Confused of Where To Start? Then Read This Survival Strategy

Have you read that book about SELL TO SURVIVE by Grant?

Now, this is the thing.

Anytime I think about how I initially started my business and spent all my monies recklessly especially on things that deepened my debt and threw me into more problems of survival. I feel really bad about it.

And I don’t want it to happen to anyone I care about. NEVER AGAIN!!!

When I started out with my money, I realized I was only spending on salaries, Rents, office furniture and pieces of equipment, and lots of the things I shouldn’t have wasted a dime for.

That’s one of my greatest regrets in life.

Actually, I thought I was doing the right thing like every other ignorant person starting out.

But NO….. I was damn WRONG.

The thing I didn’t know was that no business survives on just spending (expenses). In fact, any business that must survive should have at least a ratio of 30:70 for expenses/income after initial investment for the business. This initial investment might just be about developing the needed skills basically.

What this means is that once your business kicks off.

You must be conscious in the first 6 months about these major factors that will determine how long you stay on the block.

First, your total expenses for any given period as a starter must not exceed 30% of your expected income. And at every point, you must also check that the total income must not be less than 70% of after expenses.

Let me make it clearer.

If your budgeted expenses is N30k. You must ensure that your profit after expenses for that period is N70k. Especially when you are just starting.

And if I must go further, within the N30k, ensure at least N15 or N20k is spent on Sales activities. That includes salaries for those who are helping to sell your products or services.

Now, let’s get to the crux of SURVIVAL & SELLING

Your business is not your life wire. Selling is your life wire.

If your business isn’t making the needed sales. You will go really broke very soon.

And that’s really one of the greatest problems businesses have. They don’t make the kind of sales they should be making to survive.

Go out there and see for yourself.

There are countless businesses, with awesome and powerful office space and ambiance. A lot of staff to pay salaries at the end of every month. These businesses are folding up.

Some are driven to finding answers and are beginning to adopt online strategies.

They are willing to pay you if you can get them the kind of sales they want.

So, when people say there are no jobs. The first question you should ask yourself is if there are also no buyers.

Go out there and identify someone or a business owner with a good product or service looking for customers or even a Highnetworth Individual as well as politicians that want popularity.

Commit to getting them the kind of sales or popularity they want.

Find the necessary tools required to get them those sales and fame.

Of course, you know all of the skills needed start with you first right?

The discipline to learn, the commitment to stick to your daily learning goals, the energy to keep going, the ability to take on the scary task and accomplish them.

And then TIME.

Now, listen again.

Do you know that there are over one million and one people buying the same products or services you or that business owner is providing on a daily basis?

Let’s take for instance the guy who sells clothes down the street.

On a daily basis, people are planning on what to wear for the next day, the next outing, the next dinner party, the next wedding ceremony, the next blablabla……

Yeah! They are.

The one who gets to sell to these people is only that person who has been able to live an impression in the minds of the people about clothing.

If you have a business, you must be willing to be out there for all to see.

It is not debatable.

You must be everywhere.

You must dominate your market space.

You should be on Radio, on Television, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Emails, just everywhere that there is.

All the energies and efforts of your business or the business of your client need to be focused on selling.

Find out about the various Sales Courses you can lay your hands on. Find sales motivations and sales tools for yourself and that of your staff in order for you to maximize every selling opportunity.

There is no way you can become profitable in business, or even find a good job to pay you well enough if you are not selling enough.

Even if you own a business of your own, at some point your organization has to grow, and that means it must successfully make those EXTRA sales.


Listen to this……. I’m not saying you should try to sell.

I am categorically saying You Should Start Selling and Closing Now because as far as your success is concerned, selling is what matters.

Always insist on getting the sales done now, as though your life depends on it!

If you have people working with you, insist everyone in your organization from the top down to the bottom must be dedicated to getting the company’s products and services into the marketplace.

What’s the point going into business, or setting up for business with a whole lot of efforts planning and organizing if you can’t successfully close sales?

It gets to some point in most businesses around the world when the management starts cutting their budgets for even the most important things that the business needs because they think it is the best way to solve their problems of not making enough money.

