have.

To become a marketer, it requires training.

It’s not a job for everyone. In fact, it comes with some level of instincts.

I have loved every bit of training I have done so far for myself. Plus those I acquired from my banking days.

Stay With me as I unveil more things you need to learn to be successful with marketing and sales.

Have you seen my Book on “How To Start A Business Without Money.”

That’s one book from a non-influencer just like you and it is gradually rocking the stage, and taking a whole lot of people like you from the dungeon to where you are destined to be.

Look at me, it is not who your father is, neither your connection in Government.

It is simply who you have made yourself to be.

If you have the skills, you will sell for any company.

That book puts the skills in your head and gets you the needed confidence to walk into any company or business to claim a part of their profit-making venture – That’s the sales unit.

Guess what?

Every business owner wants to make sales, and that’s why you can never be ignored.

In fact, I tell people that the most expensive and most relaxed job to do is SALES.

That’s where I want you to be if you want to stay relevant and useful to yourself and family front.

Great marketing skills will increase your sales for whatever great product you deal with. It will also help you to redesign an existing product to bring that greatness out such that, when presented to the market audience, sales will be sporadic.

On the other hand, great promoters have just a few length to go with selling a product. They will only end up wasting their time and energy. They need the sense of a marketer to stay relevant in their promotions.

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Is Your Product Marketing Failing You – Find Out What To Do

No matter how low the price of your product is, if its greatness is missing, then you would have to quit the center stage or blame yourself for wasting all the important times you’ve spent doing all the planning and strategies.

As raw as this may sound, I think I would love to always tell you the truth as bare as it should be so that we both don’t waste each other’s time.

Every great company that ever existed and still existing or will exist tomorrow has only one thing to start with.


No amount of energy or funds that you put in a business that is selling a particular product or service will turn out to be successful if that product is defective in quality.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest of contacts in the market place or the best of influencers.

Do you ever wonder why those timid individuals. I beg to use that word.

I mean those who are introverts, or have no one to lean on for the marketing of their products or service excel?


Your product is only good and great if it’s one that your customers are willing and will be able to pay for.

While the words “Pay For” is important here, it must be known that quality most times, forces money out of the pockets of your prospects or to-be customers.

Let me explain this briefly.

In 2013, I managed to sign a deal to market a customer’s product. As in my usual style, I requested for a week or two to review the products with what the market offers. This is a product he had been in the market for over a year with either one or two sales in two or three months. Guess what?

His price wasn’t the problem he had. It wasn’t access to the customers.

The product had some quality defects.

So, after taking my observations, we came and agreed to review the products.

I took out some things and we brought in quality to the perception of our users who would only listen to what we presented.


In my first appearance on air.

We had over 400 calls on our phones. We had over 900,000 engagements on our Facebook page alone that week.

Before we could say “Jack” we sold everything on the ground.

What we simply did was recreating the product.

It wasn’t about the price.

But one thing that caught my attention was the fact that a widow who had just been paid her late husband’s benefits ran to catch me up at the studio. Incidentally, I was just leaving the radio house and she called. So, I told her to meet me at my client’s office.  She got there before I did. And she insisted she would only speak to me. So, when I arrived, she started first by saying….. Young man, you were able to make a presentation that presented how great your product is amidst the very many I’ve keenly listened to online.

Wow! That’s astonishing……… The final story is that, with the amount as my client complained was his major challenge, this woman didn’t only pay for one. She went ahead to pay for 4 of this product.

So, I want you to get it here that a great product is your major secret for a successful sale.

To create a great product, you must give attention to all the details that customers care about. These include quality, whether it is high-end or low-end. Whether its cost of production is high or low. This, in fact, is one reason a lot of businesses run out of circulation. They start so well and later reduce their quality, either in product or services, so much that even when customers complain, they disregard it, for want of profits. There is no harm in increasing the price of the product. There is disaster reducing the quality of the product.

Always ensure you have a great and strong product to work with.

And for business owners, learn to always listen to your customers when they criticize your products. Those who criticize your products or services are your true and loyal customers.

They want to stay with you.

Your biggest challenge will be to lose quality in pursuit of profit.

Don’t Ever Do Such A Thing!!!

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My New Company Rocket Sales With You is helping business owners to increase sales both online and offline using the best Marketing, Sales & Business Development Strategies You Can Find.

