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Tim’s Birthday Appreciation & Motivational Message – Intro

Tim’s Birthday Appreciation & Motivational Message – Intro

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What To Know About Creating Your New Business

Are you interested in creating your business without money?

If you are having issues doing so, then this video is what you need to listen to.

A lot of times, what people do when creating business is probably adopting the old approach which involves collecting samples of other people’s business styles and adopting it.

10 Businesses You Can Start Without Money In 2021

Why Should You Even Watch This Video?

It’s very simple and straight forward.

  • To help you to understand and know how to become self-employed.

There is no doubt that there has been a lack and loss of jobs. financial strains, absolute ignorance in how to raise capital in a country like ours to start your dream business.

And worst still is the lack of skill-sets required to get your products and services right in front of your target audiences. Not also undermining the fact that solutions to some teething problems with businesses especially startups have consistently become the No. 1 factor why businesses fail today.

  • To help business owners see potentials that can help in creating sales for their businesses instead of thinking about leaving the current business they have and setting up a new one.

So in this video, and a series of others I shall be releasing you will be able to

  1. See that it is Time to decide on what to work on for the next 12 months in 2021.
  2. Learn exactly the very important businesses that can change your 2021if you haven’t started anyone yet.
  3. Learn certain skills that can guarantee you a personal financial security in the coming days.
  4. Understand the importance of what you currently have in hands or doing as a business.
  5. Help others to see opportunities they’re missing as well.

I hope you do enjoy this piece.

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Thanks and do have a beautiful day out there.


7 Ways To Start A Business Without Money In 2021

In this video you will learn the very basic ways (7) to start a business without money in 2021.

The doubts about starting a business without money are cleared by watching this video, and there are proofs to this claim.

Proof of Existence for this claim has been in existence and was captured in Think & Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

All You Need To Have According To Napoleon Hill is a Burning Desire, a Vision; Clarity of Purpose; Plan; and ultimately the Skills;

Other Earthly Proofs Today – UBER, AMAZON and the likes

All of These Comes Under – Selling Something

To Sell Something – You Need Just Skills Get A Copy of My Book – How To Start A Business Without Money Here – https://www.timabels.com/start-a-business/

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8 Justifications To Use Freelancers When Starting Out

I never knew this when I first started out, so I made a very big blunder hiring just too many to do what they didn’t know how to do except I would have to sit down and teach them.

This of course didn’t only impact negatively on my finances, but also on my focus, on my strength, and much more.

I came to know about this months later while in one of my coaching programs with my mentor.

And as soon as this was revealed to me, I went on a spree to search for formidable platforms with experts as Freelancers and you will be shocked about what I found if you could take your time to see for yourself.

But this isn’t the topic of discussion today.

So, let’s face it.

With the rise of the freelance economy, the traditional model of hiring long-term employees has been disrupted. While some might argue that in-house employees can have their benefits, these do not stack up compared to making intense use of freelancers.

Freelancers are an underutilized resource and come with significant advantages.

#1 – Less Bureaucracy

One of the benefits of using freelancers is that you can hire them for short-term contracts. This means that you don’t have to go through all the hassle of interviewing a potential employee from sites such as Fiverr, Elance, UpWork etc. that showcases the skills of freelancers who will have a long list of reviews and will be given a rating score by the platform. You can filter for the quality of a freelancer and pay exactly what you want to get the job done. Using freelancers is a very easy and safe process, with the typical payment escrow system in place. There is no need to take care of employee insurance, payroll, insurance, or legal issues. The freelancing platform takes care of it all and you are not the employer of the freelancers.

#2 – You Can Get Someone With The Exact Skills You Need

When you hire a permanent employee, you are hiring one person with a generic skillset. But an online business often changes and needs different tasks completed. For example, you can find a freelance writer with experience in writing about search engine optimization or short term loans. Or a software developer that specializes in WordPress. You simply hire them for the job that they are proven to be effective at. They do the job, and both parties go their separate ways upon completion.

#3 – It Is Far More Cost-Effective

For a number of reasons, using freelancers is more cost-effective. The money you pay is going to get you exactly what you want. If not, mediation services are provided for issues in dispute and negative feedback is a serious consequence for freelancers who do not complete the task as specified in the initial contract. Because you are only hiring freelancers for a one-time project, you do not have to take care of additional expenses. You also don’t have to hire them for a whole year with a fixed wage, regardless of the income of your business. Another benefit is that the freelancer can work on the project while you sleep, as they are located in different time zones across the world. All in all, freelancers are simply a cheaper and more efficient way of getting business projects completed.

