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ABUJA Join Our Real Estate Networking Team To Make Money

Hi, This is not a random message. It’s for you. Thanks for trusting your sense of judgement to be a good and great friend to me.

I’m Tim Abel – the CEO for Trump-Hills Real Estate with our office located at Block 90, Opposite Funcare Royal Star Nur & Pry Sch Karu Site Abuja FCT. I’ve actively been in the Real Estate business for close to a decade now after retiring from my banking job where I last worked as the Branch Manager of Diamond Bank Plc. along with other banks including BankPHB, FIB, UBA & STB Plc.

Coming into Real Estate is borne out of my interest to leave a legacy in this industry owing to the massive gap in demand for this sector of our economy. Abuja is our pilot zone and our slogan is “Building A Dream House for The Ordinary Man”.

There is so much to say, but please watch this video till the end and let’s get your feedback. If you want to team up with me, then please chat me up on WhatsApp +234 802 7041 987 and I will be willing to give you more details. I’m waiting for you. See you at the topmost top. Thanks.

Introducing The Trump Hills Estate Phase 2 – Get A 50% Discount Now

Get A 50% Discount For A Plot of Land & Let’s Help You With Your Mortgage Loan The Federal Government of Nigeria Through Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria in partnership with Approved Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMI) and Real Estate Developers is currently availing Housing Loans to Nigerians home and abroad to help close the gap in our housing deficits across the nation and this, of course, is with the revised policy to make the loan easily accessible.

In time past this exercise even though has had so many contributors to the National Housing Funds Scheme, had little or no impact on the Nigerian people because of its stringent and difficult to meet policies. For many years even after the policy for a mandatory deduction of 2.5% earnings of employees of organizations to the fund managers took effect, less than a whopping 1% benefitted from the facility. Thanks to the Federal Government and the Leadership of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria for considering the plights of Nigerians and taking proactive steps towards reviewing the policy as it concerns who qualifies for these loan facilities.

Trump-Hills Real Estate an arm of the Trump-Hills Investment International Ltd with a keen interest in the desire to contribute to these efforts by the Federal Government and The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria after studying the relevant requirements necessary for the availment of this facility to qualified Nigerians is hereby taking a step further to alleviate the chances of obtaining the facility for our teaming subscribers. Hence, we are taking responsibility to assist in the Provision of almost every requirement of our subscribers and following up to ensure the Loans are approved and disbursed while we complete the structures for them to move in and take full ownership. For further clarification, some of these requirements are what the Lending PMI would first confirm before availing the facilities and that’s where we assist you to get the job done.

Here is a list of the requirements;

1. The plot of Land With Relevant Titles

2. Approved Building Plan by Relevant Authorities

3. Architectural Designs & Building Plans

4. Environmental Impact Analysis Report

5. Building Design Bill of Quantity

6. Evidence of The National Housing Funds Contribution Account

7. Evidence of Income Stream Where You Do Not Have An Account Yet

8. Certificate of Birth/Declaration of Age

9. Minimum of N25,000 – 30,000 monthly income

10. Note that the Lending Policy of 33-One-Third applies here too. These are standard or basic requirements you must be able to meet for you to access this loan to build a befitting house for yourself while you pay over a period of 10 to 35 years. And we are saying, we have got you covered to ensure that you do not miss out on this one of a lifetime opportunity today. Our properties are A Approved Estates (Phase 1 & 2) Designs located in one of the fastest-growing satellite towns of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Karshi to be precise. And for clarity’s sake, this is Karshi under Nasarawa State Government even though shares a boundary with Karshi of FCT Abuja.

We have 3 approved designs in these locations. Check Pictures on Our Page. Please see our 50% Discount prices for your information; 2 Bedroom Bungalow – 250sqm – N500,000 (Actual Price is N1,000,000) 3 Bedroom Bungalow + BQ – 500sqm – N800,000 (Actual Price is N1,600,000) 4 Bedroom Duplex + BQ – 550sqm – N920,000 (Actual Price is N1,840,000) We are offering this opportunity to just 20 subscribers for each design and this is for only 30 days with effect from the 20th Day of October 2020 to enable us to submit our list to the department required to process the facilities for you by November 2020. We are therefore inviting interested parties to take advantage now as this offer will only last for just 30 days. Don’t Miss This Great Opportunity.

To take part, please follow these processes. 1. Call the Following Numbers +234 908 4833 885 | +234 908 4833 886 | +234 908 4833 887 2. Schedule A Visit To The Site 3. If Interested, Get Our Form With Relevant Documents To Enable You To Conduct Your Independent Search 4. If Ok, then make payment to our accounts 5. Provide Evidence of Your Payment Along With Submission of Your Forms 6. Submit All Relevant Information As Would Be Required From You 7. Receive Issuance of Your Allocation Letter and Sales Agreement 8. Schedule Visit To Site For Establishment of Your Beacon 9. Like & Follow Our Various

Social Media Pages For Updates So, what are you waiting for? Call or Chat Us Now……

Join my host of friends with me on my Social Media Platforms. Website – http://www.trumphillsrealestate.com/ Facebook – https://web.facebook.com/trumphillsre… Twitter – https://twitter.com/TrumpHills Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/trumphillsr… WhatsApp or Call +234 908 4833 885; +234 908 4833 886; +234 908 4833 887

7 Ways To Start A Business Without Money In 2021

In this video, you will learn the very basic ways (7) to start a business without money in 2021.

