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No Product To Sell? Then Watch This…….

No Product To Sell? Then Watch This………….

This is a period of revolution for most families including you.

As sensitive as that is, you don’t need to panic.

It is simply an expansion for most people to create more income.

It is a period for those who really want to work, to start creating something without monies.

This is a time you must learn how to sell anything you can. In this Talk show – Money Talks With Tim Abel on Entrepreneurship Tuesday Show With You, I shared my experience and want you to learn from it and see how you can position yourself for the coming days.



For so many people, it will indeed become very tough than you can ever imagine.

Watch and enjoy….. I will see you again next Tuesday.


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How To Be Miserable

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Your Success Might Just Be Waiting For Your Confidence

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

It was a very horrible experience for me.

I hid my head in shame

I couldn’t do a thing

I was scared of losing my life and leaving my wife and kids to suffer.

I was scared of my father dying of a heart attack for my situation.

I was worried about my siblings who so much have an undying love for their kid brother who God has blessed.

And then, I was scared about what you will be saying about me.

In fact, I already started hearing some of you backlash me and even evil things about me.

Some said, he thinks he is the best….. Let’s see how he comes out of it.

Some said, do you think he has the kind of money he talks about?

Some said I know him when he was nobody. Just because he started making a change, he has turned something else….

Some said he’s a failed project… He will never get out of that mess.

Some said, it’s good for him…. it has not even started…. This is just the beginning.

Some said it’s good for him…. it has not even started…. This is just the beginning.s this and he is that….

Some said, let me go and take my own share before it finishes from his hands.

Listen buddy……….., I heard it all……

I heard every f**king thing you said and you heard.

But this is one thing I heard and it was really loud and even LOUDER than all the other voices put together.

That one voice was my voice.

It was ME.

It was nobody else but me…… Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

It said: Hey boy, your journey of great things to happen has just started.

You can’t have a beautiful ending without a bitter beginning.

You can only become who you want to be by experiencing exactly what others who have tried and failed have also experienced but couldn’t sail through.

You’ll also experience what those who are successes today have experienced.

It’s going to take time.

But listen, timing and actualization is a factor that will strongly be determined by the number of hours you are willing to put in for the work you will be doing.

The time and efforts you are willing to sacrifice.

You genuineness at heart to achieve the things you have set out to achieve.

Remember, No Pain No Gains!!!

Listen to me today…………………

And this is From the marbles……….

Action is the greatest value of time.

No matter what happens.

The level of action you take will determine the results you get.

It’s about taking action regardless of your fears.

The soldiers and heroes you hear about never refer to themselves as brave before they endure hardships.

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive in that moment.

Heard of these words before?

“Courage is that quality of mind or spirit that compels people to face dangerous situations in spite of fear.”

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive at that moment.it is by attacking, dominating, and keeping your attention on the future.

Once you start doing the things that scare you the most more frequently, they’ll continue to scare you less and less until you wonder why they scared you in the first place.

Ultimately, that fear becomes the confidence you never knew you had.

I feared to take actions too, but I’ve found out that those actions I feared to take the most end up becoming what takes me through difficult times.

I feared to go back and start all over again – I’m now done with that.

I feared to read the books because they are bulky – Now I flip through books like a machine.

I feared to run the things I used to run with everyone supporting it – Today, I run that alone even while you are sleeping.

I feared to stand in front of people to say the things I need to say…. Today, I speak with my volume up. No remote audio control.

I feared I will never live to see a child – Today, I have kids and targeting 7 more (Please don’t laugh, I just love kids and want to have as many as possible).

I feared I will never be able to share my experiences – Today, you are reading it, you are watching me talk about it and learning from it. I have also gone ahead to write a book to help share how I survived it with you.

I feared I will never survive in personal business – Today, I have 3 solid businesses and building more.

Writing this book “How To Start A Business Without Money” is one of those things I feared to take actions on.

But in the end, I took it and it came out strong.

You Should Grab Your Copy Here Now https://paystack.com/pay/0e4s60klsh

Successful people carry themselves with two qualities: Confidence and Conviction.

These are actually qualities that come to those who take action instead of thinking, waiting, and wondering or taking to complaints.

The next time you are confronted with a moment of fear, take action, be courageous, and you’ll find out that success is yours only if you want to take it.

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

Enjoy Your Day.

The Most Important Factor of Success?

Let me ask you something really quick; what happens when life throws you to a near-impossible task? How do you overcome it?


