Is Your Own 4-Year Time As Great or As Pretty Poor?

It’s another new era for Nigerians. A new 4-year term for the President and its cabinet members.

Let’s hope they get it right this time right?

Oh yeah, that’s what you would probably say.

But you know what? who cares if they do?

You should be in the middle of your own one year term too by 1st of June.

What have you done in the last 5 months to get to your own next level?

That’s what you should care about.

What are you doing to get that FREEDOM you’ve been wishing for all along?

Some say, it’s the Government that’s responsible for their woes? Some put the blames on the people they perceive they either hate or hate them.

While you’re busy finding who to put the blames on, time is getting past you buddy.

Let me tell you this solemn truth.

No one is ever going to come and make life easy for you.

It’s your job, your responsibility, your obligation to get everything right for yourself.

So, while the President is getting a second term today, you should start assessing yourself for the last five precious months you’ve either wasted or made worthy of your existence.

It’s time to get back to work…..

I will see you again soon.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jumia Online Shop – No. 7 Will Shock You

Yes, it will shock you. But you need to read from top to bottom for you to understand.

Jumia Online Shopping Mall was a brainchild of a Nigerian, but they needed financial backup to go massive and they got it.

This isn’t just what I want you to know about this company and business. There are more to it than you see today.

A lot of times people go like “Oh that company is making a lot of cash from Nigerians and they’re not Nigerians”.

What the heck? You had all the times, the chance, the opportunity, the brains, and you still have it to compete with them, so why complain?

Let me even make them feel a little poked.

These guys made over in 2018.

Do you get that? You want more information on them right?

So, today I thought I should present you with these 7 vital facts you didn’t know about them.

How you handle it is all yours. Maybe, you could have a change of mind about what you’re doing today.

After all, some wrote… “Is Jumia Using Jazz or Washing Money?”

Let’s get started.

  1. Jumia is a brainchild of 2 Smart Foreigners who got involved in partnership with 2 Nigerians.

Excerpts for Wikipedia Reads:

“Jumia is a pan-African e-commerce platform. The platform consists of a marketplace, which connects sellers with consumers, a logistics service, which enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, and a payment service, which facilitates transactions among participants active and Jumia’s platform in selected markets. for electronics, and fashion among others. In 2012, Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec, ex-McKinsey consultants, founded Jumia along with Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Kofi Afaedor.”

  1. Jumia started in Nigeria in 2012

Excerpt from Wikipedia reads:

“Jumia started in 2012 in Lagos, the company currently has a presence across 14 African countries.”

  1. Jumia does not manufacture or produce anything it sells.

Excerpt from Wikipedia reads:

“It has partnered with more than 81,000 local African companies and individuals and is a direct competitor to Kilimall in Kenya and Konga in Nigeria.”

  1. Jumia makes an average of N10Billion naira profit a year.

Given a rough statistic from various platforms, it could be as high as N27Billion naira a year.

  1. Jumia started out with only 3 staff and today has over 5,100 staff globally.
  2. Most offices of Jumia nationwide is not originally owned by Jumia but by agents who get paid for helping Jumia setup.

This takes the pains of monitoring staff across boards by Jumia because once you’ve been licensed by Jumia to open an office courtesy of their brand, you will handle all the expenses of rents, staffing, and delivery yourself. Jumia only pays you commission for doing anything with them.

  1. Jumia is using the concept of “How To Start A Business Without Money”

They do not own any of these goods, nor products as manufacturers or producers. Their job is simply creating a platform that allows them to showcase products manufactured or produced to their raving fans.

What they’ve as their stock in trade here is simply their marketing and sales skills which you too can learn.

The good part of this is that they’re not the first. They simply found their niche and target audience and decided to launch their business in this direction.

The sweet part of this experience is that they even sell foods today. You can request a massage from their platform and someone will be right in your house to give that service.

Jumia runs a travel agency for airlines.

Jumia runs health services and products

Jumia is selling almost everything your mum and mine once sat in some stores all day to sell just a product.

