Rising Above Failure

To rise above failure means to:

  • Not give up on what’s important to us.
  • Continue taking action, while making necessary changes.
  • Not let an experience we define as a failure affect our identity.
  • Hold on to our beliefs or develop new beliefs to help us achieve what we want.
  • Use our failures to do better next time.

The fact is that every person will, at one time or another, experience the missing of a mark, a failure in achieving a goal, a disappointing conclusion, a downfall.

That reality, however, must be balanced by this greater reality: Failure is never final. By doing some re-thinking and taking a few creative steps, a setback can be transformed into a comeback.

What Is Your Dream Life? Are You Living It?

Too many of us have been conditioned by our surroundings that living our dream life is difficult. Being successful is hard.

While it does require hard work and grit to achieve great success in life, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful or make your dream life a reality.

Les Brown has a famous line:

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

If you have a dream, go for it. Pursue it. You don’t have to wait for the perfect timing only to take action because there is no perfect timing.

Many people waited for things to come to them rather than being the ones to act and make the first step.

Remember, you’re the one that is stopping yourself from getting what you want in life. You’re the one who decides what kind of life you want to live.

You can let your fears stop you, or you can get excited by the rewards and the success of living your dream life pulls you.

How you choose to live your life is totally up to you, no one else.

Blame Is The Energy That Turns You To A Slave

Are you willing to accept the fact that you’re responsible for where you are today? If you’re not willing to do so, then this message is for you.

And if you’re willing to, of course, you might learn from this piece too.

The sad part is that you might be doing it unconsciously until someone reminds you.

Funny enough, there are two types of blamers:

The Subtle Blamers & The Arrogant Blamers

Guess what?

Most people fall into the category of subtle blamers.

Now, let me explain.

The Arrogant blamers are willing to scream their heads high for any trouble they fall into. And they get to find solutions immediately because everybody around them becomes jittery and wants to solve the problems. While the name sounds like something really bad, do you know that it is better to be an arrogant blamer than a subtle one?

Alright, let’s know who the subtle blamer is.

These types of blamers are the everyday guy and lady like you.

They are subtle in their game of blames. They come to you with this look of “Ouch, I’m not just lucky”. And they go on to tell you a whole long story about how they lost out.

Hey, I’ve been here too.

The saddest part of it is that nobody cares. They will only help to listen to you.

For your information, at some point, they’ll become even tired of listening to you.

Now, let me tell you why this happens.

First, you feel entitled to enjoy good things in and around you. But it doesn’t work that way. Everything you get isn’t your entitlement. You need to work to get it.

Again, you believe so much in the system that you do not see it disappointing you. So, when it does, you feel so bad and betrayed.

Another aspect is the fact that you compare yourself to others especially your pairs when you don’t even know what they do in their secret places. I mean you don’t even understand that these guys work really hard to earn what they have.

And then, you have so much doubt in your abilities. So much that, you don’t see you achieving anything alone except with people getting involved, then you set yourself up for the blame game.

Now, what you don’t get to know is that blamers dissipate more energies than those who take productive steps towards fixing issues.

As you start the blame game, you become a slave to everything and everybody around you. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know this fast enough until you’re fully grounded and no one is around for you to blame again.

If you continue to blame everything except you, I can guarantee you that your condition will only worsen than it should have been, because we all have problems to solve.

This is one of my favorite quotes from my coach.

“When you look for others to solve your problems, you are basically looking for who to assign blames to when you fail – and if you wait for others to solve your problem, then you will definitely find yourself with an unsolvable problem,”

With that in mind, I urge you to use all of your energy and resources to be productive and don’t spend any energy blaming, accusing, or criticizing everything except you.

In order to ensure your business, your job, your finances, and your future are secure, it’s up to YOU not someone else.

In my book – How To Start A Business Without Money.”

I talked about the fact that we all are here to survive the storm. No one is unique. Your actions are what make you unique among others.

This makes it boldly that you must stop blaming everything except YOU. Rather, start solving your problems.