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If you are also looking at starting a career in Business Development, Marketing and Sales, then take advantage by picking up my Book – How To Start A Business Without Money now at just N5,997.77 and enjoy the FREE social media marketing videos that come with it.

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What Makes Marketing A Success – If You Don’t Know This, Then Forget About Money

There are thousands of people living their dreams today for starting a business of their own. But while this sounds as true as it is in reality, millions are packing their bags and running after paid employment.

In 2018 alone, over 97% of people who started their business with a whole lot of capital have thrown in the towels for lack of sales and capital to finance the business.

This, of course, is a sad experience for many, but brings to gains the importance of marketing and selling a product or service.

No matter what business you are in, the importance of marketing the business can never be underestimated in an environment where competition reigns.

It is okay to say you have all the connections to sell, which of course is part of your great marketing sense. But listen, your connections can only take you far enough within the confines of those related to your connectors.

What that means is that only those who know your connection can probably buy from you.

This, therefore, makes great to say that, your survival code in business, goes beyond just the connections.

You need your marketing hat worn on that head and the the strategies turned on to be able to go into the extreme of places to conquer.

The Foundation of Marketing Success for anyone starts with a passionate belief in your products as well as the high quality and the satisfaction it will provide to your customers.

As a matter of fact, it is a must that you truthfully believe that your product has the ability to satisfy your customer’s needs/wants.

Once that is confirmed, you can be sure of a boost and an overall confidence to be able to present it before anyone.

I lost interest in a product belonging to one of my clients because I couldn’t use it.

And that affected how I talked about the product to people I knew I could get to buy from my client.

It wasn’t just about the fact that it didn’t work as expected when I used it.

It was so bad that the few people I recommended the products to, came back with a series of complaints that made me hide my head in shame.

Of course, there were situations where I got great results as expected.

But these were just too few to mention.

If your products or services doesn’t satisfy all your clients for the purpose for which it was created or built for, then you have a greater work to do about that product.

As users of my book – How To Start A Business Without Money, I advise you to first and foremost test the product you are going to market first. Or better still, sample opinions from users of the existing products.

If at all, you have less than 90% product/service satisfaction, then don’t dare to waste your time.

Permit me to also say that there are products that could actually be worked on to give the needed ultimate satisfaction your customers desire.

Ensure you check to see the possibility of helping your client work on the product and if not, please stroll away as fast as you can.

Marketing must start with a good and great product. It makes life easier.

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My New Company Rocket Sales With You is helping business owners to increase sales both online and offline using the best Marketing, Sales & Business Development Strategies You Can Find.

You can contact us on +234 802 794 1987 – You can also chat us up on WhatsApp.

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Are You Doing Too Much or Less To Increase Your Sales?

“If you are doing too much but you are getting the attention of those who would buy your products or services, then please go ahead. But if you are doing too much in listening to those who complain that your actions are too much, be rest assured that you’ve buried the greatness you possess. Maybe for a while until you are done reading this piece.”


It was in one of those moments that I drew his attention to what I was also feeling about him growing cold feet.

My friend (names withheld) had met me many months before this day to discuss what he was going through in his business.

We talked pretty well about what he should be doing and how he should be doing it.

One of the things I drew his attention to was the fact that nobody gets attention if he or she is not visible to the audience he wants attention from.

It doesn’t matter how stupid or foolish you appear before them. After all, it’s their opinion.

In the end, we agreed he was going to go all out to get the needed attention to his business.

I must confess that he had taken to my advice and started working in line with set goals.

But a few weeks later, I noticed an abrupt halt in his actions.

He was nowhere to be found.

People who were following him and watching to have him hit that sensational part of their conscience didn’t see him again. And of course, everything about his business went sour and became really bad.

And then, the next meeting we had was all about his disappointments.

He complained that most of his friends were not even talking to him again. Those who managed to talk to him were rather telling him, he was doing too much. That affected his psyche and immediately affected his public appearances.


This is, of course, expected my dear friend. Have you heard about that thing I told you?

First, they will ignore you, then it will be followed with hate and then later they will accept you and sing your praise. You just have to know what you are doing.


For the purpose of this article, let me just go straight into what I want you to learn here.