How Does a Person Commit?

I know, it sounds easy, maybe even a little too easier, but it’s not.

The simplest concepts, even one like “commitment,” take time to master.

To be committed, it takes a lot of sacrifices;

You need to start by honoring what you are made of and what you want over the long arch of your life and career.

Your thoughts must always be on the impact you will be making in the long run for your life, career, and your family.

It is the time when you need to stand up and speak up for what you need and want each and every day

It is the time to start making very tough decisions that will pave the way for long-term success.

I not only encourage you to read this article over again, but to share it with those close to you, and apply the principles of commitment in your daily life.

In one of the greatest book I ever read, this word “COMMITMENT” gave me a reason to ponder.

This is because while it is always overwhelming to see or feel the need to do something about one’s life to change for the best, a lot of people are rarely committed to taking actions.

Incidentally, commitment is side-by-side taking actions.

Doing things no matter how tough the task is to get you closer to your goals.

Millions of people make that resolution every year to bit down fats, stay focused on their task, quit some acts that drag them backward.

The fact is, we all seem to know exactly our problems.

But there is little or no commitment to taking the needed actions.

This might sound weird but think about it.

How much commitment have you shown towards the last resolution you made in December 2018 about your financial future?

What steps have you taken to stay strong on it?

As difficult as it is to stay committed, I have a secret. It is called “THINK-INSIDE-THE-BOX.”

This is how I conquer the challenges associated with commitments.

It makes me stay strong on what I want to achieve.

Do you need to learn more about how to stay committed to your goals and be able to achieve minimally and if possible 10X your results?

I got you covered in my book.

“How To Start A Business Without Money”

I guarantee you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

Bank: StanbicIBTC

Account No.: 0020169580

How To Survive In Business Without Bank Loans

A few months ago, I remember vividly the experience and my guts. This made me feel like I not there yet but I’m almost there.

I got a call from one of my account officers and he went straight without delay;

‘Good morning sir. Please, I have been trying your lines and I thought to inform you that you’re qualified to take a loan from our bank. Kindly come over and let’s get the process started sir.”

Great call I must say.

In fact, since I started out in business, 7 years ago, this is the first time, I could get such an offer. Well, all these years I didn’t bother to ask any bank for a loan because as an experienced banker, I knew the factors that would be considered before giving you a loan and I didn’t want to go through the stress and later start regretting it. So, I relied on my approach which I’ve now written a book about. “How To Start A Business Without Money.”

Well, I went straight away to inform the business manager that I wouldn’t be needing a loan. Period.

Of course, it’s juicy and I know how easy people would jump at such offers.

I am not discouraging people who want to take bank loans, but I would love you to have this clear understanding first before you take such steps.

First, why do you need a loan? Basically to expand on your business might be the possible answers.

As true as that sounds, my take is for you to increase your sales and use the income from your business to expand that same business. Do this continuously until you have enough to create another business. At this point, you can request the bank to finance it and they will be glad to help out.

The most difficult thing is that people ignore the part that brings in money and want to take the easy way out.

Take a look at most great business people today.

Over 90% of them had so much income for the products or services from their sales to expand on their business and had to use the banks as supporting instruments to expand or create new income streams.

To be able to achieve business success without the banks, you need to learn how to sell that product or service well enough that you can command exactly the amounts you need every month into your bank accounts.

A young man had once written about his experience after reading through one of my articles and wanted answers.

He said,

Mr. Tim, You’re directly talking to me sir, I made my first N1,000,000 at the age of 18… So the journey hasn’t been smooth but we thank God so far. I also hate the bank loan. I don’t know why. I also read Robert Kiyosaki’s book that says that the rich uses the bank money a lot. How true is that?

And this was my response:

Dear ABC, I’m glad to hear from you. Especially as it bothers on the fact that you’ve made a million at such a tender age. If you could do it then, it therefore means, you can 10x that amount today. In view of your current challenge, I would simply say, it’s all about attitude.

Your attitude towards what you want. How important is it to you. This alone can shapen entirely everything for you.

Guess what? I’m going to work with you here henceforth and help you through those challenges.

As for the Rich Dad Poor Dad Author’s (RTK) comment on how the rich use the bank loans, it is very clear and simple. This works really well abroad because they have “CREDIT CARDS” and other Loans. In Nigeria, Credit card has been introduced by a few banks. However, the banks take cognizance of your turnover first before availing any limit to you. It, therefore, means that, if you do not have a salary account or a business that makes deposit daily into that account, you may never get such an opportunity.