#4 – It Will Save You More Space

Adding more fire to the saving money debate is saving office space. Real-life human beings tend to take up a lot of space – but not if they work from their own abode! Reduced overheads will make your hip pocket happy, and won’t mess with your office.

 #5 – It Will Give You More Flexibility

Let’s be honest. Your business is in need of a much-needed yoga lesson. Consumers today want answers fast (as in, five minutes ago), so your business hours need to be as flexible as a yogi on muscle relaxers. The perk of a freelancer is that when you’ve shut up shop for the day, your social freelancing whizz can be tapping away replies to Facebook messages, answering blog comments, and engaging with a community renowned for being night owls!

#6 – It Will Get The Job Done Faster

When you’re hiring a freelancer, you’re hiring an expert. A task outside your usual skill set that might take you three hours, could take an expert freelancer only 10 minutes. It all depends on how much you value your own time.

Freelancers are also always motivated – most of them work from coffee shops, after all. Their constant caffeine buzz means they’ll do an excellent job, fast. They know all too well the importance of reliability and speediness, and they’re not caught up in office politics, or never-ending agenda-less meetings.

#7 – It Will Get The Job Done Better

Well, maybe not always, but there’s a pretty good chance a freelancer will think (and do) differently to your usual worker bees. Breathe a breath of fresh ideas into your business with an individual who has devoted their life to simply being creative! They’ve likely tried and tested everything under the sun, probably for your competitors, so they know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Get the edge, and bring that wealth of knowledge into your business.

Freelancers also thrive on repeat business – after all, they’re running their own small business, so they’re in charge of customer service, and quality control. Since they’re not permanently on your payroll, they’ll strive to produce their best work, every time. A freelancer has to prove their worth with every task they’re given to maintain your relationship, and essentially keep their job. When was the last time your employees felt the fear?

#8 – It Will Reduce Your Inherent Risk To The Minimal

Because, strictly speaking, they’re not employees. They don’t have the right to unemployment insurance, and rarely have the right to compensation benefits. They don’t have the right to sue for harassment, discrimination, or unfair dismissal. If they’re not the right fit, they’re easier to sack and replace.

Are You Convinced About Hiring A Freelancer?

Here are some common tasks that are easy and cost-effective to outsource:

  • Writing blog, or web, content – you know that you need quality, SEO-infused web content, updated regularly, but good content takes time. Leave it to the writing pros who know their colons from their commas.
  • Designing a website, logo, or brand – you cannot create your company’s logo in Paint. We repeat, DO NOT create your business’ identity in a free graphic design program! Your brand is made or break, so leave it to someone who knows Comic Sans is never a good idea.
  • Managing social media – you don’t have time to clean out your bottom desk drawer, let alone stay abreast of Instagram’s endless algorithm updates.
  • Building a marketing strategy – do you know the difference between organic reach and paid views? We didn’t think so. You can’t ignore marketing – it’s how your customers find out they need your product or service in their lives. Get a marketing extraordinaire to produce a strategy that you can follow with confidence.
  • Website programming – just trust us on this one. Leave the coding to the experts, before you break something.
  • Admin – there’s this new-fangled thing called Virtual Assistants, and they’re as good as Chin-Chin or Roasted plantain popularly called “Boleh”. You can hire VA’s for next to nothing to do those mundane, mind-numbing tasks like replying to generic emails, online research, database entry, bookkeeping, and scheduling.

Convinced Now?

Take your newfound love of outsourcing, and explore our awesome freelancer platform here….


or WhatsApp/Call +234 802 794 1987

Some Will Even Suggest It’s A Scam & They’re Kind of Right

Over the years, I have had a series of discussions with people, friends, family members, colleagues, and even teachers and influencers in my niche.

Some will doubt my belief that anyone can change their financial situation and even become a millionaire, and some will even suggest it’s a scam, and they are kind of right.

Let me show you something in words here:

Society suggests if you have a good job, food, clothes, shelter & health you should be grateful.

They even have a name for this, “the Average or Middle class.”