For those who have heard about DROPSHIPPING, you will understand that for most businesses online today especially in the developed country, what happens is simply DROPSHIPPING.

You don’t need a store, an office or some kind of staff to run smoothly, because the companies that manufacture these products will help do the delivery.

We are already advancing to that stage in this country where most things will not be purchased directly anymore.

For your information, DROPSHIPPING can only be successful if you have Online Marketing and Sales Skills.

What this means is that you must horn your skills in SELLING both online and offline.

The good thing here is that this Book “How To Start A Business Without Money.” holds you by the hand and takes you through all the processes. Plus revealing some businesses you could also start on your own even if you don’t want to go as big as Jumia today, but someday.

Would you like a change in your business mentality and start doing what the current business age expects?

Take this chance of creating your own income line or better still if you have one, start recreating your concept, your strategies and tactics to make 2019 a super one.

Grab A Copy of This Book at just N7,997.77 and I will deliver FREE to wherever you are in Nigeria.

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Then let’s talk today. It’s +234 802 794 1987

“Don’t Wait Until You’re Stuck…… Be The Man You Want To Be”

Can I Share This Personal Experience With You?

For the early part of my life after banking and getting involved with Entrepreneurship, I got stuck many times.

Nothing went my way, luck was something I didn’t think existed, and opportunity always seemed just out of my reach…

I was TRAPPED! I wanted to make more money, but could never seem to put it together.

I finally found out that the trap was actually… ME.

Does this sound like you?

Well, it’s not your fault you’re in this spot.

You’ve been given the wrong information by gurus and mentors who don’t actually have what they are teaching people to get.

You need to break the cycle with the right information.

Becoming wealthy seemed so far out of reach because of my reality at the time.

I don’t want YOU to get stuck in this trap.

To help you, I want to give you the first step, for FREE.


Do everything possible to increase your income.

Incremental growth in income must be your first focus… For me, that meant going from N100,000/month to N500,000/month, then N700,000, then N1,000,000, etc…

Some say that saving is the way to wealth, but I can assure you, increasing your income is the ONLY way to build substantial wealth.

So what will YOUR first milestone be?

First, you need to identify what you can offer in this times when there are no jobs, no uncles with free flows of money to you, the economy seems like it’s not working, your present-day job isn’t doing well, you are somehow stuck.

And that’s your skills…….

This is such an important topic, I went out and developed a book “How To Start A Business Without Money” where I SHOW YOU How to Learn Internet Marketing Skills, How to Sell Anything Online & Offline, How to Master Creating Contents That Gets People Thinking About You & Your Business and Would Want To Pay You, How To Reach More Than 80,000,000 Nigerians Online & offline and much, much more.

This book covers the unbreakable rules of finance, the mistakes people make and how to change your mindset about making money without a single dime in your bank account with just the skills you will learn.

…and look, if you are ready to get SERIOUS about increasing your income, I want to give you something I guarantee will help you hit your targets.

Look, the reality is, you can’t get to N1,000,000 without going through N10,000 OR N100,000.

So… how could you pick up an extra 10% in your income at your current job?

How could you make an extra N100,000 a month… or how about an extra N100,000/monthly???

Could you ask for more hours?

Work on an extra project?

Bring new business to the company?

No matter what your role in your company, I guarantee that there are things that you can do to increase your income in the coming months of 2019… JUST ASK.

Do whatever it takes to increase your income!!!

I have helped a few people increase their income in their business by just helping them reach more people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Emails, BulkSMSM e.t.c and get them to pay me for just sitting on my Laptop and doing the task from the comfort of my room and office.

You too can do this even if you have a day-to-day job elsewhere.

Start your own journey towards freedom and making millions today by just grabbing a copy of this book.

Be story could have been pathetic if I didn’t find out I could change my story by just reading a book.

I want YOU to do the same for YOURSELF.

The Price is N7,997.77

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“Knowledge Is Indeed Power”

Tim Abel


3 Steps to Get More Results…… Pay Attention To No.3 If You Can

The thought of regrets should never have been if excuses never existed.

