Few Things Last Forever… This Is One of Them

That car you couldn’t wait for the bank doors to open, so you could make some withdrawals and pay for, that shirt, the shoes, the wigs, the Material things will eventually go away – they wear out, get old, go out of style… but experiences will stay with you forever whether good or bad.

In my early banking days in Makurdi, I wanted to buy a car with my first imbursement so I walked up to a friend and had a chat with him being an experienced car owner.

The cost of the first car that was shown to me was too high, so he asked me to give him one more day. I couldn’t wait because of the excitement of buying my first car.

Like a dream the next day, I was standing in front of a Honda 86 Model beautifully painted in sky blue colours. That seemed like my first dream car.

I went round this beautiful baby and made up my mind instantly to purchase the car.

As though I should start driving, I asked the guy….. “How much is the car?”

He looked at me and responded, not with the price but with some sense of instance that even thrilled my emotions.

I actually thought I was smart…

He said, “Oh, you mean this one?”

Here’s the thing – This guy knew EXACTLY which car I was talking about. In fact, he had only one car in front of me and him.

So he tapped the car and leaned on it and his gestures made me feel another strong affection for the car. He then moved slightly away from the car and tossed the key to me with all smiles on his face.

…I guess I wasn’t a good goalkeeper but I found the key right in my palms.

And immediately, I could imagine myself on the wheels and cruising.

He then told me the price…………..

Immediately, I protested, “Oh, that’s too high. C’mon man, I don’t need a car as expensive as this men.”

He smiled, stepped backwards and then advanced towards the car.

Opened the door and sat right on the wheels. He turned and looked at me again with some funny smiles before he uttered a word.

He said, “Mr. Tim, no one buys a car like this because they need it.”

Remember, I just finished saying, “Oh, that’s too high. C’mon man, I don’t need a car as expensive as this men.”

But here is the guy saying something different. He said, “No one buys a car like this because they need it. They buy it because it’s beautiful and because it makes them feel good.”

I was, blown away by this. I melted in the truth of his statement, and I asked him, again, how do I make payments?“

Before I knew it. I had paid him for the car.

Actually, I wasn’t planning to spend that much for the car. My plan was to buy a car that could leave me with at least half of the monies paid to me by my employer.

I paid more than I expected, and had budgeted, or had contemplated…

But what a great experience!

I don’t have that car anymore… and frankly, I would probably have a good laugh at what it looks like today with me driving it. It is probably so out of date and fashion that the best place for it would be a pantaker sales shop.

Don’t get it wrong.

People still using that model of car are using one of the strongest Honda products ever.

I remember I became very uncomfortable with the car when my mates started buying – Honda Hala, Honda Bullet (I guess that was the name for Honda Ugly too right) Lol, Honda Civic, and the likes.

The fact here is that Life is really all about experiences.

That small moment has stayed with me all these years because it was such an experience that many years later I laughed out so hard about it.

I laugh because of the experiences I had while buying the car and those that followed it.

There were very bitter experiences after paying for the car and owning it. These experiences also make me laugh. In fact, I was gisting with my wife a few months ago about one of the experiences with that beautiful lady of a car.

What surprises me the most is the fact that with such bad conditions of a car, that guy sold it to me smoothly without me finding out that it had some issues before it was brought to me?

And the pain that I paid far above the value.


Most importantly and I love it any day was that moment with the guy. It remains an outstanding experience in my life.

It was just such a great example of a truly talented, skilled salesperson, a perfect and beautiful closing of a sale and the attitude was a great one for that matter.

Experiences are important.

They shape us, inspire us, teach us, motivate us, show us a new way to do something, how to navigate a problem – how to define a path to our goals and can act like a light bulb going off, giving us a great idea or giving definition to something just out of our grasp…

This experience helped me formulate my thoughts about attitude and how it can impact a sale and now I’m a firm believer that attitude is so important in sales that I include it as a step itself in the sales process anytime I train people or my team about selling.

Experiences are so important in life…

As for Entrepreneurs and salespeople, your prospects want to experience something unique to be able to let go of their monies and this must come from your attitude too.


Today, I want you to have an experience that will last forever.

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Let me walk you through how you can become a Master Sales Person and how you too can help others grow their businesses and get paid for doing them good and helping them create a better experience in their lives and businesses while also growing your enormous sweet experiences away from the bitter ones you’ve had in the past.

