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The Streets Are Empty….. In Times Like This, Can Anyone Start a Business Without Money?

The Streets Are Empty….. In Times Like This, Can Anyone Start a Business Without Money?

Indeed a very tough time…. But we must also survive financially too.

Dangote + Adenuga + Arthur Wouldn’t Stop You From Becoming Rich

Dangote + Adenuga + Arthur = ?

The three wealthiest people in Nigeria are Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga and Prince Arthur Eze

This information might not be exact based on various media assessment and publications, but what is most important here is the message behind this statistics.

These men own more wealth than the bottom half of the country combined.

And you know what?

That’s Beautifully Splendid and OK.

Their wealth isn’t stopping you or me from getting more money.

The super-rich don’t want half the world to stay poor, because when people move up on the income ladder, everyone benefits.

It’s ridiculous to think billionaires want to hold others down to a paltry one naira – N1 a day.

More important than assigning who or what is to blame for income and wealth inequality is the question about what you’re going to do about YOUR money.

The wealthy didn’t get to where they are because they’re better educated, in fact many of the super-rich started from nothing.

And I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Wealth disparity is not anybody’s problem… the problem is that most people don’t know how to produce income in the marketplace.

What we know the most is spending……………..

Not just frivolous spending, but spendings that makes us feel we are investing.

For example, furnishing an office, buying a beautiful car for business, hiring a graduate for a desk job, hiring an accountant etc. when we haven’t started selling yet.

You can protest against the rich, you can blame them, and you can be angry at them, but there is no proof anywhere in history that these actions will somehow resolve the disparity issue.

That’s why no matter where you are financially, you and YOU ALONE are responsible to increase your income.

My Book, “How To Start A Business Without Money” is billed to help you connect to the rich and become valuable assets to them.

You know why?

They want more monies and will pay you to help them make more monies.

The good thing here is that, while they make more monies, you also make more monies.

That’s called a “SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP” isn’t it?


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