The government says those in poverty require assistance due to their situation and insist they are incapable of changing their condition.

Financial Experts, Planners, Pundits on TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers including those on the mainstream media, across the length and breadth of our great continent even suggest that the only way to have any hopes of financial freedom is to reduce all spending and send leftovers to investors to turn it over for us and this obviously would be over a lifetime, while you cross your fingers and watch them do the magic for you.

And they promise you the future from this especially when you would have retired from active service, or probably when you are old and tired.

The truth is, none of this explains reports which indicate that over 96% of Working-Class Nigerians live paycheck to paycheck and 91% have no money for emergencies.

Taking a close look at the Global World, you would agree with me that for centuries a handful of writers & philosophers have written “anyone can become rich,” and there exist tens of thousands of cases of those who have gone from nothing to massive wealth.

The likes of Travis Kalanick and Garrett, Jeff Bezos, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, Sam Walton, Howard Schultz, Ralph Lauren, Larry Ellison, Kenneth Langone, Sheldon Adelson, Alan Gerry, John Paul DeJoria, Harold Hamm, J.K. Rowling, JP Morgan, and Walt Disney are all of this category.

That’s a shortlist of Americans but this list extends to many, many others around the world.

When anyone suggests, “YOU CAN BE A MILLIONAIRE,” people frown with skepticism and shout charlatan.

I understand why, and by the way, they aren’t always wrong.

I know this first hand after writing my first book, “How To Start A Business Without Money.” and how many people screamed (not to my face) scam and BS on me.

The fact people don’t know is that I was never from a wealthy home or some very influential background.

Truth is, I grew up poor.

But I’ve always believed I could be rich and bought countless books and programs that promised me that I could be wealthy.

My friends, co-workers & even some family members laughed at me claiming, “the only person getting rich is the author,” and then they would go on to explain wealth was only for the exceptional or the very lucky and/or well-connected people.

For some reason, I never gave up on believing I could create wealth.

I’m glad I didn’t quit because at the age of 40, I was broke with over 60,000,000 in debt, and today I have cleaned out almost everything and I have kept doing this day-by-day.

This of course comes from a whole bunch of passive income I have kept doing and working on.

I have listened to people I bring closer to me to help me do one or a few things advise me to stop doing a lot of business at one time because I can’t be focused.

I have listened to friends and family make jest of me being in too many places in one time.

Like those legends and mentors who impacted, inspired, and guided me through their books and programs, I want to be the catalyst for those of you who haven’t quit on the idea of financial freedom and haven’t been consumed by skepticism and negativity.

To those people who doubt any person can become wealthy starting from nothing, they are not necessarily wrong, they simply are living out their own version of reality, so in their world — they’re “right”.

And by the way, those who are that skeptical will never change their financial situation, even If they won the biggest jackpot from betting, they would still end up with their version of reality – poverty.

Meanwhile, those who like myself never gave up on the idea of wealth as a possibility and continue to learn, and study will surely get there.

I truly believe that, because it is happening to me today.

I sought out to prove this with some of my staff, and co-workers who were also in debt, with no plan, and very low income.

Interestingly, just a few out of the many have reached the mark of becoming millionaires or they are on track to do so in a relatively short period of time.

I then expanded the test group beyond my immediate associates and started working with others to see if I can duplicate those results.

I’ve featured some of them on this page in my book:

I’m have gone ahead to create a Facebook Page – How To Start A Business Without Money Master Class Group where you can Ask Tim Abel on Anything Relating To Business Development, Marketing, Sales & Finance so as to extend these gifts to as many who cares to listen and change their own financial fortune here…..


I have also announced a Free Training for those who want the Real Estate Business as their first point of call to join my team of trainees, where you will be trained on how to pilot your own Real Estate business starting from nothing… except by consciously getting involved in my training and executing what you have learned.

You can join us here if you care (Link is below)…..


But I don’t want some idle minds who would only want to peep. You must be involved in the trainings and conversations.

My book – How To Start A Business Without Money” could have been given to you for free but I didn’t want to get just people who wanted something for nothing.

Those are the ones who cry scam the loudest and never seem to get anything out of anything.

So when you invest in “How To Start A Business Without Money”, you will get a series of video trainings that will help to position you for setting up and launching your own marketing platforms soon enough.

I will share with you step-by-step exactly what I did to go from being worth nothing to having a net worth of over a hundred of millions of naira and still pushing.