Stop complaining about your Government,

Stop complaining About your parents

Stop the hate about your background

Stop complaining about politicians

Stop wasting time blaming past Governments

Stop complaining about Bank Loans and interest

You really need to stop complaining.

If you want to stop blaming, then start taking action.

Stop wasting that energy complaining.

There is only one thing you need to do.

Learn how to stop blaming and start doing.

Spend Energy Learning Skills required to get the jobs done.

Stop Wasting Your Energy Blaming Everything Around You  –  That Energy You Waste Is Definitely Gained In Enslaving Your Life.

You Become A Slave Living On Blames Forever.

Let me leave you with these pieces of admonition:

The moment you blame another for anything:

  1. You assign your power to turn things around over to that thing you’ve blamed.
  2. You limit your ability to find a solution.
  3. You waste resources and energy.

Finally, you must take note of the fact that success isn’t just important; it is vital to your life and happiness. It is your responsibility and your obligation.



20 Important Question You Should Be Asking In Your Business Today

20 Important Question You Should Be Asking In Your Business Today


Most businesses especially micro, small and medium scale businesses keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and complaining that business isn’t just moving.

Yes, we are all caught up in these web times without numbers.

So the question is, why repeat the same thing over and over when it’s not giving you the needed results?


Someone once said it is madness to keep doing the same thing over and over and yet keep high hopes in expectations of results when there isn’t.

I strongly believe that this is true…. And it’s simply madness.

But let’s reason together and see if it isn’t.

How can you keep creating consistently and never selling was one of the questions I’ve had to ask myself many times to get out of that boxed state of Financial Crisis.

As simple as this may sound, let me tell you what happens.

At some point in my business, I was just paying monies creating things.

Paying monies buying stuff to build things.

This kept going on for a very long time until I realized that I was going to go broke.

In a bid to hurry and fix that, I got lost again creating…..

That’s what happens when you don’t have a good plan or when you don’t follow the plans you’ve created.

Now I want you to take this home with you.

Great businesses are built upon a clear-cut road map and that’s your business plan.

And if you don’t know how to use it or flow with it, it’s certain you’ll get lost in the middle of the road.

So today, I would love to take you through some basic questions you should be asking yourself as a business owner.

For you to achieve a successful outcome you need to ask yourself some very important questions as it concerns your business.

So let’s share the thoughts together.

To start with, ask yourself.


1.    Do I have a plan on the ground for my business?


2.    Do I just wake up each morning to a thought and all I do is to jump in and start executing these thoughts hoping that it is the solution I need?


3.    If I have a marketing plan, is it captured in a written form or it’s just in my head?


4.    What about my marketing activities? Do I have a target audience in mind?


5.    Have I looked back at my performance and I’m able to check what works and what doesn’t work?


6.    Am I always trying to do so much at a time and too quickly without delegating properly?


7.    Time, Money, Energy…. Am I wasting all of these on things that don’t seem to work?


8.    What about my investment decisions? How good is/are they?


9.    Am I caught up always struggling for time?


10. What about my marketing messages? Are they coherent or do I just juggle things up?


11. Am I too busy doing business and relegating its development to the background?


12. Do I have an overcomplicating marketing message when I set out for marketing?


13. Is it that I don’t believe in myself that I’ve got some marketing skills?


14. Am I always thrown into a blank state whenever I think about marketing?


15. Do I always try to avoid anything marketing with my business?


16. Am I the type that relies on only one or two methods of marketing my product?


17. Am I like most of those who don’t collect the contacts of their customers or keep these records?


18. Am I the type that can’t even explain why someone should purchase from me?


19. Or have I been engrossed in the faith that sales only come by praying and fasting?


20. What about my brand? Is it still bubbling or has gone temporarily senile?


If for any reason, you’ve answered a Yes to any of these questions, I can tell you categorically that you’re not alone.

We’ve all been there many times too.

But this is it…

Your awareness first is what is most important right now.


With that alone, you can be sure of progress soon enough.