If you are in business or doing anything worth getting the endorsement of people you think are worthy of your business or actions, then you must understand that you must go through a phase. The Stage is called Barren Stage.

Here, people ignore you. They speak against your actions. They warn you not to tag them. They just roll past your posts. They may not even like it to show that they’ve read it. In terms of your adverts, rather than help you share what you are offering, they will help you hide it.

Look here.

We are all different people with different mindsets about life. About how we impact positively on others.

Our interpretations of love for one another vary.

You need to understand that.

So, when you have a business and you need to sell to people, the idea of hoping you will maintain low key and still get your products or services sold is one bad and too many an action people take.

Whatever business you are involved in deserves the needed actions that people will criticize to be too much of an action or else you’re not doing as much for that business to sell.

Are you actually doing less or more?

If you are doing less, then be rest assured that you have limited your chances of getting the needed results.

Actually, I have learned that there is no such thing as too much, rather what most people do is “too little”.

It is always easy to listen to people say, “Oh he’s doing too much” “Is he the only one” “Is she the first to start it”…..blablabla.

And this, of course, has made a lot of people chicken out of their dreams.

They let you have cold feats whenever they come at you that way.

And the next minute, you start slowing down below the expected level of MASSIVE ACTIONS that will bring your business to success.

Look here, there is nothing like “Too Much”.

It’s only lazy people or people who don’t want you to succeed, that will say you are doing too much.

Unfortunately, they wished they could do so much like you are doing.

Get rid of those kinds of people in your life.

They are dream killers. They want you to stay where they are.

They don’t understand what the multiplier effect of wealth is all about.

Yes! I’m not against concentrating on one business at a time.

But listen to me.

One business at a time is the thought of the average person.

To succeed in this modern day.

You must take massive actions. Spread through and ensure you are on top of your businesses.

You can, of course, start with one, learn the ropes and spread your tentacles.

You need to do more. In fact, do too much than doing a little.

In case you want to talk about having too many businesses. Let me give you this one to think about.

Just a few years ago, Jumia was dealing with Fashion and a few other accessories like phones, household items.

Today, they are selling cooked foods.

With all of these, are you saying they are doing too much? And as such should stop?

Guess what?

They are busy raking income from all of these. They are doing too much and making too many sales.

The truth is, you don’t have to be everywhere in this modern day when the internet is doing all the job for you.

You don’t have to hire staff who would be on a monthly salary.

After all, Fiverr, Elance, Upwork and a host of other platforms are providing quick and easy services without fears of some staff defrauding me or treating your business as a hell of a joke.

If you are doing too much but you are getting the attention of those who would buy your products or services, then please go ahead. But if you are doing too much in listening to those who complain that your actions are too much, be rest assured that you’ve buried the greatness you possess. Maybe for a while until you are done reading this piece.

What are you doing currently to have income for your day to day expenses?

You need to increase your actions for it.

If you are an employee of an organization. Then start doing too much to get the organization to make more sales.

If it’s your own business, then go all out and do too much to get the attention of those required to put their monies in your hand in exchange for what you are selling.

If you are thinking about expanding on your business, then this is the right time to do so.

Get yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, WhatsApp, BulkSMS, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat and many more. After all, most of these platforms are free to use in getting attention.

Just be everywhere.

There is NO punishment for doing too much in sales.

But punishment awaits you for doing too little.

If you want to get yourself beyond average, beyond “just enough,” then take advantage of my new book – How To Start A Business Without Money Now at just N5,997.77 only.

In this book, you will learn practical steps of how to start any business of your choice from the comfort of your home with no money.

Most successful people you can think about will gladly tell you that it is one secret they keep away from people.

I found out that you only need one skill to do this.

I guarantee you a whole new life.

Finally, there is never “too much, but only too little”

Remember, success isn’t just important; it is vital, and should never be reduced to anything less than that.

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Do You Have What It Takes?

I’ve asked this question many times over and over.

But it keeps reminding me that, most people hardly understand the purpose behind this question.

Yes! Very straight and short question – Perhaps, to quickly answer it will be a YES.

But come to think about it. While it is that easy a question and a corresponding answer, why do people still fail?

Why are people still out of jobs? Why are businesses not doing well? Why are families breaking up? Why is that particular thing you want to have not coming as you wished for it?