For starters, it is a no go area, hence the need to explore what I wrote in my book. “How To Start A Business Without Money.”

In this book, it clearly deals with starters like you. It’s more of ideas than the cash to start.

Finally, on this, I would love you to stick with me here on this page and learn as I unravel more relevant information that addresses your concerns. Stay blessed.

That was my simple response to him. But today, I need to be clear on this.

Just last month, one of my clients informed me that he would want to take a bank loan to boost his business and I told him to hold on until we execute what I had in mind.

I did two simple things plus the 7 elements I’ve listed below.

The two simple things were basically

  1. Create 2 videos (Brand & Story) sales pitch for him
  2. The rest was putting these 7 elements to actions

At the end of the month, we sold over N15,000,000 worth of products that sold between N3,500 to N5,000 per product. You can do your calculations and see the quantities. Let me help you. We sold an average of 3,529 products.

He’s happy now and doesn’t need a bank loan anymore.

You can actually survive without bank loans with these 7 elements I am about to mention.

  1. Your desire to create a problem solver that has a unique touch, rare and inimitable among competitors.
  2. You must have a goal in mind to achieve your desired written purposes as it bothers on solving peoples’ problems when they use your products or services and at the same time be able to meet up with your end goals for starting out.
  3. You must learn all and everything that involves selling your products rightly to the right target audience.
  4. You must depend totally on the income generated from sales of your products and services to do other things as that is your surest way out, without having the banks on your throat.
  5. Follow up is key to your sales success. You must be able to do this as often as possible.
  6. You must be obsessed about achieving your goals and ensure you put all you can to actions.
  7. You must be willing to review your performance daily to ensure you stay on track.

These are a few of the most important things to stick with.

I hope this helps you create better sales in the coming days for your products or services without asking for bank loans.

For those wanting our services, kindly visit our website www.rocketsaleswithyou.com Call/WhatsApp          +234 802 794 1987 to place your request and we will send you a quote within 48 hours.

And if you want to know how to do this yourself, then grab a copy of my book, “How to Start A Business Without Money.” here.

Let’s help you grow your sales today.

Focus On Opportunities

I once read a book and this story was told.

A company that makes shoes sent two of her staff to two different regions.

Few days after they arrived for their visitations, the first staff was called to report his observations. This is what he had to say.

“Sir, this place is actually a desert. People here don’t wear shoes at all. I doubt if we’ll ever make success.

The second guy got his call too. Listen to what he said.

“Sir, this is a beautiful dessert. These people here are very lucky we can bring them our shoes. I think we’ve got a big business here.

While the first saw Problems, The second saw Great Success.

In life, two kinds of people exist in terms of how they view or see situations.

But here I am going to focus more on how successful people see things and what they do afterwards.

Successful people see all situations, even problems and complaints as opportunities, while others see only difficulty and problems in every situation.

The successful know that problems solved = products sold, services delivered, customers gained – and financial success achieved.

You can’t succeed without encountering some kind of difficulty or challenge; however, as long as you persist through the challenge until you resolve it, you’ll be rewarded.

And the bigger the problem is, the bigger the reward.

When a problem exists for the entire market and all the people in it, it becomes an equalizer and the individual becomes the differentiator.

The only person who stands out is the opportunity-focused individual who is willing to focus on the opportunity, not the problem.

These people are able to use the issue at hand to separate themselves and dominate the marketplace.

There are countless situations that most tend to see as setbacks and nothing else; recessions, unemployment, housing predicaments, banks tightening, the loan challenge, conflict, customer complaints, and company shutdowns, just to name a few.

If you can learn to see these as opportunities instead of problems, you’ll continually come out on top.

What are you focusing on today? Opportunity or Problems?

Collect More Money, Don’t Make It

These words can be very striking if you ever knew how important it is and how it works.

I was reading through a collection of articles and I found this and thought to share with you.

“Money is not scarce and you don’t need to make it.”

How does it sound with these words again?

Now let’s review those words together.

I have always made this loud enough to those who care to listen.

There are no shortages of money only a shortage of people that have it and of course those willing to have it the genuine way and can take needed actions.

Do you know that over a trillion naira destruction or creation of wealth has happened in Security and Exchange Commission or Broad Street daily over the last few months and none has affected you in any way?

The main reason people have shortages of money is because of their belief in the scarcity of money.