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Best Wishes Buddies


How To Start A Logistics Business Without Money

How To Start A Logistics Business Without Money..
No one wants to get stalked trying to start a business especially when you do not have enough monies to get started with a business you would to do.
Some of the things you must have in place to get started with a business and start making money includes but not limited to the followings;
1. A Startup cash flow between N100k and above.
For just so many of these businesses, you must have at least N1,000,000
2. Rent an office space – This should be at least N350K
3. Furnish the office – An average of N200k would be just for the simple startup
4. Hire at least 2 or 3 staff and be ready with at least N500k on the average for 6 months, hoping you can break even.
5. Get a car, a motorcycle or some sort of mobility that can get you to & fro places you would like to visit and deliver your services.
The fact is, the list is endless.
So, I wouldn’t want to bore you any further.
But what if you have the opportunity to get started without investing this enormous amounts of cash except just 3 things.
1. You Time
2. Your Head
3. You (I mean your desire, emotions, energy etc.) – Just You What if that’s all you’ve got to put in?
In this video, I share the exact steps you need to get started without money.
And then, when you start making monies, you can go big by blowing it up with all other fanciful things.
For your information, this is not just about saying something that’s not practicable.
I have done it time and times again.
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7 Qualities That Separates Those Who Are Successful From Those Who Are Not

7 Qualities That Separates Those Who Are Successful From Those Who Are Not

Whenever Success is mentioned, some people see it as being wealthy. Success is simply the ability to reach your goals in life. It could be in your academics, career, business, marriage, and so on.

Success comes in many ways and forms. What’s interesting is that most successful people have very similar qualities.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

I studied the life of so many successful people across different fields, and I noticed some qualities they possess that made them stood out. These qualities should be followed by whoever desires success too.

# 1. Clearly Defined Vision And Purpose

# 2. Focus

# 3. Masters Of Time

# 4. They Keep Company With Like-Minded People

# 5. Self-Control

# 6. Strong Passion

# 7. Commitment to Learning

Are you always searching for the shortcut or the easy way to achieve the success you want?

This is why there are so many get-rich-quick schemes out there. People keep getting defrauded on a daily basis because they want to see results instantly, and they don’t want to put in any hard work if possible.

They prefer to get the results they want quickly and easily. They are constantly looking for the shortcut.

Success will not come to you overnight; it takes time to build success from the scratch.

Stop looking for a shortcut to be successful in life, instead invest your money, time, wisely.

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How To Start A Real Estate Business Without Money

Are you trying to find something to do that is going to start bringing you monies?

Are you already tired of the job you are doing and need a change of life and career? This may just be the right time to listen to what you should do.

In this video, I share my thoughts on how you can start a Real Estate Business Without Money.

It’s Titled: How To Start A Real Estate Business Without Money.

Enjoy some of the secrets of escaping financial downtime in these very trying times that we find ourselves.

All you need is to listen, learn and apply.

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Twitter: TimAbelx https://twitter.com/TimAbelx?

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Steps To Guarantee Your Best Year Ever

5 Steps To Guarantee Your Best Year Ever

# 1. Focus On Replacing Your Old Habits That Don’t Generate Results

You would agree that it is never too late to begin implementing positive changes in your life.

It’s important to realize that breaking your old, destructive habits is simple, but not easy. You might find it difficult to totally eliminate a bad habit that drags you back in life.

Instead, you need to replace a bad habit with a new habit that provides a similar benefit.

When you first identify those habits affecting or slowing you down, it’s more important to pursue new ambitions and implement new routines. Eliminate those things that trigger the habits you want to replace. 24 hours a day is constant to everyone.

So, any habit that doesn’t contribute to your desired growth in life, competing with your time is a burden and it would always slow you down because bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals.


# 2. Learn From Your Mistakes

 Mistakes are your past and they should give you’re a good experience.

Good decisions and choices will only develop if you truly learn from your mistakes because mistakes are an essential part of any transformation, and growth, any success you ever desired.

Admitting the mistakes, you made in the past would make you be more committed to your goals–what you really want to be, do, and have.