This shouldn’t be the case. Especially when you are convinced you have the best products or services, not minding competitions.

Cutting budgets isn’t the right thing. The right thing should be strategizing, selling and closing sales.

The unfortunate part with cutting budget is that, these businesses end up reaching a point of the cut in the budget that they no longer have the windows for income or profit anymore.

Selling and closing are essential to your survival. Therefore focus on being able to sell and close the sale and sell your products.

As the leader of your business, group, or team. It doesn’t matter what your portfolio of office is.

As a top management staff, you must wear the hat of top salespeople like never before.

Selling isn’t limited to a sales team or to ‘select’ individuals.

This idea of selling needs to become the sole focus of the entire company and should flow through each and every employee, with everyone either directly selling or helping the sales team close the sales.

Approach each day and each customer as though the only thing that matters is selling.

Don’t forget that, success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Are you struggling with starting a business of your own? Or maybe you even have one and you are not selling and closing sales?

Don’t worry.

This will be your last shot and I guarantee you on that.

Grab a copy of my Book – How To Start A Business Without Money.

In this book, I took my time to X-ray all the skills required to move your business to a whole new level.

And for those who do not have the capital to start a business for now. This book will open your eyes and mind to a whole new approach on how to get yourself on the path to acquiring the needed skills that can help fetch you the money needed to start your own business.

I ensured I revealed in totality the skills and tools required for both online and offline sales.

Finally, everything depends on you.

I have done my part.

See you again soon.

This Is Why Appreciations Create Abundance

Everything you didn’t have in the last few years in abundance is largely because you didn’t appreciate the little you received.

I know my brethren will scream a Yes to this.

Are you missing out on this? Might just be a simple reason you’re not getting much done or receiving as much as expected.

Appreciation is simply giving thanks for what you have, what you already received, as well as what you’ve given out.

In everything Give Thanks.

It doesn’t matter what is involved.

Appreciating the little you do, is enough to boost your energy to do even more.

Once in a while, take a look at the distance you’re coming from. Hold your head up and say, “Oh, it’s been a great journey….. Thanks to these legs (figurative). And you’ll be encouraged to go even farther.

Sometimes, what we just need to do is to boost our self-esteem, our self-ego to be able to accomplish the needed task in the future.

When you begin to appreciate yourself, Negativities begin to disappear into thin airs until they finally let go of you.

Most times, Negativities are our major problems. Not even the issues at hand. Negativities are hashed in the mind.

On the other hand, those who give to you deserve a very big thank you. It doesn’t matter how little your greed has made their efforts look. Whether they’re stingy or not, at least, they’ve made efforts to take from what they have and given to you. Say simple Thank you from the depth of your hearts and watch what happens later. The more you appreciate them, the more their excitement will crave for more givings to you.

If you’re the type that’s never contented with whatever effort people make towards your life, you’ll never see growth. That’s simply the Law of Karma.

Thank people for the things they do to you, and the ones they didn’t plus the ones they’ll eventually do for you or to you is a major secret to success.

People appreciate givers Yes! But more than giving, PEOPLE appreciate People Who Appreciate the little kindness they receive.

Learn how to appreciate people in any way possible no matter how bad your ego is and you’ll enjoy greater things.

Appreciate Your Parents

Appreciate Your Siblings

Appreciate Your Spouse

Appreciate Your Children

Appreciate Your Friends

Appreciate Your Finances

Appreciate Your Health

Appreciate Your Neighbors

Appreciate Your Employees

Appreciate Your Employers

Appreciate Even Your Pet (That Dog Called Kampari)

Above ALL…. APPRECIATE GOD, The Author, and Finisher of Our Fate.

Tell GOD and These People as well as the things about How Much You Care & Love Them…………….

January Is About To Leave You & I.

If you’ve made 2020 a year of uncommon Hammer….. Then, start Appreciating everything and enjoy the abundance that follows.

See you at the Top.


Are You Really & Truly Hungry To Get Better?

This Is How You Know If You Are Really & Truly Hungry To Get Better

I don’t need to be told that every day you wake up on that bed, the first thing that hits your mind is “God Help Me To Become Successful.”

Yeah, I don’t…..