Listen here.

I am not bragging….. Never!!!

Of course, this message is going to hit the front of many people like you who may never want to believe anything like this.

But this is what I would advise.

Just skip it….. It is never meant for you.

As for those who are in my position a few years ago, I am talking about being broke, being in debt, or even without a job, this will help you.

And if you are already a millionaire this has the potential to launch you to the next level – multa-millionaire.

How To Start A Business Without Money isn’t meant to mislead, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor can I promise that you will become a millionaire in one swoop or by sleeping all day without executing a thing.

No Way…… It’s Not and Will Never.

If you also felt the impulse and you screamed that you will get this book, then you get it and then never read it.

I’m super sorry… It’s never going to crawl into your head.

This book is simply like a Bible, that you must keep as close to your heart and hand always.

But again, I can promise you that if you give up and quit trying you will never make it.

To demonstrate how much confidence, I have in my own material I’ve included a 100% money-back guarantee.

I’m not going to push a hard sell on this.

I’ve made it affordable. You don’t have to travel.

I come to you.

I’m simply making it available for those who are willing to make positive changes in their life and still believe they can change their lot in life.

A recent online blogger “WT” says, “the most populous black nation’s high net worth is going to balloon by a compound annual rate of 16.3 percent between now and 2030.”

This remains to be seen.

And can only be seen, if people stop waiting to have monies to start up or become rich.

Living a better life requires a positive attitude, good health, and don’t kid yourself, money.

I can’t help with your health but I can help with your money.

The link below will give you access to picking up this book, all you have to do is be open to wealth and I’ll do the rest.


Be Great, No Matter What.

Tim Abel

It’s Not As If You’re Incompetent – It’s That, They Actually Lied To You

Do you remember that famous story about nobody being able to tell the king he had no clothes on?
Two weavers promised an emperor a new suit that would be invisible to those who were unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.
People started to believe the clothes were just invisible to them, and nobody dared to speak up and say they didn’t see the clothes out of fear of being seen as stupid.
Finally, a kid yelled, “He isn’t wearing anything”

5 Free Internet Marketing Automation Tools To Free Up Your Time

Sharing your blog posts via social media is a cost-effective way to promote your business.

But if you’re not careful, social media marketing can consume a lot of your time.

To make the best use of your time, it’s worth automating some of your social media activities.

One of the best methods is to automatically share your blog posts from WordPress if you own a blog to each of your selected social networks or share it directly from one of your social media pages in a network like Facebook to other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Automation is going to be the way forward for online businesses of the 21st century.

Those that automate are going to be the most successful.

There is an automation tool for all possible tasks, from content sharing, to email marketing and to paid advertising models.

The trick is to find the automation tools that fit into your lifestyle and business model.

Here are 5 of the best and free automation tools out there that you can use if you want to consistently create contents for your business blog or social media page.

5 Free Internet Marketing Automation Tools To Free Up Your Time

#1 – Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio is a one-stop social media content management tool within Facebook that helps creators and publishers manage their content, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Think of it as a powerful desktop hub.

Facebook wants content creators, publishers, brands, and all kinds of different-sized businesses to be able to use this hub and share more video content. And really, that’s a big part of Facebook.

A lot of marketers might not even know that Creator Studio is available to them. Many are still using third-party tools to manage, schedule, and track content. But if all you care about is Instagram and Facebook, you don’t really need any other tools. Creator Studio is Facebook’s own built-in, native tool, and it gives you a lot of extra bells and whistles for creating and managing content, as well as deeper video insights.

Creator Studio is a valuable tool for your Facebook Pages.

It allows you to track and manage content performance, even across different Pages if you manage many.

The inbox view allows you to manage comments and messages directly from within the Creator Studio.


#2 – HootSuite

HootSuite is the perfect platform to automate social media strategies.

It can be used to monitor how your business is doing across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can see how your brand is performing through the simplified HootSuite dashboard.


It is also possible to schedule and update posts as well as to create social analytic reports. The ability to schedule posts is a powerful feature that many freelancers and business owners are taking advantage of.

It can significantly free up time for you to do other important things. HootSuite is free for a basic personal subscription, though there are upgraded premium options.


#3 – Hubspot

Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales automation tool that is extremely popular within the online business community.