Sadly, it does……

I feel pained sometimes when I look back over my life and analyze the ways I did this perfect job of creating excuses.

At these times I relied HEAVILY on excuses as a way to help justify my circumstances, my production, and even my attitude.

The truth is, almost everybody does this.

…and how could you not, it’s SO easy you know!

Incidentally, in Economics, demand slows down when there is an increase in supply, and of course, prices drop really fast.

Let’s bring it to our daily lives.

More excuses, less work, and value diminishes. Period!

I guess you need to get this clearly right?

This is it…….

Excuses are the Demand – When you want to fail, you create excuses. More excuses created brings about the next action. Less Work.

Work is the Supply – So, here Work or inputs to get things done becomes less because excuses can be created easily at any time to save you from bashing or blames. Now, you know what to say when you don’t do what needs to be done.

Price is the Value – Gradually, people begin to run away from you. Trust is lost, dependence on you to get things done diminishes, you become of zero value.

This indeed explains us on each day’s task.

You’re either increasing your value or decreasing it.

And the first 2 actions determine the divide you find yourself.


But as we all know, 99% of us don’t ever want to give excuses.

A songwriter “Tope Alabi” said, a child starts lying even when he/she has never seen someone lied before.

What that implies is that excuses are inborn. But can be dealt with.

 So, today… I would like to show you the 3 simple ways I have used to help myself To GET RID OF EXCUSES.

Maybe you should try and see if it would work for you too.

Here are 3 Ways you can do it:

  1. Consciously Understand and Acknowledge the fact that no matter the excuses you create, it will never change or improve your situation. This is a rare and face-to-face truth you must tell yourself.


  1. Make a list of the excuses you use or hear on a regular basis

For example:

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I have kids…I don’t have kids
  • I am married…I am not married
  • I have to find balance in my life
  • I am overworked
  • I don’t have time to study
  • Our prices are too high
  • The customer didn’t show for the appointment
  • The economy is bad
  • The Government is not employing
  • The Government is not performing
  • There is hunger in the land and it’s caused by…….
  • I’m too tired to go to the gym
  • I don’t just want to be in the same room with XYZ
  • He/She Talks Too Much
  • He/She Is Boring
  • It Will Take Too Much Time
  • I Really Don’t Understand How It Works
  • I Was Told, It’s Not Possible
  • I Slept Off
  • I Was Sick or Ill, So I Couldn’t
  • I’m Not Good At Reading or Writing
  • I’m Not A Graduate
  • I’m More Advanced
  • It doesn’t pay much, that’s why…..

and on and on…Pay Attention

  1. Sit down with your list and find ways to take responsibility

For example:

  • “I don’t have any time” vs. “I am not being productive enough with the time that I have”
  • “I don’t have time to study” vs. “I Need To Spend At least 30 Minutes A Day To Study, So I Can Become Better Because It’s Important to me”
  • “Our prices are too high” vs. “I am about to properly demonstrate value to customers, so they can see how valuable our product is compared to the price tag”
  • “I don’t have money” vs. “I’ll & find something to do to get money”
  • “I have kids” vs. “I’ll plan my schedules with my kids, so I can also do other things in good time.”
  • “I’m married and can’t do anything to make money” vs. “Since I am married and won’t be allowed to go out and work, let me find something I can do from home as a wife.”
  • “I’m overworked, and can’t do other things” vs “How can I have more energy to work and be able to do everything that’s important to do every day for me.”


Excuses are really about YOU accepting responsibility!

…actually it’s your inability to.

Learning to accept responsibility for EVERYTHING literally has changed my life.

Remember this…


Do you want more control in your life? Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

So be aware today of any excuse you make, then try to find a way to accept responsibility for it.

Thanks for your time.

Is this important to you?

Please share and let someone learn something too.

I will see you again soon.


A Very Important Reminder Is Here……. 2020 Is Just A Few Days Away.

Are You Taking The Needed Steps?

Share Your Thoughts With Me.

My name is Tim Abel.

