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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Live On Salaries

You’re probably reading and listening to debates about solvency of some states in our great country. As of yesterday, the report shows that only 17 states are solvent at the moment. The rest are insolvent.

While this report tends to look gloomy for our country especially with the increasing number of job seekers, there is heat from Labour unions requesting for N30k minimum wage.

It’s also a good thing that there are some Governors who are currently promising they can handle these amounts, but over 70% of these Governors are against it.

Amidst those who have accepted they will pay, over 90% of them will have to hurt some people to ensure they get to live up to their promises. That’s probably going to mean that more people will lose their jobs.

These, on one hand, private companies are consistently reducing their workforce on a monthly basis.

NBS Reported as at 2018 that there are 20.9 million jobless Nigerians.

Channels Television reported also that A total of 7.956 million Nigerians became unemployed between January 2016 and September 30, 2017, data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows.

Fast track this to date, and your imaginations might just be exact.

All these indices leaves us to ponder about how frustrating it could be depending on salaries.

The big question is, what if you’re the one who is going to lose his or her job next or you’re forcefully retired?

What would you do?

And that’s a BIG deal.

And it just illustrates the fact that you should NOT be satisfied with a paycheck to paycheck life.

Living this way makes you ONE mistake, ONE bad thing to happen, ONE unexpected event away from financial ruin.

It’s not just Government workers that live paycheck to paycheck— MANY Nigerians do.

I’m sure those 7.956,000 workers weren’t expecting a few months before that fateful day when their jobs and salaries were frozen.

But that’s the thing, UNEXPECTED things happen all the time.

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