Marketing and sales is a difficult part of any business enterprise, and Hubspot can help to ease the burden.


It comes with a free customer relationship management (CRM) system and is free to use.

It allows for email marketing and automation, lead generation, analytics, meeting scheduling, customer feedback, and ticketing.

Hubspot has a massive online community that are very active and this is a very well-regarded automation tool that can streamline marketing campaigns.

#4 MailChimp

MailChimp is an email management service that can assist in streamlining email campaigns.

MailChimp is a favorite email automation tool for startups and digital nomads.

It is known for its ease of use and is the biggest email automation tool out there. Email marketing is still a very lucrative business model. This is because while people may change their social medial platforms, they tend to stick with the same email address. So building up an email list is a great way to keep in touch with potential customers over the long term.

Even aside from pure email marketing, it is always a good idea to maintain an email list to keep customers regularly engaged.

For example, those who are creating a blog will also need to maintain an email list and MailChimp can assist with this activity.

With MailChimp, contents can be scheduled throughout the periods you have chosen.

Gladly, it comes with a free use opportunity.


#5 Blog2Social

Blog2Social is a custom sharing and scheduling application for Blogs and social media posts.

Blog2Social automatically converts your post into the best format for each network you are using to create contents and market your business online.

Custom sharing with Blog2Social helps you to share your blog and social media posts in an optimal format for each of your social networks.

It has a free or basic plan in case you are just starting out.


I hope this helps our teaming marketing connections.

Enjoy your day.

These 10 Things Can Change Your Life & Income Drastically

Success doesn’t come by accident. It is not luck, nor is it gifted. It is EARNED.

Some people fail to understand this concept and that is why they are always willing to find who to blame.

I have never seen a man or woman who doesn’t tell you how difficult it was on that path. None.

So, what the heck about your present-day challenges?

What the heck about your current financial situation?

What the heck about Fear?

For 4 good years, I kept fighting battles, to avoid the usual financial, relationship, and many other challenges.

In me, I knew I was in a tough fight…

Not against the spirits, but man, businesses, and finances.

But something inside of me kept reminding me of the thoughts of one of my mentors.

He said, “Success in life isn’t a free fall. It comes with battles. It comes with failures. But when you are faced with these things. Know that soon enough you will conquer. But above all, you must fight it and fight it with your strength and willpower. Be Utterly Disciplined In All You Have Chosen To Do.”

Now the lack of jobs especially for adults leaves us with so much to take care of but there is no means of income, how do you survive it? A Major problem

Even for those who have jobs, the income or salaries they receive is not even enough to cater to their numerous problems like feeding, health, caring or starting a new family, etc

Another problem is those who even have jobs, but they are never happy with it and are always looking out for something better. Unfortunately, we are not in a country where with enough energy, you can go out for as many jobs that pay on a per-time basis (Hourly jobs).

Some who even have businesses are losing the steam because these businesses don’t fetch them what they want.

So they keep spending all their capital hoping for a rainfall someday which may never come.

The result of it most times is that in every 100 businesses opened, over 97% gets shut down within 3 to 9 months and they are back to the streets again searching for some opportunities.

Professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Engineers, and the likes are getting even hurt the most. These are people who ordinarily should be leaving their dreams after spending a whole lot of years learning what they practice today.

Reasons Why These Problems Have Persisted

The question is, why all of these?

Why are people even when we know the monies flow in the system cannot be able to sustain livelihood?

In the search of reasons.

Let me share these thoughts with you and I hope will help you.

We have been groomed with certain mentalities especially about how money and a good life is created.

These have passed from one generation to another to this day.

This knowledge that has built our mentality to what it is today, was subtly transferred to us under the guise of good home training.

First, we were told to be contented with what we have.

We were told to be humble and never argue with an elder.

We were told respect is a virtue, so even when people disrespect us, we should just walk away.

We were told to work like a horse and eat like an ant or else we will become lazy.

We were told to always pray no matter the situation.

Sincerely, these are powerful home pieces of training, and as good as they are, have made so many of us lose sight of the real deal to a successful life.

And of course, we should be blamed, because, we never get to ask questions about the things we came to meet.

We just took them on and have relentlessly passed it to another generation.

These are the reasons why we have a very difficult life and achieving success both in life and finances has and will continue to be a problem.

These are the reasons we can never be rich.