Of course, the answers are queries can be very many and hardly being answered correctly.

So, let me ask you here. Maybe we might find the answers together.


First, as you read this piece, can you provide this answer to yourself?

Mr. or Mrs/Ms XYZ, are you set up for success or failure?


The major question isn’t it?

Yeah! That’s something we fail to ask ourselves daily.

In setting up for Success or Failure, it means you already possess what it takes to have either of it.

So, your job every morning should be to find out if you have what it takes to create success in your business, job, relationships, family, general life or failures in these same areas.

Don’t forget that Success, is your duty, your obligation, and responsibility.


It is always my desire to win and I want you to win too, that’s why I share these kinds of stuff with you.

Let me tell a little bit more about the things I’ve experienced and learned from my coaches in the past few decades.

There is no doubt that I have been both a success and failure all along.

In fact, I’ve failed miserably in many circumstances than you may have had. Including my day-to-day decisions and actions.

I regret failing, but I don’t let failing to hold me. It’s just necessary as I am continuously learning.

The fact is, we all want to succeed in life. Unfortunately, most people think it’s just about hard work. Yes, to a large extent, hard work plays a very vital role. But there are other things that you may be leaving out.

With all my enthusiasm to become an entrepreneur, I gave in all my life and in doing so, gave up socialization and whatever stands in my way.

I didn’t know that it’s not about hard work only. There is more than hard work.

This is what I learned.

No matter what area of life is most important to you, we all want to achieve the best results possible. And while that seem to be our intentions, it isn’t enough.

What you need isn’t hard work.

So, I ask again, Do You Have What It Takes?

There is a powerful tool which if put together and worked on hard enough will make the difference.

It’s called the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Model or the 7 key traits of all successful people:

  1. Vision – First is your ability to create that success that you want to have. And it’s got to be something you are seeing every day you wake up. You have to sound it loud enough in your head and constantly remind yourself of what it should look like.
  2. Initiative – This brings you to plan of actions to achieve the success you want to have. Specific task that can take you close to it. The knowledge you need to acquire and all that stuff that gets you on track.
  3. Character – This is more of your commitment to what your vision is. And how you stay focused on achieving.
  4. Time Management – Talks about how well you are able to track your activities and the time you spend on each. While most people desire to have the best, they spend more time planning than taking actions they had planned.
  5. Optimism – You’re optimistic or you doubt yourself often? If you must regret anything, it should be your inability to set very high targets. Because there is nothing you cannot achieve.
  6. Relational – Learn to relate to people and things. Show concerns and be ready to help solve problems. That’s only when you can find success because you’ll be exposed to learning new things as well.
  7. Yearning – Always yearn for a way forward. Yearn for solutions, not complaints. Yearn to help people. Yearn to be on top of your game. Don’t be deterred by temporary defeats. Rise up and try again.

With all of these in mind, you can be sure of achieving victory in everything you set your mind to.

Finally, let me ask you again.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Are you setting up for failure or success?

It’s time to decide and that time is now.

I will see you again soon.

Have a pleasant evening as we prepare for another election that will determine if we want the country to fail or succeed.

Remember, it is your duty, your responsibility and your obligation to succeed in anything you have interest in.

So, go and cast your vote.

Grab a copy of my book – “How To Start A Business Without Money” and start taking massive actions that can turn things around for your success.

Be Great! Nothing Else Pays.

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There Is One Thing You Can’t Live Without Too – You Always Need It

Hey guys, take your mind back to those days of Living Things & Non-Living Things. Do you remember that?

Now, there are characteristics of livings things and non-living things too.

And these particular one is everybody’s area of concentration as your Integrated Science teacher would never leave a term he had taught this subject without asking you to state the characteristics during exams.

It helped many of us to be able to know who is alive and who is not.

As we grew older, we understood in clear terms that there are basic factors that support one who must stay alive.

First is Oxygen as you need to breathe. Then water, as your body must have enough fluid to survive, food which is very important too. And of course rest to ensure you can allow the body to reignite and start work afresh.

One thing that was never mentioned is SUCCESS.

Yeah! Success…. While the above mentioned are characteristically inherent in every man or woman just as they are necessities for our survival, and created by our maker, SUCCESS which is not mentioned is a necessity for the take.