Your Audience Is Hanging Out Elsewhere… Find Them

I heard about German artist who traveled all the way from Germany to Africa, in the middle of the Namibian desert, to play Toto’s song “Africa” on a perpetual loop.

He’s used solar batteries to power the mp3 player and its 6 speakers.

I bless the rains down in Africa…”

But just as the old saying goes if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If Toto’s Africa is playing in the middle of a sandy desert and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Making noise just for the sake of making noise does NOTHING to advance your career or your bank account.

But if you have an audience, when you have people’s attention, EVERYTHING changes.

Always find your audience.

I don’t believe that this artist put that display on in the African desert just to play a song that nobody will hear, the purpose was to get attention by contacting CNN and other news outlets to let them report about what a crazy thing he was doing.

Who else, after all, is setting up solar-powered speakers blasting Toto’s Africa in the middle of a desert?


So, he got international attention for that.

Lack of attention = Limited Success for yourself, your products and ideas.

How much attention have you got this week?

Show me the most successful people in any field or business and I will show you people who have effectively generated tremendous amounts of attention for themselves.

Never underestimate how much activity it takes to be noticed and to maintain attention in your space.

You have to get through the noise to get noticed.

Don’t fly under the radar.

Your business, your career, your bank account will only change if you get attention.

Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, just name it is all attention driving tools today in your hands.

How best are you using it?

Grab A Copy of “How To Start A Business Without Money”

And learn the skills required for you to drive attention both online and offline for any business and get people to pay you to help them do the same thing.

I have been doing this for businesses for the last 5 years and getting paid to do it.

Not just that, I am also doing it for my businesses too.

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

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The Most Important Factor of Success?

Let me ask you something really quick; what happens when life throws you to a near-impossible task? How do you overcome it?


How Does a Person Commit?

I know, it sounds easy, maybe even a little too easier, but it’s not.

The simplest concepts, even one like “commitment,” take time to master.

To be committed, it takes a lot of sacrifices;

You need to start by honoring what you are made of and what you want over the long arch of your life and career.

Your thoughts must always be on the impact you will be making in the long run for your life, career, and your family.

It is the time when you need to stand up and speak up for what you need and want each and every day

It is the time to start making very tough decisions that will pave the way for long-term success.

I not only encourage you to read this article over again, but to share it with those close to you, and apply the principles of commitment in your daily life.

In one of the greatest book I ever read, this word “COMMITMENT” gave me a reason to ponder.

This is because while it is always overwhelming to see or feel the need to do something about one’s life to change for the best, a lot of people are rarely committed to taking actions.

Incidentally, commitment is side-by-side taking actions.

Doing things no matter how tough the task is to get you closer to your goals.

Millions of people make that resolution every year to bit down fats, stay focused on their task, quit some acts that drag them backward.

The fact is, we all seem to know exactly our problems.

But there is little or no commitment to taking the needed actions.

This might sound weird but think about it.

How much commitment have you shown towards the last resolution you made in December 2018 about your financial future?

What steps have you taken to stay strong on it?

As difficult as it is to stay committed, I have a secret. It is called “THINK-INSIDE-THE-BOX.”

This is how I conquer the challenges associated with commitments.

It makes me stay strong on what I want to achieve.

Do you need to learn more about how to stay committed to your goals and be able to achieve minimally and if possible 10X your results?

I got you covered in my book.

“How To Start A Business Without Money”

I guarantee you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

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Customer Service Is Not Just About Satisfying A Customer – It Is About Follow Ups

When you talk about a brand, your mind goes straight to the style by which companies render their services right?

Largely, it is supposed to be the way of life of a company… Simply put, “The Company’s culture”… Yes, that is true, but it also goes beyond just the company’s culture.

It involves the promises being made by companies to their prospective or existing customers.

We have seen many companies today with brand promises; something that represents what the company stands for and makes it unique from its rivals.

It’s a promise to the customer about how the company will do things.

It’s all about how the company intends to render her services to her teaming customers.