These are reasons that even when we are broke, we stick to the old ways that keep holding us back while we continue to hope for a rainfall someday.



            The Usual Solutions You Would Get

For those who intend to break out, they rather take to the awkward ways.. Like fetism, criminality, prostitution, and in fact, the men are now sleeping with older women in a bid to have their bills paid.

For some sane persons, they look for the quick wins in terms of money making (Ponzies).

Some tend to always look for jobs, from one company to another.

Some professionals take on jobs, not for the quality but just because they must make some little monies to sustain livelihood.

There are many more options people take, but for our time here, I would love to share some very important tips I learned from my mentor.

And if you decide to listen and practice these things, I can assure you that though you can’t have the magic of changing your entire income or life in one swoop, but of course, gradually things will change.

This isn’t an overnight success.

So stick with me as I share these 10 important tips that can change your income and life drastically.

  1. Here is the first one. Purpose.
    A man with purpose, already knows that the gap between failure and success is a function of his or her ability to rise above the hurdles of an unclear future, and walk towards a meaningful existence.

All successful people are purposeful in their existence. They have a clear vision of where they are going, where they are and where they are coming from.

Purpose is an important factor that can change your life and income drastically because clarity is a very important factor when a man decides on the direction to go.

Now, purpose is not just knowing where to go, it has a very important influence in driving you towards your ultimate goal.

It’s that force inside of you that keeps you alive even when things don’t seem to be working in your directions.

Simply put, Purpose is that force that drives and pushes you forward into your future.

Purpose also has the power to help you in overcoming challenges no matter how difficult they are. It is what keeps you on the right track even when these challenges seem overwhelming so that you don’t derail.

The fact is that, most times when you come face to face with challenges, there is a high percentage that you will become confused.

But with purpose, you’ll see these challenges as mere distractions.

Purpose shows you the big image and tells you to stay focused, because ultimately, that’s where you belong.

So, always understand and use your purpose to enlarge your imagination which in turn will help to create new ways you need to be able to achieve your goals.

Once purpose sets in, your vision for what works will begin to come, and it starts with the necessary  skills you will need to maneuver through those challenges.

Here are some positive sides of having a great purpose

  • Purpose has the power to make you become obsessed. And of course, one of the key things I have learned over the years is to become obsessed in whatever I want to achieve. Powerful secret from Grant… Be obsessed or be average.

Obsession, keeps you going even when everyone thinks it has come to an end.

So you need purpose.

  • Next is that purpose prevents distractions –

The truth is naturally, we are always faced with distractions in life.

Especially when bad things happen to us.

And once bad things happen, a lot of us get pulled back or gets stalled. At that moment, we become heavily distracted.

Purpose, and I mean a genuine one, will take care of distractions instantly.

  • Again, purpose pulls you through all kinds of challenges no matter how difficult it is.
  • Furthermore, without purpose, your day can easily be marred. Things will hurt your feelings easily. But with purpose, your excitement overshadows a bad day or a hurt.
  • Purpose is a conscious state of mind that looks beyond now, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or even 10 years away.
  • Lastly on the positive sides of purpose is that you must understand that the more dynamic your purpose is, the more it affects your entire life, your spirit, and your mind. Which in turn translates to the physical results in your finances.

So, always endeavor to allow for a great and dynamic purpose to play out in your life.

Purpose is a beautiful thing.

  1. The second and very important life and income changing force is Self Confidence.
    We all know literally what it means.

But beyond the literal definition, let me share my thought on how it affects your life and can change your finances drastically.

Of course, we all know what Self-confidence does. We know it makes us feel good about ourselves, helps our mindsets, and brings about a sense of positivity.

But how do you create self-confidence? It’s simply by working really hard on yourself. It is also working hard on the task you set out to do each day.

And knowing that each task gets you closer to your purpose in life.

And the moment you begin to get things done especially in fulfillment of your ultimate purpose, your confidence begins to grow.

A knowledge of the fact that you know what to do and you are doing it gradually brings a whole lot of confidence in you. Especially as the results from the small work or task being done provides you with real evidences even when everyone else is blind to it.

Now, the advice here is simple… Make sure all the small goals you have set each day towards the ultimate goal or purpose are completed.

The moment that starts happening, you will see productivity rise, and an increase in your self-confidence will begin to blossom.