I know this because even when we pay lip services outside, that financial limitation, that failing relationship, the business you are running, your health, or whatever is important to you gets you worried every morning.

How do you get things to work better. How do you increase performance? How can you increase your income to take care of those very pressing demands and many more?

For some time after I left the bank, I totally lost sleep not because I didn’t want to sleep, but because I knew my life was just not where it should be.

I began to get worried for every passing day without a change of my situation.

The fact is, no sane person in this life wouldn’t get worried if his or her life is not moving forward or making some progress. And I mean positives.

I began to feel differently about my life after I discovered what I am about to share with you.

One morning, I realized I was just wasting away…. And I jumped out of my bed with this thought – If people who haven’t worked for a bank in their lives before are succeeding, then I am also capable of such success.

And before I knew it, I began to search for information to feed my mind.

Of course, I must have told the story of how I dusted one of Jim Rohn’s Audio Books in my room, and played it only to discover that I had some hidden treasure I bought at the airport years ago while as a banker and never for once played or read it.

It changed every story for me today.

I have come to learn from my mentors and coaches that success doesn’t just come to you. Success is taken by you.

You may be thinking about how to increase sales for your business.

How to make more money.

How to achieve more success in what you do.

How to grow a lovely and happy family………..

How to build a great relationship with people……….

All these are parts of success that should concern us daily.

And I know you want it badly too.

If you want to have a happy family

A good relationship; An excellent touch with the things you care for;

If you want a business that pays you more than what your employer pays you today.

If You want to be the best in anything you set out to do

There is but one simple logic….

Be Hungry………….

The fact is, everyone wants the best and more of it, but most of the time their actions don’t show it.

Take this from me today that in anything you do in life, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”

There is no place like being in the middle with SUCCESS.

To be First or Last, the only thing that differentiates you is the LEVEL of    HUNGER YOU HAVE FOR THAT THING AND THE RESULTANT ACTIONS You Take To Achieve It.

If you’re Really and Truly Hungry, Then you need to Act hungry so as to make sure you don’t end up hungry.

You need to show everyone around you, especially your clients, Your family,    your body, your children, your spouse, your parents, your money, everyone that enjoys the benefit of your service or product that you want to do business with them.

You need to show everyone that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to earn that business or relationship in order to close more of those deals.

You need to show to your mentors, coaches, teachers, leaders and many more of those you tap the skills required from to be great, that you’re hungry enough to learn from them.

Listen, No matter the economy, you will always need your clients more than they need you.

No matter the challenges, you’ll always need that very skill required to help you sail through.

Once your customers see how passionate and hungry you are to help them, they’ll want to do business with you and only you.

Once your body knows that you care for it, it will continue to obey you and give you more energy to do the things you want to do.

Once your money knows that you care enough to keep increasing it, it will stay with you.

Once your spouse and children understand that you are willing to love and keep them, they will come even closer to you and help you achieve it.

Once your fans and followers see how much of work you are putting in to help them grow or become who they want to feel or look like, they will be willing to stay with you for as long as the day goes.

Just the same way if you show to your coaches how hungry you are to be more skilled like them, they will down all tools to help see you through in whatever you want to achieve.

This will only happen if you demonstrate to your customers and coaches an authentic willingness to do anything.


And be consistent with these actions and learn to never quit.

Don’t just act hungry for what you want, BE HUNGRY!


Once you have these attributes, then be rest assured your success is here.

If you don’t have it, then start developing it.

I love this GAME!!!!

These 3 Things Will Make You Sell More In 2020

Are you running any business and you’re having a tough time making sales?

Just stop whatever you’re doing right now and pay attention to this……. Because you may never get to hear it again from me or anyone else. Probably many years after now.

Most businessmen and women and even those intending to get into the art of creating personal and self dependable income are literally scared and in most cases discouraged because of this singular problem.

SALES of their products or services.

Anyone who intends to be among those with the urge to make 2020 a greater year with a resounding success in whatever area of life or field you are playing right now, should try to adopt this.

Since I learned it, even though it comes with a lot of hard work, I must say it pays than anything you can ever think of in sales.

Some experts call it the EASY-PATH TO HIGH TICKET DEALS.