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Nothing Else Pays….

Don’t Just Buy Anything That Gets You Excited

“All That Glitters Is Not Gold”
In early 2000 when the internet got bursted and became a popular platform for enriching people, this same period became one of the years that uncountable people lost almost everything to a point that 90% of those I know are still trying to recover from the shock till this day.

Focus On Opportunities

I once read a book and this story was told.

A company that makes shoes sent two of her staff to two different regions.

Few days after they arrived for their visitations, the first staff was called to report his observations. This is what he had to say.

“Sir, this place is actually a desert. People here don’t wear shoes at all. I doubt if we’ll ever make success.

The second guy got his call too. Listen to what he said.

“Sir, this is a beautiful dessert. These people here are very lucky we can bring them our shoes. I think we’ve got a big business here.

While the first saw Problems, The second saw Great Success.

In life, two kinds of people exist in terms of how they view or see situations.

But here I am going to focus more on how successful people see things and what they do afterwards.

Successful people see all situations, even problems and complaints as opportunities, while others see only difficulty and problems in every situation.

The successful know that problems solved = products sold, services delivered, customers gained – and financial success achieved.

You can’t succeed without encountering some kind of difficulty or challenge; however, as long as you persist through the challenge until you resolve it, you’ll be rewarded.

And the bigger the problem is, the bigger the reward.

When a problem exists for the entire market and all the people in it, it becomes an equalizer and the individual becomes the differentiator.

The only person who stands out is the opportunity-focused individual who is willing to focus on the opportunity, not the problem.

These people are able to use the issue at hand to separate themselves and dominate the marketplace.

There are countless situations that most tend to see as setbacks and nothing else; recessions, unemployment, housing predicaments, banks tightening, the loan challenge, conflict, customer complaints, and company shutdowns, just to name a few.

If you can learn to see these as opportunities instead of problems, you’ll continually come out on top.

What are you focusing on today? Opportunity or Problems?

Start Dreaming Big And Be Sure To Achieve Big

Hey, don’t ever be scared about your dreams. They are as close as they are dreamt if only you can understand exactly the steps to take.

Let me first ask you this question.

As a child, what did you want to be?

A Doctor, A Famous Musician? An Engineer? A Famous Speaker or Politician? Or The President of Nigeria?

All of these are indicators you want some big things to happen to you.

But you can’t just fantasize it. You have to earn it and achieve it.

It must be seen as a great and strong purpose in your life.

It may not be achieved in just one day, but you can see signs that you’re on your way to achieving it.

I have had many and great dreams too. And one of them is helping people achieve what they want to in life.

When I started my Real Estate business with the caption “Build Your Dream House” was with the intention to help even the ordinary man achieve his dream of owning a house of his choice.

And I’m on my way there.

How about you? When was the last time you dreamed?

Somewhere along the way our family, our friends, society, or the media tells us we should stop dreaming, stop having big aspirations, and stop getting what we want.

If you’ve been convinced that dreams can’t come true, I guarantee you’re not achieving them.

Dream it to achieve it!

Think about Aliko Dangote, Michael Otedola, Mike Adenuga, Donald Trump, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, or Martin Luther King Jr., they each have and have left BIG legacies which started with BIG dreams.

Don’t be afraid to dream! Start Dreaming BIG, so that you can achieve BIG.

Then, surround yourself with the right people to help you turn them into reality.

Have A Brilliant Big Dream. It’s All Yours!!!


5 Creative Ways To Get New Customers

It’s no doubt that every single day as an entrepreneur, what breaks your heart the most is the fact that you’re not making the kind of sales that you’ve made your business a success.

You and I can agree here that when sales is high, no matter the expenses, you’ll always have breakthroughs, except when your village people are after you.


Just some humour to keep you warmed up you know.

But let’s face facts, a lot of businesses are facing this challenge and it’s also on a daily basis sending people either to their early graves or back to their villages.

Let me reveal this simple step that can help you change what it looks like winning in business.


You must first accept the fact that keeping your pipeline filled is vital to your ability to have more customers to close.

So, let’s just go straight into the 5 ways you can do this.