Take some time to think about all of last year’s experiences, and more importantly, hold on to all the lessons you learned from those experiences.

Not making mistakes might make you too complacent or overconfident, but it is very important to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them.

# 3. Write Your Goals Down

 Anything that is worth achieving is worth putting in writing that you’d like to achieve this year. Each of these goals should represent a significant milestone in the long-term vision for every aspect of your life.

Writing down your goals means that you can visually see them, it gives you the desire to want to achieve them. Your written goals would allow you to keep a tab on them. It would generally want to cause you to act because, when you see something, it affects how you act.

Don’t just sit there and think of having a big future, you’re more likely to be productive if you can see what you have to do, instead of just thinking about it.


# 4. Break Those Goals Into Smaller Ones

 The key to actually achieving your goals is to break them down into actionable steps.

After establishing your goals, as I explained before. If you missed that, kindly check the previous post and you can also turn your notifications on so you don’t miss out on these life-changing posts.

Okay… after establishing those goals, that means they’re no longer on your mind alone, the next step is to break those big goals into fragments, this makes you be more precise with them.

More importantly, these mini-goals should have practically actionable steps you need to take to accomplish your objective.


# 5. Invest In More Professional Help.

 It is very important to seek professional help. Invest in yourself and you get back a successful YOU.

It’s easy to get swept up in the “superhero syndrome”.  So many people attempt or they can figure everything out themselves.

Be resourceful by accepting help from others, both personally and professionally.

If you seek help, you are on the right path as I offer professional help to businesses and individuals.

Start by buying my book: How To Start A Business Without Money.

And I Will Be Here To Guide You Through.

Grab A Copy of This Book and Enjoy So Many Bonuses With Mentorship Inclusive For Just N7,997.97

Approximately N8,000.

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Enjoy Free Shipping Too.

Be Consistent

 If you have been following my posts on the 5 Steps To Guarantee Your Best Year Ever, you’ll notice if those steps are very easy to adhere to.

But let me shock you, some people might have followed these simple steps before only to discover they relent after a month or two. So, I found out that it is the nature of humans to naturally return to their default settings especially if that place is their comfort zone. To ensure you have a successful year, you’ll have to ensure you are consistent with this.

Consistency is key.

Act, On Those Goals

 Yes! Like I said in my previous post, people often return to the default settings that gave them comfort. It is not just enough to wish for a better life, to write life goals, what is more, important is for you to act on those goals.

Even though you broke down your goal into actionable steps, sometimes that’s not enough. There is a little voice in your hand that keeps making excuses for not working and giving you reasonable reasons to procrastinate.

If you fail to act on those goals they are more like fantasies, so, from now on no more excuses and procrastination! Start counting and acting!

Monitor Your Progress

How would you know the methods you’re using is effective? How would you know how to be more effective? Monitoring your progress helps you identify potential obstacles and strategies for how to overcome them.

Monitoring your progress is important to help you identify issues, measure success, and learn from any mistakes.

Attach Timelines To Your Goals

 Once you establish a list of tasks and prepare the ground for the work, it’s time to set a timeline for their execution. It will help you prioritize your assignments and create a system that will work.

The question is now, are you ready to achieve your goals?

If yes, then create a timeline for your goals and you’ll be a HUGE step closer to achieving them.

Is There Truly A Shortage of Money – Are You Truly Broke?


If Asked Today…

Why Are You Broke?

The common responses is not farfetched.

You and I would agree that these answers below fits in.

But how true is it?

1. The Government

2. Poor Family Background

3. Employers Not Recruiting

4. People are not buying

5. It’s a spiritual attack

6. Employers are not paying you well enough

7. There’s no money in the economy But there is one thing you’ve refused to complain about and that’s YOU.

How can we stop mentioning all these things and start taking responsibilities so we stop going broke.

In this video Tim shares his thoughts on why you are broke and what to start doing immediately to get yourself back on track where you can even start making money without having money to start with.

All you need is just you.