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Tell Your Business Brand Story For Increased Sales Results Episode 03

If you want to increase sales for your products online, one of the most insane approaches is to tell a story that resonates with your target audience. This goes to position you in their hearts thus allowing them to trust you to be the solutions provider for that specific problem they want to solve.

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Introducing The Trump Hills Estate Phase 2 – Get A 50% Discount Now

Get A 50% Discount For A Plot of Land & Let’s Help You With Your Mortgage Loan The Federal Government of Nigeria Through Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria in partnership with Approved Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMI) and Real Estate Developers is currently availing Housing Loans to Nigerians home and abroad to help close the gap in our housing deficits across the nation and this, of course, is with the revised policy to make the loan easily accessible.

In time past this exercise even though has had so many contributors to the National Housing Funds Scheme, had little or no impact on the Nigerian people because of its stringent and difficult to meet policies. For many years even after the policy for a mandatory deduction of 2.5% earnings of employees of organizations to the fund managers took effect, less than a whopping 1% benefitted from the facility. Thanks to the Federal Government and the Leadership of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria for considering the plights of Nigerians and taking proactive steps towards reviewing the policy as it concerns who qualifies for these loan facilities.

Trump-Hills Real Estate an arm of the Trump-Hills Investment International Ltd with a keen interest in the desire to contribute to these efforts by the Federal Government and The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria after studying the relevant requirements necessary for the availment of this facility to qualified Nigerians is hereby taking a step further to alleviate the chances of obtaining the facility for our teaming subscribers. Hence, we are taking responsibility to assist in the Provision of almost every requirement of our subscribers and following up to ensure the Loans are approved and disbursed while we complete the structures for them to move in and take full ownership. For further clarification, some of these requirements are what the Lending PMI would first confirm before availing the facilities and that’s where we assist you to get the job done.

Here is a list of the requirements;

1. The plot of Land With Relevant Titles

2. Approved Building Plan by Relevant Authorities

3. Architectural Designs & Building Plans

4. Environmental Impact Analysis Report

5. Building Design Bill of Quantity

6. Evidence of The National Housing Funds Contribution Account

7. Evidence of Income Stream Where You Do Not Have An Account Yet

8. Certificate of Birth/Declaration of Age

9. Minimum of N25,000 – 30,000 monthly income

10. Note that the Lending Policy of 33-One-Third applies here too. These are standard or basic requirements you must be able to meet for you to access this loan to build a befitting house for yourself while you pay over a period of 10 to 35 years. And we are saying, we have got you covered to ensure that you do not miss out on this one of a lifetime opportunity today. Our properties are A Approved Estates (Phase 1 & 2) Designs located in one of the fastest-growing satellite towns of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Karshi to be precise. And for clarity’s sake, this is Karshi under Nasarawa State Government even though shares a boundary with Karshi of FCT Abuja.

We have 3 approved designs in these locations. Check Pictures on Our Page. Please see our 50% Discount prices for your information; 2 Bedroom Bungalow – 250sqm – N500,000 (Actual Price is N1,000,000) 3 Bedroom Bungalow + BQ – 500sqm – N800,000 (Actual Price is N1,600,000) 4 Bedroom Duplex + BQ – 550sqm – N920,000 (Actual Price is N1,840,000) We are offering this opportunity to just 20 subscribers for each design and this is for only 30 days with effect from the 20th Day of October 2020 to enable us to submit our list to the department required to process the facilities for you by November 2020. We are therefore inviting interested parties to take advantage now as this offer will only last for just 30 days. Don’t Miss This Great Opportunity.

To take part, please follow these processes. 1. Call the Following Numbers +234 908 4833 885 | +234 908 4833 886 | +234 908 4833 887 2. Schedule A Visit To The Site 3. If Interested, Get Our Form With Relevant Documents To Enable You To Conduct Your Independent Search 4. If Ok, then make payment to our accounts 5. Provide Evidence of Your Payment Along With Submission of Your Forms 6. Submit All Relevant Information As Would Be Required From You 7. Receive Issuance of Your Allocation Letter and Sales Agreement 8. Schedule Visit To Site For Establishment of Your Beacon 9. Like & Follow Our Various

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Now You Can Make Money Without Investing A Dime In Real Estate

Do you have an interest in creating a side hustle that generates an unimaginable amount of cash for you while you also build a future in the Real Estate business in our country? You are about to watch how I created my various businesses starting from zero. Trump-Hills Real Estate today started with first marketing for another Real Estate company in Abuja.

From where I made some monies to startup my own Real Estate Business. Simply put, this is not the conventional way of selling Real Estate. It is way better and can give you a life without struggling with your current activities. Now, watch this video and take the needed action immediately.

I will see you on the inside.