And this is simply the reason.

Once you know these secrets and you can apply it to your business or future business, you’re bound to succeed.

So, before I proceed, I urge you to take this with all the excitement you’ve ever had and start taking actions today.

It doesn’t matter what field you are. Be you an actor or actress, a musician, a speaker, a coach, a teacher, an author, a doctor, a pharmacist, an engineer, or even an employee of an institution that’s providing goods and/or services to a target market or audience. These methods work like magic.

The only challenge will be for you to do as I’ve shared.


Before I step forward, let me say this to you as a reminder.

What I am about to teach you is going to blow your sales in 2020.

I am not talking based on other people’s experiences.

I am talking based on my own experiences and I want to share these secrets with you.

You might have been providing excuses all along about why you’re not making sales.

Just go over to my blog and read about what excuses does and you will understand how to not make excuses but create more solutions and values to make 2020 a great year for you.

In the past, I kept most of my secrets from most of you here, but I made a resolution to help provide as much value in 2020 to you than I ever did in time past.

So, if you want to keep acquiring knowledge that can make 2020 a perfect year for you.

This is what you should do.

Just find a way to check on this page daily.


Now, let’s talk about some basic elements why you can’t sell anything.

Let’s start with your product or service.

With a good product or service, and you are not making the kind of sales you want, it means there are things that are not being done rightly.

You may just need to review your product/service and the processes again.

I say this because; while you are complaining that there is no money out there because the Government did this or that, it will interest you to know that people are still spending.

Your competitors are making countless sales.

Why is that?

Simply because they understand that, a good product or service is as good as a good attitude to the product or services by the owner.

Now, don’t be confused here.

What I am simply saying is that, the love you show to your product or services will return back to you in form of increased sales.

So the first thing to bear in mind if you must increase sales for 2020 with whatever value you’re providing in exchange for money today, is your ATTITUDE towards the business.

When you have the right attitude, then these 3 things will explode your sales in 2020.

ATTITUDE is key…. Take care of your business as though it’s the only thing you live for.

With that being said as a MAJOR FACTOR,

Here are the things to do once your ATTITUDE IS RIGHT.

There are a few questions your customers or prospective customers aren’t thinking of yet.

So, you’ve got to sell the customer on these three things as you run through 2020.

  1. Sell Yourself
  2. Sell Your Business and
  3. Sell Your Service.

Let’s take a look at these three things closely.

Do you know that your customers want someone who would hold them by the hand until they are satisfied with what they’ve bought? That’s TRUST

People buy from you because they trust you.

You may say, oh, they don’t know me so why would you say things about trust?

Listen, your product or service is a clear picture in the minds of your target market about you.

Simply put. If your product or service is dirty, you are dirty. If you’re not doing the things you say, your product has a way of passing it across to your audience.

That’s where you come in.

This is why most sales experts will say people buy YOU, not your product or service.

So, in their minds, they must first accept you before they can put their monies in your hand.

This is why social media is doing a whole lot today and everyone who is not selling on social media must have been losing a whole lot.

During calls or chats with prospective customers, are you able to show how much care you have for them?

If their first interaction goes well with you, then forget the rest. They will buy.

So, always sell YOU first.

It takes selling Yourself, Your Business and Your Services to please any customer.

Customers will buy from someone they can say…. “Oh! If it’s that man/woman, or that company, just know that you are in safe hands.”

I made a lot of sales from my Real Estate in 2014/16 so much that I began to wonder how it all happened.

But this is what happened afterward.

I lost everything and almost all my customers to FRAUD.

One day, I called one of my clients who I refused to call all through the years while I was in court to recover my property just to inform him that everything has come back to normalcy and we will be resuming site work soon.

He answered and said “Oh great! Finally. That’s a good one Tim. Congratulations!

I was shocked…. So, I asked him why he didn’t bother to call me all these years to trouble me just like a few other clients did.

This is what he said.

Tim, from the very first day I saw you, I knew I was dealing with someone to be trusted.

Guess what? I couldn’t hold my tears of joy.

The truth remains, most people you will encounter in life can’t trust you until they come one-on-one with you.