Statistics from a poll done has shown that “Only 20% of the almost 18 million customers surveyed strongly believe that the companies they do business with always deliver on what they promise.”

One overused and abused promise is the idea companies often throw out about customer satisfaction.

The problem is that customer satisfaction cannot exist without any customers.

Brands that truly deliver customer satisfaction do not talk about customer service; they focus on customer acquisition.

I don’t even talk about customer satisfaction in my office.

We do talk a lot about how to get more customers because attracting customers to our businesses is the only way to increase customer satisfaction.

Increasing customer satisfaction is impossible without increasing customers.

I am most worried about noncustomer satisfaction; that is, the people who are dissatisfied because they do not have my product and I may not even know that they are unhappy.

Everyone knows that customers have to be satisfied and happy in order for them to return and give positive word of mouth.

Make your primary focus commanding attention and generating customers before you worry about making them happy.

A customer getting the offer of your product a day late than you had promised is an issue and should be handled, but the client who never buys your product suggests that you have a real serious customer satisfaction problem because you never made that person a customer.

The attainment of the customer is paramount to customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction cannot exist without a customer.

To acquire customers who will buy you must follow-up.

How many name brands do you know that actual follow-up?

You go into a store and are rarely ever even greeted.

If a salesperson does interact with you, do they ever make contact with you again after you leave the store?

Nobody calls, nobody texts, nobody emails, nobody follows potential customers home from the store.

Follow-up basically doesn’t exist in today’s world. Yet 80% of transactions are made between the 5th and 12th contact with a customer.

How will you get more customers if you don’t follow up?

Everyone ends up doing something; it is just a matter of when and with whom.

The fact that you failed to close an opportunity and then dropped or forgot about that lead does not mean that a person is no longer potentially in the market for your services. Just because you quit following up or the client bought from someone else doesn’t exclude that person as being a prospect for you now.

Maybe he or she couldn’t afford your product at the time, wasn’t quite ready, or delayed a decision with the intent to reconsider.

Maybe the client couldn’t get funding at the time, maybe you had the person on the wrong product, or maybe he or she bought from someone else and isn’t happy with that decision.

Only 10% of salespeople call beyond three times.

Chances are that you haven’t followed up on leads diligently enough, consistently enough, or long enough.

The new business you need is sitting safely away in your files.

Since you’ve already invested the time and energy, just keep following up and chipping away until you mine the gold.

I have clients that I have called every day for 20 days consecutively before they finally took my call.

Regardless of why they are not calling me back, when it comes to time to doing something with my product, I will be the one they think of first.


Every contact is more valuable than just the one sale. This person will buy again and likely knows others who will buy.

Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Persistence always pays off.

It is the greatest sales secret of all time.

However, you must be creative in continuing to follow up.

Follow-up is an investment. Many companies brand promises fail because they don’t make this investment. Get serious about real customer satisfaction and start following up.

Don’t Just Market… Follow Up With Prospects.

Create More Prospects & Keep Following Up.

Grab A Copy of “How To Start A Business Without Money”

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

Bank: StanbicIBTC

Account No.: 0020169580

What Are You Doing To Get An Edge?

To be successful in business and life, you must be different.

Only things that are unique attract attention and can be converted to monetary values.

What things do you do to get that extra edge in business?

There are chances that you’ve taken some courses, go to a seminar, or read a book or two.

But if you want a big edge, you need to do what others refuse to do.

Many people think that to make money, you need to always use money.

To make sales, you need to have some connections.

To make money, you need to do the big contracts.

To become a successful businessman, you need to have a product or service no one has ever had or done.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.

After studying a whole lot of successful business owners, and taking a close look at the very successful businesses in this country today, I found out something you might be interested in knowing.

I watched AY Comedy closely,

And also did for the following business owners; Mark Angel, Jumia, OLX, Zenith Bank, Standard Trust Bank, and a few others I may not be able to mention here.

This is what I found.

Let me start with AY Comedy Show.