What that means is that, as much as success remains important for our survival, it isn’t a FREE GIFT.

SUCCESS isn’t cheap.

This is why everybody wants it.

Unfortunately it is easy to say you want success. And that’s because talk is cheap.

From my experience, while everybody dreams about becoming successful and many even claim it by faith, the numbers continue to narrow down.

The reason is not farfetched.

People don’t take actions. And this isn’t about just actions. It’s about MASSIVE ACTIONS and taking consistently towards achieving your set goals and dreams.

If you have great dreams, which of course is tailored towards SUCCESS and you don’t take actions, forget it.

There is no such thing as being lucky. Those who you claim are lucky today were well positioned for it.

They worked to get there.

Don’t envy them. Don’t think you’re better than them. Don’t talk rubbish about them.

I see a lot of hates among people today.

You don’t deserve to be in the camp of those who just sit and wish to be successful. And all that you do is talk and talk about success without MASSIVE ACTIONS.

When you don’t take actions, you will end up hating those who take actions. Not just that, you will end up becoming the man that throws the wood in the furnace to heat up those who are succeeding.

You can start taking actions today or get discovered tomorrow as the one who burns other people’s bridges.

SUCCESS is that one thing you need.

Stop being something you want and become something you have by taking massive actions. Just like breathing, eating, drinking, and sleeping are normal actions, learn how to make taking of massive action a normal activity.

Make your pursuit of success as vital to your survival as taking a breath of air, and I guarantee success will follow.

Grab a copy of my book – “How To Start A Business Without Money” and start taking massive actions that can turn things around for your success.

Be Great! Nothing Else Pays.

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Do You Know The Most Important Sales Tool You Need Today?

I will be relating with you on the best practices as it bothers on Increasing Your Sales for whatever products and services that you’ve got.

I’ve learned from best of the best. So when I say, I am good, I mean every bit of it.

Let me hold you by the hands and reveal some few tips you need to put into actions immediately for your business so as to have some increased sales.

Are you ready?

Alright let’s start.

The good part of it is that, I have not only learned from these guys, but I’ve also put to practice some of the mind blowing secrets of selling from them too.

This includes both online and offline selling.

So, I am going start this lovely trip with you by first informing you that there is only one very important tool that you need in selling.

While most people, businesses and consultancy firms preach and sermonize about marketing with flyers, billboards, jingles on radio and television, as well as the use of the internet platforms ranging from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where a whole lot of monies is spent on daily basis to roll out adverts.

They fail to think about people being a marketing tool.

Look here….. I have tried all of these many times. Even though it pays dearly, the truth is, the most important and effective marketing tool in your company is you and the people that work with you or for you.

The fact that you don’t demand of yourself or them to market is the error.

The world is spending unbelievable amounts of time on the internet doing research or using social media platforms for marketing.

With this, a tone of cash is being spent. I am not against it as that is one of my major success tools too. But while that is pretty important, word of mouth marketing stands out the most. And that must come from you or those you work with.

So, it’s good to have a blend of your marketing tools.

The more those resources are being used to reach and communicate the more valuable the personal contact becomes.

Exploring all of these platforms with you as the main tool for marketing, will make you be in absolute dominance of your market space.

The essence of virtual marketing is to keep your prospective clients and customers thinking about you and your business, but don’t let that be your sole marketing tool. The personal influence is the most important. Talking to people and having that real touch.

You should pay personal visits or write personal or informal letters to them.

Can you remember the old school way of writing these letters?

Let me show you one here.

Hi Dan,

   It’s been a while man. I was just thinking about you today while being busy on my office desk. With my pen in my hand (A lovely pen for that matter. My beautiful wife got for me from Dubai). Shhhh… Dan don’t laugh please.

Well, with the pen in my hand, and a note pad by the side of my laptop, I thought you should be the first person I would write to personally.

I’m just tired of all these Internet stuffs like emails. At least, let’s bring back the good old days “old school letter writing”.

Any ways, how is work and your family? I hope you guys are doing pretty well.

Please say me hi to your lovely son. He should be in primary school by now I guess.

As for me and my family, we are really doing well.

And least I forget. Thanks for those smile you gave the last time I met you.

It actually made me feel, I still have some good friends who appreciate me.

Alright, I’ve got to run.