Recall what you were taught back at home or at school while growing up. These words are the common things you heard right?

Hey, “don’t waste”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “watch your monies”, “money won’t make you happy”, “save all your life”, “money is the root of all evil”, money won’t solve all your problems” and on and on the list goes.

These are all sayings by others that probably had trouble with money themselves and perpetuate a sense of shortage and difficulty around the topic money.

In addition to the fact that your parents, mentors, employers and teachers are all stressing it, all you hear them still say is “You need to go out into the world and make your money.”

Even this is false.

Money is printed, stored in massive warehouses and distributed into the economy when necessary. Anytime there is a shortage, more is printed. Money is created no different than the printing of legal pads, post-its, or even toilet paper.

You would never say, “oh I have to go make some legal pads.”

Money is to be collected, invested and used.

Use the legal pad or it has no value.

Save the toilet paper and it won’t fulfil its useful purpose.

The same with money. You need to understand that you don’t make it even though it has become a common phrase we all use today, but in reality, you need to go out and collect it, then use it to position yourself to grow your ideas and dreams and advance the goals of your family or company.

Quit worrying about money, quit thinking in shortages, and start thinking in terms of abundance.

Don’t worry about making it. That’s not your job. It’s the job of the Central Bank.

Your job, if you would like to control more money, is to go out into the world and get into the flow of it.

The bigger the flow you get into and the smarter and more creative you are, the better your chances of succeeding with money.

Check Out My Book on “How To Start A Business Without Money” – It’s one of the smartest ways to get into the flow of money.

The bigger the flow you can get into, the more money you can collect.

I will see you again.

It’s Time To Stop Being Lazy And Start Being Successful

I have said this before about the entitlement mentality that stares at us in the face especially in our generation today.

This has become a serious disease that is gradually ravaging our lives.

When a young man or woman gets up every day in wait for that job or some kind of business supports from an uncle, aunt, friend, the government or many some angel investors then it becomes really interesting a scene to behold.

Sadly, this mentality has led so many people really fast to untimely deaths because of the unending waits without results.

Today again, I want to remind you and if possible, go over my blog and read about it.

First, you must understand that the Laziness definition here is more about your entitlement mentality and it is very wrong if you must move ahead of the curve or stay ahead of the competition.

Secondly, it’s time to WAKE UP! Laziness and lack of action are ethical issues and shouldn’t be condoned by anyone who means well for his/herself. Where they are today.

You must be willing to take actions and not just that, unbelievable amounts of action. Whether it’s by way of getting others to take action for you (delegation), or by advancing forward to attract more attention for your products/services or ideas, or just grinding it out day and night at your workplace until your employer begins to see how relevant you are to the business growth and doing this consistently enough to take you to higher levels of action.

Listen to this, the great names you hear today started just like you and me before anyone knew of their names – that’s how they became successful.

Stop talking about a plan of action you intend to take. Start talking about the actions you’ve taken already and the exciting results being poured in for you and others to witness.

Some people would have to plan actions for close to 6 months of a year before they find even a path to follow.

You must always learn to understand that actions should take 80% of your energies than planning should. Well, if you have to plan, do it really well, but don’t let it take the greater part of you or else you’ll get stunted.

Always assume that your future achievements rely on investing your time and energy in actions that may not pay off today but when taken consistently and persistently over time will produce unlimited success.

Stop being lazy and start being successful.

Learn How To Stay Motivated With These Few Steps

Have You Ever Thought About What Keeps Successful People Going & You Wished You’re In Their Shoes?

Facts remain that if you’re not personally motivated, excited and enthusiastic there’s just nothing you can achieve?

We all go through situations sometimes in our lives that tend to drag us backwards but these are certainties of life and only those who know the secrets tend to overcome these challenges.

Personally, I have learned from my mentors that the best way to get things done is by first ensuring that one stays excited about anything he or she is doing.

In fact, it is a skill and should be something you must learn to focus on achieving every day of your life.

As a young entrepreneur, I have had situations where I wake up sometimes with this pressure realizing I have tonnes of To-Do List unexecuted and it beats me really hard. It’s even worse when you’re trying to stay through the night just to make sure you finish up and yet the lists keep piling.

Yeah!  I say this because I feel the same way too a lot of times.

Well, if you’d ask me, I’d simply say it’s natural to feel that way especially because of your dreams and how important it is to achieve them within certain times of your life.