 The doubts about starting a business without money are cleared by watching this video, and there is proof to this claim.

 Proof of Existence for this claim has been in existence and was captured in Think & Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

 All You Need To Have According To Napoleon Hill is a Burning Desire, a Vision; Clarity of Purpose; Plan; and ultimately the Skills;

 Other Earthly Proofs Today – UBER, AMAZON, and the likes

 All of These Comes Under-Selling Something

 To Sell Something – You Need Just Skills

Get A Copy of My Book – How To Start A Business Without Money Here – https://www.timabels.com/start-a-busi…

Join my host of friends with me on my Social Media Platforms. Website – https://www.timabels.com/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Timabelx/ Twitter – https://twitter.com/TimAbelx Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/timabelx/

Tim’s Birthday Appreciation & Motivational Message – Intro

Tim’s Birthday Appreciation & Motivational Message – Intro

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I Love You All Guys…..

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Tim’s Birthday Appreciation & Motivational Message – 4 TakeAways

Tim’s Birthday Appreciation & Motivational Message – Complete Video Hi, welcome….. Here comes Tim appreciating you for celebrating his birthday with him. In this video, Tim spoke about 4 major things as it concerns his relationship with you.

Please listen and enjoy the music as well.

I Love You All Guys…..

What If You Have Never Done A Business Before?

Experience they say is the best teacher. But there are two ways to gain experience. 1. Self-Involved Experience 2. Experience From Others In business, I have come to realize that the easiest way to go up the ladder really fast is by leveraging on the experiences of others.

The advantages here are numerous and without measure. This is why you’re always being advised to get a mentor. It prevents a whole lot of disasters from happening to you. You can prevent losses of whatever kind… Money, Time, Energy just name it. In this video, Tim speaks about what to do if you even have the monies to start a business especially in an age where people take advantage of the ignorant ones to enrich themselves.

Watch and listen carefully so that you do not make the mistakes most people make when starting out. Enjoy and please leave comments. Thank you

Unemployment Rate In Nigeria Is 21.7 million – True or False?

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics reported that in the last quarter of 2020 the unemployment population of Nigerian Citizens is about 21.7 million people. This information leaves Tim wowed at how they arrived at the figure. In furtherance, Tim gives his opinion on the said figure and proceeds to advise citizens on the action to take now or be faced with a horrible height of hunger in the near future.

Take a listen and please leave your comments below.

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This Is My Story – I Resigned Under The Keffi Bridge

I have been poor, broke, and scared of losing my life. I have also been rich, happy, and wanting to live forever too. Guess what? I prefer the latter. Being rich, happy, and wanting to live forever is all that a man would ever wish for himself. Unfortunately, life isn’t as easy as it appears. Resigning from my banking job appeared to be one of my scariest decisions in life, but it turned out to be the best ever. But this wasn’t without the pains, the losses, the humiliations from former colleagues, friends, and family members. Imagine losing all that you’ve got and then more troubles coming your way as though you should have never lived in the first place. Just imagine it. In this world, your happiness comes with your freedom & abundance.

Freedom comes when you have it in abundance. Abundance comes with being wealthy. So, when I hear people say money is not everything it just makes me feel that this is someone who has been defeated in his or her mind already. Someone who has lost hopes of getting rich today or someday. Someone who doesn’t believe in making money out of nothing except values. But come to think of it. If money is not everything, then what is? Do not be deceived to think that money is not everything…. How can you say that? Imagine your dreams today. Imagine those who are looking up to you for their daily would be looked.

You can’t do anything or visit anywhere you want to or even get the things you want to live your best life without money. So why do you say money is not everything? Simply lack the will to pursue your dreams. And when you lack it, don’t discourage others. Now, in case you need to know this… I left my banking job and started on a journey with hills and a whole lot of tussles. Is it a wrong decision? I guess I would leave that for you to judge. But one thing I must leave you with here is in this video. Work On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job…. Let me know your opinion when you are done watching.

Good luck Get A Copy of My Book To Get Yours On Life Started Again. Title: How To Start A Business Without Money. Join my host of friends with me on my Social Media Platforms. Website – https://www.timabels.com/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Timabelx/ Twitter – https://twitter.com/TimAbelx Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/timabelx/ YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzuZ… WhatsApp – https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/CVI7…

What To Do About The High Rate Of Inflation Today?

What To Do About The High Rate Of Inflation Today? This is important considering the rate at which the cost of things especially necessities like Food, Water, Rents, Medications, and many other vital things are increasing by a geometric ratio today. What then should you do as an individual to stem this from affecting you and your loved ones?

In this video, I’ll teach you a few simple things to start doing from now. Please don’t leave without subscribing to this page and of course turning the notification button on to get more of our videos.