  1. Get in touch with your existing customers and tell them how much of influence they’ve been for your business and ask them to help introduce people like them to you.
  2. Sit down, and write down 20 to 100 customers you want to do business with. Get their contacts and dial their phones. Ask them to give you an opportunity to come to discuss how your product can help them. Do this for at least 10 customers a day and see what will happen at the end of the week. There might be objections, but don’t worry, you’ll learn from it and reposition for the next person.
  3. Call 20 happy customers and ask them to tell you how you can improve your services or products. Once they tell you, ask them to help you with 5 or more customers you can try the new product or services with. Ensure to accomplish this task.
  4. Call 20 unhappy customers and ask them to come and help you improve on your service or product. Let them see themselves as your advisors even though you know exactly what to do. By making them part of your success, they would want to own the name and will work hard for you to succeed.
  5. Assign a day to have a family fun fare with your old and new customers and ask them to bring their friends and family members to the fun fare.

People love to help when invited to do so.

People will also appreciate you for thinking of them as worthy people of your success. Get them involved.

While there are very deadly people and friends, there are also very great and wonderful people existing.

Find them and get to work with them.

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

Collect More Money, Don’t Make It

These words can be very striking if you ever knew how important it is and how it works.

I was reading through a collection of articles and I found this and thought to share with you.

“Money is not scarce and you don’t need to make it.”

How does it sound with these words again?

Now let’s review those words together.

I have always made this loud enough to those who care to listen.

There are no shortages of money only a shortage of people that have it and of course those willing to have it the genuine way and can take needed actions.

Do you know that over a trillion naira destruction or creation of wealth has happened in Security and Exchange Commission or Broad Street daily over the last few months and none has affected you in any way?

The main reason people have shortages of money is because of their belief in the scarcity of money.

Recall what you were taught back at home or at school while growing up. These words are the common things you heard right?

Hey, “don’t waste”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “watch your monies”, “money won’t make you happy”, “save all your life”, “money is the root of all evil”, money won’t solve all your problems” and on and on the list goes.

These are all sayings by others that probably had trouble with money themselves and perpetuate a sense of shortage and difficulty around the topic money.

In addition to the fact that your parents, mentors, employers and teachers are all stressing it, all you hear them still say is “You need to go out into the world and make your money.”

Even this is false.

Money is printed, stored in massive warehouses and distributed into the economy when necessary. Anytime there is a shortage, more is printed. Money is created no different than the printing of legal pads, post-its, or even toilet paper.

You would never say, “oh I have to go make some legal pads.”

Money is to be collected, invested and used.

Use the legal pad or it has no value.

Save the toilet paper and it won’t fulfil its useful purpose.

The same with money. You need to understand that you don’t make it even though it has become a common phrase we all use today, but in reality, you need to go out and collect it, then use it to position yourself to grow your ideas and dreams and advance the goals of your family or company.

Quit worrying about money, quit thinking in shortages, and start thinking in terms of abundance.

Don’t worry about making it. That’s not your job. It’s the job of the Central Bank.

Your job, if you would like to control more money, is to go out into the world and get into the flow of it.

The bigger the flow you get into and the smarter and more creative you are, the better your chances of succeeding with money.

Check Out My Book on “How To Start A Business Without Money” – It’s one of the smartest ways to get into the flow of money.

The bigger the flow you can get into, the more money you can collect.

I will see you again.

Your Success Might Just Be Waiting For Your Confidence

You can only be described as courageous after you’ve gone through a life-threatening experience that compels you to act in a courageous way.

It’s about taking action regardless of your fears.

The soldiers and heroes you hear about never refer to themselves as brave before they endure hardships.

They’re just doing what they have to do in order to survive at that moment.

Heard of these words before?

“Courage is that quality of mind or spirit that compels people to face dangerous situations in spite of fear.”

Fear is something every person on this planet faces, but the way to defeat it is by attacking, dominating, and keeping your attention on the future.

Once you more frequently do the things that scare you, they’ll continue to scare you less and less until you wonder why they scared you in the first place.

Ultimately, that fear becomes the confidence you never knew you had.

I fear to take actions too, but I’ve found out that those actions I fear to take the most end up becoming what takes me through difficult times.

Writing this book “How To Start A Business Without Fear” is one of those I feared to take actions on.

But in the end, I took it and it came out strong.