  • AY Comedy came into the industry with a unique approach. He started mimicking the white garment prophets. He took the comedy industry by surprise.
  • Kenny Blaque knew if he had to roll like every other comedian, he wouldn’t see the broad daylight, so he started out with comedy music rhymes. That shook the industry.
  • Mark Angel startled the industry with a unique 5 or 7 years old little girl. Emmanuela and that got everyone scrolling on YouTube just to watch her.
  • Jumia, came with importation made easy for everyone wanting to buy foreign goods as well as indigenous products. They deliver to your home at your convenience and with some sense of delivery updates. That wowed everyone.
  • OLX saw they may not match Jumia, so they came with the idea of selling your unused or used liabilities. And they took everyone by surprise.
  • Zenith Bank told Nigerians, they want to do business with the high class and ensured you open an account with a minimum of N100k. That was indeed a rare gesture. It created a class business relationship. This helped them to sweep almost every highly placed personality in both Government and business. To even make it more unique, they recruited only First and Second Class upper graduates.
  • Standard Trust Bank went for its own niche and decided to target the students. And made students easy beggers, because all students needed to do at the time was to open their accounts, then call someone to pay from wherever. It was popular “ONLINE BANKING.”

I saw this in 2013 when I came into the Real Estate business with my first client. We sat together and I did a product review with him, changed a few things especially as it bothers on Product Delivery. We made installment a possibility in a choice area of FCT.

The first day, I went on a radio show to talk about the product, my line came buzzing all day and we made a lot of sales.

The point here is straight forward.

To be successful in business, you need to find that edge.

If you want an edge over the masses, you need to do what they refuse to do.

It doesn’t matter if you have money to start a business or not.

What matters is what are you bringing to the table?

Most business owners want to make sales and they want someone with the skills they are lacking to drive their businesses to that level where they really want to be.

That’s where you should be focusing on.

It might not just be about selling or marketing.

There are 7 fulcrums of every business.

Leadership, Management, Branding, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Delivery.

Chose from these areas, where you need to develop your skills and get people to buy from you.

My book, “How To Start A Business Without Money” will teach you exactly how to showcase your skills and get people to request your inputs in their business especially as it bothers on the specific service you want to offer.

What’s that business you have in mind?

What edge do you need to create to get the kind of sales you’ve always wanted?

Grab A Copy of This Book Today

The Price is N7,997.77

How To Get Your Copy:

Simply Make Your Payment Into This Account And Forward Your Names & Location To +234 802 794 1987

Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

Bank: StanbicIBTC

Account No.: 0020169580

Don’t Ever Stop Learning

“Ignorance Is Indeed A Disease”

Just That One Knowledge Would Have Turned Around Everything About Her Life…….. That Is Why She Maintained That She Will Always Learn, No Matter What.

Have you ever been stalked while trying to achieve something in your day-to-day goals so much that, you decided a change of mind to try something new?

Most business startups usually experience this challenge. And for the records as established by Harvard Business School in 2004, hundreds of businesses pack-up within a very short time of its take-off. And the reasons even though are numerous, has one very important side to it. IGNORANCE!

A Pure Lack of Knowledge.

It was explained that these business owners are usually excited about starting up a dream business without a clear insight of the business purpose and skills required to run it.

To this day, a lot of businesses still suffer this challenge, and it is indeed driving the rate of unemployment even higher.

If you are reading this piece, I want to share with you the experience of a young lady who told her story in tears and would want everyone who is intending to start a business or who already own one to learn from her experience.

Not every problem we see are actually problems. Most times as the saying goes “Some problems are blessings in disguise” might just be the right phrase to use especially as entrepreneurs.

She had graduated and was serving in one of the states (Northern part of the country) that she hated. Her interest at the time was to actually go into full-time trading activities.

At this time, there were internet services, but social media hadn’t gone this viral.

On this fateful day, she took permission from her boss to visit a friend who was her school mate (she had graduated from a University in the Western part of the country).

While with the friend, she realized the mother was offloading basins of smoked fish.

She picked an interest and decided to have a chat with the friend’s mum.

As someone from the west, she knew how valuable the fishes would be if she decided to go into that trade.