Bye for now.

See ya…….


Now listen to this.

It might sound as though you haven’t got anything serious that you are doing. But guess what?

You have just won a friend over again and he or she will remain loyal forever.

He will be interested in working for you even when he is not paid to do so.

By the way, life isn’t about work! Work! Work!! as my friends would say.

C’mon, let some air in while you bond with friends.

You could also decide to just hop into his house uninvited.

Just say….

Hey Dan, I was just passing through your street and decided I should just stop by to say hi. Probably have a cup of water from your house. Seriously, I’m tasty and wouldn’t want to drink from anywhere else but you.

So, while with him, you could just ask some personal questions like “How are you doing and the family?”  You can also let in some general affairs gist.

Be warned. Don’t talk about your business. Let him do it, if the need be. And once that starts, don’t dwell on it. Remind him, you are there to see him as a family not as a client.

You could do this for 5 or 10 people a day. 25 or 30 people in a week.

The multiplier effect will blow your mind once they start speaking on your behalf.

Remember that people buy more on referrals than with just direct selling.


With that said, ensure you don’t stick with just one avenue to market your products or services. Use everything you’ve got to dominate.

“The most important marketing tool that you need is what you already have. And that is YOU and Your People.

You are in the people’s business not the flyers, billboard, social media or YouTube business.

If you want to be EVERYWHERE dominating your market space. Then, don’t just use one avenue. Use everything you’ve got including YOU and Your People.

Send informal letters make phone calls, go on personal visits. Use other marketing and sales approaches like posting articles on your blogs about your business, share it with all your social media platforms, send bulk SMS, send WhatsApp bulk messages, go to the streets for road shows, call for seminars, go on radio, television, news papers, and I mean other traditional and non-traditional means of marketing to dominate your space.

Lastly, let me leave you with this.

Taking a few minutes to just see how someone is doing will guarantee you a much higher chance of earning their business later on.

Remember, if you take a smart, consistent, personal, and aggressive approach to marketing you and your business, you are guaranteed to find success.

For more details on how you can create effective marketing strategies, get my best-selling book, “How To Start A Business Without Money”

Are You Making A Choice For More, Less Or The Same?

Just a few weeks ago, we were all running here and there trying to fix ourselves for a new year. A whole lot of you made some resolutions, isn’t it?

The fact is, we’ve been on this path times without number. Every New Year people make resolutions. But they fail to understand that these resolutions are best powered by the choices they make.


I have learned that we must make choices in life to succeed and not resolutions.


This is because as adults and people who want to succeed, we already know what to do.


So, in making choices, these are the possible three choices people make.

You’re either going for more, you’re going for less, or you’re going for the same.


If you have a business or not, these are the choices you’re unconsciously making on a daily basis.


Of course, you’ll be quick to console yourself when things are not going the right way or probably when your fuel begins to go low, that a calm and modest life brings more happiness than the constant pursuit of success combined with constant relentlessness.


While that seems to be true, it isn’t real in this modern world where the population has outgrown available opportunities. Where competition grows like a virus on a daily basis and the demands upon you increase sporadically.


Today the competition for what is available has increased.

Only those who go all out for it can get it.

You must learn to hustle.


So, whatever stage of happiness you find yourself today, there is one thing that can influence it and that is success.

People would say, oh no, don’t talk about money. But I asked; if you don’t talk about money, then why talk about happiness or success?


Truly, I haven’t seen success void of money.

So, while you think about one of these 3 choices you must make. I want to ask you here and now.

Which would you go for?


More, Less or The same?


Don’t forget that your resolutions aren’t important here. What is important are the choices you make as that is what will guide you in achieving whatever position in life.


If you want more, less or the same amount of money you have now, then your actions will show for whatever choice you’ve made.

Is it more, less or the same time with your family, your wife and kids especially?

Do you want more, less or the same level of sales you have been making? It’s up to you.


If you haven’t got a job, or money to start a business all these while. What is the choice you are making?

Is it more of waiting or less or remaining in the same position till the year runs out or you are going to take more actions, less actions or stay with the same actions you’ve been taking all along that kept you in this position that you are?

It’s all left for you to decide now.


Since I knew about this, so much has changed for me.

I probably would have been begging friends on the street to pay my bills.


