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How To Create A Job For Yourself & Build Your Own Life & Income – Part 1

This video reveals exactly my experience after resigning from my high-paying banking job and going totally broke. What I did to get out of this mess has been revealed here as well. Importantly, I sought to let you know how we make mistakes most times and cause ourselves lifetime penury. As for me, I was in that dungeon, but glad enough that I was quick to think smart and getting out of that position that would have claimed my life.

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Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow – Act Now

Are you still thinking about just today only or you are like those who move as the day goes? Now, this is it….. I’ve learned a whole lot from my past and the past of other people I’ve been opportune to associate with. Coming from a not-well-to-do background, I can recant the stories of leaving the Government built homes for our parents as civil servants when it was time to retire and move to our personal homes.

The sad experience I must say For most of you who understand what it means to retire one day or losing that job someday… I hope you can agree with me that one of the mistakes you made was not investing in Properties. Let me not take so much time here…. I will go straight into it. While you listen to this video, just look at me here as someone who is offering you an opportunity that would take away a future regret.

I’m not here just to sell to you. I’m here to partner with you to 1. To take advantage of the Government building your dream house for you now, while you pay back for a period between 10 to 35 years. 2. To create an investment opportunity that is well secured for you and your entire family. 3. Secure your future and the future of your family 4. Own your own house in a choice and fast developing area in Abuja City – Just a stone throw to the city center And much more.

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This Is My Story – I Resigned Under The Keffi Bridge

I have been poor, broke, and scared of losing my life. I have also been rich, happy, and wanting to live forever too. Guess what? I prefer the latter. Being rich, happy, and wanting to live forever is all that a man would ever wish for himself. Unfortunately, life isn’t as easy as it appears. Resigning from my banking job appeared to be one of my scariest decisions in life, but it turned out to be the best ever. But this wasn’t without the pains, the losses, the humiliations from former colleagues, friends, and family members. Imagine losing all that you’ve got and then more troubles coming your way as though you should have never lived in the first place. Just imagine it. In this world, your happiness comes with your freedom & abundance.

Freedom comes when you have it in abundance. Abundance comes with being wealthy. So, when I hear people say money is not everything it just makes me feel that this is someone who has been defeated in his or her mind already. Someone who has lost hopes of getting rich today or someday. Someone who doesn’t believe in making money out of nothing except values. But come to think of it. If money is not everything, then what is? Do not be deceived to think that money is not everything…. How can you say that? Imagine your dreams today. Imagine those who are looking up to you for their daily would be looked.

You can’t do anything or visit anywhere you want to or even get the things you want to live your best life without money. So why do you say money is not everything? Simply lack the will to pursue your dreams. And when you lack it, don’t discourage others. Now, in case you need to know this… I left my banking job and started on a journey with hills and a whole lot of tussles. Is it a wrong decision? I guess I would leave that for you to judge. But one thing I must leave you with here is in this video. Work On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job…. Let me know your opinion when you are done watching.

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Dare To Prove Them Wrong By Doing These Things


Dare To Prove Them Wrong By Doing These Things………… Many people especially the young ones between the ages of 20 and 45 have lost hope and given up on themselves. Reasons: They’ve been out of school for so long without a job or source of income to keep life going. They’ve tried so many things without results in sight. Some have lost their jobs with so much of family responsibilities to deal with.

No help coming from anyone out there. Failed Businesses, Fraud against them.. etc The Usual Steps People Take To Change These Situations: 1. Praying 2. Hoping 3. Vices 4. Hating Facts: Results Won’t Come Things To Do: 1. Get Yourself To The Rightful Thoughts 2. Know That You’re Unique & Exceptional 3. Start All Over Again 4. Self-Motivation’ 5. Self-Development 6. Pick Up A Service Business and Start Offering It 7. Organize Yourself 8. Get Online and Start Marketing & Selling Conclusion: 1. You can’t be great without bitter stories – Make mistakes, learn and grow 2. Chose your friends wisely 3. Stay strong with a great mentality Join My Facebook Mastermind Group To Learn One-On-One With Me Here…. https://web.facebook.com/groups/howto… Also subscribe to our channel here.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzuZ…

How To Start A Real Estate Business Without Money


Are you trying to find something to do that is going to start bringing you monies? Are you already tired of the job you are doing and needs a change of life and career? This may just be the right time to listen to what you should do.

In this video, I share my thoughts on how you can start a Real Estate Business Without Money. It’s Titled: How To Start A Real Estate Business Without Money Enjoy some of the secrets of escaping financial downtime in this very trying times that we find ourselves. All you need is to listen, learn and apply. Catch you soon.

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Is There Truly A Shortage of Money – Are You Truly Broke?


If Asked Today…

Why Are You Broke?

The common responses is not farfetched.

You and I would agree that these answers below fits in.

But how true is it?

1. The Government

2. Poor Family Background

3. Employers Not Recruiting

4. People are not buying

5. It’s a spiritual attack

6. Employers are not paying you well enough

7. There’s no money in the economy But there is one thing you’ve refused to complain about and that’s YOU.

How can we stop mentioning all these things and start taking responsibilities so we stop going broke.

In this video Tim shares his thoughts on why you are broke and what to start doing immediately to get yourself back on track where you can even start making money without having money to start with.

All you need is just you.

How To Start A Fashion Design Business Without Money


Everyone thinks of starting a business. But one thing is always drawing you back.



Am I right?

Obviously Yes.

But what if you could adopt the style I’ve been using to start various businesses without a dime invested except sitting on a computer or my android phone and doing all the stuff from Researching, through creating, packaging, and launching my product.

And then using all the free social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp to sell these stuffs and making some very reasonable sums of monies that never lets me go out there to beg someone for a raise?

In the last few days, I have been teaching the various businesses you can actually start without money for example.

Auto Repairs Business

Logistics Business

Real Estate Business

Transport Business etc.

In this video, I teach you the step-by-step methods of starting a Fashion Design business without money. The various steps to helping you move from the mere interesting intentions to a converter of values to money await you in my book _ How To Start A Business Without Money.

In the book, you will learn exactly all the secrets, and importantly too, you will also join my master class forum on Facebook, where I walk you through setting up and marketing using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp plus many other bonuses like hundreds of thousands of leads in terms of Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Yellow Page for all types of businesses and individuals you want to connect within Nigeria.

There is more…

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Imo State Has The Highest Unemployment Rate & This Is Why



What a surprising news. Imagine how big and well-educated Imo State is and the figure released by NBS about the rate of unemployment in this state.

It will shock you to know that Anambra State has the least of all and this is the reason.

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Get A Copy of My Book – How To Start A Business Without Money by reaching out to me on WhatsApp +234 802 794 1987

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Ex-Banker Tells His Grass To Grace Experience & Ends With This Question……

Ex-Banker Tells His Grass To Grace Experience & Ends With This Question……
Are You Tired of Where You Are Today? Then Please Listen
Seriously, there is no magic formula for success.
None for making money
Or anything you so desire in life.
But I can tell you confidently that there are certain steps you can take to achieve whatever you want not minding the popular opinions or information you have in hand currently.

How To Be Miserable

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