Here are a few positives on self-confidence that you must know.

  • Never neglect the small day’s disciplines that will improve your performance each day – Reading, Exercising, Relating, Listening, Speaking, just those important self-development routines you need in your life each day.

For example, read a chapter of a book each day, exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, look at your finances each day, call 5 or 10 of your clients to build personal relationship each day, call 2 or 3 of your family members each day, call your friends.

It doesn’t have to be a big task…

Just take it bit by bits.

Tough but will get you your needed confidence as you go on. Just do it without fail. This is usually tough when you start but with time, it becomes easy. And you’ll begin to feel so excited about it.

Next is, It makes you feel good about yourself, and your self-confidence rises.

Another positive to it is that self-confidence only comes from avoiding to neglect the task you’ve resolved to do each day. Don’t allow for procrastination to set in.

Whatever you chose to do each day, follow through to the end.

Do not justify why you shouldn’t do it.

The moment you begin to neglect one little one of those tasks, it grows to 2, and then 3, 4, 5… eventually leads to a disastrous life.

Self-confidence needs the daily accomplishment of tasks.

Again, self-confidence affects your health, affects your psyche,… And I mean either positively or negatively. On the negative, the moment your self-confidence drops, your health starts failing. Your psyche begins to dwindle in the negatives. You’ll begin to lose trust in yourself. So avoid it.

But on the other hand, the moment your self-confidence rises, your health gains more strength, your psyche becomes even stronger… Nothing gets you down easily.

Self-confidence is willingness to do whatever it takes not minding the physical, emotional or spiritual hurdles that comes to your way.

Self-confidence comes from the ability to rise above what happens to you

And lastly, with self-confidence, It’s about just keeping at it. Never be distracted.


  1. Next on the list is Enthusiasm.
    Now, whenever self-confidence is playing out, you’ll notice that enthusiasm is also by the side. Successful people are enthusiastic. It is simply about being passionate with what you do. It is the excitement that comes with the things you are able to create and show to others.

Here you are excited about the results you will get or you have gotten. And listen to me, when you love your work you will affect others and inspire them to do as best as they can in the things that make them strong.

When you show people enthusiasm in what you do, they begin to be infected by what drives you and will eventually begin to see how much of what works from your inside. They will begin to believe in you.

Now, this is important.

The human nature is affected by the emotions. And enthusiasm is best driven by emotions. What they feel from your creativity brings them close to you.

That’s a secret about salespeople that you must also know.

Here are some positives about enthusiasm.

The Most powerful enthusiasm is the one inside and that takes about 90% while the one that people get to see is just 10%. However, that of the inside is what connects you to the level of success you want to achieve because emotions is what drives it.

Again, enthusiasm is created by self-confidence, purpose, and goes on to affect the people around you.

Lastly, it is usually unheard, because it is inside of you. But listen, it is a powerful force that can change your life and income.


  1. Now the 4th one is Expertise.
    What is expertise? Listen to this here…..

If you can show that you are best of the best, and have learned everything you can in a particular field people will respond to you in a better way.

If you can devote your time to becoming an expert in anything you have chosen as your path to your greater purpose in life, nothing under heavens can be a shot-stopper for you.

To simply put this, expertise is a force that opens anything up for you.

So, learn about everything that matters in that chosen field of yours. Become the go-to expert.

When people think it, they think you as the solution provider.

Only then can your life change and of course your income will change drastically too.

Now take the positives here…

  • Once you chose a field, be hungry to excel in all of the skills required in it, and refuse to settle for less. This is to say, if you are a mechanic, just go crazy and become skillful in that field, so much that people will be the ones making reference for you.

Take a look at doctors, lawyers, technicians around and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The best among them gets a lot of referrals without selling themselves.

Another positive you must take to the bank here is for you to always do the best you can in developing your skills.

Never settle for mediocrity.


  1. The 5th is Preparation
    Preparation they say when meets opportunity, success is inevitable.

That’s it….

It is simply having the ability to constantly get ready for the things ahead of us. That’s what aids the success we always want.

If we don’t spend the time preparing for the things ahead we will miss out on many opportunities. Search for the things that make you a better person and learn about it.
Build the skills, reach out to the people, learn the techniques.

Here are some positives….