She met open arms as the woman had volunteered to supply her whatever quantity she wanted.

Time went by and she finally concluded her Youth service program.

While leaving, she took some quantities of the fish and traveled back home.

According to her, she sold everything and made over 300% profit on her investment.

She said those who bought it kept asking her for the product even after 2 years.

It became necessary that she would find a way to rekindle the relationship with mama and start supplying the products.

Unfortunately, when she tried to reach out to the family, she was made to understand that a former colleague of hers, had come back to invest in the business and had helped mama grow even bigger using the current technology to drive production and supply.

Her pains began to dawn on her when she realized the investor was her former roommate on camp and she had revealed the gist to her after her first visit.

Her former roommate now supplies big hotels, restaurants, homes and many more customers the product on orders.

This lady had found out that for her to make money from the products, she needed to position herself and her business as the go-to place when you want smoked fish in her location.

She learned she needed to advertise her product vigorously to get the kind of attention she would need to succeed.

She had interviewed most hotel owners, restaurants and family people to have a feel of their interest.

I want to also believe, she did a great job on her pitch to these to-be clients who became a full-time buyer of her product.

Tope, would have found out if she had yearned to learn about opportunities in business, rather than just aspire to be a business person.

She had the opportunity to discuss with traders in the business about how she could go into the trade and reap bountifully but she never did.

She basically took everything on Face value and her instincts.

These instincts fail us many times.

Knowledge wouldn’t fail you.

Knowledge is derived from the experiences of others.

I came to find out at some point in my life that I had failed many times because I worked based on my instincts more than the knowledge required to do certain things.

This is how businesses fail too.

Every business has a history….. The successes and the failures of others are either in prints, audio or visuals.

How many times do we find out about this information before we take actions on the businesses?

The world’s renowned richest people; Buffet, Gates, Bezos, etc have all confirmed they read at least 60 books in a year.

They read for the fun, and because they see it as fun, it has impacted largely in their wealth today.

What book are you reading?

What skill are you working on right now?

How important is that knowledge to you and your business?

The truth is, you can guess as much the secrets of how these billionaires became rich, and you will fail in your guesses.

But one thing you can never be wrong about is the fact that they all seek for knowledge.

  • Knowledge to Lead That Vision
  • Knowledge to Manage The Business
  • Knowledge to Brand themselves and the business
  • Knowledge To Manage their Finances
  • Knowledge to Market their products and/or services
  • Knowledge To Sell their products and/or services and close high tickets
  • Knowledge to deliver their products and /or services rightly, so well that it keeps customers coming back over and over again.

That’s their secrets.

They sought knowledge.

Money can’t be made without knowledge of where to find it, how to find it, what to do to get it…

You need the knowledge and you need it because it is as important as staying alive.

My book might just be your first breakthrough-knowledge-seeking-instrument and I can guarantee you will find what you want in it.

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This Is What I Mean When I Say ADD FLAMES

Flames can either be caused by some kerosene, gas or petrol. You’ve got those flames in you as humans.

When you think you got too much going on, I’ve got a little trick for you.


This has never, ever let me down.

When you think you have too much going on, figure out what you can ADD to the fires you already have lit.

It seems like completely contrary to what you would do, because the tendency when you get too much going on is to pull back and slow down.


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This is simply what I do.

Find a great niche, find a good client high paying client, sign a deal with him or her, get him to mobilize me with at least N500,000 and Boom! I’m up and running.

What I have done there is simply selkling my skills.

This Book has all the skills required to take a business from its lows to highs.

I will spend time with you helping you to navigate through it.

So, if you are jobless, or in need of money now, strop thinking about getting an employment and learn something useful that can make you an employer for the rest of your lovely life.

You can’t afford to continue to complain about the Government, The People, The Politicians or some spirits.

Change What You Need To Change By ADDING FLAMES.

In fact, adding something to my plate has never let me down the last 6 years.

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Account Names: Timothy Oihoma Ede-Abel

Bank: StanbicIBTC

Account No.: 0020169580