Watch Out In The Coming Days How People Who Are Currently Using It And Succeeding.

You Should Grab Your Copy Here Now

Successful people carry themselves with two qualities: Confidence and Conviction.

These are actually qualities that come to those who take action instead of thinking, waiting, and wondering.

The next time you are confronted with a moment of fear, take action, be courageous, and you’ll find that success is yours only if you want to take it.

Enjoy Your Day.

Don’t Try To Be Average

Hey Just take a look around you now and let’s talk further.

Not just around you, if you understand pretty well what I mean.

What I am asking you to do is probably not enough thoughts you’ve put in lately. But once you do it, you probably may come to terms with what’s wrong with you and why you are where you are.

Now, settle down and look around you. Take a look at everyone that you see. Everyone that relates to you. Everyone you see or hear about in the news on or on social media.

Did you notice anything similar?

What you’ll see is a world filled with average.

The word “Average” has become an “acceptable” level upon which most people decide to rest their oars.

There is a growing amount of evidence that this mentality isn’t working but has become a norm.

The sad part is the fact that when you hear people being rated best or top, they’re simply being compared with the average or the norm.

Unfortunately, our very top companies and entrepreneurs are labelled top because they are compared to the average.

Being average is sickening. It doesn’t work. It stunts. It’s a disease.

Nigeria is not failing because it doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. It is failing because people try to be average.

I recently had a chat with a medical doctor and he told me how the country is failing with the health sector.

Look – jobs are being shipped overseas, unemployment is getting increasingly worrisome, and our entire financial structure is at risk.

Few international companies come in here and rake up all the little earnings because they are never settled for being average.

MTN has just gone Plc and what do you think will happen to their stock?

This is better imagined I guess right.

Yeah! MTN isn’t ever trying to be average and that’s why they’ve always led in the communications sector.

Just like me, you could get angry with the way they charge you for their services. But once you think about reliance on any communication network. It comes to mind that MTN stands out isn’t it?

That’s because they’re never trying to be average or go by the norms. Never!!!

This average class is one that once aspired high-heavens but now appears to barely able to keep their heads above water.

People are living longer than their hard-earned savings meant to take them through life (Pension Reforms) — and entire companies and industries are being wiped as a result of average products, average management, average workers, average actions and average thinking.

This “addiction to the average” can kill the possibility of making your dreams a reality.

Now let’s even go further to consider the following statistics:

The average worker reads less than one book a year and works an average of 40 hours a week. This same person makes 1,000 times less money than the top Nigerian CEOs who claim to read over 40 or 50 books a year. Many of these financially successful executives are maligned for the huge sums of money they make because we see them live their dream lives. Unfortunately, we often fail to appreciate what these people have done to get above the average.

While it may not always look like they’re working very hard, we often dismiss the fact that they somehow managed to attend above-average schools, make powerful connections, and then take actions way above the norm in order to position themselves at the top of the food chain.

You can resent them if you choose — but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re being rewarded for their ways of success which is above the levels of the average.

WAKE UP! The successful are not at fault, the average are!

Any undertaking that includes average ideas or actions will fail you sooner or later.

Any activity conducted at average levels simply won’t get the job done.

Average or comparing yourself to average is a guaranteed way to fail.


Be above average. Be abnormal. Be a SUPER FREAK in everything that you do so that the amount of success you achieve will be beyond any amount of “average” that exists.

Grab A Copy of My Book – “How To Start A Business Without Money”

This Book is for those who are not thinking or trying to be average.

See you again soon.

It’s Time To Stop Being Lazy And Start Being Successful

I have said this before about the entitlement mentality that stares at us in the face especially in our generation today.

This has become a serious disease that is gradually ravaging our lives.

When a young man or woman gets up every day in wait for that job or some kind of business supports from an uncle, aunt, friend, the government or many some angel investors then it becomes really interesting a scene to behold.

Sadly, this mentality has led so many people really fast to untimely deaths because of the unending waits without results.

Today again, I want to remind you and if possible, go over my blog and read about it.

First, you must understand that the Laziness definition here is more about your entitlement mentality and it is very wrong if you must move ahead of the curve or stay ahead of the competition.

Secondly, it’s time to WAKE UP! Laziness and lack of action are ethical issues and shouldn’t be condoned by anyone who means well for his/herself. Where they are today.