There are also situations where you’ve even done 100% of what needs to be done to achieve set goals yet the results are far from what it should be.

This is actually one of the most demanding challenges known to mankind.

Your ability to stay excited and motivated when things are tough when obstacles seem insurmountable and when the solution seems to escape you is critical to your ability to feel good about yourself, stay in the game and create the future you want.

In search of what to do, when I started out in business shortly after my banking days, I stumbled on this content I would like to share with you today.

There are 6 Tips for you to stay Motivated always in spite of life’s challenges.

It’s obvious as a business owner or even a salesman or woman, you’re trying everything possible to end the year in a big way but that kind of sales is not just coming in for you.

I can bet your mind is travelling far and wide on what possible steps you need to take now.

That’s definitely eating you up already and you are beginning to feel the whole world has closed down on you.

Now is clearly not the time to let your energy level slip. Even if your passion for work is no longer enough to drive you, you can’t afford to disengage even for a second. Sustained energy and razor-sharp focus come from within, not from a caffeinated beverage or other external stimulants.

I want you to listen to these six tips that will help you stay motivated so you can have all the strength to end the year really well.


Write Down Your Goals Thrice A Day

Make a list of your goals when you wake up in the morning and again before you go to bed at night. The third one should be written as you settle down to start any task for the day.

This will help you stay focused on what you want and why you want it. I’m not talking about your to-do list…

I mean your dreams…. Remember, we’ve always been told to dream big right. That’s the goal I am talking about here.

You should also be able to state why you want to accomplish those goals; Why you have to work and what are the things you must do to achieve those goals.

If you can concentrate on these major goals, then be certain your energy level and excitement will rise above the challenges before you.

You Need To Get Enough Sleep Especially At Night

I am used to staying up at night….. This I have been doing since my youthful days. And even up till this moment. I have also noticed how negative the impact is on me.

You will be disorganized during the day if you don’t compensate with at least a 6 or 7 hours sleep.

Well, taking stimulants might go a long way to get you active during the day, but the long term effect isn’t good at all.

I don’t recommend you stay awake all night.

If you lose sleeps, you won’t be productive and creative enough. And resilience will elude you.

The body and mind need rest to recharge. So ensure to give your body that amount of sleep that it requires to function at its peak during the day.

If you lose sleeps for the nights, take some hours during the day to take care of what you’ve missed at night.


Exercise Daily

A regular physical workout will energize you and give you a sense of direction, control and power. A good cardio or strength workout in the morning can increase your belief in yourself, get the adrenaline flowing and increase your stamina for the rest of the day. During my workouts, I try to include some inspirational or learning time so I am working my mind while working my body.

A Good earpiece with a phone or an iPod can do a whole lot of magic here.


Learn To Create An Atmosphere of Positivity Around You At Home and At Work. 

I will drop the line on you or ask you to leave my office when you try that shit…. Most people just complain about why things can’t get done.

If the people that work around you know you will frown at their negativities, they will change by force or leave where you are.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want information that may be apprehensive.

But dwelling on the issues rather than the solutions is what I hate.

You hear people say things like “Oh, it’s not possible” or “We can’t do that” “It won’t work” blablabla…..

Nope! Don’t give me that.

I heard that many times even from the closest person before I went ahead to start my business without money after reading a book.

So, ensure to always build positivity around you.

Listen to some great songs.

Well, I love Country music, or some English or native Gospel songs.

You could try some out too. Even, while in the toilet or taking your bath, try to create that experience and you will love every bit of the moment.


Engage With People That Are Supportive

I know this may be difficult around, but you can find groups online that have some great and experienced personalities that are gurus in your fields and can provide some sort of support to you and your business. You should join those forums. Also, try to get your family on the same page with you. If your spouse, children, parents and siblings celebrate your wins with you, it will go a long way toward keeping you motivated and energetic.

Anytime I get a win, I send a text to my wife straight. And she calls back with either a song or prayers for me.

Once in a while we pop the wine too or do some awesome Shawarma moves and my kids’ favourites as well. .

That way, she puts me on my toes to always stay up and running…. Because I want her to be happy and of course our kids too.

You need those supports to stay motivated.


Always Look Good

One of those days that I got a message that a guy who was owing me had passed on…. I couldn’t sleep. I was actually driving with my wife and kids when I got the call. From that moment I knew it was going to be a tough one for me to close the gap.

It took a torn on me as I just couldn’t imagine how fast I could make up for the loss.