To be able to gain that trust, you must show a high level of integrity. Care, Love for what you do. Let your passion to serve outshine your personal interest.

It is important that you get close to your market. The people there need to trust you first.

Do you notice that most businesses do not even have any details about their customers?

That’s even a matter for another day.

Now listen to this.

One of the biggest mistakes that people are making in an economy that appears to be so bad is that they are selling themselves, neither their business nor their service to their potential customers.

They aren’t looking at the problems their products and services is solving. They aren’t taking that long shot to sync with their customer’s utmost concern.

They think the customers just woke up and walked into their shops to buy without first thinking about why they need the product or service, where they would buy from to meet their unvoiced fears for the products they buy.

Don’t put the blames elsewhere for your lack of sales.

Always make sure your customers understand that you also understand their fears by explaining all of it to them and assuring them that you will be there when they need you.

Let them understand that they’re not just buying the product – they are also buying unparalleled service and peace of mind that only you can offer.

So, start today and get your businesses dusted for a real caring game in 2020 if you must make sales.

Stop ignoring your client’s calls. It matters a lot.

People want to be cared for.

Show them you’re the best caregiver.

Don’t act like my aunt….. I will give you that gist some other day.


Be willing and ready to convince them of that, and I guarantee they’ll spend their money with you.

Are you thinking of doing something different in 2020?

Did something else work for you in 2019?

Let’s share your thoughts today.

Pay Attention To No.3 If You Want To Get More Successful Results In 2020

2020 is definitely going to run like 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, etc for many of us here.


I don’t intend to bet this with you. But I can assure you that, the only way out is for you to start thinking and acting differently.


No doubt, you’re regretting how you ended 2019 and you really want to make things right in 2020.


Let me say this no matter how bitter it may sound, that if you were never prepared to make excuses and justify every position you find yourself today, the thought of regrets should never have risen.


The truth is, no matter what I say today, you’ll still have excuses for how you ended 2019 without a meaningful and successful impact either in your life, business or relationships.


Listen to me here…… You’re not in this alone. Many of us, create excuses for the many failures we cause.


Even though, these were intentionally caused by us.


Follow me as I present to you 3 important steps you should take this year, so as to arrest the situations that make you create excuses for the eventual failures so that at the end of 2020 by his grace, you will be able to point at something you’ve achieved.


You know what?


Pay attention to the third one.


I would love to talk about my own personal experiences, so you could also see that we are all wired to create excuses. So, it’s not just your fault.


But if after reading this piece, and you’re still caught in that web, then…. I really wouldn’t know any better way to describe your case.


For me, whenever I look back over my life and recount the energy, the commitment, the passion, the zeal, and the undying readiness when I have to create excuses for my constant failures, it just makes me feel really sad.


It was so bad that I was consistently relying on EXCUSES to justify my situations of being broke. If I wasn’t producing enough, I knew it within me, but for my spectators, especially my wife, I had some super justifications to get her convinced. For my attitudes too, I had no better option than to create excuses perfect enough to soothe the situation.


It was that bad.


When I finally realize the nonsense I was doing and how it was affecting my life negatively, I decided to take a look at so many people around me and consciously with apt attention, I realized that almost everyone does it.


99% of people do make these horrible mistakes in their life.


We create excuses intentionally but unknown to us.


…and how could you not, after all, it’s one of the easiest things to do.


Just say it….. And it flows.


You could even say things like, 2019 was a bad year for me because, The Nigerian Government refused to employ graduates.


Or maybe something like this; Last year was bad for me because I didn’t get the loan I was expecting from the bank or my friend and probably my uncle. In fact, they disappointed me and I wasn’t prepared.


That’s indeed a perfect EXCUSE sir/ma.


But listen to me here, if you’ve ever had to deal with Economics as a subject, do you remember those laws of diminishing returns?


It simply applies to your production level in life, business, and relationships this way.


When demand slows down, but there is an increase in supply, what happens is that the price of the product in question drops really fast.


This goes to say that when you work less, you must be prepared to supply more excuses, more justifications, more why’s to those who care to listen to you. And guess what? Your value drops, your finances drop. Your income diminishes. Your relationships fail. Your responsibilities as a father or mother begin to wither.