You must be willing to take actions and not just that, unbelievable amounts of action. Whether it’s by way of getting others to take action for you (delegation), or by advancing forward to attract more attention for your products/services or ideas, or just grinding it out day and night at your workplace until your employer begins to see how relevant you are to the business growth and doing this consistently enough to take you to higher levels of action.

Listen to this, the great names you hear today started just like you and me before anyone knew of their names – that’s how they became successful.

Stop talking about a plan of action you intend to take. Start talking about the actions you’ve taken already and the exciting results being poured in for you and others to witness.

Some people would have to plan actions for close to 6 months of a year before they find even a path to follow.

You must always learn to understand that actions should take 80% of your energies than planning should. Well, if you have to plan, do it really well, but don’t let it take the greater part of you or else you’ll get stunted.

Always assume that your future achievements rely on investing your time and energy in actions that may not pay off today but when taken consistently and persistently over time will produce unlimited success.

Stop being lazy and start being successful.

To Increase Your Financial Power You Must Be Able To Increase Your Sales Effectiveness

Have you gotten stocked before trying to sell anything in your life or business?


I know a lot of people have had this experience before even you.

Now, I want you to listen to me here.

Coming from the bank you’ll agree that it is one of our major indices for performance. So, I would say, that hasn’t been a problem for me and this is because the bank had done their job well enough to make my delivery a smooth one. All, I just needed as an employee was understanding the why’s of the product and boom I’m on a smooth ride.

But as an entrepreneur, a self-employed person, you tend to face the hardest times because the whole thinking and actualization lie just in front of your desk.

I remember coming out with my first product which was the lighting business.

As smooth as I imagined it would be when I left the bank for it, jeez! It was one of the hardest sales job ever for me.

I moved from one office to another. From a market to another. Homes, Schools, Nightclubs… Just name it.

That experience has always reassured me that I can never develop hypertension in my life again. Lol

You can’t believe I would run through a whole month without a single sale?

I got poorer by the seconds.

Let me just drive you straight to a point you need to know now.

The Televisions, Radios, Newspaper and other media platforms will never tell you that the economy is ripe for you to go and improve your finances.

Your competitors will never announce it that the boom is here so you should now go all out and take part in the harvest.

Sadly, on a day to day basis you’ll be making more expenses because you must make them.

What then should you do?

My candid advice is simply to horn your selling skills either online and/or offline. That’s the only way your Financial Power will improve or become better.

It’s not by the GDP of the Government as announced. Neither is it by the fact that our FDI has improved.

So, first, you must adhere to these simple pieces of advice I want to give you here.

  1. Quit waiting on the “BREAKING NEWS” that the Economy has improved.
  2. Commit to improving yourself through increasing your sales skills.
  3. Make a daily commitment to sales training and sales effectiveness.
  4. Quit waiting for opportunities. Instead, create opportunities for consumers to buy your products.

Remember that your survival in any given state of the economy depends largely on your Financial Power and you can only survive if you have the needed selling skills as an especially as an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, there is a reality in our country today. And that’s the fact that most businesses do not know how to sell their products, make sense of real value, or justify why it’s a great time to buy from them.

Companies and even industries have become dependent on seasons, holidays, free gifts, huge contracts and external stimulus to make sales huge enough to increase their financial powers.

This is simply because they’re not learning with the trend or better put, they provide insufficient sales training for their teams, there is a lack of sales motivation, sales discipline, as well as sales persistence. This in turn negatively impacts their financial power.

Unfortunately too, it applies to even the micro, small, and medium scale businesses from tailoring, restaurants, beads making, automobiles to real estate businesses and also consumer goods. In fact, anything business that you can imagine.

If you wait for the economy to improve or jobs to come back or some sort of magical money to drop from the skies you are in for a very painful number of years to come.

The most valuable individuals and companies in this economy are those that are able to create and drive revenues.

The only way to do that is to learn the skills of selling.

No one is a born salesperson.

Selling is a learned skill like anything else.

Your personal financial power or economy will not improve until you are sales motivated, sales trained and loaded with sales training solutions on a daily basis. Increase your sales effectiveness and improve your financial power today.

If You Want To Learn How To Sell, Then Start With My Book – How To Start A Business Without Money.