You must always be ready, not just for today, but at all times

Sometimes it seems like a long time, which is usually very true, but just keep at it,

Prepare to have a good day before the day

Prepare yourself for success, because life doesn’t waste its resources and time on someone who isn’t ready or who isn’t prepared.

Don’t just look for the fortune, prepare for it.

Life isn’t designed to give us what we want but what we are prepared to receive

Just as the bible says it. Search and you will find. Ask and it will be given, so is preparation. It guarantees success.

Be ready for challenges, opportunities, circumstances because it will all come.

You can never be as powerful as you would want to be except by preparations. The fact is, life is in stages. For you to be qualified for the next stage, you must be prepared with the first stage.

Your next level in life, is your ability to overcome the hurdles of the this level in life. So, be prepared.

Next positive is for you to be valuable. Preparation brings your value to the table.

To be prepared, you need to read, you need to study… Be prepared always


  1. Self Reliance.
    Be Independent and make sure that you can be responsible for anything that comes your way.

Be the person who can count on themselves when it comes to the crunch and so you don’t make excuses for things going wrong around you.

Simply looking mostly to yourself

Primarily rely on yourself – Be responsible

Being the final back stop

Never complain and never explain


  1. Self-Image
    When you are seen as the person in control, the one who can be a great leader and use their power to help others they will want to help in return.

Also know that the image of yourself is important to you also, as the way we act and think affects how well we can tackle tasks and complete objectives.

Be the best you can.

Here are the positives this too:

How other people see you is also important – Having an image of one who is in charge or in control attracts the people that will change your life to you.

Your image of influence is important

Your image of yourself is by far important as well – This comes with the way you Think, talk, dress, and the skills you display.

This self- image is important and you can use that to build yourself.

It calls for looking at the mirror and saying this is how I appear to myself.


  1. Next Is Character.
    When we show that we have the character to do the right thing and stick at our goals, rather than try for a while then give up we become people of integrity.

We can grow and show that nothing is impossible, which leads to more growth and a success of its own.

Great Character exudes love, and care for people you want to help. When we care for those around us they will stay on our journeys forever.

Character catapults you to becoming a person of high value, principle, respect, altitude, attitude, integrity.

Systems fail because they were not constructed with doing the right thing, lack integrity, and zero in character. You must learn to watch these things.

Your character must be the type that never fails to take advantage when necessary.

You must show that you are willing to do the right thing.

Self-development helps building and developing your own character.

  1. Self Discipline Is The 9th One
    This is one and most importantly what a lot of us face as a challenge today, considering the fact that we are always in chase for what to put as foods on the table or other things we deemed important to us.

As important as these things are, the long term goal is to have a great life and financial strength to be able to take care of all that matters.

So, if you must have this long term goal, then never let up your focus. Always stick to your goals and the relevant tasks that must be accomplished.

Be regimented in the jobs you have the tasks you have set for yourself, so you can be reliable to those around you.

Do your part, to bring the whole of a project or business together.

Sometimes it’s easy to mess up and let it go which is a major factor that we experience a lot of times, and before we knew it, we would have began to neglect so much and then finally become loss in the drive to achieve success. Avoid it.

Of course we are human to make mistakes, but we must be disciplined enough to avoid these mistakes or the problems we cause intentionally.


  1. Demand Excellence From Yourself

There is a difficulty attaining perfection in life. But we can strive towards it all the time.

Someone once met me and said, “Oh! Tim, I had this picture of you in my head. I am so happy that you gave me a thought to rethink my life again.

I was always trying to make the world trust me because of my past.

But when you explained it on radio the other day, I challenged myself of self-perfection and since then, life for me has improved tremendously.

I have refused to wait for men to tell me I am perfect, instead I have consistently demand of myself the task towards perfection.”

Let’s face facts here… To obtain the great things that you want, you must do the great things that go along with it to make it complete.

Therefore you must make sure you get the very best and settle for nothing other than absolute excellence.

And while you have that in focus, do not ever yield to the assessment of just anybody, except those who truly will tell you what they think about you.

So, by demanding of self-excellence, you must understand the followings;

The power of extraordinary performance.

If you must get extraordinary results, you must be willing to do the extraordinary things

Mediocre is not an option

Society doesn’t demand these great things from you. You must demand of yourself

Thanks for your time with me here…

I hope you have been influenced by these teachings….

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We Learn Always….

My name is Tim Abel.


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