Listen to me here. I got rocked badly in business a few years ago.


It was enough to put me to a final rest as it bothers on me achieving my dreams.

But these choices kept me going for over 2 years without asking for a dime from anyone except with the skills I have.


I know very close friends who laughed at me when I made these wrong investments that got my hands burnt.

They waited in vain for me to come and ask them for a leap. Guess what? At these very trying times, I gave birth to two kids and paid so much for it. I had so many victories and much more…..

The simple thing I did was making just one choice amongst the three available choices.

So, today I am asking you to make one of the three choices you’ve left all along in chase of what didn’t matter.

It’s totally your choice to make.

Are you making a choice to take

  1. More Actions
  2. Less Actions or
  3. The Same Actions that have kept you where you’ve been?


I’m certain you want to take more actions isn’t.

If I’m correct, and you know you’re looking to take more actions, then don’t wait.


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I guarantee you that you will not regret ever taking a bold decision like this.

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See you soon.

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Blame Is The Energy That Turns You To A Slave

Are you willing to accept the fact that you’re responsible for where you are today? If you’re not willing to do so, then this message is for you.

And if you’re willing to, of course, you might learn from this piece too.

The sad part is that you might be doing it unconsciously until someone reminds you.

Funny enough, there are two types of blamers:

The Subtle Blamers & The Arrogant Blamers

Guess what?

Most people fall into the category of the subtle blamers.

Now, let me explain.

The Arrogant blamers are willing to scream their heads high for any trouble they fall into. And they get to find solutions immediately because everybody around them becomes jittery and wants to solve the problems. While the name sounds like something really bad, do you know that it is better to be an arrogant blamer than a subtle one?

Alright, let’s know who the subtle blamer is.

These type of blamers are the everyday guy and lady like you.

They are subtle in their game of blames. They come to you with this look of “Ouch, I’m not just lucky”. And they go on to tell you a whole long story about how they lost out.

Hey, I’ve been here too.

The saddest part of it is that nobody cares. They will only help to listen to you.

For your information, at some point, they’ll become even tired of listening to you.

Now, let me tell you why this happens.

First, you feel entitled to enjoy good things in and around you. But it doesn’t work that way. Everything you get isn’t your entitlement. You need to work to get it.

Again, you believe so much in the system that you do not see it disappointing you. So, when it does, you feel so bad and betrayed.

Another aspect is the fact that you compare yourself to others especially your pairs when you don’t even know what they do in their secret places. I mean you don’t even understand that these guys work really hard to earn what they have.

And then, you have so much doubt in your abilities. So much that, you don’t see you achieving anything alone except with people getting involved, then you set yourself up for the blame game.

Now, what you don’t get to know is that blamers dissipate more energies than those who take productive steps towards fixing issues.

As you start the blame game, you become a slave to everything and everybody around you. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know this fast enough until you’re fully grounded and no one is around for you to blame again.

If you continue to blame everything except you, I can guarantee you that your condition will only worsen than it should have been, because we all have problems to solve.

This is one of my favorite quotes from my coach.

“When you look for others to solve your problems, you are basically looking for who to assign blames to when you fail – and if you wait for others to solve your problem, then you will definitely find yourself with an unsolvable problem,”

With that in mind, I urge you to use all of your energy and resources to be productive and don’t spend any energy blaming, accusing, or criticizing everything except you.

In order to ensure your business, your job, your finances, and your future are secure, it’s up to YOU not someone else.

In my book – How To Start A Business Without Money.”

I talked about the fact that we all are here to survive the storm. No one is unique. Your actions are what makes you unique among others.

This makes it boldly that you must stop blaming everything except you. Rather, start solving your problems.

Stop complaining about your Government,

Stop complaining About your parents

Stop the hate about your background

Stop complaining about politicians

Stop wasting time blaming past Governments

Stop complaining about Bank Loans and interest

You really need to stop complaining.

If you want to stop blaming, then start taking actions.

Stop wasting that energy complaining.

There is only one thing you need to do.

Learn how to stop blaming and start doing.

Spend Energy Learning Skills required to get the jobs done.

Stop Wasting Your Energy Blaming Everything Around You  –  That Energy You Waste Is Definitely Gained In Enslaving Your Life.

You Become A Slave Living On Blames Forever.

