Reasons Why Poverty Lingers Is Not About The Government

Reasons Why Poverty Lingers Is Not About The Government

What Motivates You To Go The Extra Miles

What Motivates You To Go The Extra Miles

They Say You’re Doing Right?

They Say You’re Doing

Hey, Is Anything Too Much?
Simply No!
Actually, I have learnt that there is no such thing as too much, only too little.
It is always easy to listen to people say, “Oh he’s doing too much” “Is he the only one” “Is she the first to start it”…..blablabla.
And this of course, has made a lot of people chicken out of their dreams.
I call it “Intimidation of The Powerful”.
This is usually how they go about it.
Some will read from your hustles and try to say you’re showing off.
Some will tell their friends sarcastically that you’re out of your senses and they will find a way to relay the message to you directly or indirectly.
There are those who will at every inch of time try to demean your actions or inactions for simple jealousy.
They let you have cold feets whenever they come at you that way.
And the next minute, you start slowing down below MASSIVE ACTIONS.
Look here, there is nothing as “Too Much”.
It’s only lazy people or people who don’t want you to succeed, that will say you are doing too much.
Unfortunately, they wished they could do so much like you are doing.

Now listen…

Get rid of those kinds of people in your life.
They are dream killers. They want you to stay where they are.

I was having a conversation with a friend months ago.
So, he obliged to advise me on my businesses.
And the first thing he said was. Tim, you’re doing too much that’s why people could easily swindle you.
Immediately I stopped him from saying anything any further.
I asked him a question.
Guy, I’m sure you are aware I had issues with my Real Estate business and that affected my income right?
He said “yes”.
Do you know what has kept me and my family going since then?
He said, well Yes…. And I asked him again.
So, do you think that your advise now that I should have concentrated on just the Real Estate as the best solution?
He started mumbling……… I couldn’t tell if he was speaking in tongues or something else.
Truly, I don’t care.
The fact is, they don’t understand what the multiplier effect of wealth is all about.
Yes! I’m not against concentrating on one business at a time.
But listen to me.
One business at a time is the thought of the average person.
To succeed in this modern day.
You must take massive actions in all available areas.
Spread your wings and spread through to ensure you are on top of your business.

Today, I have my Real Estate business being revived.
I have my health business booming.
I have my Telecom business by the side also doing its biddings for me.
I have just opened my Marketing and Sales Agency –
I am about to launch an E-Commerce platform to help small and medium businesses enjoy my services.
And I’m consulting for businesses as well and getting paid to help them grow their sales.
This is just me, and someone is saying I’m doing too much?
Those who say you are doing too much will go elsewhere and say you’re suffering because you are lazy.
They’re idle, ignorant and without vision.
Truth is, they’ll never help you.
You don’t have to be everywhere in this modern-day to run different businesses.

And I don’t have to hire too many staff who would be on a monthly salary to do the job when I can easily go on platforms like Fiverr, Elance, Upwork and a host of others providing quick and easy services for me without fears of some staff defrauding me or treating my business like a hell of joke.
If you want to get yourself beyond average, beyond “just enough,” then take advantage of my new book – How To Start A Business Without Money Now at just N7,997.77 only.
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You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a one-on-one guide from me on a weekly basis to ensure you are on course.

I can guarantee you a whole new life if you follow what I do.

Finally, there is never “too much, but only too little”
Remember, success isn’t just important; it is vital, and should never be reduced to anything less than that.
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