Weeks later, I realized I had lost my sense of dressing, and everything was just going off track.

It got to a point my wife would have to cease some of the cloths being repeated from me. My hair became bushy and I could see bumps emerging really fast on my face.

Then my size began to deflate.

One of those nights, my beautiful wife, sent me a long list of article about being productive… And I saw this aspect of dress to kill, and looking good.

Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!

Did she just send this to me?

Indeed, I took a close look at myself and realized, I was off totally. And because of that, I lost confidence and my work ethics slumped.

You probably may have noticed it too, because I stopped a whole lot of things I was doing.

Guess what?

With that single message reminder, I got back on my toes again, and since then I have been more than confident and very productive.

Dressing sharp will change the way you view yourself and the way others view you.

Dress in a manner that suggests that you are proud, prepared and confident of success.

People appreciate it when you make the effort to look professional.

Their admiration can provide the kind of positive energy needed to sustain you through a challenging day.

Remember, you will always face obstacles and challenges, but maintaining a high energy level will enable you to power through the rough patches that forge the greatest entrepreneurs.

Hoping to see your greater energies buzzing everywhere around you.

Are You Making A Decision Or Creating A Disaster

It’s been 7 years since I took that decision.

Severally I had confessed it was a poor decision at that time, but a great one today.

Over time I had realized that my whole had been surrounded by the things I was attracted towards me, including the ones that made me fail woefully.

I realized much later as I grew more in the entrepreneurial world that I never attracted the things I wanted until I was ready for them.

Now before you go rush to start thinking about the “Law of Attraction”, let me pause you here a little and clarify what I mean…

I was never able to attract the things that I truly wanted until my commitment, my attitude, and my actions reflected the desired end target.

For example – I never made N1,000,000 until I started working like I was making N1,000,000 – then N10m, then NXYm.

I didn’t get the types of clients I wanted until I started talking and acting like the person they’ve always wanted to meet to help them scale their businesses.

I didn’t start creating the kinds of businesses until I started reaching out to the experts who are already in those fields of business until I started reading the books until I started attending seminars and meeting with desired mentors and coaches.

I didn’t become a great Dad until I decided to make the effort to be the best Dad for my kids that I could be.

Lastly, I didn’t become the husband of my wife who’s been so great, loving and caring until I went for her, until I asked her hands in marriage, until I decided we were going to live together, until I decided to look away from her flaws and also asked her to do the same.

I have been able to continue to grow and evolve as an entrepreneur, a businessman, an investor, a husband, and father because I am constantly operating with the “next level” in mind.

Now listen, everything you want is just a step away from you.

If you want to be in control of your own life, have the kind of freedom you’ve always dreamt of, living the life of your dreams… It doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to be committed to making it happen.

However, I have found out that it happens faster than you ever thought possible.

And it starts simply by thinking and acting like the person you wish to become TODAY.

Let me also state it here that 99% of the times, people need that push for a change. I mean something that forces a change. I call it a change catalyst.

As for me, it’s happened many times.

The first was when I made the decision to leave my high paying job.

The second was when I had to read that one book…….

I have made 6 to 7 income figures for just that one decision to read that book.

Since then I have consistently made decisions because I want to be top of what I do.

It’s working out.

The decision to paying Tai, Alex, Trump, Grant, Emyth, and the several coaches and mentors just to learn one or more things has been the radical decisions I have consistently made to avoid the inherent disasters that would have come.

Just a few years into my Real Estate Business, I was hacked and battered. It was indeed a disaster for me, but I realized that it was the monies they took not my skills and I got back again on track because I attracted the skills that would outlive the material things I had acquired and it’s kept me growing.

Seriously, if you must know…. At a point, I lost everything.

Just like me….. You will have 2 choices.

You will change because you decided to. (1% of people are here).

You will change because you have been put under a threatening situation that forces change. (99% of people are here).

So what will your catalyst for change be?

A decision or a disaster?

Now take my sincere advice…  A decision is your best bet.

Make the decision, and then support it with information to improve your skill set.

Are you ready to make the decision?

Are you ready to transform your business, income, and life?

Then I want you to invest in this book today.

I know what the worth is and believe me, you will thank me in years to come just as the few who are already enjoying it and doing today.

“How To Start A Business Without Money” is a concept though might have been shared before, but the perfect path to execution has and will always be your problem.

I have you well covered on this.

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Are these enough to get you started?

Oh Yes! 100%

I didn’t get this opportunity. But you do now.

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