Let me leave you with these pieces of admonition:

The moment you blame another for anything:

  1. You assign your power to turn things around over to that thing you’ve blamed.
  2. You limit your ability to find a solution.
  3. You waste resources and energy.

Finally, you must take note of the fact that success isn’t just important; it is vital to your life and happiness. It is your responsibility and your obligation.

What’s Your Dream Life… Are You Living It?

Wait a minute…… Rollback. Stop thinking about me or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Not even your wife or husband.

Now close your eyes and let’s do this together.

Are you ready….. Okay wait and listen to what you should do here.

First, ask yourself this question and let your imaginations pull it through as you close those eyes.

“What Would My Dream Life Look Like?

Spend just about 10 minutes doing that. If possible set a watch clock and forget you did.

Now, in that mood, run your mind through EVERYTHING as you would want it to be.

Are you set? Right, let’s go.


Welcome back….

Now listen……

The vision of your dream life is where success really starts.

Just think about it… how can you build your perfect life, if you don’t have a clue about what it actually looks like?

Don’t worry about the failures that will come along your path. They are certainly going to come because these are usually good experiences. Though, I am not saying you must fail. Take that to heart.

After all, failing is also 99% of our doings. It means you didn’t listen or learn from those succeeding in it.

But holding onto your vision, and I mean seeing it on a daily basis, minute by minute, is a strong way to keep you going the path to achieving it.

This is one of the most inspiring actions that you can take to start creating your dream life after visioning it.

Find a cool place, get a hardcover notebook and a beautiful pen.

Start writing down all those things you saw with your eyes closed on that paper.

Are you married yet? Do you want to be married? Where do you want to marry from? How do you want your marriage to look like? Just write it.

What about having kids? What kind of life do you want to offer them?

Where do you want to live? How many houses do you want to have? Do you plan holidaying? Where do you want to go for that experience?

How would you feel being fulfilled?

What types of people do you see yourself associating with?

What amount of money would you be making each day of your satisfying moments as envisioned?

Would you say you are financially free once that amount starts coming to you?

Now, what amount of money do you need as a deposit in your bank account to let you feel you have arrived?

Now, listen up.

Most people don’t dream at all. So, they are usually comfortable at some exciting breakthroughs. They enjoy the moments and are broke again.

As for those who have visions, their early stages come with a whole lot of hustle. They are never satisfied with where they are.

So, they continue to push every day.

As for you, by the time you are done putting it down on paper. The next step is for you to start planning it.

Approach those who are already doing or achieving it.

Let them guide you through.

Take some personal development programs for yourself. Improve on your skills. Especially the ones needed to achieve your dream life.

Your Vision clearly written down and the plan to achieve it is like a map, with clear directions towards your GOLDEN DREAM.

Look here, VERY VERY FEW people do this. It doesn’t matter if you see them having money now.

I have learned from the best of the best. And one thing that is common with all of them is the DREAM LIFE MAP.

Having your dream life map takes you closer to your dream life at every given time.

Now, let’s face it.

If more people simply took the time to think through all of this, without a doubt more people would be successful.

90% of your success is about you clearly understanding your dream map and taking necessary actions required and stated in the map towards your future Dream Life.

Do you understand that?

I mean, your DREAM LIFE on a piece of paper clearly written by you, is one step further to achieving that life. The next step is understanding the things you need to do to reach that dream life point. Furthermore, the relevant actions in line with the expected standards as you would have learned from the best in that field are the final whistle.

In 2012 I wrote mine, and I started on that path. I grew massively in less than two years.

So, this isn’t about just someone else writing. Nope!

This is about someone with this experience telling you what to do.

Now listen again.

I want to show you how I did it.

How I started with my Land GSM phone and became a distributor of CUG lines for Globacom.

Then took in one of my first client – A Health Product Manufacturing Company.

Went on to take my First Real Estate Client before I launched mine.

You need to hear this.

I had no money on ground. What I had was simply my DREAM MAP.

And in it, one of the plans was for me to learn some skills. Sell those skills to people who would pay for it.

Guess what? My first Land GSM, Real Estate client and Health Products clients gave me the monies I used in starting my Real Estate Business.

And the Health Business is still paying till this day.

In fact, within the month of January 2019, we made sales worth over N3m.

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