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This Is What Negotiation Means

Some people only had to ask for what is in it for them and forever have changed their lives. This is simply what I call NEGOTIATION. A story was once told of a young man who had no job after 16 years of graduation from the University. But gladly, he kept himself busy for these 16 years learning something.

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How To Create A Job For Yourself & Build Your Own Life & Income – Part 1

This video reveals exactly my experience after resigning from my high-paying banking job and going totally broke. What I did to get out of this mess has been revealed here as well. Importantly, I sought to let you know how we make mistakes most times and cause ourselves lifetime penury. As for me, I was in that dungeon, but glad enough that I was quick to think smart and getting out of that position that would have claimed my life.

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Here I focus on Business Development, Marketing & Sales as a Coach & Consultant. My job is to help businesses to strategize for their Businesses and Help To Increase Their Sales. Call or WhatsApp +234 802 7941 987 I shall do this in series…

So please watch out.

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7 Ways To Start A Business Without Money In 2021

In this video, you will learn the very basic ways (7) to start a business without money in 2021.

 The doubts about starting a business without money are cleared by watching this video, and there is proof to this claim.

 Proof of Existence for this claim has been in existence and was captured in Think & Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

 All You Need To Have According To Napoleon Hill is a Burning Desire, a Vision; Clarity of Purpose; Plan; and ultimately the Skills;

 Other Earthly Proofs Today – UBER, AMAZON, and the likes

 All of These Comes Under-Selling Something

 To Sell Something – You Need Just Skills

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10 Businesses You Can Start Without Money In 2021

Why Should You Even Watch This Video? It’s very simple and straightforward. I. To help you to understand and know how to become self-employed. There is no doubt that there has been a lack and loss of jobs. financial strains, absolute ignorance in how to raise capital in a country like ours to start your dream business. And worst still is the lack of skill-sets required to get your products and services right in front of your target audiences. Not also undermining the fact that solutions to some teething problems with businesses especially startups have consistently become the No. 1 factor why businesses fail today. II. To help business owners see potentials that can help in creating sales for their businesses instead of thinking about leaving the current business they have and setting up a new one.

So in this video, and a series of others I shall be releasing you will be able to:

1. See that it is time to decide on what to work on for the next 12 months in 2021.

2. Learn exactly the very important businesses that can change your 2021if you haven’t started anyone yet.

3. Learn certain skills that can guarantee your personal financial security in the coming days.

4. Understand the importance of what you currently have in your hands or doing as a business.

5. Help others to see opportunities they’re missing as well.

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Ex-Banker Tells His Grass To Grace Experience & Ends With This Question…

Are You Tired of Where You Are Today?

Then Please Listen! Seriously, there is no magic formula for success. None for making money Or anything you so desire in life. But I can tell you confidently that there are certain steps you can take to achieve whatever you want not minding the popular opinions or information you have in hand currently. Yes!! It is no magic…. But these steps even though are very easy to do, have been so difficult for so many people to do, and this has become the major gridlock for the successes we so desire. About a few years ago, I got myself in trouble after I had voluntarily left my banking job. I don’t have to tell you too much here about how I suffered from taking such an unguided decision.

The fact that I didn’t die prematurely is the greatest testimony I have today. I went through terrible life situations that got me thinking of taking a step I would have forever regretted even while in the land of the dead. But I’m Alive Today….. Thanks For The Revelation That Got Me Spurred To Resist The Temptation of Depression That Almost Took Away My Beautiful & Handsome Life.

Thanks to the books I came across, the coaches I met online and the very desperate heart to succeed that I discovered unknowingly within me. Importantly, all of these wouldn’t have been, if I didn’t involve God. Baba! You Too Much…………….. It’s all a story today… And I won’t go without sharing a few tips with you about my escape… I’m talking about escaping being broke… Escaping being confined to blames – Looking for who to blame.

Escaping from my interest in going back to the banking job I resigned from it again. Escaping from being laughed at by my peers and face-valued friends. Would you permit me to share the 3 important things you must know if you really want to escape these challenges? Then go on to watch this video…. And once you are done, come back here to finish this important message that would change your entire story as it has done to me.

Get Started With This 3 Steps Money Making Formula

Get Started With This 3 Steps Money Making Formula

In this video, Tim Abel discusses the vital 3 important steps you need to take if you truly want to make money without using any from a bank or somewhere else. It is important to note that while you continue to cry about finding a job, getting a place to stay while you run your business and, all those stuff that keeps hindering you from making monies, there are certain things you can do with your lean capital too.

One of the mistakes people make when starting out is investing all they’ve got in renting an office, furnishing the office, creating all the materials needed to set up an office. This is a mistake that has made more businesses go broke in no time. Don’t ever make these mistakes. Learn from the experiences of those who have been through it and have now found a better way to do it. Let me have your opinions. Thanks and see you again soon.