Ultimately, your employer begins to see less of you(your value) at work.


In summation, The More excuses you create, the less work you are prepared to do, and your value financially, relationship, business-wise diminishes.


That’s it.


No More, No Less!!


Excuses are the Demand – When you want to fail, you create excuses. More excuses created brings about the next action. Less Work.


Work is the Supply – So, here Work or inputs to get things done becomes less because excuses can be created easily at any time to save you from bashing or blames. Now, you know what to say when you don’t do what needs to be done.


Price is the Value – Gradually, people begin to run away from you. Trust is lost, dependence on you to get things done diminishes, you become of zero value.


This indeed explains how each day’s task goes for us.


You’re either increasing your value or decreasing it.


And the first 2 actions determines the divide you find yourself.



But as we all know, 99% of us don’t ever want to give excuses.


So, today… I would like to show you the 3 simple ways I have used to help myself to GET RID OF EXCUSES.


I said this last year and I have kept to it.


I can confidently say the result has been massive for me.


Here are 3 ways you can do it:


  1. Consciously Understand and Acknowledge the fact that no matter the excuses you create, it will never change or improve your situation. This is a rare and face-to-face truth you must tell yourself.


  1. Make a list of the excuses you use or hear on a regular basis

For example:

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I have kids…I don’t have kids
  • I am married…I am not married
  • I have to find balance in my life
  • I am overworked
  • I don’t have time to study
  • Our prices are too high
  • The customer didn’t show for the appointment
  • The economy is bad
  • I’m too tired to go to the gym
  • I don’t just want to be in the same room with XYZ
  • He/She Talks Too Much
  • He/She Is Boring
  • It Will Take Too Much Time
  • I Really Don’t Understand How It Works
  • I Was Told, It’s Not Possible
  • I Slept Off
  • I Was Sick or Ill, So I Couldn’t
  • I’m Not Good At Reading or Writing
  • I’m Not A Graduate
  • I’m More Advanced

and on and on…Pay Attention


  1. Sit down with your list and find ways to take responsibility

For example:

  1. “I don’t have any time” vs. “I am not being productive enough with the time that I have. I have to start working on managing my time”


  1. “I don’t have time to study” vs. “I Need To Spend At least 30 Minutes A Day To Study, So I Can Become Better Because It’s Important to me”


  1. “Our prices are too high and that’s why people are not buying” vs. “I am going to properly demonstrate the value my/our products/services provide to our/my customers, so they can see how valuable our product/service is compared to the price tag”


  1. “I don’t have money, so I won’t start the project or buy the stuffs to improve my knowledge” vs. “I have the energy, the knowledge on how to go out and offer someone a service and get paid so that I can have money to start the project”.


  1. “I have kids to care for and they are taking too much of my time to do the things I need to do to create a better life” vs. “I’ll plan my schedules with my kids, so I can also do other things in good time.”


  1. “I’m married and can’t do anything to make money, because I have to take care of the house or be a responsible spouse” vs. “Since I am married and won’t be allowed to go out and work, let me find something I can do from home as a wife or a spouse.”


  1. “I’m overworked, and can’t do other things” vs “How can I have more energy to work and be able to do everything that’s important to do every day for me.”

Listen to me again, we make all these excuses on a daily basis.


Excuses are really about YOU not accepting responsibility!


…actually it’s your inability to do the things you should be doing.


Learning to accept responsibility for EVERYTHING literally has changed my life.


Remember this…




Do you want more control in your life? Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.


So be aware today of any excuse you make, then try to find a way to accept responsibility for it.


Thanks for your time.


Is this important to you?


Let me know the kinds of excuses you’ve been making because I know you also believe they are genuine excuses.


Let’s find a way out together.


My name is Tim Abel.

Is Your 2020 Dream About To Fail Again? Do This Now

For those currently praying and fasting for a great 2020 year, if you don’t include this one thing to all that you’re doing for the next 30 to 40 days, believe this or not.

Failure is imminent.

In 2013, precisely on the 1st day of January, I woke up and went straight to the desk right in front of me, where I dumped everything on as soon as I’m in my bedroom.

On that desk, was a notepad and a pen. Of course, rising straight from my bed to the desk was orchestrated by a decision I made while in bed.

I woke up feeling unfulfilled. I woke up feeling a life crumbled and looking aimless.

So, I sprung out of my bed to make the usual new year resolution.

As my pen got wrapped in my fingers, I began to write.

The first thing was to undertake the full fasting routine, which I had never done completely before then.

This year was going to be a straight-jacketed one. Beginning to the End of the show.

And as I was writing, by the side of the fasting, I wrote in bracket “This is a MUST”.

And true to it, I kept my words.

Every other goal for the year was written, and I began to do what I would always do to achieve it.

Dream It!!!

For the first 31 days of January, I was battling with preparing the business plan. I went online and paid a software company to prepare me a business plan, that I never used because I didn’t even understand how it applies to me.

I called on a friend who had once assisted in preparing my company profiles to guide me, and he did his best.

February rolled in and I was reminiscing on the next line of action, and I realized I was just jumping from one end of the wall to another in a bid to avoid the hard works.

I finally, settled down in the later part of the year after I had jumped endlessly from one wall to another when I got into the hands of a life coach who began to work on me.

What I discovered was pathetic and I see a lot of people having this same problem.

During all these years and months of praying and fasting, I was without a genuine plan to succeed.

I had lots of big goals, big dreams, but none had a graph. None had a process, none had what I needed as my own contribution to achieving those goals.

I wondered at some point if God was actually listening to me. Or maybe I didn’t conduct myself properly during the fasting and praying times.

I even concluded at a point that life was actually more about luck. About connections, about some family backgrounds and more.

Little did I know that success comes with its formula.

Let me make a clear and vivid example here today.

Let’s take for instance that you planned to become a medical doctor. That’s the ultimate Goal.

The purpose has to be something you are passionate about. And for Doctors, it’s about saving lives. For some deeper purposes, it’s about helping those who cannot afford the high cost of health services.

But as great as those Goals, Purposes, Desires and whatever may be, there is a formula to achieving it.

First, it’s the time frame required.

That’s definitely about 6 to 9 years of your time isn’t it?

So, right in your mind, even when the desire to start helping to save lives, you can’t start it in a day. You’ve got to nurse it.

During the period of nursing this dream or goals, you’ll need a secondary school certificate for sciences with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English inclusive.

After that stage, you’ll need to get a jamb exam passed. Then go onto a Medical School. At 300 Level, you will proceed for Horsemanship. Then, come back to complete the other few years left. In the Nigerian System, you’ll proceed to get your National Youth Service Program done.

Other stages in the medical field will apply afterward.

And then finally, you can start executing your long term goals of saving lives.

There is no amount of prayers you would do, to attain this feat if you failed to take the steps I have mentioned.

And key among these steps is the acquisition of the required knowledge and its application.

That’s about DOING….. Taking Massive Actions.

Listen to me today, at the end of your fasting and prayers, if you fail to have a goal it is disastrous. If you also fail to know the exact steps to take, the times to take these steps,  and the needed skills to acquire for these dreams, goals or desires to be achieved it is a serious problem.

And most disastrous of all, is your failure to then take ACTIONS….. I mean MASSIVE ACTIONS.

So, today I want you to bear this in mind.

Those goals that you have, are really great.

There is nothing impossible to achieve in life especially with God on your side.

But do not pray without work.

Do not exercise faith without work.

There is no magic in accomplishing task. It all comes at a cost and the cost is in the work you put in.

Finally, I will leave you with these steps to follow as you make your 2020 a remarkable year.

First, Dream Big…..

Secondly, draw out your plans to include;

  1. Your Purpose For The Big Dream
  2. The Time Frame Required To Achieve It
  3. The Various Stages To The End Goal
  4. The Various Skills Required To Achieve Each Stage
  5. The Various Mentors You Can Work With To Achieve Each Stage
  6. Start Working
  7. Then Pray and Fast Fervently Till Forever…


Thank you for reading…….

I hope this goes a long way to help you in 2020.

Do you have something to add to this?

Let me also learn from your experiences about how you actualized your Goals in 2019.